One Million Views

Oh-my-goodness. It has happened.  Vanessa, and friends, we’ve hit one million views.

Dear, friends, thank you for following me since the beginning and supporting my site even when I take a long, extended years break in the middle of ongoing work. With words alone, I can’t express how your kind comments, emails, contacts, and mutual interest in this timeless tale keep me writing still.

Many will be pleased to know that I’m mentally and emotionally ready to continue the Bàofù series. I think it’s valid to say throughout life, we all get derailed and lose our focus, ways, but it appears I’ve refound my center. Life happenings depleted my writing inspiration, but the time to bring this dramatic series to an end, coming full circle, is now and what happens after is a mystery.

I do have three other stories: Nǚwáng, Mix+Match=Love, A May-December Romance in drafts, and many have asked if I would consider going further with stories dedicated purely to the unique children from Bàofù: Ali, Changchang, Changying, and little Yingpei.

It seems these quirky characters have captured the hearts of many. They are adorable, and their personalities tug at your heartstrings. I know because I created them. I’m just kidding. Jokes.

I would need to change one character’s name (copyrights) if I wrote another series loosely based on Tang Qi’s work, making it an original for me, but that’s after Bàofù comes to its highly anticipated conclusion.

Until next time, as always, with much love and gratitude, YeGenMo, Unni.

  • Some inspirational people who are/were my muses along the way thus far: Vanessa, my loving editor turned sister. My supportive lady friends: Anne, Lisa, Siona, Valerie, Emily, Jan, JodieLynn31, littlebutter210, Juls, and lemjo61.
  • My family, who reminds me not to be so hard on myself, tells me that writing is a process, not perfection. Doing what you enjoy is enough reason to keep going.❤️

Write. Just do it. Then again. Then some more. And more. Do not wait for inspiration; if you do enough of it often enough, inspiration will eventually come. 

~Nancy Kress~