Happy International Women’s Day

Oh Ladies, to my Jeijeis and meimeis worldwide, it’s INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY. Party time!

Being a woman isn’t just having sexy curves, tantalizing breasts, and luscious tushes. There’s much more than the outer aesthetics (which is damn fine if I say so), but we are also intelligent, family-focused, multi-tasks juggling masterminds. 

Whenever I hear someone refer to us as the ‘weaker sex,’ let me tell you, this bitch over here laughs herself silly. Because I know that twit used to get his ass beat by his momma and is still scared of her major-league style, speed slipper-hurling ways. 

Also, when some people say, ‘Don’t be a pussy.’ Again I chuckle. I guess this is meant to be an insult. I’ve also heard men say they want to destroy the pussy. These simpletons need to check their goofy selves because the PUSSY is unbeatable. She won’t ever LOSE because that’s how God made HER! So tough, she bleeds monthly for fifty-plus years and continues to thrive.

Our magical lower treasure, that private part of us that makes us females, is unconquerable. That place offers endless pleasures, brings men to their knees, and has the divine ability to bring forth new life. #Babymakers

Now that’s real indisputable POWER! 

My Queens, Empresses, and Goddesses, get your crowns on today and celebrate the fine women you are. To showcase my mark of motherhood my c-section scar, Unni will wear a crop top hoodie to match her crown. 

Update for Baofu will be up in a day or two. Hugs from me to you. XOXO

Much love, Unni