List of Characters and Realms

From To the Sky Kingdom 

~Tang Qi~

  • Heavenly Father: The founder of all. Biological father to Mo Yuan and his twin Ye Hua. When his second son Ye Hua dies, Heavenly father encases his dead son’s immortal essence and securely places it inside a golden lotus. Heavenly Father made all, and from his many creations, only four ancient tribes remain – The Fox, Dragon, Phoenix, and Demons
  • Heavenly Mother: First, legal wife and biological mother to Mo Yuan and Ye Hua. She miscarried Ye Hua from holding up the four pillars of Heaven during the first great war.
  • My Side Note: I wish we saw or knew more about this woman. I mean, how did she pass? What were the circumstances?

The Fox Clan 

  • Qingqiu: The Fox’s realm is the wealthiest of eight immortal domains, four deserts, and four seas. Qingqui people are immortal beings. The numerous animal spirit residents utilize simple humanistic ways of work such as manually working fields, fishing, and living harmoniously without using magic.
  • Bai Qian: A white Nine-Tailed Fox; Her specialized magic is casting enchantment spells and can cast powerful camouflage spells, replicating anyone. Bai Qian is the current female monarch of Qingqiu. A well-respected and only High Goddess in the heavenly realms is revered and known for her incomparable magnificence and generous nature. She can come off aloof with affairs of the heart due to her inexperience, yet she has confident and forthright traits. She has a calculating disposition regarding both going and coming debts and cannot bear injustice done to her or others in her presence. She is the youngest of five Fox siblings, the only daughter of the Fox Empress and his Empress. She lives and experiences two other distinct alias other than her life as Bai Qian.
  • Si Yin: Bai Qian’s male alias when she was Mo Yuan’s disciple, seventeen. During her time on Kunlun Mountain, she fell in love with Prince Li Jing but was later betrayed by him and Xuan Nü. She also developed a profound bond with Mo Yuan as his disciple and fed him blood from her heart to preserve his body after the Dong Huang Bell (Eastern Bell), which was his design, killed and shattered his soul. As Si Yin, nobody knew that she was a woman except for Mo Yuan and her family members, including Zhe Yan.
  • Su Su: Bai Qian’s human identity was without memories and powers. Her amenia was an after-effect of battling Qing Cang when she successfully re-seals the Demon Lord in the Dong Huang Bell. She believes she is a nameless orphan and falls in love with Ye Hua thinking he is without a wife or any previous marriage agreements. She marries him, and while pregnant with their son, A-Li is discovered by Ye Hua’s strict grandfather, the Skylord, and taken to Nine Heavens. While in Heaven, due to misunderstandings devised by others, which led to him removing her eyes, the human SuSu jumped off the Zhuxian terrace (punishment terrace for immortals). Misguided by SuJin, she thinks that was the way back to Mount Junji. She leaves her newborn son behind with Ye Hua, leaps from the scaffold that in reality turns mortals to dust, and causes tremendous injuries to immortals. This act broke the seal placed by Qing Cang and reverted the human woman to her goddess identity with an elevation in status, High Goddess. Upon returning to herself, Bai Qian asks Medicine God, Zhe Yan, for an amenia potion and forgets Ye Hua and everything related to their time together.

Celestial Clan-Nine Heavens

  • Dragon Tribe rulers from Heaven. They are the clan that keeps peace, order, and balance among the other lineages. Though powerful, they are always looking to create martial bonds to strengthen what is theirs.
  • Mo Yuan: Golden Dragon. The eldest son of Heavenly Father and his first legal wife; He is the undefeatable God of War and the Master of Kunlun Bai Qian/Si Yin’s Shifu, teacher, and Ye Hua’s older twin brother. He is highly respected, feared, and revered by all the immortals. He is wise and influential, yet a peaceful, big-hearted man gentle with a soft spot for his seventeenth disciple under his stern exterior. Mo Yuan used his soul to seal Qing Cang in the Dong Huang Bell and, in doing so, shattered his soul, defeating Qing Cang and spending the next 70,300 years piecing his soul back together, but before death. He mouths to SiYin to ‘wait’ for him.
  • My Side Note: My Big Daddy Mo, aka Mo Yuan, is beyond handsome, with fine, delicate features; Bai Qian once refers to him as one of those ‘dandy’ men who sneak into women’s gardens, and he overhears her. I have a weakness for The God Of War, Big Mo.
  • Jin Lian: Ye Hua’s essence, protectively stored in the Golden Lotus residing in Kunlun’s lotus pond. He was cared for by Mo Yuan and then Si Yin during her 50,000 years as a student on Kunlun Mountain.
  • Ye Hua: A Black dragon. Crown Prince of the Nine Heavens. His royal grandfather, the Sky Lord, named him the heir apparent and future ruler of Nine Heavens at birth. Due to his strict and isolated upbringing, Ye Hua is stoic, reserved, and highly mature for his age of 50,000 years. He hides his pain behind his calm exterior, choosing to sacrifice for his loved ones silently, and his dark dress reflects his nature; he wears black from head to toe to conceal any bloodshed. On his quest to kill the Golden Lion Beast in the human realm, Ye Hua meets Bai Qian in her human form SuSu. He experiences his first love with her, and his suppressed feelings break open, releasing emotional growth. He violates Celestial laws by marrying her on Mount Junji. When Su Su is discovered and forced into the Nine Heavens, he purposely appears cold to her in front of others to convince them to think he cares for her not, believing it is the only way to protect his mortal wife, whom he cherishes.
  • My Side Note: This young man of only 50,000 years of age is hot stuff. Women from all the realms flock to him like starving ducks towards those with bread and throw themselves at him. Our gorgeous twins Mo Yuan and Ye Hua give off Big Immortal Dragon Energy
  • Zhao Ge: Mortal reincarnation of Ye Hua. His punishment for killing the four beasts guarding the divine fungal grass is sent down to the mortal realm to experience the bitterness of life, old age, and death.
  • My Side Note: How mean is the SkyLord? Geez, this poor fellow only has one arm.

Extended Fox Clan and Closely Related Members

  • Zhe Yan: Medicine God, Phoenix immortal, raised by Heavenly Father, calls Mo Yuan his brother and one of the few remaining primordial High Gods. He is close-knit with the Bai family and shares a particular affinity with Bai Zhen, the fourth son of the Fox Emperor and Bai Qian’s elder brother. Though influential and highly regarded, Zhe Yan relishes in good gossip but avoids other’s affairs and prefers to nurture the ten miles of peach blossoms he planted for his peach wines. 
  • My Side Note: I love this carefree and friendly guy! He’s my homie! I love having fun with this festive fellow.
  • Bai Zhi: Fox Emperor, ruler of Qingqiu Fox Tribe. He is a powerful god who once defeated the four mythical beasts that guard the Divine Fungal Grass. 
  • Fox Empress: Wife of Bai Zhi. Mother to the Bai family and known for her great beauty and kind heart, Bai Zhi and Zhe Yan once battled and became close friends in the end.
  • My Side Note: There wasn’t much information about this lovely woman. If anyone has information, please let me know.
  • Bai Yi: Second son of the Fox King, Bai Qian’s elder brother, and Bai Feng Jiu’s father. He is that grumpy dad we all know. His strict and unyielding demeanor makes him a feared man.
  • Bai Zhen: Fourth son of the Fox Emperor, Bai Qian’s elder brother. He loves to drink, lives carefreely, comes off as indifferent due to his aloof manners, and shares a special relationship with Zhe Yan.
  • Bai Fengjiu: Bai Yi’s daughter, Bai Qian’s niece; She is the world’s only nine-tailed red fox and Qingqiu’s next Queen. Feng Jiu falls in love with Dong Hua when he saves her from being killed by the Golden Scarlet Lion beast and moves into Tai Chen Palace to serve Dong Hua as his servant and repay his kindness. She uses debt repayment as her excuse to stay near the emotionless diety.
  • My Side Note: I wasn’t in love with this character. The way she groveled around DongHui for his love was an eyesore. But that’s just me.
  • Consort Chen: Bai Feng Jiu’s mortal identity, when she descended into the human realm to assist Dong Hua in completing his love trials.
  • Mi Gu: A mystic Gorge tree spirit from the Zhaoyao Mountain, the gatekeeper of Qingqiu who is loyal to the Bai family, having served them for over one hundred thousand years. Due to the nature of his powers wood-based, he fears fire.
  • Shao Xin: A snake spirit saved by Bai Qian and became her attendant. She falls in love with First Prince Sang Ji, initially Bai Qian’s fiancé, and leaves Qingqui with him, causing the Fox Tribe to hold a grudge against her. Though Bai Qian doesn’t resent her, she cannot outwardly forgive Shao Xin because of her actions following Prince Sang Ji to Nine Heavens, deeply disgraced Qingqiu.
  • Bi Fang: Phoenix, an immortal beast with the highest cultivation, roamed the world freely. He sacrifices his freedom and becomes Bai Zhen’s mount because he secretly loves Bai Qian.

Extended Characters in Nine Heavens

  • Emperor Dong Hua: The Emperor Lord, one of the oldest five Great Kings of Heaven. He is revered but indifferent toward any affection or praise. He is disinterested in all until Bai Feng Jiu enters his life. Sadly, he can’t be with her as he had erased his name from the stone (that dictates the love destiny of all beings) of three lives. During his self-decided human trial to taste the bitterness of life, he falls for Consort Chen (Feng Jiu), who later betrays him as part of the love trial Si Ming set up for him. Bai FengJiu is unaware that the human trial was a repayment for her love.
  • My Side Note: This white-haired guy never did anything for me. He was yawns-Ville, so dull.
  • Heavenly Lord Hao De: Ruling Skylord of the Nine Heavens. He’s that strict, old-fashioned grandfather set in their ways: power, prestige, and honor trump other silly notions of love, emotional bonds, and affection with women. This mindset is why Ye Hua wasn’t allowed to see his mother in childhood.
  • My Side Note:  His royal crown looked like a straw platter from the dollar store covered in cheap gold paint.
  • First Prince Yang Cuo: Heavenly Lord’s first son, Ye Hua’s father *Not biological.*
  • Consort Le Xu: Yang Cuo’s wife and Ye Hua’s surrogate mother.
  • Second Prince Sang Ji: Heavenly Lord’s second son. He was Bai Qian’s original fiancé but fell in love with her maid, Shao Xin, on his journey to Qingqiu. After failing to keep his promise to marry Bai Qian, he was demoted and banished to the lower rank of The Northern Sea King and lives in The Northern Sea Dragon Palace.
  • Third Prince Lian Song: Heavenly Lord’s third son: he is Ye Hua’s uncle. Lian Song is in love with Cheng Yu in her past life. Known for his playboy and gossiping tendencies: He is Ye Hua’s close confidante and offerer of relationship advice.
  • My Side Note: This guy is both endearing in appearance and personality. His dimples when he smiles are swoon-worthy.
  • Su Jin: The last remaining descendant of the heavenly Su Jin Tribe who perished during the ghost war and as a child she was later adopted by Prince Cuo her clan’s sacrifice: Her obsessive, stalkerish affections for Ye Hua are unrequited. This cunning female first becomes Ye Hua’s grandfather’s (Heaven Lord) concubine, the gifted to Ye Hua as his second wife. Her evil is limitless. She frames heavily pregnant SuSu and steals her eyes as compensation for losing her sight after creating a pretense that Su Su pushed her off the Zhuxian Terrace. 
  • My Side Note: Sujin is a delusional, toxic, and straight-up crazy train-for-Ye Hua kind of woman.  
  • Star Lord Sing Ming: Lord of Big Dipper of South. He is the writer of human fates who serves Dong Hua. He gossips like Lian Song and Cheng Yu and is friendly with Bai Feng Jiu.
  • Cheng Yu: A mortal from the imperial family in her past life when she met and fell in love with Lian Song though they have since broken up. Often dressing as a man, she loves hearing romantic tales. She is a busybody who gets close to Feng Jiu and tries to help her get closer to Dong Hua.
  • A-Li: Ye Hua and (Bai Qian) SuSu’s son is raised by Ye Hua in Nine Heavens while awaiting his mortal mother with Ye Hua. His nickname is Riceball.
  • Miao Qing: Princess of the Eastern Sea falls for Ye Hua at first sight after saving Ali from a monster creating a debt for Ye Hua to repay. She uses his debt to her as an excuse to move into Xiwu Palace and becomes Ye Hua’s maid. Urged by Su Jin, she tries to trick Ye Hua with an aphrodisiac tonic to bed him and fails miserably. 
  • Princess Zhi Yue: An immortal from Fang Xu Mountains; Ye Hua’s cousin is in love with Dong Hua and uses her status as a princess to make life difficult for Feng Jiu in Tai Chen Palace. 
  • Yuan Zhen: Shao Xin and Sang Ji’s eldest son adored by his grandfather, the Skylord. He was sent to the mortal realm to undergo a trial after Sujin falsy accused him of trying to molest her sexually.
  • Nai Nai: An earth deity, Su Su’s maid selected by Ye Hua and the only immortal who treats her mortal mistress with proper manners and kindness. 
  • Xin Nu: Su Jin’s maid, willingly goes along with her mistress’s schemes and evil ways.
  • Tian Shu: Ye Hua’s trusted bodyguard.
  • Jia Yun: Ye Hua’s civil assistant.

Kunlun Mountains

  • Die Feng: Mo Yuan’s senior disciple, the second prince of the Western Seas, and one of the only people who saw Ye Hua with SuSu.
  • Chang Shan: Mo Yuan’s second disciple. He helped take care of Kun Lun Mountains during Mo Yuan’s absence.
  • Ling Yu: Mo Yuan’s ninth disciple. He was kidnapped by the Ghost Lord and forced to be his godson (Empress) and later killed in the war between Nine Heavens and the Ghost Tribe.
  • Zi Lan: Mo Yuan’s sixteenth disciple. He meets and falls in love with Yan Zhi after she leaves the Demon Realm in the human world but ultimately cannot be together with her. He does create an elixir with his life force that resurrects Xuan Nu’s baby daughter. He has a sibling-like relationship with Si Yin due to their meeting in Kunlun mere minutes apart. He is ranked her senior by Mo Yuan but as a consolation, Si Yin receives from Mo Yuan the gift of the Jade Purity Fan, a powerful Kunlun artifact. 

The Ghost Tribe

  • Ghost Lord Qing Cang: Original ruler of the Demon Realm. He set his eyes on Ling Yu as a godson in the drama but, as his Empress (homosexual) in the book, kidnapping him with Si Yin back to the Great Ziming Palace, directly offending Mo Yuan. This rift causes the Ghost War, a battle between the Celestials and Demons. In the Dong Huang Bell, he is magically sealed thrice by Mo Yuan, Bai Qian, and Dong Hua. On his fourth attempt, he breaks through, killed by Ye Hua, who also dies in a battle.
  • Second Prince Li Jing: Ghost Tribe’s second prince; Believing she is a male, he falls in love with Si Yin, whom he thinks is a Celestial. He betrays Si Yin for Xuan Nü, who resembles Bai Qian, due to a spell taught to her by Bai Qian. He and Xuan Nu run away and marry, later realizing he only loved Si Yin. He becomes the Ghost Lord after his father’s death. 
  • Xuan Nü: Bai Qian’s childhood friend, obsessively jealous of Bai Qian’s beauty. Bai Qian taught her the spell to make her appearance look identical to Bai Qian whenever she wanted. During Xuan Nü’s stay at Kunlun, she used her looks, to seduce Li Jing, and forced him to marry her. Later Xuan Nu plays a pinnacle role as a spy stealing the war strategy from Kunlun, causing Mo Yuan’s death. Cursed with the ill fate of never being able to bear a healthy child for her sins during the Ghost War.
  • My Side Note: This woman is insane but there are times when I get her pain. She and her sad situation is relatable.
  • First Prince Li Yuan: Ghost Tribe’s elder prince. An ambitious, vengeful douche of a man whose dream is to ascend the throne and destroy the immortal tribe. Later he’s defeated by Li Jing, who entraps him for thousand of years, and is killed by Xuan Nü hence transferring his power to his trapped father. He’s always looked down on Li Jing because they have different mothers.
  • Princess Yan Zhi: Ghost Tribe’s princess. Li Jing’s half-sister, Li Yuan’s sister from the same mother. She is doted on and loved by her brothers and is kind-hearted despite being surrounded by evil. She fell for Si Yin, not knowing she was a girl. Later on, she meets and falls in love with Zi Lan, Kunlun’s sixteenth disciple in the mortal realm, but their relationship fails due to the rift between Kunlun Mountain and the Ghost Tribe.
  • My Side Note: Yan Zhi is one of the sweetest characters in both the drama and the book. She’s also beautiful.
  • Fire Qilin: Li Jing’s mount, who grew up with him and is one of his closest friends.
  • Golden Lion Beast: Qing Cang’s mount. He is devoted to prince Li Yuan and dies protecting Princess Yan Zhi. After his master’s death, he leaves the Ghost Realm and goes to the mortal realm, where he causes havoc.
  • My Side Note: In the drama, when he fights with Ye Hua and his clothes explode apart like a Chippendales dancer, I laughed my ass off. It’s a look. His costume is… 

Characters from Bàofù

~YeGeMo Unni~

  • *Mo Yuan, Ye Hua, Bai Qian, and Ali: All original characters from Tang Qi.
  • My Mo Yuan is mentally and emotionally frayed from his death of 70,000 years. He spent that time tediously piecing together his broken soul because he realized he loved his disciple but never had the chance to confess his love. He returned to find her broken after being SuSu. Together they plot to bring justice for her bodily harm, aka eye plucking, caused by Ye Hua’s hands. She plays on his weak and tender emotions. Bai Qian forces gentle Mo Yuan to rape her in Crossroads instead of making love during her deflowering. She fails to bring Ye Hua down and falls in love with him again. Dishonors Mo Yuan greatly by breaking her promise, her vow not to love Ye Hua, and getting impregnated again by Ye Hua. Mo Yuan’s lust is fueled by his obsessive love and desire for a prodigy son like Ali. He has been undefeated his entire life and takes her deceitful actions as a major loss of face. Yet he can’t stop wanting her, so he takes her by force. Evil and shady Mo Yuan is nothing like his true nature. Rumors of demonic possession stir since he was the first to reach tortured Bai Qian. In his weakened state, he was exposed to black elements, and dead demons’ energy and transferred life force to Bai Qian without a critical component of fungal grass needed to prevent demonic possession.
  • My Ye Hua: This young man has weathered many storms, but his love for Bai Qian never wanes. Ye Hua is tortured and forever remorseful, partaking in removing her eyes. He is Bai Qian’s chosen life partner. Only Ye Hua can impregnate her being very young, and only his seed matures into living children. In Crossroads, thinking himself jilted and falsely abandoned by her, he married Dongmei and loses himself in opium and bodily pleasure yet never feels satisfaction. He thinks of her face, her memory before deflowering his new concubines. Remember Nine tale foxes mate one for life. They are monogamous and keep only one wife. Ye Hua purposely keeps and allows a harem of one hundred and fifty wives, consorts, and concubines to hurt Bai Qian from afar. His bitterness is clearly displayed in his nefarious actions and shows his profound desire, love for his only love. Every time she becomes impregnated by Mo Yuan, Ye Hua intentionally throws lavish orgies which creates emotional distress and cause her to miscarry seven times during her time with Mo Yuan.
  • My Ali: White Dragon carries one of Bai Qian’s whitetails in a locket around his neck. Cutting off a fox’s tail’s pain is equivalent, to death yet this was how she saved him in part one. His magical powers are undefinable. He’s cocky and a bit dark. In part four, Crossroads, he takes Sujin’s dead body and resurrects her while keeping her alive in a bogland for his mother and father’s retrial against his uncle Mo Yuan. Mo Yuan manipulated her into becoming his wife, Shumi of Kunlun Mountain by putting fear for Ye Hua and Ail’s safety. Uncle Mo Yuan stole his sisters under the pretense of being their father when Ali was 300 years old. He is resentful and calculating like his mother and distributes his karma. He makes anything materialize from a mental image. He is tit for tat, must settler of old debts as he did when he ‘took’ his comatose mother’s ‘pain’ and tricked his great-grandfather, the Sky Lord, on his birthday and ‘fed’ his mother’s pain via a black pearl to his great-grandfather as karma. This act made his great-grandfather insane instantly. Ali’s skills have surpassed both of his parents. His magic is the reason for his, Changchang, and Changying’s accelerated growth and piercing green eyes like their father’s animal spirit, the Black Dragon. Time, his control of ‘time” as in moving it back and forwards at will, differs from Ye Hua’s, who can pause time.
  • My Side Note: To the eye, my children appear as immortal teenagers imagine human teenagers 14-17 of age but are still under 1000 years of age in immortal years very young. The children are as captivating as they are frighteningly intense. Due to genetics, children are as beautiful and attractive as their parents. The children possess too much magic for their age yet lack discipline as kids do. Their abnormal growth prompted by Ali’s magic manipulating time is the source of many emotional deficiencies.
  • First Imperial Princess Changchang: Black Dragon, Ye Hua and Bai Qian’s eldest daughter out of the triplets raised by Mo Yuan on Kunlun Mountain. Her empathic magic allows her to read one’s mind through touch, alter the tempers of crowds, enter one’s dreams and revive memories from any living object. She is tender-hearted due to her ability to read and see others’ minds and moods.
  • Second Imperial Princess Changying: Black Dragon, Ye Hua and Bai Qian’s second daughter, raised by Mo Yuan on Kunlun Mountain, is an identical twin to Changchang; She is Zhe Yan’s sole pupil and naturally gifted as a healer. Her magic controls the elements of earth, wind, water, and fire and summons powerful thunderbolts immortals must tolerate for ascension She has a disinterested personality like her father.
  • Second Prince Yingpei: Born a Grey Fox but changing to a White Nine-Tailed Fox, Bai Qian’s second son and fraternal triplet to the girls; Yingpei saved his mother’s life when Xuan Nu and Sujin kidnapped her. Younger Yingpei was Ye Hua and Dongmei’s fragile son who passed away from illness. He recovered because Bai Qian transferred her deceased son’s life force into Yingpei’s dead body and resurrected her stillborn son after 500 years. Yingpei is the only child who is still a little boy physically with undeveloped magic. Imagine a six-year-old, and that’s him.
  • Imperial Consort Dongmei: Ye Hua’s Consort in the fourth saga Crossroads. This illegitimate half-mortal, half-brown fox spirit female, a half-sister to Xuan Nu was saved by the Fox Empress in the human world and brought to Qingqiu. She was Bai Qian’s intimate friend and confidant until Dongmei betrays her after seeing Ye Hua. She misuses the beauty spell taught by Bai Qian, seduced a drunken bitter Ye Hua by taking on the likeness of Bai Qian, becomes pregnant and honorable Ye Hua is forced to marry her, and embezzled Qingqui finances intended for Ye Hua and Bai Qian’s secret escape during the trials. During her time as Ye Hua’s consort, she drugs him and creates a large harem, hence upsetting Bai Qian.
  • Mortal Mo Yuan: the heir to the Dragon throne, is a dashingly handsome, sage ruler and statistically savvy for his age of fifteen when his father the Emperor passes away suddenly. He is loyal and loves his younger twin Ye Hua more than others. They never fought but shared everything. Mo Yuan would die and kill for his twin and his twin likewise loves his older brother above others. Never coveted anything until he is sent to Joseon to safely escort mortal Lady Bai Qian home from a Buddist temple located in Joseon. Despite all his suppression, Ye Hua falls deeply in love, struggles with taboo relationships, and questions his devotion and loyalty to his brother.
  • Mortal Ye Hua: Loves his twin above others until he meets Bai Qian. He falls for the virginal and quirky future Empress who shared birthdays with the Imperial twins. Some prophesize the three rode a three-tailed comet from the heavens. In the human realm, the twins experience something they never had before. True brotherly love, and unwavering loyalty to each other. Ye Hua is also Mo Yuan’s lethal shadow assassin, never defeated, and often trades clothing so Mo Yuan can leave the forbidden city for some alone time with the pressures of being the ruler.
  • Mortal Lady Bai Qian: her second human alias.  The only female descendant of the great Military Family Bai at birth promised to marry the future crown prince and future emperor. The late Emperor had a vision before the children were born. It was a snake spirit that slithered in and gobbled up three peaches before turning into a beautiful goddess. She spoke of Bai Qian’s birth and her role as the future mother of the Ming Dynasty. Her royal son is fated to bring together all the neighboring regions under his banner as ruler of all. The goddess said the most unusual thing to the Emperor. Mo Yuan, Ye Hua, and Bai Qian would together bring into the world the greatest leader ever. A Golden Dragon direct offspring of the oldest immortal gods and the creator of all things, the Great Heavenly Father.
  • Mortal Sujin: Trown into the mortal trial by Ali to cause confusion. Fated to love the one she despised most Bai Qian. She is an open lesbian and the daughter of one of the previous Emperor’s concubines. Unknown possible half-siblings to Ye Hua and Mo Yuan. She was ordered to Joseon to spy on Bai Qian by the Emperor and in exchange, her forsaken family name would be restored to its previous glory but the lowest-ranking princess ends up falling in love with Bai Qian.
  • Mortal Ali: Abandoned by his mother who commits suicide after his birth. Bai Qian finds him at the healer’s house when she considers jumping off the cliff but stops when she hears a baby crying. The two save each other. She is very protective and unyielding about taking him into the Forbidden City which is unheard of and out of tradition.
  • Mortal Ming: Established character in Crossroads. Sent my the Fox Emperor to secretly protect his daughter. He is a grey Dire Wolf, that Bai Qian finds after discovering his dead wolf mother. She adopts the pup and takes him into the forbidden city as her pet. Over a year’s time, a little pup grows into a massive stallion-sized wolf of a size never seen.
  • Qing Yuan: Ye Hua’s best friend during Ye Hua’s human trial. He is Minister Shao’s only son and younger brother to Imperial Consort Shao Wan, but his loyalty goes to Ye Hua, unlike his power-hungry family. Qing Yuan is that friendly guy who is always trying to lighten up the mood and is a source of comic relief.
  • Eunuch Bao: Mo Yuan’s senior eunuch and confidant loyal to first Mo Yuan and then Ye Hua.
  • Minister Shao: The minisiter of renevune. He’s greedy, power-hungry, ruthless, and covets the Dragon throne for himself or a direct descendant of his bloodline.
  • Ming: Grey Dire Wolf spirit. Was a renowned general for the Fox Emperor before becoming Bai Qian’s bodyguard. Harbors a secret love for her.
  • Duchess Meixie: Bai Qian’s mortal mother during her human trial.
  • Queen Mother Cho: Bai Qian’s foster mother. Deposed Queen of Joseon.
  • Shao Wan: Shao Wan is one of Tang Qi’s characters a demon goddess.
  • My Shao Wan: Imperial Consort is Mo Yuan’s childhood love and second wife during his mortal trial.
  • Consort Chung: Joseon-born royal second princess, Haneul is Mo Yuan’s third wife. She is Queen Cho’s second daughter.
  • Empress Zhang Da Xia: Empress Dowager, foster mother to Mo Yuan and Ye Hua. She is their aunt, the younger sister of the deceased Empress Zhang Da Chun. This woman is the Virgin Queen since her marriage to the Emperor. Her brother-in-law was never consummated.

*Sources from Wiki, Tang Qi’ To the Skin Kingdom, Drama Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms, some characters from my brain.