About the Author

“I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying.” ~ Oscar Wilde

Why is it most challenging when asked to describe yourself? If anyone knows me best, it would be me, no? How shall I begin this and make myself known without boring the shit out of everyone? 

Let’s see, I’m the pleasant woman you may not know but smiles and waves at you when checking her mailbox. I’m also the one who brings trinkets for your children and homemade cookies without any particular reason. One may wonder why I bother to do such things that are usually unappreciated? I do so because it provides me with a profound pleasure that others may never understand.

I’m also a woman with too much but also not enough of the things that truly matter, therefore I created this fantasy environment percolating with what I lack: intense craving, passionate love, tempestuous desire, and human sexual contact. 

As a novice author, the timing was odd. I began writing as an outlet for my depression while following my biological mother’s battle and loss to advance brain cancer. 

I know some may judge and think it most inappropriate to write erotica during such a tragic situation. In retrospect, it was unusual to compose sexually graphic fanfiction while watching someone die, but it was my escapism, so I went there without a bit of remorse or guilt and owned it. To this day, I don’t feel any shame whatsoever for my choices, but then when have I cared what others thought of me?

If anything, I hope the day I’m on my deathbed, someone will be writing an explicitly spicy piece of erotica somewhere out there also.  

Anyhoo this is me, the author of this sometimes sensual and ridiculously entertaining blog.


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