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I’m YeGenMo aka Unni, a newbie fanfiction writer who fell in love with the drama, ‘Three Lives, Three Worlds, and Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms.’ I honestly started writing just for self-amusement it snowballed from there. All my writing has NSFW chapters with graphic sexual content. Many have told me that they’re hooked on my NSFW, which works out because I love thinking and writing about Mo Yuan and Ye Hua naked and stuff.

All my stories have a different vibe, and I purposely challenge myself to grow with each story. The stories were written in this order: Ten Miles Adult Fanfic, Shou, Mount Song, Eroica, Kunlun Mountain, Yuanfen, Qīngxǐng Mèng, Jīnlóng, and Bàofù.

I’ve also had some help from friends along the way that I’d like to thank.

Ten Miles Adult Fanfic- Cultural, creative advisor, and editor Juls. Editor-Scarredberry
Shou and Sweet Dreams – Editor MJ
Mount Song –  Editor Rin Rin
Kunlun Mountain, Yuanfen, Mo-Bai-Ye, SuJin’s Punishment, and Qīngxǐng Mèng. Current editor and Muse aka creative advisor – Vanessa.

Lastly, I love hearing feedback so if you comment that’s very cool but if you lurk like I used to that’s cool as well.

YeGenMo Unni

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