Another note about Bàofù V

Hello again,

I know, I know. I go dark for a year, and now I’m constantly yapping about everything. How very like me. Black or white. Feast or famine. All or nothing.

Anyhoo, I’m sorry, but I deemed it necessary to put this statement out there before continuing my recent story.

Our beloved immortals but currently human characters. And by today’s standards, are quite young and underaged. Some may feel NSFW content inappropriate, but I will be writing sex scenes as I usually do. They however will be arranged accordingly, based on the situation that precedes or spurs the intimate moments. 

Remember during Ming and the other dynasties that followed, all able-bodied girls from noble and military aligned families ages 13-15 were brought into the forbidden city by their families and elders in hopes for selection to join the harem and serve the Emperor’s needs, wants, and produce as many heirs as possible.

Selection day happened every three years in front of the Emperor and Empress Dowager.

Even in common households, females were often selected or promised to a family when they were babies by matchmakers or their parents. They married young. War was a constant threat, and their life expectancies were much lower than today. Hence marriages and having babies to extend their lineage before either spouse reached age fifteen wasn’t uncommon.

To those who find intimacy and sexual exchange between younger and not to your liking or uncomfortable, look for the title’s NSFW warning. I don’t want someone calling me the foul “P” word for writing what I know occurred during ancient times. 

Thanks for your time, and have a wonderful day, everyone.

Much love Unni

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