Even after 5,000 years of marriage, Mo Yuan was still insatiable for bodily pleasure with his wife, Seventeen. If there was one thing he couldn’t resist, it was taking her while she napped. Her beautiful

SuSu’s pale, lifeless face began to soften, gradually blur and change. Her mortal feature, characteristics subtly shifted and redefined into the form of a different visage, immortal. Gleaming luminosity returned, a glowing phosphorescent aura, eternal,

SuSu left the room when Mo Yuan entered as usual. She’d stopped sleeping with him and avoided being alone with him. But SuSu was unaware, Mo Yuan followed her all night, every night from a

SuSu After SuSu’s startling revelation, she didn’t withdrawal her love from Mo Yuan instantly. He was SuSu’s first and only love as he was for Seventeen. SuSu and Seventeen were the same person, but there

In the haziness of sleep, Mo Yuan due to habit reached out and grabbed SuSu’s massive breasts. Eyes closed, Mo Yuan happily fondled and stroked SuSu’s giant full breasts. Mo Yuan smiled contentedly when he

By the third day of Seventeen’s vanishing, Mo Yuan looked exhausted and drained. He hadn’t slept, eaten, and stop moving since she went missing. The more days that passed, Mo Yuan became stronger convinced Seventeen

Due to Zhe Yan’s vengeful blabbering mouth, Seventeen becoming pregnant wasn’t an issue. Abstinence was the greatest, and most certain form of contraception from pregnancy. Mo Yuan wasn’t allowed to touch his future wife for

Mo Yuan woke up to the most incredible sensation of Seventeen riding his morning erection. Her back turned to him so that all he could see was her scrumptious round bottom and flowing loose hair.

Mo Yuan was still in a state of shock, when Zhe Yan told him about Seventeen’s unexpected decision. In all honesty, Mo Yuan couldn’t remember most of the morning in the wine cellar. Mo Yuan

D-2 Seventeen stood outside Mo Yuan’s seclusion cave and sighed. There had once been a time when Seventeen wanted to stew herself for her Shifu, Mo Yuan. That felt like a lifetime ago. A different

D-3 Seventeen slowly strolled around the lower level of Kunlun Mountain. She removed her shoes, closed her eyes and felt the heated surface under her feet. Seventeen threw her shoes aside, sat and dangled her

D-4 Seventeen was lying in bed, with several pillows under her hips, when Ye Hua walked into her room. He studied Seventeen’s body’s position and snickered. Ye Hua’s full lips formed into a flat line

D-5 Seventeen slowly removed Jīnlóng’s silk clothing. Seventeen also undressed and tenderly held the servant in her feminine embrace. Seventeen lovingly and leisurely ran her fingers through Jīnlóng’s silky long hair. Seventeen softly hummed a