Blog Update

Hello, happy spring to my peaches, goddesses, gods, and deities everywhere. I hope my message finds you well on your side of the world. As you’ve noticed by my last update (I know I’ve said this before), but I’m back. I’ve returned to finish what I began so many years ago with a newfound vengeance.

My missing passion for 3310 ff has not returned. It’s more accurate to confess I’m OCD enough and unable to leave loose ends or anything hanging. You see, I had finished this series long ago in my head, and it’s finally time to release the Kraken if you will.

I will resume my Tuesday thru Sat writing schedule on March 20th, after spring break. Until then, enjoy sweet intoxicating peach wine from Zhe Yan’s orchard and the unending billowing pink skies up in Nine Heavens and surrender. Lose yourselves to your daydreams, especially if your dreams are XXX.

YGM, Unni