英勇 Yīngyǒng Eroica: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction By Special Request

By special request for a million views, to my girls, much love.

Her three-day wedding was but a blur of events. She had been miserable between the morning sickness from the first stages of pregnancy and the sorrow of losing her lover. Bai Qian had felt like a sacrificial lamb on her wedding day, but not in a million years would she have guessed her young husband would be the nameless lover with whom she had been having a secret affair inside ten miles of peach blossoms.

Lightly, she placed the romantic mortal novel she had been reading on her stomach. One year into pregnancy, the open book still settled even, flat, steadily on her upper abdomen’s smoothness. Her eyes moved towards the dark seated figure diligently working across from her and smiled. Thinking, Ye Hua was as exquisitely striking as the first time she had laid her eyes on him after falling into his arms in Zhe Yan’s orchard and how difficult it was to say who seduced whom that day he first pressed his body into hers against a peach tree.

She had desired a burning, sweltering, heart-pounding, body-melting love, and with Ye Hua, had all those and better. He wasn’t merely her husband, the father of their unborn child, but he was much more. He was her confidante, the reader of scandalous mortal erotica, the shoulder she cried on when she was homesick and emotional due to pregnancy hormones, but he was the best friend who made her smile, causing her to giggle at the most inappropriate times.

During morning greetings to the elders earlier, the Sky Lord casually mentioned his disapproval of Ye Hua handling Celestial work from her bed-chamber. Heavenly Lord remarked that being around women to such a degree would stir distractions causing Ye Hua to make poor decisions on matters of the utmost importance that impacted all the realms.

Bai Qian had blushed and lowered her head, embarrassed when Ye Hua had replied without expression that his reason for staying near his wife was with purpose. It was intentional when he remained with Bai Qian to expose the fetus to his male qi to ensure the birth of a son, an imperial prince.

Everyone present, Bai Qian, Ye Hua’s uncles, the princes, even the older white-haired, long-bearded immortals, had chuckled and smiled, seeing the young man’s apparent devotion to his new wife but Ye Hua. His expression was most earnest.

Bai Qian snorted and snickered again at the memory of the Sky Lord’s long, defeated face at his astute and intelligent grandson’s snappy as a whip comeback.

“Qian Qian, stop that.” Ye Hua uttered with an artificial sternness from across the room without stopping his continuous flow of work and busy eyes, focused, scanning through the mountainous pile of documents on his desk.

Bai Qian settled deeper into the comfortable niche of her spacious bed, leaned back, and replied, “I didn’t do anything, Ye Hua. I’m being as quiet as a mouse reading my book.”

“Tempress. If you keep staring at me with those captivating eyes, I’ll need my nap with my favorite toy, you.” His dark eyes raised until his playful gaze met hers, and as if temptation overcame him, he crossed the room’s span in fast strides, reaching the bed within seconds.

After quickly removing his heavy dragon pattern-covered outer garment, he settled on the bed beside her, gingerly pressed his ear to her stomach, and whispered something inaudible before kissing the spot where his ear had been.

“Sujin told me that it’s not healthy or proper for us to share the same bed while I’m pregnant. And after I start showing, she said we should abstain from making love.” Bai Qian spoke casually the way one shares passing gossip, only to have Ye Hua reply, “Tell Sujin how and what I choose to do with my wife is mine because..”

Getting on his knees for elevation, he affectionately pressed his cheek into her shiny jet-black hair, showered the crown of her head with tender kisses, then uttered softly, “Mine.”

His slender, graceful hands led the way, for his sensual, supple lips caressed her forehead, cheeks, nose, chin before gently cupping her face with both hands; he kissed her pouty lips and whispered, “Mine.”

His hands roamed, and she moaned softly, airy when his long slender fingers began to, from practice, effortlessly unfasten her complicated clothing to expose her swan-like neck and fuller bosom. His smooth, soft lips brushed down her creamy throat, gliding across the length of her delicate collarbone, “Mine,” stated he, and his warm breath ricocheted, bouching off her skin. His fingertips merely grazed her beasts but sensitive and dark as ripe cherries from pregnancy, nipples instantly pulled, tightening taut as they hardened in anticipation of his mouth, and she too waited, shivering with bated breath.

Often the craving for him to take her was uncontrollable. Bai Qian’s entire back lifted off the bed, arched, offering her needy breasts to him, and she gasped audibly with arousal when his warm mouth enclosed one nipple then the other. The pulling pressured sensation was exquisite. His wet tongue traced the circular puckered skin, causing wetness, nectar-like sweet moisture to gather and pool between her thighs swiftly. When he muttered possessively, “Mine,” His authoritative tone of ownership made her groan hoarse with growing need.

“Husband, I need you,” she panted, roughly grabbing and tugging at his clothes, needing to feel his skin against hers. But mercilessly, he teased gradually, kissing down her body to her stomach, where he kissed, his lips carefully, lovingly brushing against her navel most lightly. “Our’s,” he declared faintly but assuredly and stated, ” You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, Qian Qian, and my love for you makes my heart feel as if it might burst.”

“Oh, Ye Hua, my love.” She whimpered as his lips found her swallowing her words. Their lips had met time and time again, too often to keep count. But that feeling of newness, that sensation of discovery that started with their first kiss, had yet to wane.

While willingly drowning in his kiss, with his guidance, Bai Qian, on the bed, surrendered herself, yielding to him, panting as his hands explored, caressing, possessed her body and soul. His ravenous mouth and hers shared a single breath between them, and when his bare body spread on, the clean, masculine smell of his skin covering hers, she cried out from pleasure.

The meticulous way he pleased and worshiped her body was an art form; with such skill, he made love to her slowly, every touch conveying his unconditional love, devotion, and dedication. Every kiss divulged his profound desire, passion, and lust for her. His shapely mouth expertly coasted down her body, lapping and licking her skin until he reached her glistening with morning dew lower floral bloom, spreading and parting her silken female petals with his tongue.

Rapidly hands opened and clenched. Bai Qian wantonly pressed herself against his mouth, thrusting, grinding her body deeper into the source of her pleasure, and when his tongue flicked, toying her swollen clitoris, her pink pearl, she screamed, gasping, calling his name.

He controlled her arousal with his skillful tongue. Flicking, licking, and inserted his index and third fingers into her with slow, unhurriedly, teasing, arousal building thrusts, pushing her spiking arousal to the precipice yet not allowing her to cross the threshold of orgasm. She began to beg. “Please, Ye Hua. Please…” She implored only to have him ask, his soft voice husky and deep with sexual need, “Who does this flower belong to, Qian Qian?”

“It’s yours! All yours! Ye Hua, it’s YOUR puss, flower! Please!” Shouting loud enough for those outside, the gathering of servants in the courtyard of Xiwu Palace, to overhear, she begged without shame and his cocky, slightly arrogant, confidently sexy tone, and his reply was enough to push her over the edge of no return when he claimed her without hesitation possessively, “That right, you are mine. Don’t ever forget.” His ravenous mouth returned to licking with more direct flicks against her clitoris repeatedly to finish what his provocative words began setting off a brisk ripple effect inside her body.

Her body fiercely shook. Climax crashed and reverberated inside her body, and her head flung rearward. Only the whites of her eyes showed as they rolled up and back before tightly shutting. A loud, high-pitched scream roared out of her mouth, echoing as she grabbed his long silky hair with both hands. Her lithe back arched, lifted, coming off the bed, and her hips pressed into the bed and his mouth until she could take no more due to the sensitively down below.

How well Ye Hua knew her body was a mystery to her, and it didn’t take a genius to understand or the hardness pressed against her leg to know his need for her was urgent. He spread over her, his size shrouding her petite frame with his masculine build as he crept up her body between her inviting parted thighs before his hard manhood slid into her glossy, slick, clenching, spasming inner walls of heaven. Upon full entry, feeling her snug walls hugging, embracing his girthy shaft, he groaned her name and then growled like a beast before his lips found her hungrily crashing down on her slightly open mouth.

It had always been this way between them. Whenever their nude bodies touched, they melted, merged, making love become one. Yet it wasn’t just two between them anymore; a child was growing, her lover, her husband’s child flourishing in her womb, and the knowledge of their child’s presence merely stimulated, oddly arousing her more.

The need to feel him deeper inside her was pressing and critical. There wasn’t any room for coyness when they shared bodily pleasure without limitations. She firmly placed both palms on his muscular backside and used her strength, pushing down on his entering penetration, forcing him deeper into silky wet heat. With her thighs parted wide to receive him, she returned his kiss with the same hungry urgency smelling her feminine scent of orgasm on his face and tasting her nectar from his lips.

Bai Qian broke their kiss, purred, licking his lips, gazed into his nearly black dilated from passion eyes, and hummed, “Show me who owns me and…”

Before she finished her sentence, his mouth devoured hers. His tongue thrust into her mouth, coaxing, seducing, luring her to coil along with his. He took hold of both her hands, held them over her head, and the sharp sounds of their bodies, skin slapping, echoed, resonated in their bedroom as the pace of his swords entry quickened, building momentum, and she moaned between breathy in jagged puffs, “Ye Hua, mark me from the inside. I love you. Come with me and fill me.”

“Qian Qian,” He groaned and did with a throaty exhale from his mouth. He grunted and growled, intensely pumping into the secret part of her that makes her female, releasing his male essence, his warm seed, into her as she clung to him in ecstasy. She joined binding, connecting her body, mind, and soul into his peak with hers, making them one…making them whole.

It took a few moments for Ye Hua’s ragged breathing to steady, and as it did, they shared playful leisurely kisses. After carefully taking the pressure, his bodyweight off her midsection, with his forehead resting against hers, he stated tenderly, staring into her eyes with that smoldering inky moonless night-colored gaze, “You are my love, joy, wife, my life. Qian Qian, you are my everything.”

“Ye Hua, my secret lover,” Smiling radiantly, her softening adoring gaze returned his affection without words before a matter of factly, stating, “I’m hungry.”

The End.