清醒梦 Qīngxǐng Mèng: Lucid Dream: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 23

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The moment was thoroughly surreal. Qīngxǐng Mèng, a lucid dream. Re-watching a scene right out of the past; Xiao Wu was slowly taking off her clothes. Like before, she stripped down to her last layer under her dress.

Underneath she wore an exquisitely delicate, embroidered, white silk corset that caused her full breasts to pop out over the snug bodice, and a matching slip that flared into a fuller skirt to accommodate a petticoat.

Xiao Wu lithely bent down and in a single fluid motion, she hiked up the hem of her lingerie and tied it snug on her creamy upper thighs. Without taking her keen sight off Ye Hua, she haphazardly undid her knotted bun so her long, silky hair cascaded wildly around her petite frame.

This time, she also removed her shoes, placed them neatly on the dry porch. Confidently she strode into the muddy front yard barefoot, at a leisurely pace with a cunning little smile on her face.

Standing out the pouring rain, she inquisitively questioned, “Swords?”

Ye Hua shrugged his shoulders somewhat disinterested and aloofly. He followed her lead, took off his boots and carelessly threw them to the side.

Ye Hua nonchalantly suggested in his soft voice, “No weapons. Just hand to hand fighting. Physical contact only. Or do I intimate you?”

She scoffed and snorted entirely amused. In the midst of laughing mockingly and her body didn’t reveal the slightest bit of her intentions, as she surprisingly charged at Ye Hua first, fiercely. The direct force of her unexpected attack threw him back into the mud on his back. He groaned, coughed and slowly rose to his feet. His backside now covered in mud and he was soaking wet from the rain.

“That was a low blow! I didn’t know we’d started. Okay, you got me once. Now try to do it again.” Ye Hua urged catching his winded breath. She’d knocked the air out of him with her first mighty hit.

Xiao Wu rushed at him again and she was swift as the wind. However, this time Ye Hua saw her and before she reached him, he magically moved behind her and firmly grabbed both her breasts and fondled them from the back. Slightly bent in front of him, he took advantage of her body’s provocative positioning, and purposefully rubbed his erection on her backside.

Stunned, she loudly gasped due to his unexpected groping and stroking, and used all her body’s weight to flip Ye Hua over and forward. He speedily fell to the ground onto his back but firmly caught her ankle, and forcibly yanked her on top of him. The front of Xiao Wu’s wet body smacked and planted on top of his. Instantly he grasped her face with both hands and roughly kissed her.

It took a couple of seconds for her to react. Xiao Wu rushed away in total confusion. She was slick, slippery wet and quickly squirmed out of his hold.

Swiftly she stood, glared at Ye Hua and demanded, “What are you doing?”

“What?” Ye Hua innocently responded with a subtle shrug of his shoulder, as if he didn’t know why she was annoyed while bringing himself to his feet.

Smirking Xiao Wu wordlessly raised her skirt higher, and exposed the sides of her upper thighs where she had two pointy daggers hidden. She expertly twirled them around her fingers and knuckles before tightly gripping both by the ends. She smiled so evilly and it was insanely arousing for Ye Hua.

Xiao Wu was soaking wet, partially covered with mud from rolling on the soggy ground. Parts of her black hair caked with damp earth, and dangerously holding both blades with a menacing glint in her dark eyes.

In the warm descending summertime rain, swiftly she flew at him fearlessly, screaming with fierceness and looked like a wild warrior goddess. The visual was fantastic, incredible and Ye Hua knew he would never forget that moment for the rest of his life. The determined fixed expression on her beautiful mud splashed face was so entirely intense, and exquisite that it took his breath away.

He didn’t take a defensive stance. Ye Hua was extremely awestruck by her savage beauty but he did cheat and merely stopped time magically. She froze mid-attack and stayed like a statue in an action pose. Feeling quite pleased with himself, he gently held her face, naughtily snuck a kiss on her lips while softly snickering to himself.

Strolling around her once in complete appreciation, Ye Hua drank in Xiao Wu’s beauty and gave her bottom a little pat and squeeze. Feeling a bit like a pervert but loving it immensely. Snickering most mischievously, he helped himself to one of her daggers and used it to cut open the front of her corset. He also untied the silk sash around her waist that held her slip closed and set on her luscious body. Now that his work was complete, he placed her knife back into her hand most gingerly and shifted to a safe distance and restarted time.

Time resumed and Xiao Wu’s swift attack came to an abrupt standstill when her bodice entirely popped open, and her beautiful fuller post pregnancy bare breasts flew out of her corset. Her slip immediately dropped to the ground. She screamed in shocked and attempted to hide her nudity with one arm across her chest, and the other covering the front of her female parts but she was nude.

Xiao Wu hollered furiously, “Ye Hua! You’re using magic and cheating! I’m naked!”

He was grinning like the Cheshire Cat but suddenly stopped and his eyes narrowed, when Ye Hua asked doubtfully, “How did you know I used magic?”

“You know I used magic? How? Wait a minute…you’re not mortal! Otherwise, you wouldn’t have known about me!” Ye Hua’s mouth dropped slacked dumbfounded by this new, unexpected, overwhelming discovery.

Instantly, Ye Hua caught on and positively accused, “My brother! Mo Yuan! Did he help you carry out this devious plot!? Why are you trying to torture me to death?”

Ye Hua’s piercing gaze narrowed when he challenged suspiciously, “You planned everything on purpose to get even with me! Xiao Wu, have you been enchanting me because I’m obsessed with tearing off your clothes!?”

Xiao Wu boisterously laughed out loud and happily bragged, “Yup, Pansy Prince! How does it feel to get a taste of your own medicine?”

Pointing towards Ye Hua’s crotch, she deviously giggled and proudly declared, “I’ve been enchanting you for months! You’ve probably had an erection nonstop! I felt you rubbed up on me and your face the first time I came out in my nightgown was priceless!”

“Why?” Ye Hua demanded as he deliberately stepped forward and towards her.

Xiao Wu walked backward and arrogantly proclaimed, “You said I was too old and didn’t want to meet me! You told everyone that you wouldn’t be able to perform sexually with a woman your mother’s age! I didn’t have an orgasm for eight months! That’s why, Pansy Prince!”

“What are you going to do about it?!” She threw out her hands and challenged insolently.

Ye Hua warned menacingly before rapidly chasing after her around the yard. “Xiao Wu! You better start running because once I catch you…you’re going to be having an orgasm for eight months straight, because I’m going to stay inside you for the entire duration!”

Ye Hua shouted in hot pursuit, “When I think of how uncomfortable I’ve been… Oh, you’re going to get it!”

She screamed gleefully and her drenched hair covered her breasts while she teasingly ran away from Ye Hua. Both soaking wet and covered in mud.

Ye Hua stopped chasing her, abruptly became somber and said, “You know we have a lot to talk about.”

“I do.” Xiao Wu replied with a small smile on her face.

Ye Hua pushed his wet hair out of his eyes and softly spoke. “Do you know that I love you like crazy?”

“I do.” Xiao Wu faintly answered in return and her full lips curled up into a bright smile.

Ye Hua planted his hand on his hips, leaned into his right leg and hesitantly questioned, “Do you love me?”

“I do…like crazy.” Xiao Wu whispered back.

Ye Hua spread his arms out and yelled with a laugh, “Why are you waiting?! Come to me!”

Xiao Wu joyfully ran toward him screaming excitedly with both arms raised up in the air, and threw herself into his waiting embrace. She giggled when he lovingly grabbed her around the waist, and spun her around in the air before passionately pressing his lips to hers. Standing out in the pouring rain; Ye Hua ardently kissed her as if their separation had been for thirty thousand years instead of three.

Mo Yuan saw them in the far distance and smiled at the thought of having another adorable niece, or nephew in a couple of years. He was delighted to see them reunited and moderately proud of his little brother Ye Hua. Mo Yuan never considered stopping time to remove someone’s clothes and it was certainly original. Furthermore, this time it only took Ye Hua half the time than before. He lightly chuckled, silently walked away and left the lovebirds to do what lovebirds do best. They love.

To be continued…..