報復 Bàofù IV: Crossroads: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 32 NSFW

Ugly Beauty…

Bai Qian~

While following this complicated and winding pathway that is my immortal life, I’ve come to realize a thing or two. I’ve observed regardless of age, gender, station, or cultivation, all as in everyone has points of moral deficiency. And more often than naught, those moments result in certain shameful aspects of their lives, some dubious elements of their existence that they wish they could simply erase.

I’m no different. I might be one of the worse.

I have a dark history bursting with many instances lacking much-needed virtue. I wish my memories of those times could leave my brain and vanish into thin air, so I regard it only reasonable that Ye Hua would too, and he does.

Ye Hua has changed.

He’s far from being the squeaky clean young Crown Prince he used to be. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise and better this way since we now stand on even ground. Finally, we have equal footing. In a sense, my shameful past activities with his brother Mo Yuan doesn’t make me the only one lacking moral discretion between him and me.

I became aware during our separation; he maintained an eventful life full of… He was preoccupied with an atmosphere abundant in…

How should I phrase this correctly, so it lacks criticism and doesn’t sound judgemental? Let’s just say my young husband led a colorful life full of ‘self-exploration’ and loneliness, or perhaps it’s better fitting to say being alone was never an issue for him.

He had a different female companion nearly every night, and his disdain for his harem was something of late. How do I know? Call it Dongmei’s parting gift to me. I became explicitly and thoroughly familiarized with all the sordidly lascivious incidents that occurred during the past three hundred years through a comprehensive diary, she kept.

For all those years, most faithfully, she had entered with immense detail his habits, in particular, all Ye Hua’s sexual practices and behavior throughout her profoundly bitter and miserable marriage with him. The driving motivation for her to keep such an account? I can only imagine it was her endless resentment and disappointment in him, their loveless marriage, plus her hatred towards me.

It was her little secret diary of intrigues.

I’m sure she had hoped to send it to me one day on Kunlun Mountain. And if I know her twisted mind as well as I do, she’d probably have sent it to me, beautifully gift wrapped on my birthday.

Dongmei’s present is an explicitly lewd pornographic book of which I’m convinced; Ye Hua isn’t aware of its existence. Had he known, he would have destroyed it undoubtedly. However, after her untimely death, the servants found it first hidden in her residence before delivering it to my palace the Pavilion of Peonies, later it ended up on my breakfast table right next to my favorite jasmine tea.

Curiosity killed the cat, but it also entangles a foolhardy Fox. My morbid curiosity got the best of me because I opened it, and while staring at her written records, which were more like a detailed screenplay than a memoir, I was utterly awestruck.

The Ugly Beauty, the title is appropriate because it’s something hauntingly beautiful created for an ugly cause. Yet still, I couldn’t help but marvel even respect the extraordinary level of dedication Dongmei had put forth into the log.

The eloquently provoking terms she used to describe the serving concubine or, in some cases, plural concubines, the beautiful mistresses involved along with the exact times, dates, trivial facts such as the wines enjoyed by the participants while fornicating is a marvel of literary expertise.

She described the heady sandalwood and jasmine perfumed oils, the provocatively revealing lingeries the women wore. Artist renditions such as sketched illustrations of Ye Hua reveling in his sexual pursuits coupled with her words painted a vividly clear picture.

Dongmei from the grave answered all my inquiries. She gave me the shocking answers to the questions, I was too terrified to know and knew better than to ask. Never ask a question if you don’t or can’t handle hearing the hurtful reply.

And I must be a glutton for punishment because I read and re-read it over a dozen times since it landed in my hands. How did it make me feel to know that the man who swore devotion to me had given himself away so freely to so many others? How did it make me feel to know without an inkling of doubt, I was but one woman out of the hundreds who had felt the pleasure of him deeply burrowed inside them?

I would be lying if I didn’t say it hurt like hell as if I had swallowed a corrosive agent like acid that gnawed at the pit of my stomach. And it made me realize that he, that Ye Hua didn’t belong to me solely anymore. The mutual sense of belonging that once bound us presently seems nonexistent.

That’s precisely how it was for me, but now I’m wondering how he’ll respond after seeing everything written out.. so plainly in the severest of blackest inks. How will Ye Hua feel after seeing the undeniable black and white staring back at him?

The distinct strokes of Dongmei’s calligraphy look sharp enough to slice through the tense air around us. Her painted words are soundless accusations, harsh against the blanched sheet white of the parchment. Still, nothing could look as severe as his angrily clenched hand that appears as if it might destroy the book’s fine binding.

He hasn’t noticed, but I’ve been standing here a while. From the entryway, I study the troubled cast on his expressive face that spoke volumes and precisely matched the tension in his tightly fisted grasp. His usually composed exterior openly displays fierce flashes of an impending tempest like thunder before a downpour.

Ye Hua is engrossed while silently seething so much, so he fails to hear me reappear in the bed-chamber after settling little Yingpei between Changchang and A-Li. I move towards him but hesitatingly because he appears too much like his twin Mo Yuan when angered that it takes a little to gather my nerve before I’m able to put on my happiest face, casually walk towards him and speak to gain his attention.

I say, “Our little fouth, Yingpei has calmed down and fast asleep with our other children.” After glancing around the empty room, I declare, “I’m glad you dismissed the harem so I can have you all to myself, your Grace.”

Then with my most beguiling Fox smile, I seductively sauntered towards the bed where he’s remained since my departure, purring like a kitten I hum sultrily, “Now where were we before we were interrupted by our naughty son, your Grace?”

His silent reply is a resentful glare that would make most run the other way. Such a display of hostility, this might be a first, but Ye Hua is so enraged that his piercing gaze never leaves my face even when I drop my silk robe to the floor and undress to full nudity.

A wavelet of nervousness runs through me, my sexuality has never failed me, but grievously it does now. His brusque tone barely conceals his rage when he questions, and his words come out in controlled hisses between tightly clenched teeth, “Qian Qian, where did this come from, and why is it here by your bedside… No, why is it hidden under your pillow?!”

The severe caustic tone of his speech makes my skin crawl because it reminds me too much of his older brother’s, and yes, I used to anger Mo Yuan regularly, so it’s a tone of which I’m well familiar. Since he sounds like his brother, I apply a tactic I often used with Mo Yuan and play dumb. Ignoring his anxiety-inducing interrogation, I ask. “Ye Hua, how much hair did little fourth pull? I thought for sure that you would have a bald spot.”

“Did you know our Yingpei had that kind of verve in him?” My upbeat voice bubbles with fake delight as I divert his question with a question before answering myself, “He must inherit that terrible Fox temper from his mother, me.”

Then using all my sex appeal, I lower my body to the bed, teasingly touch, cup my massive breasts as I creep on my bare knees until I’m straddling his lap and frown to find him flaccid. I caress his flushed cheek softly with my fingertips while disregarding the way his dark nearly black eyes are boring into my face and say, “Ye Hua, the past is the past and has no bearings on our future. I don’t care about what happened while I was gone. I missed you, and I don’t want to waste any more time when I could be making love to you.”

I say this because it’s the truth. Yet its a blow to my ego when my puckered mouth fails to reach his, instead he retreats away, glares me down, and half growls, “Answer me now!” Ye Hua demands while shaking the book in his grasp, “Where did this come from, and why the hell did you leave personal remarks by certain concubines? Why are you tracking their menstrual cycles?!”

“What does it matter? As Empress, it’s my role to oversee your harem. I just figured you should have more children, and some of the women are suitable candidates.” I answer, however, Ye Hua, like a turtle snaps before I can finish and declares, “The only woman who will ever carry my children is you! Do you understand that! I’m never going to be with anyone but you!”

His fierce expression changes into one of desperation. “Qian Qian. I know you, and you’re going to use this book as a reason to leave me, aren’t you? You’re looking for someone to replace you.”

The melancholy and despair in his eyes render it impossible to tell him the truth. He wouldn’t be able to handle it. How can I explain that Dongmei’s poisonous passages had seeped into me? How to I tell him, her toxin had trickled into my body down into my womb, thus creating new confusion in my Fox’s body.

I can’t, so I lie. “Ye Hua, I’m old, and I had seven miscarriages in a row. I might be barren. Look, I don’t want to argue.”

Tenderly taking his flushed cheeks between both hands, I pull his face to mine and tell him, “I’m never leaving you. The only way I’ll be apart from you again is death. What do I have to do to prove my love and commitment to you?”

“Please…” My earnest request comes out in a strained whisper. “Please let me love you and remind your body that I’m your woman.” I urge before gathering his trembling lips with mine and slowly run my tongue along the seam of his mouth. He remains still in resistance, but it’s not long before I feel his hands move to both sides of my hips as he opens his mouth for me.

“Thank you, Ye Hua.” Lightly like a feather upon his shapely mouth falls, my breathy murmur before my tongue enters his mouth, tastes him as we savor each other in soft, gliding passes and strokes. While our caressing tongues make love, my hands rake through his long silky hair, because his luscious mouth is only the starting point.

I need much more.

Breaking our kiss, “Please,” I plead. “I want to taste you. All of you.” The moan that comes from him is deep and husky. Ye Hua drops, presses his forehead to mine, and groans as his sex rises underneath me.

“Qian Qian…” Hoarsely he murmurs my name then explains. “I know it looks terrible, but I swear. I never forgot about you or let you go. I lied to myself, but I couldn’t release you.”

There is so much sadness and honesty, in his confession that it triggers the waterworks. To hide my eyes that have begun to swell with tears, I move from his lap to his side and teasingly kiss his broad shoulders before settling my lips around his pebbled nipples.

“Ye Hua, let me taste you again. Mark me from the inside.” I whisper, and the need in my voice comes through loud and clear. My breath bounces off the olive-toned skin of his perfectly sculpted abdomen. Instantly, his hands become gentle fingers in my hair, and he guides me home towards his waiting member.

The swollen head of him round, fat, and glistening with a need jumps when I encircle my hand at the base of his shaft after stroking his pubic hair and heavy balls full of his seed. While growing wet and needy between the thighs, I savor the moment and marvel at his massive sex before deeply inhaling, breathing the musky scent of him that’s of a pure alpha male.

Still breathing in his manly fragrance, I stroke the smooth, long, and hard length of him while gently blowing air against the fattened head—his body trembles as shiver ripples through his taut, sculpted abdomen. Sweet Heavens! There aren’t words to describe such temptation. He’s perfect, and a sense of pride washes over me, knowing this beautiful man is mine for the taking, and feeling him shake in my hands further ignites the fire burning in my core.

“Tell me, Ye Hua,” I ask while blowing air on the clear but sweet liquid dripping crown and slowly running my wet tongue along the heavily veined underside of his thick arousal. I inquire, “Tell me what you want. I want to hear you say it.”

With his hands knotted in my hair, Ye Hua grunts. His panting words break and pause every time my tongue licks up his shaft. “I want.. to be yours… I need to.. be in your mouth. Qian Qian, suck my cock.”

What he wants is mutual, and I comply. He gasps for air then moans deep and throaty when I cover and take the head of his length into my mouth in one stroke. With the crown of his sex in my mouth, my tongue flicks into the tiny juice spilling slit, and the heady taste of his precum is so sweet that it makes me light-headed, starving for more.

Overcome and soaring in a lust-fueled impulse, I continue to roll my lapping flattened tongue encompassing the head before swirling under the mushroom cap-like top. As I do, there’s a lascivious savage awakening inside me. I want to eat him up and swallow him wholly to make him forget anyone other than me, and maybe he can read my mind because he says. “Qian Qian… I love you.”

Only my sweet Ye Hua would say such a thing in the midst of being sucked off by me. My eyes begin to water again as I open myself to him, sucking him deeper into my mouth then my throat until I take all of him. Every inch of him into me, I inhale him down in total possession.

With my knees firmly burrowed into the bed, I devour all of him as he thrusts into my mouth. The arousing noises of his profound pleasure echo in my ears with the wet slurry sound coming from my lips. There’s a part of me that wishes he would never come so that I could suck on him forever, but abruptly Ye Hua pulls me off his slick saliva covered sex and says, “Qian Qian, I want to see your face.”

He tells me before laying me down on the bed and then straddles my neck, so his lengthy arousal is directly in my face. He’s beyond thick and ready. The wide circumference, the girth of his cock is enlarged and leaking for me. All and just for me. The temptation, the offering is too great. My desire overwhelms me as I greedily suck him deep into my mouth, feverishly working my tongue simultaneously on the swollen crown, reveling in the intoxicating taste of him.

“Oh.. Qian Qian.. too good. You feel so damn good.” He growls when I dig and scratch my nails down his taut, muscular thighs as he steadily penetrates my gaping mouth.

Ye Hua has grown into his body. He isn’t as broad as Mo Yuan, but he’s just as muscular. He’s driving me crazy with desire, and the juices of my arousal drip down my inner thigh, watching his rocking body dwarf mine. He covers me entirely. I love being eclipsed by his powerful physique kneeling over my face dominating me, marking me to him, while I take more of him into my throat until his heavy balls bottom out on my chin.

He’s that deep, but I want more and fight the urge to choke and gag. His immense size is a strain, but I’m frantic with lust taking more and more delighting in the sensation of being overloaded by him. My mouth is open too wide, but the masculine flavor and musky scent of him makes me moan around his throbbing flesh. I can feel my pussy quiver with want when Ye Hua pumps into my mouth harder.

The further he pushes himself into me, I feel a coiled tightness in my core. It feels as if I’m going to climax just from the act of pleasing him, and his deep velvety voice propels me there when he grunts, “This is for you, Qian Qian… Swallow all of me.” and I do.

Only he could do this to me without a single touch. Just through sucking his fat juicy cock, he takes me to the edge, to the precipice, and I can’t believe I’m cumming. Gasping around his swollen pulsating member, I concentrate on keeping my jaw slacked when my peak overcomes me at the same time his hot seed hits the back of my throat and saturates my body.

My name like an urgent prayer bequeaths from his tongue with his liquid release. Ye Hua’s hand is still fisted in my hair while his girthy pulsating cock, jerks, and throbs overflowing my mouth moreover with his essence.

Ye Hua’s sweet, heated liquid runs down my throat into my body like a purifying anti-venom. Savoring every drop, I swallow while silently praying that it washes every trace of Mo Yuan off me. There’s so much volume that it’s as if he’s spilled his soul into me, but I keep sucking even after he’s given me everything.

I’m still greedily licking Ye Hua while staring intently into his eyes. “Did you orgasm while you were sucking on me?” He askes in a voice full of disbelief, and when I nod my head that I did, his already dark eyes turn coal black. “I thought so. That is so damn sexy! Do you have any idea how much I love you?”

His spent manhood twitches with new life when Ye Hua grumbles and declares, but it’s more of a promise or threat when he states. “My wife, you are in big, big, BIG trouble now.” After pausing to lick his chops as if I were his next meal, he growls, “It’s my turn to taste you. Open your thighs and show me your sweet pussy.” And I do.

To be continued…

報復 Bàofù IV: Crossroads: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 31 NSFW


Ye Hua~

It’s nothing short of a miracle. Just when my hope begins to wane, and I assume she is too far out of my reach. It’s serendipitous when most unexpectantly emerges a crossroad. Then with a leap of faith fearlessly the axis of my world, my heart, my soul, my wife Qian Qian rather than fleeing as usual bravely turns and runs towards me thus revealing her love finally.

“You don’t have to do anything other than stay with me. I love you, Ye Hua. I’ve always loved you.”Genuine heartfelt emotion pours from her loving gaze and warms me like the sun when Qian Qian goes on to utter something I never expected to hear from her lips. “Being the mother of your children, ‘all’ your children, our little fourth Yingpei included has been the greatest joy of my life.”

The outcome of her love confession is paralysis. I’m too amazed, utterly floored and entirely voiceless unable even to blink. Call it a character flaw or shortcoming, since I’ve never been overly vocal. It’s not one of my strengths. However, there is much that needs to be said. I need to apologize for not protecting her, not trusting her along with thanking her for all her sacrifices. But it’s these very gut-wrenching sacrifices she made for us, to protect us that chokes my throat like the noose on the gauntlet in which I deserve to be lynched.

As Qian Qian’s husband, my failures are too many to count. My shame suffocates me. And I forever carry the responsibility of knowing while she was suffering, while she was silently enduring on Kunlun Mountain as my brother’s abductee. I was a heathen who selfishly drowned my sorrows in opiates, flesh and cursing her name from afar.

I did. Time and time over, I cursed her. Every baby she miscarried, I celebrated with aphrodisiac drug and an orgy. There were many nights, and I wanted to drink the very blood tears she wept when she lost every child she ever conceived. One of my most profound shames is our beautiful twin daughters were also recipients of my venomous poison saturated ill wishes.

My hatred didn’t end there. The harem was a ruse and nothing but a production created to wound her. Since with every new concubine I took, I was aware I was betraying her, again and again. My behaviors were unforgivable, and my lame and inadequate explanation is this…

The shattered man in me desired Qian Qian to taste the same loss, bitterness, and pain as me because even my misery longed for her company. And it may sound feeble now, but at the time, it felt justified. Losing Qian Qian destroyed me and filled my broken heart with a resentment that made it arduous to exist and breathe. Hence following her retribution became my reason for living and I filled my lungs and breathed air so I could administer her bàofù.

My revenge on her was uncomplicated. I simply wanted her to believe she and our time together meant nothing and that she was meaningless to me, then I sat back and savored every ounce of her sufferings. Regretfully, my methods of torment and breaking her heart were too successful, and it wasn’t Mo Yuan’s selfish deeds alone that bought on her undoing since I also contributed to her shattering.

So presently, I find myself wondering if I still have any rights to be her husband? Do I deserve another chance at happiness with Qian Qian?

As I linger and reflect, my absence of verbal eloquence, my inability to express myself sends the wrong message. The lack of spoken communication between us causes her to emotionally step back and restore the chasm, reestablish the distance that separated us. Next, like a fortress, she shuts down and begins locking me out again.

Qian Qian misreads my guilt-ridden expression, misunderstands my remorseful stillness, and comes up with another interpretation which couldn’t be furthest from the truth. “Ye Hua,” She says, “You don’t have to look so serious. I don’t expect anything from you. Staying with me was meant metaphorically. We can stay united while being apart for the children but I’m not using the children as an excuse that we should stay together.”

‘It’s the other way around! I feel too remorseful! Don’t you get it?’
I want to shout, but my quiet stems from my feelings of unworthiness. How could she think she needs to make any excuses for anything? Damn, it stings like hell to hear her say she doesn’t expect anything from me.

“You shouldn’t have excused the harem before selecting someone to serve you this evening.” She said, and Qian Qian sounds so happy that it makes me angry.

What!? Is she out of her mind? Insane? Has she forgotten about all my years of celibacy after SuSu died? Also, how could anyone else even come into my sights with her around? But there it is, the harem! My most consequential mistake is thrown back to punch me in the face, but it’s then when suddenly my missing voice reappears.

“I haven’t…” I state, but unfortunately, my only recently surfaced voice withdrawals when my jaw involuntarily snaps shut, therefore “loved anyone but you,” never makes it out of my mouth because I’m so outraged.

I’m beyond triggered and highly disturbed. Too enraged to recognize the terrible timing of my incomplete declaration or how that might sound to her. My hot temper flares further as the shrill voices from outdoor mutes me again. It grates every single nerve in my entire being when the term I despise most in the world-‘Mo Yuan’s mistress’- reaches my ears. Repeatedly!

In my haste, I forget to dismiss the harem before following Qian Qian into the bedchamber. I don’t think she can hear them, but outside in the peony laden courtyard, some either daring or ignorant concubines, who don’t value their lives are having a slanderous conversation that carries a death sentence.

“Aya, did you see how beastly she was biting off poor Consort Chu’s fingers? The way she threw herself at his Grace made me sick!”
“I heard she killed Imperial Consort Dongmei to steal Prince Yingpei since she can’t have any more children.”
“She’s using her children to gain power! Is it just me or has anyone else noticed just how much Princess Changchang resembles her real father, High God Mo Yuan!”
“I did notice the little princess is a mini version of the God of War himself. I heard the other brat is coming tomorrow. She is supposedly Mo Yuan’s favorite daughter.”
“Will Mo Yuan start a war over all this? Why must our families suffer loss? There better not be a war because of her and her half-demon spawns!”
“What? War? She isn’t worth fighting for! It’s unfortunate that Xuan Nu failed to finish her.”

It’s violating, and I feel as if I’ve just been stabbed in the ear with an iron spike. My stinging eyes, along with my burning ears, feel as if they are on fire. Their wicked conversation chars my brain. It takes everything within me, every measure of control not to rush outside and slay everyone standing since a quick death is too merciful for the likes of them. Their only saving grace is Qian Qian didn’t hear them, but that doesn’t excuse anything.

Punishment is necessary before the complete disbanding of the imperial harem.

For climactic effect, without warning Qian Qian, I summon all the women into her bedchamber under the pretense of selecting someone to serve me for the night. After everyone takes their places, I sit her nude on my lap and announce, “My Empress is generous, understanding, and I do have a significant need tonight.”

Then I begin to mark my enticing vixen by grinding her into my erection. I almost lose all my composure when her eyelashes nervously flutter, her eyes saucer and her blushing cheeks turn beet red from the pulse of my readiness throbbing under her lush derriere.

“One look at my Empress, and it’s clear, I have very high, the highest standards and desire to have only the best. Today is the first time, I’ve seen some of..most of your faces therefore before I select the one who is the best to serve me this evening, I’d like to ask if anyone here is as beautiful or as enticing as my Empress? Who here among you are as tantalizing as this delicious Fox on my lap? Anyone?” I ask and wait…

Finally, it hits her, and she sees through my very public display of affection. Then it’s like watching the sunrise in her eyes when recognition dawns and Qian Qian understands for me it’s always just been her. “Ye Hua, that’s enough. I know what you’re doing…” She speaks blushing. Knowing me well enough to perceive that only for her, would I behave so recklessly so foolishly.

With my finger, I tap closed the full pouty lips that I’ll soon be breaching with parts of my body and tenderly warn, “Shhhh, hush, my love. Your husband is speaking. Behave, or I’ll throw you over my lap and spank your High Goddess bottom until it radiates brighter than your aura in front of everyone.”

Astonished, she gasps in both horror and possibly anticipation and I almost take her right there. Her entire body turns the same shade as a ripe strawberry. Her eyes dilate, and I can smell the scent of her arousal emanating from my thighs. My member grows harder and thicker as I imagine her nude and strapped across my lap with her heart-shaped bottom high up in the air being punished.

Yes, there will be a lesson in discipline. We still need to discuss when she met Xuan Nu alone to rescue A-Li without telling me. When Qian Qian was last in Nine Heavens, I was too insecure, too anxious to please her and as a husband, failed her miserably. I neglected to enforce disciple, which she needs and did not establish myself as her mate, her Alpha.

This time around everything will be different, and she will follow my leadership because it’s for her and our children’s safety. Therefore, my comment about spanking her isn’t an empty threat but a promise. Perhaps, not yet or at least not now but very soon.

“Dear husband, Gugu is 90,000 years older than you, young man.” Hearing her say this to me dissipates my images of discipline and instead makes me weep tears of pure joy. There had been a time when I used to despise when she brought up our age difference although now it sounds like sweet music to my ears and just when I think it can’t get any better, she whispers, “I love you, Ye Hua. I missed you.”

Then her lips gather mine and from the very moment our lips meet and collide, I’m already on the brink and dangerous near the edge. I know our first time making love will be rushed, and I don’t expect to last long. My mind is whirling as I imagine how incredible it would be if I had three heads, six arms, and three cocks, so I could take all of her at once.

There’s so much I ache to do to my Qian Qian, with her but at this moment, it’s her tantalizingly exquisite flower that provokes me. I can smell the musky sweetness of her arousal and know she’s dripping wet for me which triggers my cravings to worship between her creamy thighs, suck on her silken folds, lick her roseate clit and swallow the honeyed nectar that flows from her while she comes undone gliding against my greedy tongue.

Ever since our chance meeting in Zhe Yan’s orchard, I had been consumed with images of myself drinking from her sweet pussy. However, my attempts to kiss her below are futile because Qian Qian refuses to surrender my lips. And my ravenous mouth instantly becomes jealous when my lucky fingers revere her first as I urgently stroke her glistening creases before sinking into her wet heat.

The way she writhes and undulates beneath me as she drowns in her pleasure has my lengthy desperation dripping evidence of my profound arousal all over her leg. Its sheer insanity that overcomes me when her slippery molasses overflows my plunging hand and her sweet… No, the sweet, delicious pussy that belongs to me clenches and spasms around my digits when she hit her peak.

Qian Qian rides out her climax rubbing against my palm then grabs my needy sex and strokes her hand over the mushroomed head before lining herself up to me. The promise of release is too pressing to resist. Sharply pistoning my hips forward, I drive into her velvet warmth, gritting my teeth from her tightness that too snuggly sheathes me and within her find my home.

She is my home and my yearning heart that feels the same rejoices our physical reunion as I tap into her nucleus finding myself again and again. We make love like we’re making war and it doesn’t even take three full inner strokes before her receptive body tenses again as it hits the precipe and she comes apart slathering me in her emulsion.

The way she looks during her climax, the rapturous expression on her face as her eyes rolled back into her head is too much to bear. She’s too hot, tight, and slippery. I groan into her mouth before fucking my beautiful wife into oblivion with everything within me until her sweet sugar walls envelop and clutch me and I hit my release that feels more like an aneurysm than an orgasm.

The pressured release starts at my brain stem then swiftly proceeds down my spine and into my balls before I feel myself exploding. I come so hard that I nearly blackout while feeling myself squirting a century’s worth of semen into Qian Qian’s womb and I think of how great it would be to put another baby inside her.

I’m still savoring, riding out my blissful high when I hear her coming again for the third time, and as she reaches her peak, the clenching from her inner pleats extract the very lasts of the seed. The sweet tension and inner hold are just right and such that my erection remains leaving me still mostly hard.

With the weight of my first release gone, I’m able to control my urges and slow down as we make love and kiss languidly and sensuously. I love the way Qian Qian is wrapped around me. It’s as if she never wants to let go and neither do I. Our connected bodies intertwine like congenital twins, so it’s difficult to tell where she begins and where I end.

We would have stayed like this forever or at least all night; however, sadly, our youngest son Yingpei had other plans. Guards, countless servants surround the palace, but somehow he managed to sneak away from his sibling, nurses and into the bedroom then misunderstands Qian Qian’s moans and cries of passion.

It’s incredible how fast he is when Yingpei sprints across the bedchamber before leaping in bed and on my back. Once on my posterior, he screams at me in rage while pounding his tiny fists into my backside, “AHHHHH! NOOO!!!” Our usually timid son grabs my hair with both hands, pulls and yells, “Stop hurting my mama! She’s crying! Get off my mama! I hate you! Yingpei hates youuuuu, father!”

There’s nothing funny about this moment, but Qian Qian along with the harem’s women, servants and guards are all hysterically laughing. Many, most are in tears, and I’m crying but not for the same reasons.

Damn! I never knew how seriously children ruin sex lives! Who would have known that we would need a date night for our reconciliation?

To be continued…

報復 Bàofù IV: Crossroads: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 30 NSFW

The First Show

Bai Qian~

“What can I do for you to ease your pain? Qian Qian, is there anything I can do…” 

Ye Hua’s faint voice, his gentle gaze came off warmly, as he stared at me with what was obviously tenderness and caring. But my nervously fluttering heart plummets into my stomach, when I notice pity in his tearing eyes. Compassion is something I seem to have an abundance of from anyone who’s ever known me, or became aware of my unfortunate and catastrophic circumstances. But the very last thing I want from this man is his pity.

I want what I’ve lost, what was stolen with lies and deceit kept from me, I long for the impossible. I want the past. I’m fully aware it might be too late, but I desperately want back what in the past I even foolishly disregarded. I cast Ye Hua’s love and devotion away, rather than cherish what was precious and irreplaceable. But then that realization came for me too late…

Today occupying my body stands a different woman. Motherhood and my years of domestic confinement with Mo Yuan have changed me. Or it’s more accurate to say it’s forced me to grow, and I’m not as idealistic as I used to be. With such maturity comes awareness and I’m cognizant of the realities around me, hence, I know I don’t deserve him. But I want one last chance, because I honestly feel this time may very well be my last opportunity.

In a moment of quiet despair, Ming’s wisdom comes back to me and I grasp it like a lifeline. After silently repeating what sounds like a love confessional, which is precisely what it is in my head a dozen times or so, I inhale and fill my tightly constricted lungs to full capacity with a deep breath of air, then the words I should have told him centuries ago flow from my lips.

“I want you to understand because I never told you, but I wouldn’t have survived the calamity without you in my heart.” As I say this, flashbacks from my visions, the altered realities I created with him during my ordeal that helped me sustain come back to me. “You don’t have to do anything other than stay with me and I love you, Ye Hua… I’ve always loved you.”

To steady my now shaky quivering voice, I pause but feel the compelling need to tell him what’s foremost on my mind, and in my heart. “Being the mother of your children; all your children – our little fourth, Yingpei, included – has been the greatest joy of my life.” I said with bated breath awaits.

Sadly, I don’t get the reaction I’d hoped for. Instead, Ye Hua’s utter lack of response, as he stares at me blankly without a single blink of his jet black eyes makes me understand, neither he nor I am the same people we used to be. Gone are the risk takers… Gone are the fools who treaded boldly without consideration throwing everything away for love, and maybe he’s like me, reluctant and shell shocked…

Traumatized by the hurtful treatments he endured from me. I’m not proud of the egotistical person I used to be, when I was with him last. There were countless times when I wanted to drink Zhe Yan’s amnesia potion to unremember the old me, but the fact I didn’t deserve such inner peace kept me from doing so.

Therefore, I understand. It would be more than understandable if he were hesitant to put himself out there for someone unworthy like me. Why risk his heart again for the woman who disappointed him repeatedly? He sits there in silence and my expression mirror his – going blank – but in my mind, a raging storm of chaos as the inner dialog of my doubts begins— “Why did you show him your scars? Did you consider what a burden that would be for him?”

The word ‘burden’ sears my brain more than Xuan Nu’s branding ever did my body. “You’ve become a burden. Now he probably feels obligated to keep you. How could you be so stupid, so selfish? Did you think he would welcome you with open arms after you’ve been Mo Yuan’s mistress?!”

While the heated inner dialog continues to debate rantingly, I feel myself without effort cruising into autopilot, as the temporarily breached dam of my sensibilities swiftly recovers adequately enough allowing me to backtrack in a self-preservative mode for damage control.

I begin by saying, “Ye Hua, you don’t have to look so serious. I don’t expect anything from you. Staying with me was meant metaphorically. We can stay united while being apart for the children, but I’m not using the children as an excuse that we should stay together.” I’m far too anxious to consider if I sound as if I was rambling nervously, because I am.

“I merely felt you deserved to know. And you also deserve a lot… No, ALL the credit for how you’ve raised A-Li. Our eldest son is incredible.” I hear myself stating as casually as possible, keeping my body language relaxed knowing I must proceed carefully with great caution, because I feel Ming’s protective amber gaze penetratingly following my every move, hanging on my every word for any indication of my frailty.

The agitated wolf energy radiating from him, I sense from across the spacious room. To lighten the tense atmosphere with a cheerful tone, I chirp like a bird, “You shouldn’t have excused the harem, before selecting someone to serve you this evening.”

It isn’t instantaneous but when Ye Hua does answer, he replies, “I haven’t.”

His response, “I haven’t.” ricochets in my brain. Those two words coming from his lips nearly threatens to shatter and divulge my facade, but my recovery is a swift one as a smile comes to my lips. Beaming without a reason when I want to weep, I observe him in a strange and surreal daze gesturing to the attendant-in-wait to gather, and conjoin all his concubines in – out of all places – my bedchamber.

Suddenly, I understand what he’s doing— karma or more bàofù.

Ye Hua is giving me a bitter taste of my own medicine. Hadn’t I once flaunted my sexual indiscretions with Mo Yuan in his face? Shamefully, regretfully I had most proudly and now I’m both nauseated, but also remarkably impressed with his cruel methods considering he learned them from me.

My once innocent husband is planning on humiliating me in front of his entire harem. Perhaps even intending on taking his women in my bed. Possibly in front of me while forcing me to witness the act, and I become acutely, painfully aware of my inappropriate appearance and nudity.

Repressing my trembling hand, I quickly reach for my robe to cover my vulnerable bareness, but Ye Hua says without glancing back at me, “Empress stay undressed.”

I’m not the only one shook by this unusual command. A faint snarl of resentment arises from Ming’s direction. I raise my hand towards him at his dominant, wordlessly dictate he remains in his position, and any deviance would go directly against my orders.

Ming’s wolf’s snarls stop, or are overwhelmed by the excited feminine giggles; they can’t and don’t hide their excitement at the prospect of serving Ye Hua. The enthusiastic and giddy women began to saunter into my boudoir by rank, then remain bent at their knees, while I settle deeper into my bed behind the delicate lines of ivory and pale peach gossamer draperies that hang all around my luxurious decorated sleeping platform.

The elegant even slightly gaudily raised on a dais gold framed bed suddenly looks like an opera stage, or a showing at a high priced whore house rendering it impossible to stay hidden making me feel more like a circus exhibit than an Empress, but that’s his plan. To make an example and mockery of me. I deserved whatever form of punishment he dished out and more, I remind myself as I discreetly, but intentionally pull the damp tress of hair stuck on my back forward, using the wet unbrushed pieces to cover my breasts and body, while endeavoring to keep whatever modesty I can under the unfavorable conditions.

My emotional wall is up around me; I don’t even flinch when Ye Hua declares in an arrogant and provoking tone, “My Empress wants me to pick someone from the harem to serve my needs this evening, and I plan to fulfill my precious Empress’s request.” His announcement causes the energy level in the room to surge up, as the smiling women loudly Oooh and Aaah, while happily glancing back and forth at each other.

Somehow amidst the jittery clamor; the sea of jasmine and other floral perfume scented female bodies, I find my center and focus on blocking everything out. Looking at my calm demeanor, nobody would guess, I’m fuming inside, ready to pull out my fan, and purify the entire room of the filth including Ye Hua.

Just when I think I’m alright, my relaxed and collected composure is tested, when I see Ye Hua extend a slender hand back toward me beckoning me to stand in front of everyone. Nude! I never knew Ye Hua could be such a bastard. Whatever! Throwing all my apprehensions and care to the wind, I force myself to rise without delay wanting to end whatever is in store for me quickly.

It’s challenging to look poised while naked and wet like a drowned rat, but I channel my inner Fox. Reminding myself who I am, a High Goddess and Empress. How’s that saying go? ‘Fake it ’til you make it.’ I can do that easily. Hell, I faked it for 400 years with Mo Yuan. I’m starting to get my bearings when I feel Ye Hua move behind me, sit on the edge of the bed, pull me on his lap and directly on top of his erection for all to see.

If this was a game of mental cruelty, and Ye Hua’s intention was to mess with my mind, hands down he’s the winner. What is this madness? I’m starting to wonder if he’s begun retaking drugs seriously. As I tensely sit on his lap sideways, with his right hand, he caresses my arm, slides down the curvature of my hip before settling on my bare upper thigh. His eyes hungrily take in my breasts that from nerves suddenly feel heavy and full of milk. I’m worried my breastmilk will let down, plus, my dark nipples are standing at peaks like pebbles, which happen in anticipation to nursing.

“My Empress is generous, understanding and I do have a…significant need tonight.” Ye Hua states, as the hand on my thigh splays and shoves me down deeper into his lap, crushing my needy sex upon his hardness. A faint groan emerges from my lips as he stares into my eyes, then my lips, later my breasts again and says, “One look at my Empress and it’s clear; I have very high, the highest standards and desire to have only the best. Today is the first time I’ve seen some of…most of your faces. Therefore, before I select the one who is the best to serve me this evening, I’d like to ask if anyone here is as beautiful or enticing as my Empress?”

“Who here among you are as tantalizing as this delicious Fox on my lap? Anyone?” He askes but it wasn’t an inquiry instead more of a statement, or blatant bragging. I finally understand what he’s doing, and my heart rejoices as he sweeps me off my feet, literally. Ye Hua’s not trying to humiliate or punish me. Instead, he’s stroking my ego, stabilizing my place in his harem along with raising my self-esteem in front of everyone.

Profound arousal keeps me from bursting into tears from his goodness. The ridiculous display of his affections colors my cheeks rosy. “Ye Hua, that’s enough. I know what you’re doing…” Shyly I whisper when with his index finger, he firmly taps my lips to keep me from saying anything else then scolds, “Shhhh, hush, my love. Your husband is speaking. Behave or I’ll throw you over my lap, and spank your High Goddess bottom until it radiates brighter than your aura in front of everyone.”

The sheer notion of him spanking me in front of everyone makes the blush move from my cheeks to up, and down my body uncontrollably. I’m overcome by my love for him, as I take hold of his face between my palms,  and declare something I haven’t said in ages that makes us both laugh at each other, “Dear husband, Gugu is 90,000 years older than you, young man.”

My remark earns me the best response. His soft laughter sounds like sweet music to my ears. Pressing and stroking my nose to his, I give him Fox’s nose rubbing kiss. Our sweet reunion is such that my intense emotions threaten, then overwhelm me. I start to cry when I whisper against the seam of his shapely lips. “I love you, Ye Hua. I missed you.”

Tears of joy trickled from my eyes to his tear stained face, as my mouth leans closer to his, and my lips gather his in for the kiss I’ve been waiting for 400 years to give him. His lips are soft and supple as his tongue invades my waiting mouth. And it’s enough to send me into a lust induced tailspin. My body reacts to his kiss instantly, and I forget about everything else around me, when Ye Hua’s tongue tastes the inside of my welcoming mouth.

His kiss evokes in me a rush; a charge of the kind of desire I haven’t felt since I was with him last. Something or someone long forgotten has woken inside me, and the lascivious Fox is craving for more.

My passion; my need; my lust for him all bubble over and surge, as I grind into the solid swell in his lap uncontrollably. I can’t help but groan from my arousal. His manhood feels huge under my heated sex. If I keep rubbing myself against him, I’m going to climax from the friction alone. Ye Hua’s hand wrapped around my hair, yanks back to expose my throat. A dash of warm breath skims my skin, as his teeth scrape the smooth surface of my neck. His voice husky with need, he begins to speak, “I know, Qian Qian.”

Hoarsely he growls into my ear. “I know what you need,” his voice deepens, “You need… ME.” Descendingly, his mouth comes down devouringly on mine. His tongue pushes into my mouth, and I suck on his tongue with bobbing movements as if it were his sex.  Ye Hua’s mouth crushes harder on mine, the way his powerful body strikes me down on the bed, almost knocking the wind out of me. In long tangles, his silky hair hangs in my face wildly, and the mouthwatering scent of his skin enfold me in a haze similar to intoxication.

My arousal pool slippery around my silky folds. My nether lips quiver with a growing need. My need for him to take me is precariously dangerous and I’m relieved, even thankful he seems to shares this overwhelming sentiment. With extreme urgency, Ye Hua’s tongue forcibly thrusts inside my mouth before he suctions, and sucks my tongue into his. As our tongues tangle, I sense his magic flow then he’s undressed.

After what felt like a lifetime of longing, the rush that comes from our bare bodies touching, intertwining, melting into each other leaves me breathless. My body instinctually arches into him, as his hands possessively grope and squeeze my breasts, strum my painfully erect nipples, part my thighs wider before greedily, frantically stroking then slipping his fingers inside my hot sex, which is soaking wet for him.

His fingers have me reeling, penetrating me into oblivion. My body writhes underneath him and within seconds, Ye Hua brings me to completion with his ministrations. I moan into his mouth as he swallows my sounds of climax. I feel myself milking around his fingers that continue to penetrate me lengthening my peak, while I shape myself and offer him my body so he can grind himself against me for the necessary friction.

His fingers tease me, leaving me feeling feverish. I’m insane, delirious with animalistic lust. I want him to take me like a bitch in heat, when I grab his throbbing sex that feels much more significant, and longer than I remember. My palm strokes the slick engorged head of his manhood as my body, my hips undulate with a ravenous want while I shift, line his cock up to my needy and glossy slit.

“You’re so wet for me…” Ye Hua moans when he feels my wet silky folds open for him. He bites into my shoulder, and impales me with one swift stroke of his massive sex, groaning.

Sheathed in my wet silk, his girthy cock penetrates abyssal and low. In me rooted, he’s balls deep. His full length bumping underground to the end of my love channel, and pressing into my cervix. I cry out from the strain. I know we’ve had sex before, but Ye Hua feels much more significant both in circumference and length. As if to cushion the blow, my legs pull into my torso to absorb his thrusts. My body curls as a result of the sudden inner fullness and stretch, which is remarkably painful. Regardless of the discomfort, my arousal leaves me slick, I’m soaking. And it doesn’t take even three strokes of his engorged manhood pistoning in and out of me, before I hit another orgasm, this time screaming.

My arms tightened around his neck. I can’t keep my eyes open and they roll into the back of my head, as I continue to come apart securely wrapped around his insanely huge sex. Wantonly moaning, I climax the hardest I’ve come in hundreds of years. Around him with a patterned cadence, like a quickened heartbeat, my drenched inner folds convulse spastically. His steady pace of penetration continues as he withdraws, and enters all the way to prolongs my peak milking every drop of pleasure out of it. His speed remains until he hears me come down, and my rapid breathing slows then Ye Hua’s thrusts become erratic, faster, deeper, every pounding stroke knocks into the deepest part of my nucleus.

He sounds like a beast grunting and groaning, while he possessively fucks me the way he needs to, the way only he knows how to truly own me. I wrap my legs around his waist to spread myself more for him to go deeper, which he does and while staring intently into my eyes, he declares, “I love you.” My name he groans before crushing his lips to mine, and starts pumping into me with a vengeance, then two strong pulsations before the warmth of his release washes my insides with his hot seeds. I feel him coming inside me and the knowledge of his essence filling, marking me propels my pleasure to the precipice topples over, my third orgasm releasing in a rush.

It takes a little while for us both to come down from our mutual orgasms. As we lay there blissfully kissing, our bodies intertwined with semi-erect Ye Hua still inside me, his heart thrums in time with mine. He fails to remember our surroundings, and it’s not until I hear what sounds like a soft whimper or a faint sob, I suddenly remember we’re not alone. Excusing the harem would be the proper thing to do. After all, witnessing such a display of passion must have upset some of his concubines. But I don’t because not only am I a possessive bitch, we’ve barely gotten started and that was only the first show

To be continued…..

報復 Bàofù IV: Crossroads: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 29

Ye Hua~

The speed of her transformation as Qian Qian went from being a glowing ember before turning to chilling stone left him reeling as much as her kiss.

Just milliseconds before, Qian Qian had been burning up with pure desire and heat in his arms. Bubbling over with fiery passion, devouring his mouth breathlessly with abandonment, as if there wasn’t anything else in the world mattered except that passionate moment between them. That was until his fingertips found, then without much thought curiously followed over the raised scar only to shockingly discover it was from her torture. A branded stamp on the small of her back. Now, she was back to being his distant and reluctant Empress.

In compliant Ye Hua audibly groaned protestingly, when she abruptly ended their kiss as suddenly as it began, then forcibly pushed herself away from him. It surprised him that with Qian Qian’s delicate physique, she could break free from his powerful embrace. But she did effortlessly and his struggles were in vain, when he attempted to clutch her tighter to him only to feel her squirming, and loosen herself from his hold.

It wasn’t intentional but he had unknowingly been insensitive. Inwardly Ye Hua severely blasted himself, since he was to blame for her immediate conversion. He should have practiced more, and better effective control over his emotions, especially for her sake. Four centuries had passed since her kidnapping; nevertheless, traces of her abductor’s name – the character (璇) Xuan – remained audaciously imprinted on her silky skin still.

One of his greatest regrets in life had been not being able to tear Xuan Nu apart limb by limb. If he could restore her breath, he would have done so just to kill her again with his bare hands. The Demon Queen had branded Qian Qian to the bone with a fire hot poker like livestock. The sheer idea of Xuan Nu having such nerve to harm the mother of his children infuriated him to no ends.

Ye Hua’s body went taut and his hands tensed up into tightly fisted balls, as the aroused expression on his face went grim with rage. “My Lord, consider the bright side. It could always be worse. The Demon Queen could have done it on my forehead or face.” Qian Qian said with a well-practiced smile. Whatever bewitchment had been between them was gone, and now with her eyes dropped demurely, sounding drained she uttered, “Your Grace, I’m over fatigued tonight and exhausted so if you’ll excuse me.”

Of course, a dreaded bow of her meekness followed and how speedily, how easily with an invisible wall, she closed herself to him. “Can I stay with you tonight? Qian Qian, I simply want to hold you. I won’t do or try anything else…” Even though Ye Hua knew it was probably too late, he asked. And her clear, concise reply was as he expected, when she answered wearing her feigned smile of content before retiring inside her residence with her doors closed tightly behind her.

Like the Empress she was, Qian Qian said with aristocratic poise, “My Lord, your entire harem, all your concubines are present.” Gracefully she waved her arm toward the many ranks of subserviently bowed heads of women from his harem, and teasingly reprimanded him in the merriest, but most unwelcome tone of speech.

“All these beautiful, virtuous women have provided you with their youth and virginity. It’s your position to care for them properly, as a husband should both mentally and physically. I’m also aware many of the women are currently cycling, so it’s a perfect time to expand your legacy with more imperial children.” She stated.

Ye Hua wondered how she could say something so hurtful out loud with a radiant smile on her face, when it made him want to cry buckets of tears. Following a more depressing curtsy that created greater distance between them, Qian Qian excused herself.

The dazzling display of her High Goddess aura, and Empress reign for Ye Hua ended in sorrow. What could be more heartbreaking than hearing her speak things that he knew was tearing her apart inside, and watching his once proud Empress walk away with her shoulders slightly slumped in defeat?


More often than not, he glanced around his extravagant surroundings, and wondered how the hell a giant black Dire Wolf spirit like himself ended up in a place like Nine Heavens. Having been born in Qing Qiu’s wilderness, he was more inclined toward flowerbeds, babbling brooks, lush forests with billowy white clouds overhead, rather than these clear pink skies, palaces and endless regulations.

However, his work wasn’t to appreciate his surroundings, while he found the constant female attention from both admired deities, and servants annoying. Ming’s sole purpose was to guard Empress Bai Qian by any means through the royal command of her father, the Fox Emperor.

His Grace had personally selected the Wolf out of his entire militia to protect his daughter, which was a fantastic recognition of his abilities. Standing at 6 feet 6 inches in height, and 225 pounds of solid brawny muscle in his human form, Ming was the largest Dire Wolf known to exist in the world.

The wise, keen eyed Fox Emperor recognized his intelligence, brute strength, physical size likewise to Mo Yuan and Ye Hua, the young, highly decorated commander had never lost a fight. The flirtatious Fox Empress recognized him for his striking appearance, and had called him ‘Ming the handsome’ or ‘Ming the sexy cherub faced giant.’

Dire Wolves were also known for their loyalty, and that went for Ming as well. To him, it would be an honorable death. He would willingly die for her royal highness Bai Qian. And if anything ever happened to her by nature’s law, his lifeline would come to an end shortly after, because the young Dire Wolf had imprinted on her. He bonded to her when she was a young Princess the first time he saw her face, and he belonged to her much like a spouse would minus the physical intimacy.

Every Sovereign in Qing Qiu had a royal emblem that was unique to them alone. Ming had Empress Bai Qian’s royal seal tattooed above his heart in her Fox’s blood to show his loyalty. The Fox Emperor had instructed him after discovering he had imprinted on then Princess Bai Qian, “Ming, going forward, Bai Qian’s life is yours to defend. She is your mother, sister, wife and child. She is your life.” Ming noted the Emperor purposely did not use the word ‘mate.’

Either way, such an esteemed, meaningful position from the Emperor brought great honor and wealth to him and his family, when Ming accepted his life’s task and made a blood oath to secure her, then after their births, her children’s lives with his own. Serving Qing Qiu’s Fox Emperor granted him a unique passage. Though in Nine Heavens, he moved of his own accord, and wasn’t bound to accept orders from anyone even the Sky Lord. His one and only master being Bai Qian.

Ming was her protective shadow and similar to her shadow, it was he who stayed closest to Bai Qian at all times. 24/7. Always lurking in the background as her unseen bodyguard was his place, and being continually near to her was often very much like a double edged sword.

Heaven and Hell. Intense joy and agony all deliciously swirled together.

A perfect example being earlier in the evening, Ming had smiled before retreating into the darkness, when he saw her jumping into Ye Hua’s arms. If anyone deserves some joy, it was those two. They had suffered long enough without each other, and seriously merited some pleasure in their lives. Ming wanted her to be happy more than anything else, but there was a dark side of him that aches endlessly to see her with other men.

Still, Ming did wholeheartedly hope for her and Ye Hua to reconcile. He saw the way the young Black Dragon, the Sky Lord stared at her with yearning when she slept. For hours, he had watched her sleep with their children in her arms, and understood the misery behind his longing gazes, because Ming often looked at her the same way.

Therefore, it’s both disheartening and shamefully relieving, when Bai Qian returned to her bedchamber alone. Now she was sitting on her bed sadly staring off into the distance, but Ming saw the falling teardrops on her face that caught the light like diamonds from the candlelight.

Bai Qian had always and forever been beautiful but when she cried…when she cried, it broke him down and went undeviatingly to Ming’s heart, head and crotch leaving him throbbing hard for hours. It didn’t help matters she was almost nude only wearing a flimsy robe that was virtually transparent, and did nothing to conceal.

However, instead, the sheer material brought increased attention to her curves. Especially her full, jutting milky cream-filled breasts and dark, hardened rose hued nipples that turn up perky like young women’s breasts. Such a perfect combination of delicate, and voluptuous along with her luminous skin was mouthwatering.

What he did next could be perceived as an overstepping of his boundaries and functions. But after adjusting his pounding erection and without being summoned, Ming stepped forward from his position a few measures away. He had been saving potent 1000 years aged loquat wine from Qing Qiu for a special occasion, but today seems like a good day to share it with her.

From his thick cowhide belt, he pulled out his prized wine carafe and held it out for her wordlessly. “Thank you, Ming.” Bai Qian whispered with tears still streaming down her cheeks, then took several deep swigs — her capacity to drink wine better than most men, including himself, had always impressed him.

Chit chatting wasn’t his forte. He wasn’t much of a talker but forced himself to console her, and hopefully raise her spirits. “Empress, I was thrilled to see your High Goddess aura anew, and you scared the living daylights out of the women, while showing them nobody could outdo you. Nobody in their right minds would dare touch any of the children in a malicious way ever again. It was due time for you to remind everyone who the real Empress is, and why.” Proudly Ming declared, because the moment had been spectacular to witness, and he hesitated to do so but also made a little appeal for Ye Hua.

“Ming thought for sure, tonight would be the blessed night for you and His Grace to finally make amends. That kiss between you two will go down in history.” Ming paused, hoping for just one smile from her, and he wouldn’t want for anything else. Instead, in huge gulps, she swallows more of his precious wine, and a part of him wants to stop her but said nothing. Ming felt he owed Bai Qian for not being able to save her from Mo Yuan, or Xuan Nu.

The scars on her body from her torture, the sadness in her eyes from her time with Mo Yuan living as his plaything, Ming knew she was ashamed of herself both physically and emotionally. If only he could honestly tell her that she was even more desirable, and sexier than she had been before because she was a survivor.

Bai Qian~

The intoxication was instantaneous. The robust and heady wine proceeded straight to her head, but regrettably failed to wash away any of her embarrassment. “Ming, I feel like such a damn fool. There I was acting all high and mighty but how ignorant of me.”

There weren’t many who offered such comfort but with Ming, she could turn her filter off, and speak freely without worry of judgment. Ming was much more of a friend than a bodyguard. No, he was a family member like another older brother. Much to both Mo Yuan and Ye Hua’s displeasure, the children even called him Uncle Ming. And being around him brought on a sense of ease, when nobody else could. Like now or maybe it’s the wine; either way, her mouth was rambling loosely.

“I really can’t win.” Most bitterly Bai Qian complained. “I’ve been Mo Yuan’s sex toy for hundreds of years, while Ye Hua has been bedding only virgins. How can I possibly compare? Also, let’s not forget, I birthed twin Dragons vaginally, and they were incredibly big for being twin girls!”

Thirstily gulping more wine even though Ming was shaking his head disapprovingly, she inhaled before barking, “Ye Hua’s virgins are like perfectly unblemished flower petals that have only known his touch! I bet their near virginal female canals feel like tight vices, and he came within seconds! Which says a lot because he can usually go for a long time.”

She ignored Ming’s uncontrollable blushing, and went on to argue with great excitement, “Furthermore, it doesn’t help that he and Mo Yuan are twins if you get my drift! It’s regretful I didn’t spend the last 400 years with an earthworm-like tiny dick sized man. If I had then I too would be as tight as a virgin!” She lamented then screamed with balled hands. “I wish Mo Yuan was standing here so I could kick his fucking ass! I hate him! He is the bane of my existence!”

Ming’s sudden, and booming laughter was powerful enough to stop her mid rant. She found herself laughing with him in spite of everything, and her tirade ended. “Empress.” Ming spoke in his usual polite but friendly style, “If I may be so bold and forthcoming, I think you’ve bloomed more beautiful over the years. And nobody, no other woman can or will ever hold a candle to you.”

“You are the most desirable woman in the world, and the fact you had three beautiful children makes you more sought after. Extremely prolific and fruitful. Men love fertile women. Moreover, it would be a shame if you retreated in a distant temple, as if you had something to hide. If you and the Sky Lord remain separated and apart, then wouldn’t you be letting that scoundrel, High God Mo Yuan, win? You should open your heart, and mouth to tell the Sky Lord what you told me the other night.” Ming ended in a tender whisper, the twinkle in his amber eyes made her blush rosy at both his compliments, and words of profound wisdom.

“What would I do without you? Ming, you always know just what to say to bring me back to center. Thank you for the wine. I know it’s from your private stash. Can I repay you with a hug?” Bai Qian asked, but another remarkably grumpy voice answered instead of Ming, and Ye Hua grumbled in an annoyed tone full of jealousy, “No, you can’t hug him.”

With angry steps, Ye Hua stomped up the dais to the elevated bed. First, he glared at Ming then her and demanded, “Qian Qian, am I interrupting something here like a date? Did you blow me, your husband, off in front of the harem so you could drink wine, and giggle with your oversized bodyguard?”

Bai Qian deliberately looked down to conceal her reddened face, and the signs of her unexpected arousal. Because nothing in the world turned her on more than a jealous, and possessive Ye Hua.

Ye Hua~

The friendly, close dialogue between Qian Qian, and her guard like a raging bull left him seeing red. Was it the conversing, laughing or their intimate relationship that bothered him most? All of it. Everything. It was all of the above! Why couldn’t she understand his intentions, his desires? There she was spilling out her heart with her Dire Wolf, when Ye Hua wanted to be the one she could be so free with. How could she not see he wanted to be the one who made her laugh, got her drunk and wiped away her tears.

The jealousy was eating him up alive. Ye Hua took a moment, and cleared his throat to gathered his lost composure, as the Wolf moved back away to his usual place. But with him, went Qian Qian’s joviality leaving her somber again. It was hurtful. Here he was, her adoring husband in her room but she was looking down, avoiding his gaze as usual.

“Qian Qian…” Without waiting for an invite, Ye Hua sat on the bed beside her, held her hands and asked straight faced, “Would you honestly kick Mo Yuan’s fucking ass if he were here?” She snorted then beamed a heartfelt smile. Perhaps the first since she had returned to him. “Well, there’s the beautiful smile that melts my heart.” Ye Hua murmured as he brought her hands one, then the other to his lips and covered them with kisses. Her luscious skin smelled of roses from her bathwater.

“Your Grace, I’m not one of your virgins. I’m not an unmarked flower petal.” Her faint voice suddenly faded out, and Qian Qian took a few breaths before continuing, “I have very unladylike defects on my body and mind. Some you can see and others you can’t.”

“Show me.” His breath bounced off her skin, when he spoke breathily against the backs of her hands. Qian Qian hesitated, exhaled a shuddered breath, then allowed her robe to slid off her body before straining her right shoulder out toward him, pointed to a three maybe four-inch long mark, and spoke without emotion, “An eight-inch hand blade. There was a series of rubies on the handle. It was a beautiful piece of weaponry. They heated it over a fire first so it was both a cut and a burn. They did it repeatedly until they hit bone. I think that’s why the scar won’t go away.”

Gently, most gently, he took hold of her arm with both hands, then tenderly caressed the raised and puckered skin with his lips. This time he controlled his rage but hot, fresh tears overflowed his eyes then trickled flowingly down her skin. Ye Hua kissed down her arm and below on the same limb, discovered there were indents like bite marks on her wrist.

Qian Qian explained in the same monotonous voice, “I have marks on all my wrists and ankles. From the shackles. My limbs were bound the whole time, and the hole was a puncture from the spike. You already felt her branding on my lower back.”

The scent of roses filled the air, when she flipped her semi wet hair forward to reveal what had once been an open gash where her head met her neck, “When they shaved my head and cut off a bit more than my hair, then the rough table edge tore it further. But it was the sound of the water that seems to have traumatized me most. When I hear rushing water, I find myself back on that cold slab, chained like an animal and unable to breathe, due to the spiked collar around my neck as they took turns choking me out.”

Were there even words? If so, why couldn’t he remember any? How could Ye Hua accurately explain how incompetent, and helpless he felt to relieve her distress? “What can I do for you to ease your pain? Is there anything I can do…” He asked though he was nervous she would reply, ‘Yes, go away and leave me alone forever!’

However, Qian Qian’s hard expression softened before she wordlessly, lightly pressed her lips to his then whispered. “I want you to understand because I never told you, but I wouldn’t have survived the calamity without you in my heart. You don’t have to do anything other than stay with me and I love you, Ye Hua. I’ve always loved you.”

To be continued…with NSFW!

*I know some of you are saying, “Unni, wtf? Where is all the wet, hot, slippery in and out sex action? How long must my poor Ye Hua wait with a Dragon boner before he gets some Fox pussy??”

Here’s the thing. The love birds have been apart for many years, and much has happened during that time. They are both highly intelligent people; hence, some talk and issues must be ironed out before they play hide the Dragon, get my drift?

Also, Bai Qian has the harem she must come to terms with, and I being a woman, my worries would be, “Let’s see… Ye Hua has been popping cherries for hundreds of years, while I’ve been getting popped by his twin?? Am I still good, pleasurable, TIGHT enough after getting ridden by O so evil in the FF, Mo Yuan?”

Maybe it’s just me who thinks like this? Anyway, I feel enough has been worked out now, so the next chapters will be all NSFW aka make up sex!

Love Unni

報復 Bàofù IV: Crossroads: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 28

Perpetual Eclipse…

Die Feng~

From the beginning, due to his brother’s personal preferences in bedfellows of which he didn’t pass judgment, second born son, Die Feng, recognized his older brother, the Crown Prince, would perhaps never sire children. And the fate of his royal family’s name, possibly even his family’s legacy unavoidably fell on his shoulders.

Such oppressive, burdensome knowledge was the anchor that bound him, and had created an internal turmoil along with being a constant source of guilt he’d carried deep within him most of his adulthood. However, he broke free and at the time, it was the most selfish deed Die Feng had ever done, but he had never regretted his choice.

Regardless of guilt and responsibilities, it hadn’t stopped him from consciously walking away from his noble birth, or the many extravagances that came along with such a role to instead follow after a man he admired more than his own father, the King of West Sea.

The great man he left his life of duty, luxury and royalty for was his Shifu, Mo Yuan. He took pride in being a Kunlun Disciple, and understood how fortunate he was to be accepted. Die Feng wasn’t only accepted but also cherished. After tens of thousands of years of meticulous teaching and grooming under Mo Yuan’s most esteemed guidance, Second Prince Die Feng, now better known as Kunlun’s Senior Brother, was his Shifu’s most trusted and favored pupil.

While Shifu was in seclusion, Die Feng willingly took over his teacher’s tasks, and alone roamed the quiet halls of the great school during his final inspection after everyone else had withdrawn for the night, and before going to bed himself.

His last stop for the evening was to give his nightly greeting to his Shifu. Even though Mo Yuan wouldn’t hear him due to his heightened state of meditation, it didn’t stop him from showing his respect to his spiritual father. Eons had passed and Die Feng’s hero worshiping for High God Mo Yuan, his Shifu, never faltered even after all the things he had seen over the years by his teacher’s side.

Except now…

At that rare moment, there was inner wavering and his suppressed grief was overwhelming. Because he was the sole witness to Bai Qian’s second daughter, Changying, who was bowing, and silently weeping at the entrance of her stepfather’s area of seclusion. “Fathe…”

Her quiet voice cracked from her intense emotions, when she spoke in a hushed murmur. “Fath… Uncle Mo Yuan, Chingying don’t understand. Why did you tell Zhe Yan to abort Changchang and me in secret? You told me that you loved us from the first day you found out Mother was pregnant. You said it was one of the happiest days of your life.”

Changying quietly sobbed while whispering nearly inaudibly, and it was a heartbreaking scene. Die Feng wiped the tears from his eyes on the sleeves of his white robe, and what she asked next made him weep harder. “Why did you instruct Su Jin to convince everyone that we were conceived from demons, and rape? That was not an act of love or protection but scorn. Pure hatred. If you hated Mother then why did you make her marry you, and why did you impregnate her repeatedly?”

“Why?” She whimpered. “Why?”

“I wish you would have killed us before we were born, rather than deceiving me all those years.” Hearing her faint whimpering made him tear up uncontrollably. The real sadness came from the fact, despite Changying’s outer more mature appearance, she wasn’t even 500 years old yet. She was but a child, who shouldn’t know of such terrible things in the world. Yet here she was, asking questions to matters she would never get answers to bring her peace of mind.

“Changying will try not to hate you, but I can’t stay with you anymore after what Zhe Yan told me. Thank you for raising both Changchang and me to your best abilities. But I never want to see you again because if I do. If I do, Changying might… I will kill you then myself. And maybe we can be real father and daughter in our next lives.”

He shivered with dread, because she spoke with the kind of steadfast determination that was too adult, and too scary for her age before Changying abruptly stopped crying. Her weakly slumped shoulders, and soft posture straightened most rigidly before she kowtowed hard enough that a dull but loud thud sounded, when her forehead hit the rocky surface.

The forceful slam from her bow was hard enough to draw blood. Die Feng quickly placed his palm between her forehead and the ground, to cushion the blow, as she continued as if in a daze to bow eight more times. Changying presented her uncle with nine kowtowed in total to show her utmost respect for the man who raised her.

Since childhood, unlike her older twin who was as manageable as a kitten, Changying had been more rock than a child, due to her headstrong personality but not now. She was fragile and stumbled when Die Feng helped the little one up, then half carried her into her old bedroom. He knew why she was there. In truth, he had been expecting her; Changying had returned to say goodbye to Mo Yuan.

“Ying’er,” He hugged her tighter and said, “Your father, Heavenly Lord, is an exceptional man. Not many have but I saw him when Bai Qian was SuSu, and he cherished her very much just as he loves your mother now. He’s probably been dying without her. He has been waiting hundreds of years for her. Most men are not that loyal.”

Die Feng stated and went on to talk of and share a long buried memory. “The day Shifu found your mother after Xuan Nu kidnapped her, I was there and heard everything. She told Shifu she was pregnant with then Crown Prince Ye Hua’s child. And she had purposely saved Su Jin, because the Demon Shaman could move the fetus into another womb. Your mother knew she was dying, but wanted her and Heavenly Lord’s baby to live. That was why she saved her most hated adversary.”

Many years had passed, but Die Feng never repeated what happened that day until now. He confessed, “You mother made Shifu promise to send her body to your father, so she could be with him even in death.”

He sighed profoundly feeling some of the tightness accumulated over the ages finally loosen from his chest. “Seventeen should have never been brought here to Kunlun Mountain. Do you understand why it was so wrong for Shifu to keep her here against her will? She never loved him the way he wanted her to love him. It was one sided just like when she was his disciple.”

Die Feng hadn’t seen Changying openly cry not since she was an infant, and now she buried her face into his chest. “I feel lost.” She sobbed and so did he, but understood this was the only means to correct the mistakes from the past.

To Die Feng, the girls were no different than if they were his nieces, and Bai Qian was his younger sister. He had spent the whole week diverting the other disciples’ desires to interrupt their Shifu’s seclusion with excuses, so the girls and Bai Qian would have time to join Heavenly Lord.

“Changying, your place is with your parents. Your poor father, His Grace, knew nothing about you girls. How sad is that for someone like him? For the man who worships your mother heart and soul, he was cheated out of watching you girls grow in her womb, your births and all the little things others take for granted. He would eagerly have sold his soul to see.”

Die Feng bent down, and wiped her tear stained face before sharing the most important secret he knew. In his palm lay an impossibly precious item. Changying took the fragile looking thing in her hand, then flipped it back and forth to catch the light.

“It’s a black dragon scale. Why is it so flimsy?” She asked before answering her own question and stating. “It’s flimsy because it came from an infant.”

“You are a Black Dragon just like your father and should be with him. The scale must have fallen off you right along with the appearance of that lotus shaped scar on your foot since birth. This means, you and your father are both bound to each other by the lotus.” Die Feng spoke, as Changying used her light magic to examine the black scale. And when her immortal energy flowed from her, he noticed the oddest thing.

The girls both wore identical hairpins made by Mo Yuan on their tenth birthdays. He presented them with a pair of soaring pure white dragons with large black diamonds held in their mouths. However, when her dragon magic coursed through her, the icy stone wasn’t white and it wasn’t stone but instead, a magical and transparent metal before the arctic white dragons suddenly turned solid black.

Shifu knew. Die Feng interpreted this as Shifu had always known the girls were black Dragons. And he was trying to tell Bai Qian in his quiet way that it failed to matter anymore, because the girls were his daughters. Meaning, after he became aware of the new development, Mo Yuan would move heaven and earth to get his family back.

Die Feng’s greatest fear was a war breaking out between brothers, and many would fall in such a battle. He knew if Shifu defeated his younger brother, Ye Hua, then Bai Qian would rightfully seek vengeance for her mate’s death. And possibly end up dying, then would it not be her children that would perish next?

“Ying’er, why don’t you sleep here tonight, and see the other disciples in the morning. Tell them you’re going to meet Bai Qian and Changchang, who are both in Qing Qiu visiting your maternal family for a few weeks, while Shifu is still in seclusion. Seeing you will keep everyone here calm and convinced for a few weeks. I’ll quietly seal Kunlun Mountain off to others. This will give Heavenly Lord more time to prepare before all hell breaks loose.” He said knowing perhaps he was disloyal to his Shifu, but he was true to himself and what Die Feng believed was right.

Changying wiped her tears and asked, “Why are you helping us? Why do you want Mother to be with the enemy? You’re Uncle Mo…” Suddenly her already thin voice shattered, leaving the girl speechless. He understood. After a lifetime of calling Shifu her father, Changying was at a loss and unable to finish her words.

“I love Shifu, your mother and you girls because you are my family. I hope to see everyone in their rightful places and happy. I pray for your mother, Little Seventeen, to come back to life. I sincerely hope she’s allowing herself to be loved by Heavenly Lord. It’s long overdue for them to be together.”

Die Feng stopped to take a deep inhalation, and sent a silent request to the universe before confessing, “Last and mostly, I pray with all my heart for Shifu’s lost soul that he will right his wrongs for the sake of his very soul. When he does come around because I know he will eventually, I hope he can forgive himself for all the terrible things he has done to your mother, while she was with him. Because Shifu does love her enough to return from death after 70,000 years to be with her, but that’s a long time in a state of a perpetual eclipse. Thus, we must keep that in consideration for some of his actions and mental standing.” 

In his lowest voice, Die Feng divulged but Changying openly grunted at him, and replied in cheek, “Uncle Mo Yuan doesn’t know what perpetual darkness is yet, but I’ll give him a taste of it. When I get to Nine Heavens, I’m going to get revenge on Uncle Mo Yuan, my way.” 

There was nothing childish, innocent or naive about her when Changying asserted without emotion, “My Bàofù is giving my birth father, Heavenly Lord Ye Hua, what Uncle Mo Yuan has desired more than anything in the world. A son. A beautiful heir. I’m going to make sure my mother gets pregnant by my birth father, before Uncle Mo Yuan comes out of seclusion.”


Xiulan never expected to join a harem let alone the Imperial Royal Celestial harem, since she wasn’t a princess or a noble lady. She was nothing but the eldest daughter to an overly ambitious man. At 34,000 years in age, she was closer to being a child than a woman since she had yet to bleed. And even though she was unable to birth any children for the Emperor, she was the last female delivered into the imperial harem under the previous Consort Dongmei’s reign.

Due to Xiulan’s low status, her place was in the very back. She knelt far behind the other women from the stable, since she had yet to receive Heavenly Lord’s grace. And even though the virgin girl feared her father’s wrath for not fulfilling her intended purpose; she was relieved never to have served the Sky Lord’s bed. Especially after hearing he was a cold and uncaring man.

The other concubines all told her of their painful defloration, and she had secretly prayed he would never call upon her. But now watching the Sky Lord pull the Empress’s body to his, while passionately kissing her as if his life depended on it, Xiulan wondered if all the stories of his distant ways had been rumors just like the rumors of the Empress being an old washed up Fox.

The stunning Empress was far from being a washed up anything. She was divine. Xiulan had never seen such beauty as she saw, when the Fox Empress dropped her gown, and bared her body that glowed blindingly from her High Goddess aura…

The sight left Xiulan breathless. But when the Empress floated up on the front of Heavenly Lord’s powerful body, wrapped her silky bare legs around his hips, as her sheer robe slipped off her body, the virgin girl fell in love. Her young heart fluttered wildly as never before. 

It was love at first sight.

Xiulan didn’t fall in worship with the striking Emperor. Instead, she fell in love with her royal highness, High Goddess Empress Bai Qian and she wasn’t the only one…

To be continued..…

報復 Bàofù IV: Crossroads: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 27

Praise and Pleasure…

The quiet stillness within the bath chamber made the approaching footsteps seem louder than they were, and she curiously spun in the direction of the sound. From her movements, the rose petals inside the bathwater swirled, and rippled around her naked body, when Bai Qian swiftly turned toward the pattering noises of hurried footfalls coming her way.

“Little Prince, the Empress is bathing! You can’t go in there! Little Prince!” Bai Qian’s Fox’s hearing piqued, due to the faint whimpers she recognized as Yingpei’s along with his broken, uneven and ragged respiration because it sounded as if he was crying.

“Little Prince, the Empress is bathing! Little Prince!” The attendant chasing after Yingpei called out to him, as Little Fourth came rushing toward her with tears pouring down his reddened cheeks. Bai Qian stated loud enough for everyone to hear her. “Let him through. Yingpei may enter as he pleases. Come to me, Little Fourth.”

He was only a few years younger than the twins, but both emotionally and mentally, Yingpei was much younger like a baby crying out “Mama!” He whimpered with his arms stretching to her from the edge of the tub, as she moved towards him. Bai Qian reached for him, and the little one frantically jumped into the water fully clothed for the solace of his mother’s arms.

“Why is my Little Fourth so upset?” She asked while embracing him, and smelling the sweet scent of his hair. Instead of replying, Yingpei hiccuped from the severity of his sobbing.

At times she forgot the little one was born from another womb since to her, he was as precious as her other children, and he curiously resembled his sisters exceedingly, considering they all took after their father. Besides, Bai Qian had loved the babe from first glance, and there wasn’t any pretending, or faking behind her sincere affections for him.

She cherished her fourth child as she did all her children. 

With light patting taps on his back, she calmed him while her motherly gaze instantly honed in on the red, inflamed patches on his baby face. “Why is Yingpei’s face so red? What are these marks on his cheeks?!” Concernedly she demanded from Yingpei’s nanny.

The shaking nursemaid, who had been lingering tensely by the hallway unable to enter the private bath chamber as freely as the little boy had, suddenly dropped to her knees. “Forgive me, Empress.” She cried. “I left the Little Prince for only a moment to bring fresh tea for Consort Chun, and Lady Hui.”

He clung onto her more. “Consort Chun pinched my face hard, and said you were going to leave Yingpei behind, because I’m a motherless bastard!” He stopped to catch his gasping breaths, and a shiny trail of mucus ran from his little button nose as he lamented, “Noble Lady Hui told me that I had traitorous Fox blood flowing through my veins…and that once Consort Chun was the Empress, they were going to lock Yingpei into the Evil Sealing Pagoda forever! Mama, are you going somewhere without me?”

Her soundless wrath she hid behind her well-practiced response, as a soft and gentle smile came to her lips when Bai Qian said, “Little Fourth, they were teasing you. Where would I go without you?”

Bai Qian softened her warm gaze further, carefully wiped his snotty nose then nuzzled into Yingpei’s face, and coaxed in her most persuasive voice, “Son, your sister, A-Chang, has your favorite sweet in her chamber. She has honey cakes and has been waiting to eat them with you. She wants to tell you all about your other sister, Ying’er, who is coming tomorrow. Do you know why? Because Ying’er wants to be with you too. Everyone wants to be with our Little Fourth.”

She watched, as his teary gaze cheered at the prospect of eating dessert with his sister. He had been curious about Ying’er and gradually stopped crying. And only now was Yingpei willing to be handed off to another. After one last kiss on his cheek, Bai Qian delivered her youngest child to his nanny and said, “Get the Little Prince out of his wet clothes, and take him to Princess A-Chang for the night.”

She blew him a kiss as his nursemaid carried him away, and beamed when he blew one back. However, the mask of a smile she had been wearing for Yingpei vanished, as soon as he was out of sight. Hardness clouded her face. Bai Qian’s expression spontaneously darkened as she commanded, “Summon the entire harem to my courtyard, now. I’m aware that it’s late in the night, but will not accept any excuses other than lack of breath. Anyone who is not in attendance within the next ten minutes, lock them in the cold palace indefinitely.”

She sighed at the daunting task ahead. She stepped out from the tub refusing the towels held out to receive her, and allowed the fresh air to cool her anger triggered inflamed skin. Then without bothering to dry off, Bai Qian dressed most casually in just her sheer, white bathrobe.

Water trickled everywhere from her. Her long, drenched, waterlogged hair stuck to her backside and her breasts, as she moved forward somewhat reluctantly. As she trudged ahead – much like the wet footprints Bai Qian left behind along with her passive, and submissive attitude – proceeding toward the courtyard to receive the collection of Heavenly Lord’s harem. But most importantly, accepting her destined role as Empress.

It had been with full determination when she avoided taking control. From the start, she had never felt it was her place to enforce any ordinances on Heavenly Lord’s harem. And it wasn’t her intention to accept the position as the Empress, since Bai Qian never planned on staying in Nine Heavens, after providing safety for the girls.

She was prepared to go away, far away from everyone and any governing position, so she never allowed herself to become involved. Moreover, this deliberate sense of detachment hadn’t faltered or wavered, even after she’d heard all the rumors and talking behind her back.

They called her a beaten and broken woman. They said she was nothing but a helpless Fox without her claws. Such chatter of her shortcomings and flaws; how other’s perceived her and her actions meant nothing to Bai Qian.

However, hers and the Skylord’s precious children, their innocent children were another matter. And nobody touched or threatened her children.

For hundreds of years, she had kept her claws well hidden. The ripples of anger, endless resentments and her true feelings, she had kept concealed under a cloak fooling everyone – but mostly herself – into thinking she was nothing other than a docile and powerless deity.

However, the day had finally come for her to free the carefully concealed High Goddess. Perhaps, she had remained long enough in hiding, and it was time for Bai Qian to release her claws.

Ye Hua~

She was under dressed, way too under dressed. Perhaps that shouldn’t have been his first point of concern, considering Qian Qian had called an urgent meeting of his harem in the middle of the night. However, Ye Hua couldn’t ignore the fact that she was wearing only her robe with nothing underneath, while the excess moisture from her wet hair, and body caused the white material to become translucent.

Suspiciously Ye Hua glanced around to make sure all the male guards were respectfully looking down, so as none were sneaking peeks at his Qian Qian’s beautiful breasts and nipples, that were visible through the sheer white silk.

“Ladies, I’m sorry to have disturbed your beauty sleep.” Politely Qian Qian said and Ye Hua nearly stepped out of the shadow, when he heard someone heckle her with a snide comment.

A female voice replied, “Aya! I thought the Empress summoned us, but I don’t see an Empress anywhere. I only see Mo Yuan’s mistress.”

Qian Qian casually strolled toward the voice, and asked with a lovely smile on her face, “Beautiful and brave one, what’s your name?”

“I’m Heavenly Lord’s third wife. Imperial Consort Chu. My father is the Minister of Rites.” Qian Qian smiled brighter at the audacious woman and replied, while reprimanding Consort Chu with a playful shaking of her finger, “Yes, you’re the one who bruised my son’s face. Tell me, Consort, where did you learn such a terrible habit?”

Consort Chu brazenly thrust the thumb and index fingers on her right hand directly in Qian Qian’s face, and made the pitching motion. Her voice was pure disdaining when she said, “I grew up with sisters and we used to pinch each other. That is how we show love. These two little fingers are the ones I used to give Yingpei some love, Bai Qian. Would you like me to give you some love as well?”

The serene expression on her face never changed when Qian Qian replied, “Those two naughty fingers are the guilty culprits I see. As your Empress, I’m going to cure you of that terrible habit, Consort Chu, beloved daughter to the Minister of Rites.” No sooner had the sweet sounding words left Qian Qian’s lips, when with lightning speed she moved in, and bit off the consort’s two fingers with her Fox’s teeth, then promptly spat them back in the shrieking woman’s face.

There was a new sense of fear within the gathering, and suddenly many of the ones who had been disdainful descended to their knees. Some cried, screamed while others were outraged. It was both chilling and oddly sexy, when Qian Qian ordered in the scariest, and calmest voice with blood running down her chin, “Escort Consort Chu to the Evil Sealing Pagoda, and place her severed fingers in a jar. As of today, I’m starting a collection for anyone else who has a terrible habit. Now, where is Lady Hui, and that nasty tongue of hers that made Prince Yingpei cry?”

“The families will abandon Heavenly Lord because of you! You’re nothing but a disgrace! You’re an old witch who lost her powers. You’re not even a High Goddess anymore!” Another more angry voice from the crowd screamed out, but Qian Qian’s was more commanding when she spoke.

Like an Empress as she is, Qian Qian articulated with exalted decorum, “The families who abandon Heavenly Lord will become traitors, and servants to those who remain loyal. Your family’s wealth, assets and armies will be confiscated by the Celestial Clan, and they will belong to His Grace regardless. Therefore, I don’t need your support or approval. I don’t need you.”

Qian Qian deliberately matched up and down, before the now kneeling women then warned, “Those of you – who foolishly believe your families name, and wealth will somehow prevail after turning your back on His Grace – must know, much of your resources is contingent on your families relationship with Qing Qiu. Your relationship with Qing Qiu is conditional depending on me.”

What she did next made him choke. Ye Hua wasn’t the only one who gasped aloud. The sight of her was blindingly dazzling, when Qian Qian suddenly peeled her robe off her body. Almost everyone gasped in reverence of her and her aura. At the same time, her white Fox tails fanned out and waved behind her magnificent nudity. “And you’re wrong about me not being a High Goddess. My elevated status was supposedly stripped away because of my crimes, but I never committed those crimes. Therefore, I never lost my status.”

There weren’t many standing but the ones that remained upright – one by one – began to bend at Qian Qian’s feet as she said. “I don’t expect you to stand on ceremony for me. Moreover, I don’t care if none of you follow my rule, but don’t you ever dare threaten His Grace, or any of the Imperial children!”

“It’s also come to my attention there has been too much rambling, and idle talking within the harem, but let me clarify as to what your mouths should be used for… Your mouths are for two things alone: praise and pleasure. Meaning, when His Grace allows, you use that mouth of yours to praise and pleasure him. Nothing more and nothing less.” Qian Qian said before her gaze drifted up in his direction, when Ye Hua began to applaud the return of his Empress.

Bai Qian~

Slow, steady and gradual clapping from a distance caught her attention. She knew it was him even before the surrounding guards began to bow. “The Empress makes an excellent point that everyone should ingrain into their hearts.” Ye Hua uttered as he picked up her robe and covered her bare body. “Praise and pleasure. I like that. Empress, since it’s your role to set an example for the harem. Please show everyone… Praise me then please me.”

The eager look in Ye Hua’s hungry gaze, she knew well. Bai Qian smiled at him despite the tense awkwardness, because he had seen and heard everything. He’d witnessed her bite off his third wife’s fingers, and not a mention of that. But here he was asking her to praise and please him.

She knew it was a big mistake to get entangled into his trap. But Bai Qian couldn’t stop herself, when she wordlessly wrapped her arms behind his neck, her body leaned into him as she pulled Ye Hua into a deep kiss. 

A-Li and siblings~

“Oh, sweet heavens! Finally!” A-Li exclaimed aloud. The children ducked and hid at a great distance, but could see their amorous parents locked in a passionate kiss. Changchang jumped up and down. Only Yingpei, who was perched on A-Li’s broad shoulders looked confused and asked, “What are they doing?”

To be continued…..

女王 Nǚwáng: Queen: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Adult Fanfiction Erotica Ch 6

Mo Yuan~

“Bai Zhi didn’t think everything through. His response was impulsive! He failed to seriously consider the ramifications of his actions, or what could happen!”

I hear Zhe Yan speaking but I’m silently wondering, what is it about the ‘little dove’ that I can’t get her out of my mind? She’s gotten under my skin. Deep and down to the dermis. I don’t know when it happened but she has and my old friend, Bai Zhi, wasn’t the only one who behaved impulsively.

Now she’s left Kunlun Mountain, remorse for my rash decision weighs heavily upon me. It’s too late but I shouldn’t have sent her away to Nine Heavens. The overly chatty Phoenix I should have driven away like the plague, like the time and pleasure stealing vampire, ultimate cock block that he is, instead of my little one that would be strapped across my lap bare assed, if she was here.

“What’s the issue?” Hiding my nuisance I ask because I fail to see the problem. “If Bai Zhi wanted his daughter to taste the bitterness of life, then what’s the problem of her doing what he intended? If anything, the little princess,” Zhe Yan swiftly interjects and corrects my minor slip of the tongue. For such an easygoing fellow, he’s always been a stickler for the usage of proper titles and states, “Queen. She’s not a princess. Xiao Wu is the queen.”

Aloofly I reply, “Whatever. Princess or queen… The young lady is probably having the time of her life. Unshackled from the confines of duty, and all the responsibilities that follow. Wasn’t young Bai Qian crowned Qing Qiu’s Queen, when she was a mere adolescent?” I ask.

Zhe Yan edges closer and talks too loudly for it to be whispering, lingering only measures from my face, “Mo Yuan, the problem being, Xiao Wu didn’t drink water from the River of Oblivion, before leaving for the mortal realm. She still has all her immortal memories and experiences.”

I feel like I’m missing something relevant, because I still don’t see any issues in the matter that would cause such worry, and say, “So? What harm could her memories cause?” Nearer he wiggles and if Zhe Yan moves any closer, he’ll be in my lap so I raise my palm to distance him as he speaks excitedly, “It’s not her memories but she is the harm! Xiao Wu had a very ‘special’ education. Her mother aspired for her stunning, exceptional, fearless daughter to be the queen, who was able to go-toe-to-toe with any man, and subdue that man by commanding both his heads.”

“The one on his neck and the one between his legs.” Zhe Yan pauses to look around before declaring, “Like untouched snow, she’s the virgin queen, unmarked by a man but she’s a walking sexual time bomb, and any fellow who comes into contact with her will fall in love with her! Mortal men vying for her affections could, and will start wars to be with her!”

“That’s ridiculous, Zhe Yan. Haven’t you heard the old saying, ‘Brothers before others’.” I mumble and find myself chuckling at the absurdity, when Zhe Yan continues in earnest, “I’m not kidding! In addition to mastering all her classical schooling, Xiao Wu has flawlessly instilled in her a powerful, and endless love arsenal at her disposal.”

I notice Zhe Yan suddenly looks in awe of this young woman, when he declares, “Chuángshén, goddess of the bedchamber. Bai Mudan, White Peony goddess of seduction and last but not least, Jiutian Xuannü, goddess of sex and longevity were only some of Xiao Wu’s masters. Those distinguished training started tens of thousands of years ago long before she started her menstruation! While girls her age played with dolls, they taught Xiao Wu how to toy with a man’s body, heart and mind!”

“What in the world sort of education is that? Were they teaching her to become a great Sovereign, or a legendary courtesan?” I question, while growing slightly curious about this mysterious woman, Bai Qian. The goddesses mentioned by Zhe Yan never took disciples, but I too had heard stories of them accepting young Bai Qian as their sole protégé.

 “What did the virgin queen do wrong? What was her offense for her father to punish her with a mortal trial?” I question and Zhe Yan’s reply makes me chuckle further.

He replies, “Xiao Wu was supposed to marry Prince Sang Ji in a private, and informal Qing Qiu ceremony but instead, sent her attendant Shao Xin in her place. The fake bride consummated the union with the groom on their wedding night. If Xiao Wu’s childish behavior was not outrageous enough, she had the gall to tell her father that Prince Sang Ji was too wimpy, not man enough for her, and that she was going to have a harem full of husbands and wives!”

Bai Qian~

I feel like celebrating! I’m overcome by a superabundance of loving affections for him. Ye Hua has me feeling like a dizzy love struck teenager, and I squeeze him with both arms as tightly as possible, while spreading my kisses all over his face.

“Thank you, Ye Hua, for showing me such pleasure and I love you. I’m sure women tell you all the time that they love you after sex, but I honestly do,” I say this because I mean it.

He leaves me feeling drunk, intoxicated like the strongest of wines. I was utterly incorrect about Ye Hua being handsome; he’s so much more. With his striking face and tender heart, he’s drop dead gorgeous. The size of his spent, but substantial sex is impressive enough to catch my attention, as his exerted body gently sinks to the bed beside me.

“If you tell me that you love me one more time, I’m going to believe you and never let you go.” Belatedly he replies. Winded, catching his breath but now there’s humor in his quiet and airy tone, when Ye Hua says, “My pet, consider my proposal to make you my concubine carefully. I don’t know what you’re thinking but you can’t have a harem. Women do not have harems, and they don’t have more than one husband.”

“Not yet.” I say. Broader he smiles when I quickly and confidently tell him, “But I’m going to be the first as I marry you and Mo Yuan both.” I hadn’t even finished speaking when he laughs. Ye Hua is openly laughing at me. There isn’t any malice, but he’s talking down to me with a definite edge of condescension. “My pet isn’t only greedy but she’s ridiculous. SuSu, your little body, your delicate woman’s frame can’t handle more than one husband; that goes double…triple in regards to having my brother, Mo Yuan, and I both.”

“Moreover, men are too jealous of creatures to share a woman with another man willingly.” I see him dismissing my wishes as senseless folly when he pats my head. I can’t argue with witty repartee or a rebuttal, since he’s absolutely correct.

The world we live in is still designedly advantageous for men, and their inclinations. Having at their whim, at their fingertips a stable of beautiful partners at their beck and call, is the norm for men. Of course, it was men who set that cushy practice for themselves, and the average women wouldn’t ever consider having more than one husband at a time… But I’m far away from being the average or ordinary woman.

I’m Bai Qian and I’m the Queen.

The Next Wonderful Morning…

One day out of the year and only on my name day; our tree sprite, Migu, whom I miss more than my brothers used to indulge me by serving my most favorite meal to me in bed. A sumptuous culinary celebration consisting of custard egg buns, loquats and peach wine had always been my favorite, but now has suddenly lost all its appeal…

It wasn’t quite breakfast in bed, per se, but it was definitely satisfying. Crown Prince Ye Hua of the Celestial Clan roused me from my slumber with the most intriguing wake up call. By awakening me on the verge of sweet release to the euphoric sensation of his balls slapping upon my pussy with his cock like a steel rod, morning erection, penetrating my newly deflowered ass deeply. He made this morning the best morning of my life.

The speed of Ye Hua’s cock pumping into my tight hole is a comfortable pace, and even speed. Between us, the cadence of our undulating bodies moving against and with each other is steady and fluid, as he rides me like a wild stallion rides his mare.

He feels wider, firmly than he felt the night before. I’m drowning in ecstasy from his solid cock that feels like pure hot slick metal impaling me.

“My pet, I can’t get enough of you.” Thick from sleep is his morning voice, but not as thick as his plunging sex. “You’re so tight. I’m going to cum inside you again.” Beastly Ye Hua grumbles, roars as his sex pulsates then squirts ropes of his seeds that fill me. With him, I experience my first orgasm for the day, mere seconds after opening my eyes and without lifting a finger.

I could get used to this lustful lifestyle, easily. It’s sinfully naughty how much I love feeling Ye Hua deliver his semen deep inside me, and he seems to share this sentiment judging by his ravenous sexual appetite. The night prior until dawn, he had his way with me several times, before eventually falling asleep beside me.

And now, while basking in our after morning sex – post climatic bliss – he’s most nonchalantly sucking on my hardened nipples, as if my breasts belong to him when Ye Hua questions, “My pet, are you indeed a virgin? Or are you just playing hard to get?”

“What?!” Aloud I snort. I don’t know why? It’s either his question or his timing that makes me giggle. “If you don’t count my fingers than, yes,” I reply in between laughs.

Ye Hua’s right eyebrow spikes almost imperceptibly, but I can see the skepticism in his eyes. I take the hand closest to mine – his left – and guide just his index finger inside me. My inner walls clamp down around the intruder like a protective stronghold, and at the same time, hoarsely he groans, “Your sweet, little, virgin cunt is tighter than your ass was.”

Immediately after his curiosity is resolved, he gives me the ‘look.’ The look of selfish desire and I know what he’s going to ask next. He’s going to suggest he be the one to deflower my pussy, as he did my bum. So I push his hand away. There is something unprecedented about Ye Hua that must be noted, he’s a lascivious young man but very respectful and courteous. I’m continuously impressed by his polite demeanor.

Rather than acting out as most men would dejectedly; Ye Hua most accurately reads and respects my body language, and doesn’t try to force his whims on me. Or cross my decided boundary. Nor does he pursue the issue. His gentleness moves me time and time again, through and through.

“Good morning, my pet. I thought I was dreaming when I awoke with you in my bed.” He says while kissing my lips, then carries me into the oversized bathtub adjacent to his bedroom, as we bathe each other like the new lovers we’ve become. Or more like it’s him who showers me with gentle tenderness, because I’m his precious pet.

With a soft squishy sea sponge, Ye Hua delicately washed me from head to toe, as if I were his newborn before shampooing my hair. It’s not a sexual thing, our bath. He’s so meticulous with me, and how he respectfully handles my body. But it’s me, who turns our innocent washing into a more passionate matter, when the sensation of his strong fingertips stroking my clit, as he cleans my sex arouses me so, that I urgently crave; need to suck his beautiful cock in the tub.

Ye Hua’s velvety voice makes me scream, “My greedy little pet needs my cock…again.” He states before feeding me his girthy sex. I nearly climax and my pussy throbs with need, when I taste the saltiness of his precum on my tongue. The flavor of his slippery fluid makes me deliriously anxious to swallow his seeds, and I engulf his swollen sex using all my oral expertise.

Ye Hua~

I don’t know what’s more charming? Her enticing appearance? Or how she behaves?

At this moment, daintily sitting across from me at the dining table, my little pet is as pretty as a portrait. SuSu’s just-out-of-the-bath skin gleams like a baby. It’s pink and soft and glowy. Her jet black hair weaved into two long braids with black ribbons tied at the ends. The ebony hair ties match the black bow tied neatly around her neck, and that is all she is wearing, my pet.

Nude with only a ribbon bow around her neck like a present, her appearance is both arousing and endearing, but her cutesy behavior is precious. She’s hiding the peas she doesn’t want to eat in a hole at the bottom of her rice bowl. It’s out of my control and I’m struggling not to laugh, when I torment SuSu by giving her another heaping spoonful of the little, round, green, podded nemesis she’s trying to avoid.

“Ye Hua!” SuSu barks while twisting her body side to side. She’s having a tantrum. “I hate peas! I hate how they feel in my mouth.” Lips like perfect rosebuds pucker out; she looks like a duck while in pouting mode when I reply. “My pet, the peas love to be inside your mouth as I do.”

It’s a struggle but I somehow manage to maintain a straight face and say. “By the way, SuSu, you’re incredibly talented in the area. I would have to say one of the best.” There’s a part of me that knows I shouldn’t ask such things, but the jealous man in me defeats the sensible fellow, and I find myself asking, “My pet, how many men have you blown? How many men’s cocks have you sucked?”

My pet smiles proudly. In my opinion, too proudly, exceedingly brightly and this annoys me immensely. “How many pussies have you eaten? How many women have you fucked?” She comes back. “I’ll tell you after you tell me.” She intently studies my expression, then declares in a voice saturated in rebellion, “It’s such bullshit. The double standards set for men and women are bullshit. Men are considered God and Heroes if they’re promiscuous. But women are sluts. All men want to bed experienced lovers and whores but in the end, marry virgins.”

“That’s not what I meant. I was merely curio…” I start to say, but SuSu interrupts me by raising her right palm in the air, as if making an oath and declares, “I’ve sucked your and Mo Yuan’s cocks and that’s it.”

“Bullshit! That is total bullshit, SuSu.” I surprise myself and speak louder than I intended. “That’s impossible. No woman can suck a man off as you do without experience. I’m not judging you so there isn’t any need to fabricate.”

Defiantly SuSu crosses her arms over her bare breasts and replies, “Ye Hua, I’m not lying. I haven’t blown any other men other than you and Mo Yuan, but I’ve seen it being done hundreds of times.” Gracefully rising from her seat, my pet comes around the table and snuggles in my lap then explains, “Every text ever written about courtship, sexuality and human anatomy, I’ve studied and witnessed every sexual deed imaginable countless times. Due to my mother’s insistence, I’ve had a Love Shifu ever since I first bled. Since becoming a woman, I had male and female masters, who taught me how to please a man in every way possible.”

With her arms draped around my neck, her tantalizing body wrapped around me like a climbing wine. SuSu turns her warm, chocolatey eyes on me, and I’m striving not to drown in her beguiling gaze that entices me, when she says, “I’m not trying to sound conceited, but I can seduce a man with a single glance. And I can bring a man to finish, completion without touching him.”

To be continued…..

報復 Bàofù IV: Crossroads: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 26

By Her…

The critical talking stemmed from his customary silent impassivity. What many characterized as his callous, cold indifference treatment toward them that the women in his harem described Ye Hua as being only partly man, and the other half of him was reportedly unmovable stone.

There wasn’t any intended praise, or flattery in their blunt description of him. The females weren’t referring to his manhood being rock, but his heart and soul. Though the very man they believed was made of stone, was in truth, the leading authority when it came to suppressing his emotions, and self-control.

Except… Except when he was around his Qian Qian; he was no better than an open book. Forever at a disadvantage in her presence like now, and on Ye Hua’s usually set as a granite cast, was quite oppositely his deepest anxieties, and worries exposed themselves most sincerely.

The drastic change in her was painful for him to look upon.

To Ye Hua, it had been nothing other than pointless conversation, when he and his uncle spoke earlier in the day. Groundless and trivial words said in passing he’d dismissed them as such. Now looking at her stiff but submissive posturing, he wondered if Uncle Lian Song’s warning remarks rang truth, as they resounded as if bellowed into a canyon, and repeatedly echoed in his ears.

“The years with Mo Yuan has killed her spirit. Bai Qian is an astonishingly devoted mother but as a woman, she’s nothing but a fragment of the fiery person she used to be.”

“She’s lost her claws.”

“Bai Qian is now as harmless as a claw less baby Fox. It won’t be much longer before the catty women in your harem eat her up alive. Ye Hua, perhaps granting her petition to resign in seclusion at a remote, distant temple would be best for her sake. But more importantly, for her peace of mind. If anyone deserves the peace of mind, it’s Bai Qian. She’s suffered long enough…”

Ye Hua scrutinized the demurely kneeling woman, his wife with an expression of the utmost concern. Low to the ground, she was submissively bowing at the distant edge. Clothed in beige, and blending into the golden runner near the very entry at his bedchamber away from him, she kept her distance.

What had happened to the brazen woman who used to saunter around, as if she owned everything within her path, and why was Qian Qian now so timid? It was as if she were afraid; terrified to be noticed. Just as she currently dressed only in dull, muted colors; her deflective demeanor of not wanting to gain any attention came through.

After a week of sidestepping him, and most politely rejecting his many calls for her company, Qian Qian had come to him. She’d come to his bedchamber without summons, and Ye Hua could scarcely contain his profound excitement, when they announced her arrival. But now, after seeing her, the onslaught of sorrow and distress in him, was overwhelming creating an unswallowable lump in his throat.

Forcibly he gulped to clear his knotted throat. The sadness was because she was the image of someone broken, and this made Ye Hua resent his brother more. Mo Yuan had destroyed her with his toxic love. Like the beaten woman she had become, with her gaze lowered to the carpet and her head dropped, Qian Qian now spoke too softly and stayed too far away. “Your Grace, forgive my interruption during your time of rest.”

How disheartening it was for him to hear her address him in such a formal manner? Ye Hua could feel the distance she was putting between them, and drawing invisible lines with her choice of verbiage. It felt unnatural. Considering she had never before spoken to him using honorifics, or his title. Not even when she was SuSu.

Ye Hua had never felt so disconnected from her, not even when he believed she was dead. The void created by the many misunderstandings, and their separation was chilling; he wanted to close the gap between them. “Come closer, Qian Qian. I can’t hear you.” He asked, wondering if she would come to him and she did without delay.

Although it made very little difference, only three tiny, small steps forward did she take.  Ye Hua frowned when she assumed the same resigned position, as she had a few paces back, “Heavenly Lord, I’ve received great news. Changying will be coming tomorrow to join us.” Her voice was still faint and soft.

Under normal circumstances, Ye Hua would have been overjoyed to have his other daughter by his side. But currently, the vastness between himself and the woman he was dying to hold and kiss, consumed his every thoughts. “Tell me, is there an us? Is there an ‘us’ for our daughter, Changying, to join, Qian Qian?”

He asked while rising from his sitting stance. His lumbar audibly cracked from being seated too long. At the far front of his bedchamber, Ye Hua stood and with quick, deliberate footsteps crossed the room’s distance. While walking toward her, noted she was beginning to shake. That wasn’t the only visible sign of her discomfort. There was greater tension in Qian Qian’s already tightly fisted, and blanched knuckles that were turning whiter. But he couldn’t control the urge to move nearer to his desired point, by her. 

It took less than a dozen steps to reach her, but the emotional chasm between them remained, as if he was still across the room. When he crouched directly in front of her less than his foreman’s reach away, she didn’t budge or shift away but did refuse to raise her gaze. Ye Hua wasn’t the only one in the room who could be described as half stone; she likewise remained perfectly still. In the end, it was his touch that finally made her react to his fingertips lightly caressing her lips, Qian Qian swiftly recoiled as if his fingers were instead poisonous vipers.

“Do you find me that repulsive?” Breathlessly because it felt as if his heart was ripping, Ye Hua uttered. “Does my touch revolt you so, that you feel the need to pull away with such force?”

Qian Qian’s delicate voice almost faltered when she answered, “Your Grace…” Hearing the formality in her speech was infuriating. Ye Hua punched the floor with his fist. “Ye Hua! My name is Ye Hua! Not your grace! Not SkyLord! Just Ye Hua!” He exploded.

Her full lips quivered and trembled as tears began to roll down her cheeks. Qian Qian replied in barely a whisper, “Your… Your Grace. It’s not you but it’s me. I’m no longer suitable for you. I’m a tainted woman. Sinfully I have laid with your brother, Mo Yuan, for hundreds of years. I was fortunate not to birth any children from his seeds. But the fact remains, he still impregnated me. My body is sullied.”

“Qian Qian, I don’t care about the past or Mo Yuan. After I disband my harem, it will be just you and me as it should have been…” Due to his excitement, hurriedly his reply sprang forth from his mouth. Ye Hua couldn’t respond fast enough. But firmly her fingertips pressed against his lips, and prevented him from saying any more, then the soothing warmth from her hands surrounded his skin.

Spontaneously his entire body slackened. Instantly his body lost all its strength from the euphoric sensation of her touch. During their separation, how he’d longed to feel her caress, and wanted to weep when she took his face, and tenderly held him between her hands. Tears of joy, tears of fulfilled longing overflowed his eyes. Ye Hua cried, too overcome by the rawness of his sincerest emotions that drowned, and flooded over his controlled composure.

“Oh, Qian Qian…” Wet faced, he murmured while rolling and pressing his cheek into her open palm.

Her palms curved around his face as if they were trying to hug him, and there was new intensity behind her thin voice that sounded stronger, when Qian Qian spoke with firm resolve. “Let me finish… Ye Hua.”

“During my short time here in Nine Heavens, I’ve received sixty-four appeals requesting that I voluntarily step down from the Empress seat. And if I refuse, they’ve threatened to pull their support for you…”

“I know you don’t care and would take my side until the end of time. However, I must weigh all the factors. Each of the families has a minimum of 2000 men in their private armies. If they abandoned you, that’s 128,000 fewer troops protecting you if there’s a war between you and Mo Yuan.”

Ye Hua wasn’t the only one obviously overcome by his emotions. Temporarily, just for a brief moment, Qian Qian hesitated as she successfuly held back her weeping. But the tears, the endless tears continued to trail down her tear stained cheeks, “I can’t take that chance. Nor should you. If it comes down to either me or you dying, let it be me because I can’t live in a world that you don’t exist in. Don’t make me, Ye Hua.”


Breathily Qian Qian exhaled and spoke in between faint panting sighs. “Send me away to a temple far from you. Forget all about me and start over with your harem the right way this time. Find a virtuous woman who deserves both you, and the Empress crown.”

“I’m sorry, Ye Hua.” A repressed and muffled sob escaped her lips. His Qian Qian’s indefinable longing and pining for him, Ye Hua felt it from her when she pressed her forehead into his, before rushing out of his bedchamber in tears.

To be continued…..

報復 Bàofù IV: Crossroads: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 25

Little Fourth…


The world he knew had dramatically changed overnight. Without warning, certain people he had known as long as he could remember had vanished into thin air. Every morning, every single morning before opening his eyes, Yingpei had a moment when he was afraid.

He feared his new happier life with his Empress mother, Bai Qian, who embraced, kissed and showered him with the kind of affection that he’d never before tasted; affectionately called him Xiao Sì (Little Fourth) and his older sister, Changchang, who held his hand while they slept together in their mother’s bed was nothing but a dream. He was scared he would awaken to find himself reverted to his previous life of loneliness, when he was the unseen boy.

Inflicted with a curse of invisibility was he from birth. This unusual condition made others such as his parents; Heavenly Lord father and Consort mother; his Dà Gēgē, Crown Prince A-Li; other consorts and attendants never noticed when he was there. They didn’t regard him or any of his wants, because Second Prince Yingpei was the transparent monarch, and nobody acknowledged his presence until Bai Qian.

From the first time on the day she suddenly appeared in Nine Heavens; Yingpei somehow knew. He grasped she was someone special and would have profound meaning in his life, because she was the only person who could see him even though he was cursed, and invisible. It had felt magical when Bai Qian noticed him instantly, smiled and winked at him, while surrounded by a fierce looking squad of his mother’s personal guards that were escorting her to his mother’s residence, Xiaofu Palace.

He had followed after Bai Qian and Yingpei was fully aware. If his temperamental mother discovered him loitering around, she would punish him with the switch for bothering her, and coming without any summons. Pushing all his apprehensions of a spanking aside, he still chased after the entourage because he was afraid for Bai Qian.

Bai Qian was breaking one of the imperial commands set by his mother. By wearing an imperial yellow hued dress, the forbidden color, she was breaking the law, and the punishment for such a violation was most unmerciful.

In the past, a part of the penalty was his mother ordering her male servants, who inappropriately leered and fondled the women’s bodies, then tearing off their clothes to strip them down, before his mother severely disciplined the offenders for committing such a transgression against her. With her leather bullwhip, she’d flogged them until the women’s backs were bloodied and marked, as she would presumably do to Bai Qian.

He wasn’t the only one who anticipated such a shocking scene, there were women from his father’s harem everywhere, but they didn’t seem to share his concern for Bai Qian’s well-being. Instead, they were giggling and making inappropriate comments, when Yingpei scurried in under the feet of the adults, before ducking under the card table to watch. And just as he’d surmised, his mother was furiously scolding Bai Qian.

His mother lectured while shaking the whip in her hand, “I know you’re the Shimu of Kunlun Mountain but in reality, that’s nothing but the wife of a teacher compared to the position of an Imperial Consort.” His mother’s voice was full of arrogance, “Bai Qian, your sorry excuse of an apology for your wild, and disobedient daughter barely pacifies my irritation. But then, you have the gall to dress in the imperial color only the Empress is allowed to wear! If that isn’t a blatant challenge of my authority, I don’t know what is?”

“Imperial Consort, forgive me. It’s been too long since I last attended court, and I find myself unfamiliar with Celestial laws.” Bai Qian said in response as she inclined with a curtsy, and she was so polite when she asked. “If you’ll release my daughter, I’ll take her home and promise to punish her accordingly.”

His mother snorted to illustrate her annoyance with an excessive eye-rolling, and complained, “Yes, Bai Qian. Every year, in order to keep you in the loop, I’ve taken time out of my precious life to send you invitations to all our events and festivals. And every year, you haven’t even the courtesy to reply.” His mother continued to preach, “Luckily for you, I don’t hold grudges and that’s all in the past, but I’m relieved to hear we both agree Changchang should be punished. One hundred lashes of the whip then I’ll release her.”

Yingpei trembled with horror for the pretty little jie jie with green eyes like A-Li, because 100 lashes could kill her. He knew of her and saw her face because he happened to be present, when his mother discovered Bai Qian’s daughter in her bedchamber rummaging around. She appeared to be looking for something.

“Changchang is only a child and 100 strokes of the whip is over the top. Too extreme and inhumane. I don’t practice physical forms of punishment but I’ll make sure she suffers.” Bai Qian answered with her pleasant voice that sounded more musical than the zither Consort Shu played, compared to his mother who sounded like a barking dog, as she grouchily snapped when she rudely interrupted her, “Shimu, both you and she have offended me greatly. It’s only fair that one of you pay. Bai Qian, make up your mind. It’s you or her to undergo the rod and on your body, still the color that causes me great unhappiness remains.”

Yingpei had never seen his mother behave so rudely to another, and expected Bai Qian to become angry but instead, she said in her courteous voice, “My daughter’s body isn’t yours to punish, but if you feel a debt must be collected then I will gladly pay that debt with my body.”

Abruptly she began to disrobe in front of everyone. The guards and male servants stared at her body with lustful eyes, while the other women were snickering at her as Bai Qian’s yellow gown dropped, and pooled at her feet. Dressed only in her intimate white chemise, she folded over, picked up the dress then threw it into his mother’s fireplace. She gestured towards the leather switch in his mother’s hand, before kneeling low at her feet with her back exposed.

It was pure wickedness like seeing a monster standing there instead of his mother.

The evil smirk on his mother’s face was nearly enough to make him wet his pants. He didn’t understand why seeing Bai Qian in such a state made his eyes water but it did, and he silently sobbed into his palms for her injustice until Yingpei heard a strange gagging sound. He opened his blurry, tear filled eyes to behold his choking mother’s face turning blue while she frantically kicked her feet. She gasped for breath while being held up in the air by one hand wrapped tightly around her throat. His father, Heavenly Lord’s, fist was like a clamp compressing her neck more and more.

It was terrifying to see his usually reserved, and quiet father growling like an irritated bear awoken too early from hibernation, while choking his mother. His father snarled as he shook his mother with such intensity, her red dress looked like a flag violently flying in a windstorm.

Seeing his father so infuriated had made Yingpei shiver uncontrollably, as he cowered low to the ground trying to make himself further invisible so his father wouldn’t see him, and shake him in the air too but he heard someone say, “Don’t be afraid and come out. Nobody will hurt you, Little Fourth.” It was Bai Qian who still hadn’t dressed, on her knees in front of the table blocking his entire view of his fighting parents with her arms widespread, and Yingpei ran to her.

To be continued…..

A May-December Romance: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Short Story Ch 8

Mo Yuan~

Zhe Yan declared. “Mo Yuan, I was there and saw everything with my own eyes!”

He hadn’t stopped pacing since stepping foot on Kunlun Mountain, and he spoke as quickly as he paced, “Ye Hua is too cunning and smooth for his own good! That horny Black Dragon sent Xiao Wu over ten thousand roses!” He blabbered while making all sorts of animated hand gestures, “No, he sent her 10,080 roses precisely. A bloody flower for every single time he thought of her during the week!”

His pastel peach silk covered shoulders, he shrugged, then raised both hands with his palms up in the air to show his lack of awareness, “I didn’t even know there were that many minutes in a week, until that day. Ye Hua must excel in mathematics. He’s a crafty and wily fellow, that Ye Hua!”

Zhe Yan was more worked up than usual and in nearly a frenzied state. Between nervously swigging wine, pacing and repeating the same story of Ye Hua’s romantic antics, he couldn’t sit still. And now he was shouting at Mo Yuan thinking he wasn’t listening, due to his lack of response, “Hey, Mo Yuan! Mo Yuan! Are you listening to me? You’re going to lose Xiao Wu to that teenager, if you don’t get your act together!”

“My Shì Qī hates rose.” Mo Yuan said, “Out of all the flowers in the world, she despises red rose most!” Finally, Zhe Yan sat down for the first time since arriving two hours ago, and Mo Yuan continued sharing more facts without being urged by his nervous sibling, “The day she discovered Li Jing cheating on her with Xuan Nu, there were red rose petals scattered under their bodies, while in the throes of passion. The flowers were a present from Bai Qian to Li Jing, therefore it was a fierce slap across the face for her to see her gift thrown about in such a manner.”

He didn’t have much to smile about these days but it felt good to grin, when Mo Yuan spoke with a slightly smug expression that betrayed his guilty pleasure. “Every time she sees a red rose, she remembers that terrible moment and has hated them ever since. Young Ye Hua may have enthusiasm, but I have the gift of knowing her history.”

Bai Qian~

Bai Qian was restless and had been, since she awoke much earlier than her usual noon wake up time. It was a day that warranted celebration. Even without checking the calendar, she precisely knew what day it was because it was Mo Yuan’s birthday.

After tens of thousands of years of excitedly fussing, and eagerly serving her Shifu then her lover, Mo Yuan, on his name day; this year would be the exception and she would do nothing. And it seemed she wasn’t the only one, who was conscious of the significance of the special day.

“Your Highness, are there any other ingredients you need from the market to make the longevity noodles, and longevity peach buns?” Migu asked with a bright smile but his smile quickly faded, when he saw her indifferent expression. “Your Highness, it’s High God Mo Yuan’s…”  Migu began to say.

“I know what day it is but I won’t be making anything this year.” It was nothing but an act her indifference, when Bai Qian aloofly answered him before stepping out of the Fox den, suddenly overcome by the tightness in her chest. The tautness in her thorax stemmed from anxiety, and a small circle she wandered to alleviate the sensation of suffocation.

It felt unnatural to her likewise and somewhat stress inducing, not doing anything for him. Out of the various celebrations observed throughout the years for Bai Qian – including the most widely known and celebrated holiday; Lunar New Year – her most preferred had always been Mo Yuan’s name day.

When she was his disciple only, she had forgone sleep, and stayed up all night in the Kunlun Mountains kitchen making his special breakfast, then waited by his doorway. Usually still covered in flour, she had fallen asleep while waiting for him to awake. It was the sound of Mo Yuan clearing his throat louder than usual that roused her from nap, and that sound was the signal for her to rush into his room with his birthday treats.

In retrospect, it was incredibly forward of her; a woman to rush into a man’s room with so little consideration of his personal space. And in hindsight, it was extremely generous of him to allow such presumptuous behavior without a word of complaint.

In the years that followed – after becoming his lover – her preparation for Mo Yuan’s name day had started very much the same, as when she was his pupil with her staying up all night preparing his breakfast. However, instead of falling asleep while waiting by his doorway – like a high class courtesan – Bai Qian had dolled herself up, and provocatively coaxed him from dreaming with his erect manhood collected between her scarlet rouged lips.

That moment, when his sleepy gaze first took in the lascivious sight of her never got old, and had always filled Bai Qian with a rush of unfathomable satisfaction to know it was she, who brought him so much pleasure.

Even now, it made her smile, as she recalled how they had spent hours passionately making love, before Mo Yuan enjoyed his birthday breakfast in bed. Without a single grievance, he had consumed everything she presented him regardless of the noodles being cold, bloated and soggy.

Every year, Mo Yuan told her the same thing, “Shì Qī, this year, you have truly outdone yourself. Every morsel was perfect, but you’re the best birthday present I’ve ever received. My darling, I love you.”

Nostalgia overcame her and her eyes moistened. How was it possible for her to still have any tears to cry? She blamed the sentimentality. The sweet memories were the cause that brought on the barrage of tears, when suddenly a hand appeared out of nowhere, and wiped the trail of teardrops running down her face.

“Bai Qian, why are you crying? What’s wrong?” Mo Yuan asked in his soft voice, and his tender expression made her want to sob harder. “What are you doing here?” Bai Qian replied. Too roughly she wiped her wet cheeks dry then faked a smile, but her stuffed nose was red and full of mucus from crying.

“Mo Yuan, shouldn’t you be in Nine Heavens for your birthday banquet?” Nasally she sounded as if she had a cold. “I should but I’d rather be with you today. Shì Qī, I brought you a gift.” Mo Yuan said before spinning her around.

A surge of immortal energy rippled in the air as he waved his arm out, casting a spell of darkness and suddenly the day turned into night. It wasn’t like him to use his magic so recklessly and now in the black sky, hundreds upon thousands of fireflies in flight flickered like twinkling stars.

Bai Qian’s body inclined into his chest, when Mo Yuan encircled his arms around her waist pulling her into him, then pressed his cheek to hers. His lips caressed her skin, and his breath bounced off her cheek when he whispered, “The fireflies came to mate as they do every year, and you weren’t there. I know how much you look forward and wait to watch them every year. Therefore, I brought them to you. I love you, my darling.”

To be continued…..

女王 Nǚwáng: Queen: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Adult Fanfiction Erotica Ch 5

Ye Hua~

Sublime perfection… This incredible moment between us is a true definition of that term. Correction. It’s not the moment but it’s her– her very presence. Beautiful SuSu entirely presented to me on all fours with my enlarged cock buried down her throat. Nearly three-quarters of my needy length, she engulfs.

Despite occasionally gagging, she nevertheless, readily consumes everything I give her. My little pet SuSu, the passionate and eager-to-please virgin without any inhibitions is sublime perfection. Out of the 370,000 known terms, there aren’t words in the human vocabulary to accurately describe her, and how she makes me feel.

Everything about her blows my mind. She’s exceptional in all ways and a total overload on my senses.

Like now. The feeling of her delicate, rosebud lips wrapped around my sex while watching her perfect, curvaceous figure and succulent, ample breasts, pink from punishment, generous globes; her rear swaying, rocking with the rapid bobbing of her head, as she sucks me is almost too much for one man to take. Being born an Immortal God wasn’t my only reward. My other prize, my greedy little pet SuSu, relishes the taste of me and I’m about to provide her with much more– my seeds.

Firmly I pull back on the hand entangled in her wildly flowing hair. The sudden jerking movement forces her mouth to come off me. A viscous strand of saliva mixed with my precum still connects her mouth to me, when I yank her hair back hard enough to cause her jaw to sharply jut out, before our eyes meet.

“My pet, I’m about to come,” I warn her. I’m not one of those arrogant fellows, who require a woman to swallow if she doesn’t want to, and this ‘little darling’ isn’t just any woman. She’s the woman I want to keep. “Would you like to swallow my seeds?” I ask and her reply is most delightful. My pet responses with a quick series of head nods, before she hungrily sucks me back into her mouth.

I securely grab the thickened base of my ready shaft. With a firm stroke, I force the flow of blood in my member upwards. I want to give her a huge mouthful of my cum and observe her reaction. In my opinion, a man can tell much about a woman’s personality, her passions and her sexual inclinations when one comes in her mouth.

Will my pet stop too overcome with uncertainty? Or will she gag from the volume? My sacs draw into my body. Here it comes… She’s sucking on me with an expression of pure determination. I continue watching her face when I blast off in her mouth.

Ahh. Sweet release. My hands encircled in her lush mane, her thick tresses, roughly fist as I pull her hair from the intensity of my conclusion. What will my little pet do? Freeze? Choke? Hell! Not even a second of hesitation, before she almost intuitively gulps down ropes of my semen that fills her mouth.

Damn! SuSu makes me come so hard that my knees buckle. I think she’s purring with satisfaction, but what I notice was her needy body language. She, likewise, needs release. She’s trying to get relief by rubbing her thighs together to create friction, and seeing this makes my mouth water because I’m about to relieve her.

While I grapple to remove the rest of my clothing, her tongue slowly, languidly washes me clean with full lapping sweeps, before she blushes most becomingly. Then with a sweet demureness, she glances up at me rosy faced, bright eyed with hearts pouring from her love filled gaze then sweetly purrs, “Thank you, Ye Hua, for disciplining me and I love you.”

Bai Qian~

The seat of power comes in many forms. The position of unrivaled command for a female Sovereign isn’t only a throne, or an elevated platform. Sometimes ironically it’s much lower and on her knees. When one has a man’s cock in their mouth, one reign supreme. Even great immortal Dragon Gods like Mo Yuan and Ye Hua become putty, and piles of pliable dough when between my lips.

“Thank you, Ye Hua, for disciplining me and I love you,” I say and I mean it. I know I barely know him but it’s true. I do sincerely love him, and my infatuation with him is forever growing with every piece of his black garb that’s dropping to the floor. He’s removing all his clothing and I have a moment where I pity other men. Not only was he born an Immortal God with a divinely, chiseled godly face and magnificent cock but the body on him is sinful, delicious… Too yummy.

Ye Hua’s sinewy body is all muscle with the most extraordinary definition. He has that sharp V-line, an inguinal crease by his pelvis directly above his still semi hard cock that makes me feel faint, and I anticipate things to escalate quickly between us.

Seeing Ye Hua nude gives me the vapors. I give my knees and head a break, sit back on my calves then press my right cheek to the bed, when I feel him shift behind me. “My pet. How naughty of you to become this wet from a whipping and sucking me off.” His smooth voice is pure silk. “SuSu, you have a beautiful cunt. Do you taste as delicious as you appear?” He asks then I gasp, as the sensation of electricity like white lightning courses throughout my body, when his tongue licks me from my clit separating my lower lips, and up to my tightly puckered place in repetitive strokes.

“My Heavens.” I groan from the pleasure, when the concentration of his tongue focuses directly on my throbbing clit that seems to have a pulse, due to my deep level of arousal. The steady cadence; the rapping action of Ye Hua’s tongue is fast and repetitive. I barely notice the subtle shift of his body, when he lubricates his finger with the balm he rubbed on my burned skin, then inserts it in my tight ass. “No, Ye Hua!” I cry. “Not there! That’s a dirty place!” I tell him this but find myself coming in spite of my embarrassment.

The shame of orgasming with his finger burrowed inside my bum should hinder climax; however, instead, I come harder. “Don’t hold back, my pet. Come in my mouth. There isn’t a part of you that’s dirty.” Ye Hua responds in his orgasm producing, wetness inducing voice and proceeds to eat me harder, while steadily penetrating my virginal rear entrance.

Ye Hua~

Like an addict, I lick her spasming cunt ravenously. Between her milky thighs, lies the most exquisite treasure. I’ve never seen such a beautiful pussy. Similar to a newly budding flower, it looks. The dark rose, pink hued lips that are almost perfectly twined in size and shape appear to be pouting, begging for a kiss. And I know it doesn’t make sense, but the flavor of her honey tastes like juice from a fruit. Eating her is similar to consuming a juicy sun ripen peach. Again, I know that doesn’t make any sense but it’s factual.

I could eat her for days, months, years…endlessly. I feel dazed, out of it, out of control devouring her and the best way to describe my state is possession. I feel possessed, but her intense culmination forces me to move away from her pulsating clit that I’m dying to suck on. But it doesn’t prevent me from licking up her sweet cream which I do frantically.

It was SuSu who came but I strangely feel the blissful afterglow with her. It takes a while for both she and I to come down from her pleasure peak. Afterwards, I can practically touch the embarrassment vibrating off her with my fingertips, because it’s nearly tangible but there isn’t any need for her to feel this way. I desire to see, know, feel, love and worship every part of her.

However, this is not the general consensus and I, alone, feel this sentiment. She’s dying from embarrassment. It’s downright adorable, so damn endearing how she can’t look into my eyes, and is uncontrollably blushing from head to toe. “My pet, did that feel good for you?” I ask and she still can’t meet my gaze. SuSu is nervously wringing her hands in her lap, when she notices my sex is eager again. Without a spoken word, she dips her small hand into the balm, proceeds to smear and lubricate my thickened shaft with the slick salve from root to tip.

Her big, brown eyes gaze intently into mine before she wordlessly presses, and gathers my lips with hers. And the kiss is explosive! It’s pure heat as our tongues touch, dance and tastes each other for the first time. Between the hot kiss and steady stroking of my sex, I could quickly come. A hoarse groan of my pleasure escapes from the gaps between our mouths, as she covers me entirely in the slippery emulsion.

Suddenly SuSu breaks the kiss before spinning around, and gets back up on her knees. However, with her upper body level on the bed, and only her perky bubbly derriere up in the air. I think I understand what she wants but still question, “SuSu, what do you want?”

“Ye Hua, I want you to fuck me in the ass… Please.” She replies. What’s more arousing? SuSu’s sweet voice or the naughty, lewd utterance being spoken in that faint voice? Or the situation I find myself in? It’s all of it! Everything. “My pet, have you ever done this before?” I need to know and she answers. “Never, but I want to with you. I want to do everything with you, Ye Hua.”

She doesn’t need to ask me again and in a flash, I’m up behind her. I have a moment when I quietly thank my parents, and the universe that I was born a male with a cock. And that appreciative cock is eagerly twitching when I rub against her. Lubed up and slick, I squeeze big handfuls of her pink flesh, her sweet cheeks, spread her apart then press the head of my sex into her, until she gasps and her body tenses up from my penetration.

Bai Qian~

Ass sex. Anal penetration is a big taboo for some but with Ye Hua, I want it all. Everything about him makes me greedy to do things that others would shun. Like now, his fat cock is slowly sliding in my ass and I grit my teeth, because the pain is ridiculous but I crave more. So much more.

“SuSu, do you want me to stop?” He speaks with clenched teeth. I can clearly detect the tenderness from his concern sandwiched between his lust filled voice. “Fuck, you’re so tight…” He groans, and hearing Ye Hua use vulgar profanity makes me moan in spite of myself, in spite of the discomfort.

Despite the pain, I moan. “Break me in, my great Dragon God.” I half growl in a voice foreign to me. I don’t know where it came from, that lascivious voice. As I said, Ye Hua makes me crazy, and is the catalyst awakening an unknown sexual desire in me that is just starting to rouse.

“Give it to me.” Sultrily I respond in a throaty voice laden with lust. When like a battering ram, he dives into me, I scream, “Stop! Don’t move! Stay still!” I’m panting like a woman during childbirth. The excruciating stabbing pain takes my breath away, gives me an instant stomachache, and my vision blurs from the sudden torrent of tears.

With purpose, Ye Hua shifts and adjusts his postures behind me, as his left hand grabs the side of my hip before instructing, “Breath slowly.” With his right hand, he begins to stroke my clit in steady winding motions. It’s astonishing how that subtle shift of stimulation changed the dynamic and now, the pain instantly lessened. And he begins to move inside me.

The internal fullness of his sex in my tightest entry is ever present, but the pain wanes and in its place, pleasure evolves and intensifies. It’s not long before I want him to fuck me. Hard.

His sensuously shaped mouth comes inches from the sensitive pink shell of my Fox’s ear; the grunts, groans, the sounds of his ecstasy is almost as sensual as him. And his hand, his skillful, expert hand is stroking my clit just right, “Ye Hua, you’re going to make me come.” I moan.

My entire body trembles from the sizzling sensation when he licks my ear, and growls husky, “Alright, here we go…” With his free hand, he gives my ass a firm slap, before the speed of his skilled hand rotating my clit quickens along with his penetration. I start to scream as I climax like I’ve never come before, while feeling Ye Hua reach his release and overfill my tight hole with his hot seeds.

My climax is ridiculously long. I don’t know why it’s such a taboo? Why people think it is so dirty and offensive? Like everything else in life, done right with the right person, anal sex is fucking incredible!

I’m not the only one reveling in my post orgasmic state. Still gasping and panting fighting to catch his breath, Ye Hua sounds intoxicated when asks in between exhales, “SuSu, do you want to be my concubine?”

What?! Be his concubine?! Me? A queen like me be his concubine? How incredibly laughable. If he only knew. Bai Qian, the white Nine-Tailed Fox Queen from Qing Qiu will never be a mere concubine for a man.

Most affectionately, I cover his cheek with wet kisses and say, “No, Ye Hua. I’m not suitable or concubine material. However, if you like, you can be one of my consorts. I’ll grant you the title of one of my main husbands in my harem.”

To be continued…..

女王 Nǚwáng: Queen: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Adult Fanfiction Erotica Ch 4

Bai Qian~

“SuSu, take off your dress.”

I have another name. Mo Yuan called me his ‘Little Dove’ but Ye Hua calls me by the name of ‘SuSu’ 夙夙. Instead of using the more commonly applied character 塑 Sù for my new name, which means ‘plain’; he opted for 夙 Sù, used to imply ‘long cherished.’

Ye Hua has an unspoken, gentle kindness about him much like Mo Yuan except not at this very moment. At this moment, he’s cross with me… Big time. And I’ve only been in Nine Heavens one day.

“SuSu, take off your dress…now!” Sternly Ye Hua tells me again, and judging by his biting tone he’s not going to repeat himself. But I stubbornly resist his command and clutch the tea stained dress to my body.

After wearing an oversized men’s robe all week on Kunlun Mountain, regardless of the drab color I usually wouldn’t wear, I adore this celestial uniform and hate to part with it so soon. But my opinion clearly means nothing, because he tears it from me with his bare hands. The silky material rips as if it were the thinnest, crepe paper in his grasp.


There goes my beloved dress, which Ye Hua discards and tosses the fabric aside like two silk handkerchiefs. Now, he’s eyeing my drenched lingerie before he wordlessly shreds them off me as well, like he did my gown before throwing them into the heap of material at my feet. I’m bare and shiver at my sudden nakedness.

It might be counterproductive, but I attempt to salvage any trace of self-dignity that remains. Demurely I proceed to cover my breasts and mound with my hands, but he gives me a deadly glare to stay still with a single glance of his pure onyx eyes. That one threatening look of warning is enough to make me stiffen like a marble statue, and stood stock still with my arms down beside my body.

It’s so awkward standing here like this.

Had it been mutual nudity, I would feel less self-conscious. But I alone stand fully exposed in his bedchamber, when Ye Hua drops to his knees. His perceptive gaze travels with the most precise study, as he examines my body from my blotchy, reddened right breast to the flushed, raised skin on my midsection and lastly, the sensitive part of my right upper thigh that prickles, and stings from burning myself with scorching hot tea.

“What were you doing at my grandfather’s palace?” Ye Hua asks in between exhaling, and blowing his cooling breath upon my burning skin. There isn’t any judgment in his soft voice, just concern. “After you left,” I answer. “Sujin came here and asked if I knew how to brew tea. I’m not an expert but I said I did, and the next thing I know she’s dragging me to his palace.”

“I wonder if she did it on purpose?” I ask myself in a whisper but Ye Hua overhears me and his chiseled jaw tenses. Thinking again about how Sujin knocked the teapot from my hands, I’m belatedly irritated and complain, “How was I to know the tea water was the same temperature as hot magma in the earth’s core?!”

Next, aloud, I question Ye Hua with genuine curiosity, “Is your grandfather so old that he’s no longer able to detect temperature with his tongue? How can he effectively rule over Nine Heavens, when he can’t discern between hot and cold?” I ask then for reasons unknown, I picture Heavenly Lord’s old, useless, dead tongue looking like a gray, lifeless mackerel that’s been out of the water too long hanging out of his mouth. This absurd image of him makes me giggle, until something else pulls my attention and takes my breath away.

It’s exquisite, the sensation, the light pressure of Ye Hua’s fingertips gingerly applying a soothing balm on my burned skin renders me speechless.

“Aaahh.” I blush crimson when a loud, hoarse moan escapes my lips before I can suppress it. How embarrassing but then, the moan is nothing when I notice both my dark nipples pull tautly, hardening before standing on peaks as if they were trying to get his attention.

I understand why my nipples are vying for his touch. It feels so ridiculously good, his fingers on my skin. His touch is incredible, arousing and I know it’s for medicinal purposes only, but I feel a fluttering of need in my wet sex.

Ye Hua’s handling of my body is provocative but so is he and I’m watching him. My gaze is stalking his every move, as he applies the salve on my burned skin with tenderness, before he stands and advises, “Stay away from Sujin and be cautious of her always.” It’s not my place but I feel a sudden spur of possessiveness over him, when I feel overcome with newfound resentment.

“It’s obvious she wants you.” I say and he replies, “People in hell want ice water. All men want big, thick cocks but that’s not how life works, SuSu.” Ye Hua continues to converse with me casually, but now with a smirk on his handsome face. “Since your front side is too sensitive, I can’t throw you over my lap and spank you as punishment.”

“Punishment?! Why should you punish me? I didn’t do anything wrong.” I’m outraged and passionately argue with his unfair judgment of me. “It was Sujin!” I yell in excitement and Ye Hua simply nods in opposition before correcting me, “SuSu, your offense was damaging yourself. Because hurting you is hurting me. I decided to make you mine the first night I saw you. Therefore, harming yourself is a great crime and I could care less about Sujin. However, your body now belongs to me and it causes me great pain to see you suffer.”

“So, it’s out of the great generosity in my loving heart that I’m not making you lie on your stomach. Get on the bed on all fours and grab the top of the bed frame with both hands. Keep your legs open– wide apart so I can gaze at your beautiful pussy that will soon be mine.” Ye Hua commands.

And I’m totally speechless! I’m absolutely out of my mind, floored but he further astounds me when Ye Hua says without expression, “My pet, if you don’t hustle and get on that bed this very instant, I’ll dry fuck that virgin ass of yours so hard that you won’t be able to sit comfortably for days.”

My entire body breaks out in tiny raised goosebumps when he growls, “Move it.” And I do. I move fast like the wind. Submissively on all fours, presented in the center of Ye Hua’s bed with my legs separated wide apart with my warm, damp pussy exposed. I grab the headboard and wait.

It’s disgusting how much I want Ye Hua to punish me.

I’m watching him watch me. With his pitch, black eyes as dark as a moonless night, Ye Hua is staring at me everywhere; taking in, drinking in the sight of me in total submission, before I hear the buzzing sound cut through the air. The sound…it’s the telltale whizzing noise of a whip in flight before it stops. The leather straps splayed as they strike the tender backside of my thighs.

I gasp before a loud moan comes from deep down my throat. When I groan, I feel overly aroused as I were in heat– such sweet, delicious pain. I could come like this…easily.

Who am I kidding? I AM about to come!

I’m so painfully close to my blissful conclusion and he skillfully pushes me there, over the edge. With his fingers, he slowly strokes up the slippery path of my wet sex from my swollen, quivering clit to my most private entry– he massages me. And his touch is all it takes. Loudly I cry out from climax and Ye Hua asks, “Can you feel how wet you are and how quickly you came? My pet, that’s just your body responding to its master.”

Ye Hua~

The sounds it produces is the most frighting aspect of the strap. The loud snapping, the noise of the whizzing whip in my hand is similar to a yippy little hunting dog like a terrier. It’s all bark without the bite. I know just how to handle it with precise accuracy, so the leather straps barely touch her radiant skin.

I wouldn’t dare hurt her. How could I? I’ve only been thinking of her endlessly, since Mo Yuan took her to Kunlun Mountain. I don’t know what it is about the human but I couldn’t get her out of my mind. Possibly it was love at first sight? For me, the attraction, the intrigue for her was instantaneous. After waiting a week to see and to be with her, Sujin – like the nuisance she is – managed to interject herself, and hurt SuSu before I had a chance to warn her of the dangers of being with me.

I need SuSu to fully understand she’s in a precarious position among discriminating immortals, and those who are jealous of her, so I discipline her. Little did I know, she would moan with pleasure when the whip kissed her skin. From her tantalizing body, she would exude the heady fragrance of her arousal that permeate the entire room, and leave me reeling.

It feels like severe intoxication. My head is spinning from her perfume. I lower the whip to the ground, and tenderly caress her skin making sure I didn’t hurt her. SuSu is still on all fours and her body from arousal is hot to the touch. Everything about her entices me to her like a bee to honey. The mouthwatering smell of her; the smooth sensation of her silky skin; the ravishing sight of her seduces me, and I want more than anything for our bodies to merge as one in ecstasy. But Mo Yuan’s stern reminder comes to mind.

“Not her maidenhead, Ye Hua. I know she is tempting but her virginity should go to her future husband.”

It’s an internal struggle for me as I force myself to move away from her, but my starving eyes can’t get enough of feasting on such indulgence vision, as I breathe in the sight of her like air. It’s sheer weakness when I indulge myself for a fuller view of her, I stand between the lowly positioned headboard that hits the middle of my upper thighs and her; when she gradually raises her head, her warm milk chocolate eyes meet and lock with mine, then most deliberately travels to the part of my body, where my ready sex is throbbing in desperation under my clothes.

A small smile curls up the corners of her lips before she purrs, “Please.” I think I know what she wants but I find myself asking, “SuSu, do you want my cock in your mouth?” She nods. Her head bounces up and down before she purrs, “Yes, Ye Hua. Please…”

“My pet, if you want me then take hold of me and put my cock in your mouth,” I suggest and she does. The warm sensation of her greedy mouth repeatedly coming down on my shaft, before she eagerly and hungrily licks me from root to tip pushes me near the brink of madness. Inside, my inner voice warns me, ‘Fuck, Ye Hua, you’re in big trouble now!’

To be continued…..

女王 Nǚwáng: Queen: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Adult Fanfiction Erotica Ch 3

Mo Yuan~

With Little Dove’s body balanced and draped across my upper quadriceps, I glide my fingers underneath the delicate waistband of her silky, white panties. It’s astonishingly remarkable how soft the silken fabric of her lingerie feels against my fingertips, but as smooth as the material is, it has nothing compares to her flawless and creamy, satin skin.

Her smooth, ivory skin with a trace of pastel pink. Her rosy complexion is like a baby makes me feel apologetic that I will soon redden it. “I’m sorry, my Little Dove,” I tell her then expand my hand’s range above her perfect skin.

Fingers flared out; my palm rapidly comes down upon her round, fleshy cheeks. Hard. And the bounce back from her supple skin is exquisite. Spreading my digits further, fully stretched out, firmly I again spank her milky but rapidly coloring surface, which is pure decadence and her perky curvaceous derriere quivers, while looking like a juicy peach in my lap.

My form of punishment is solely disciplinary. I’m concentrating on the measured strokes of my hand making sure not to bruise her body, but the rush of warmth to my loins is ever challenging to ignore. I conclude her punishment sooner than I planned because my cock is hard, thick and dripping, fighting to be freed from the confines of my trousers.

My body quickly shifts with hurried movements, and I can’t set her on her feet fast enough. I need to get the weight but mostly pressure off my blood engorged member. But her sad crocodile tears move me. She looks adorable, sitting there pouting like a child. So I pull her into my lap where she fidgets, and unintentionally grinds herself against the desperation in my pants that is striving for release.

She’s making me sweat. Bullets. Even with the semi thick material of my trousers between our bodies, I can distinctly detect warmth exuding from her arousal. And when she shifts to the ground, there’s wetness from her moist sex that leaves a damp spot on my pants, where she was sitting in my lap.

Now she’s looking up, and her big eyes are shifting from my face to the unignorable bulge by my groin from my erection. “Mo Yuan, show me that you’re not angry anymore.” Little Dove whimpers. She hasn’t a clue what she’s asking of me; she’s inviting trouble. There are so many wicked things I want to do to her, to her alluring body but first, I want to see her nude. “Stand up and take off the robe,” I say.

The white Kunlun gown drops. Her flawless body reveals before me, and there aren’t words to adequately describe what my eyes are feasting on. I don’t know where to look first. Should I feast on her full and heavy breasts, her hardened berry-like nipples, flat cream-like navel, her tempting feminine mound with the tiniest bit of straight silken black hair? But it’s her lips.

In the end, her beautiful mouth is my downfall; my destruction, my undoing of all my vows because I hear myself telling her, “Yes, you may. Lick it, Little Dove.” I answer in spite of myself when she asks to taste me.

‘Pangu, help me.’ I whisper under my breath but whom should I ask for help at a time like this? Maybe I don’t want help. Perhaps I want her… Who am I kidding? Heaven, yes, I want her to suck me dry and she does.

Little Dove starts with one of her small hands; she holds then pushes my shaft against my abdomen and eagerly, hungrily licks the entirety of my length from underneath. It’s the most exquisite and warmest of sensations, when she uses her tongue to bathe me, while slowly caressing every inch of my twitching cock from my precum drizzling head to my heavy ball sacs.

The groan of pleasure I let out is so long and ragged. It sounds foreign to me. She’s not frightened or intimidated of my size like other women, and sucks on one ball then pulls the other into her mouth, while pumping her hand upward and down stroking my cock skillfully. This ‘Little Dove’ is a natural born cocksucker. Her beautiful mouth was made for me to cum in. Between her tongue deliciously lapping around the fat head of my swollen sex, and the gagging sounds from her greed, as she ravenously engulfs me down into her throat, it doesn’t take long for my tingling balls to draw up into my body, before I explode in her mouth.

With her long hair wrapped and twisted around my fingers, I come with a big bang.

My load is much larger than average. I expect her to gag on my juice, but she sucks me in as if she were milking me; draws from my body my seeds as if it were her life giving essence, and in the process extends my climax much longer than usual. After swallowing everything I give her, she licks me and her lips clean then graciously thanks me, before telling me that she loves me. She sincerely means it.

This ‘Little Dove’ is something else and my inner voice warns, ‘Fuck, Mo Yuan, you’re in trouble now.’

Bai Qian~

The next morning…

Mo Yuan’s palm is large enough to grasp most of my throbbing buttocks in one hand. I barely hold back the faint whimper that escapes my lips, when he gives my cheeks a substantial squeeze as a reminder, before advising in his monotonous voice that has a definable edge of warning, “Little Dove, behave today. I have a full schedule but will make time if I need to disciple you again.”

“Yes, Mo Yuan,” Sweetly I answer, as I flutter my eyelashes at him using my femme fatale abilities to weakens his defenses. Success. His determined facial expression softens immediately and now, it’s the caring gentleman I’ve grown to love who is standing before my eyes. “Didn’t you say that you appreciated wine?” He asks before stating. “I have an extensive wine cellar. Why don’t you spend the day sampling the different vintages? I’ve made most of them personally.”

Wine! Wine! Why did Mo Yuan wait so long to tell me about the wine cellar?!

His promises of libations are the sweetest of sweet music to my ears! Why does it feel as if it’s my birthday? Pure ecstasy rushes through me, while I hop up and down euphorically dancing around him at the mention of wine, even though my punished sore derriere is killing me, before encircling my arms around his neck and ask, “What trouble could I cause drinking wine?” His dark eyes dance like twinkling stars, when I cover his mouth and lightly bearded chin with wet kisses and gush, “Thank you, Mo Yuan, and I love you.”

Mo Yuan~

More than three hours later…

“Shifu, how in the world could a woman drink that much wine by herself?! A mortal woman at that?!” My second disciple questions in pure disbelief. The amazement on everyone’s faces mirror mine, exactly. It’s only been four hours… No, three and a half hours to be precise since I asked her to behave and one, two, three…five empty wine bottles surround Little Dove, who is passed out cold in the wine cellar.

My sixth disciple is carefully taking her pulse, even though her loud snoring is a clear indication of her breathing. Passed out drunk, but she still manages to look incredibly ravishing with the top buttons of the robe loosened, and her long raven black hair spill everywhere.

“Let me get her back into bed,” I say as my worried students clear the path when I stoop down, and gather her in my arms. She’s a little thing, light as a feather or weighs as much as a child. Effortlessly, I pick up her intoxicated body and take her back into the bedchamber, when the ‘Little Dove’ opens her glassy eyes, drunkenly giggles at me in a way which make me grin in spite of the situation, before vomiting all over… ME!

“Damn it! Shit!” Aloud I curse but then I look around worried and wonder in silence, because I can’t remember where and when the hell did Little Dove eat corn?

And as if I don’t already have my hands full, literally. From the other end of the long corridor awaits for me another kind of trouble. I cringe when I overhear Zhe Yan’s too loud and over chipper voice calling, “Mo Yuan! Tuzi! Your beloved brother, Zhe Yan, is here to spend a few days with you! Where are you?”

It’s the worse possible time for a visit from Zhe Yan! I look down at my sleeping beauty, and frown realizing that I need to send my Little Dove to Ye Hua sooner than I’d expected or desired.

To be continued…..

女王 Nǚwáng: Queen: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Adult Fanfiction Erotica Ch 2

Bai Qian~

“Little Dove, you need to be disciplined.”

Maybe it’s his Shifu voice, but his harsh tone makes me nervous. Because this is the first time Mo Yuan has shown any signs of anger toward me, since I followed him back to Kunlun Mountain a week ago.

That night at the temple after he and Ye Hua defeated the demons, they told me I exuded a unique scent that drew devils to me, and they would protect me until the next full moon. Or until they knew for sure all the demons were dead. Little did the Dragon twins know, that’s how I usually smell ever since Zhe Yan used his magic, and infused my entire body with his peaches.

I was an obstinate child who hid from him at any given moment, when he came to babysit and that was his grand solution. It worked like a charm and was a success. After Zhe Yan’s spell, my peachy fragrance always directed him to me like a beacon regardless of where I hid.

It was many years later when he confessed in his haste, he’d used his most potent aphrodisiac peaches in his spell. Therefore, it wasn’t only demons who were attracted to me like bees to honey, but all men and often women. Nobody was immune to the scent except family members.

“How many times have I told you to stay put? This school isn’t a playground and you’re a mortal woman in a world of immortals. You’re lucky Die Feng saw you being taken by Yao Guang and led me to you. She’s a dangerous woman who is capable of terrible things.” Mo Yuan scolds me in his quiet but stern voice. I turn my feet in like I did when I was a little kit, and stand with my apologetic gaze dropped, suddenly feeling like a disobedient child when he demands, “Little One, over my knee.”

“What?! Mo Yuan, are you kidding me?!” I first oppose him. He can’t possibly be serious, but then, set and resolute expression on his masculine face tells me that he’s dead serious. Gone is the gentle Master of Kunlun Mountain, and now before me resides the wrathful God of War.

The sudden change in his appearance intensifies his fierce demeanor. Mo Yuan has his usual neatly top knotted hair down framing his chiseled – like himself, Godly – face, because it’s soaking wet from rescuing me from the insane white goddess’s water torture chamber. It’s hanging loosely but pushed back over his broad shoulders. His undone hair isn’t the only element of him that lacks his usual formality. He’s taken off his soaking wet heavy outer robe, and only wearing his thinner layers which are also damp. They reveal his usually hidden physique that is beyond muscular and powerful.

I’m staring at his phenomenal shape when pats his knees then states, “Dove, the longer you make me wait, the more your ass will burn from me adding strokes for every second you delay.”

Whatever doubts I had about the seriousness and gravity of the situation fades. I’m in deep shit and know when I’ve lost a battle. Such as now. I slowly walk to him and stand in front of him. Wringing my hands in front of my body, I give him one last extra pathetic expression of remorse to show my repentance. But his firm appearance doesn’t change, and I drape myself over his lap to accept my punishment.

Mo Yuan~

Having the ‘Little Dove’ around is a source of great pleasure. She’s a bundle of delight that has an infinite supply of ridiculously entertaining linguistic antidote, jokes and stories that keep everyone around her laughing. However, along with her very engaging presence also comes unforeseen difficulties, because she is an exceedingly beautiful woman in a school of testosterone fueled, but sexually repressed young men.

That’s not the only problem at hand, she’s a busy body. A real handful! But I only need to tough it out a few weeks, until she goes to Nine Heavens to be with Ye Hua. If her overly seductive feminine presence isn’t challenging enough; she’s also gotten lost over a dozen times, and wanders around the lower remote parts of Kunlun Mountain, even after my many warnings for her to stay put. And tonight, she hasn’t a clue just how close she came to drowning in that crazy Yao Guang’s water cage.

She was mere minutes…seconds from death.

It’s not my purpose to hurt the ‘Dove’ without reason, but a lesson in discipline is much needed to keep her safe, so she’ll follow commands when it pertains to her safety and security. “Place your palms flat on the ground and toes pointed down,” A faint sob escapes her lips when I resolutely instruct her.

The little one with her midsection upon my lap is arching, and bowing her lower back in anticipation of her punishment. She’s wearing the – too large for her tiny body – thick white rode worn by my male students. Without hesitation, I raise the garment and hear her gasp in shock and horror, then stiffen up more like a wooden plank when I pull the thick clothing up and over her waist, before pulling her panties down past her thighs to fully expose her derriere.

“Dove, I’ve become quite fond of you and don’t want to see anything bad happen to you. You came closely – very close – to severe danger today. I’m sorry to do this to you but it’s my earnest hope you will remember this lesson.” My hand comes down on her milky flesh that instantly reddens. It pains me to do this to her, but my palm proceeds downward firmly on her round cheeks, and loud slapping sound echoes in the bedchamber.

Bai Qian~

The intense pain of Mo Yuan’s heavy hand slapping my bare ass takes my breath away. But I’m weeping because I feel abashed to be spanked at my age, and further ashamed by my unruly behavior that provoked such a punishment to be necessary.

“I’m sorry, Mo Yuan. I’m so sorry.” I sob. The blows from his palm are hard, flush to my body making full contact and steady. After the twelfth whack, my bottom is on fire and feels hot, swollen and red like one of those monkeys with giant asses like an orangutan.

The powerful slaps suddenly come to an end. Now, Mo Yuan is caressing my bare puffed cheeks with tenderness, before he pulls my panties back up and carefully sets me back on my feet. With his right hand, he wipes my tears away. Although his kindness makes me cry even harder, he pulls me onto his lap and holds me until I stop crying.

“Mo Yuan, are you displeased with me? How long will you stay angry?” Whining I sound like a child, because I adore this stoic and silent man who lets me sleep in his bed, as he remains in silent meditation beside me and protecting me, while I sleep without a care in the world. And him being angry with me is more upsetting than anything else.

I love his gentle voice that soothes me, “Shhh, it’s over. Once the penalty is over, we let bygones be bygones and never bring it up again.” That isn’t enough to console me. I fidget on his lap wanting to get closer into his warm embrace; also trying to relieve the developing warmth and new moisture between my thighs. His spanking brought fire and heat to places on my body other than my bum alone.

“Show me that you’re not angry with me anymore, Mo Yuan.” I weep. I used to do this when I was little. Reconciliation is necessary for me after any form of punishment, and I urge him to give me affection, as I drop on my knees by his feet. Looking up at him with my big tear filled eyes, I pout until he said, “Stand up and take off the robe.”

When Mo Yuan’s big hands hold my little ones, they seem to disappear due to the vast difference in sizes, as he fondly brings me to my feet. His eyes follow my hands every movement, as they unbutton the many snaps and fasteners, before I lower the white robe down to the floor. Having his dark, hungry gaze on me quickens my breath, and we both in unison suck in a quick burst of air when I stood utterly nude. I panted because of the cold air on my skin but he for other reasons.

“You are so beautiful.” His soft voice sounds hoarse when he says, “Get back on your knees.” Mo Yuan loosens and unties the silk sashes at his waist, and pulls out his thick swollen phallus.

I gasp in genuine delight and whisper in awe of him, “Mo Yuan, it’s such a magnificent sight. So straight, thick and long that it makes me weak-kneed. It’s a good thing that I’m already kneeling.”

He gives me a little smile, then does that thing with his sensuous mouth that I’ve grown to love. It’s so arousing how he bites his bottom lip before pulling it between his teeth, when I bat and flutter my eyelashes as flirtatiously as I can and ask, “Can I taste you? Please?” Then I stick out my tongue until the wet, pink tip is mere inches from his engorged sex.

“Yes, you may. Lick it, Little Dove.” He answers. I eagerly do as I’m told wanting to please him and lick his cock, savoring the drops of saltiness from the slippery fluid seeping from the little slit on the big fat head. “I love how you taste, Mo Yuan. I want more. I want to taste more.” I sound like a purring cat when I hum, while sharing with him my first impression of his masculine and musky flavor.

His big hands tangle into my wet hair as he groans thick and husky with need, then commands, “Open wide… I’m going to fuck your beautiful mouth until I come, and you’re going swallow every drop.”

I open my mouth as wide as possible to accommodate him; I’ve seen many nude men and their members while flaccid and erect, but nothing could have prepared me for this. Still, I take everything he gives me. Mo Yuan does as he said he would and fucks my mouth and throat.

I’ve learned my lesson. Now, doing as I’m told and more. Hungrily sucking on his fat cock even when my jaw aches, as it becomes too wide and broad for me to handle. But I greedily keep engulfing his sex until he comes in my mouth, then I consume every single sweet speck of his hot seeds that shoot into the back of my throat, before expressing my heartfelt gratitude for his gift and says, “Thank you, Mo Yuan, for teaching me a valuable lesson and I love you.”

“Little Dove, what am I going to do with you?” Mo Yuan asks with his dark charcoal eyes smile and twinkle, when he leans down to tenderly kiss my forehead.

To be continued…..

女王 Nǚwáng: Queen: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Adult Fanfiction Erotica Ch 1

Mo Yuan~

Was it chance? Or was it destiny?

Our unexpected meeting with the woman we would soon both grow to love, marry and accept as our equally shared mate, happened after Ye Hua spoke to me of grave moral misbehavior with an unusual trace of anger in his customarily reserved timbre of speech.

Ye Hua said, “The heretics are pretending to be immortal Dragon deities, and collecting human tributes…”

I nodded to show I was listening… Well, in truth, only slightly at best. When my younger doppelgänger first told me a distant village of mortals by the Eastern Sea were, and had been sending human offerings to appease a gang of despicable immortals pretending to be Dragon Gods, I was far from interested. 

The race of humans could, at times, behave with unfathomable lack of judgment. But when he announced they were using the sacred Temple of the Golden Dragon as the place for their sacrifices, my silent indifference swiftly turned to outrage to hear of such blasphemy.

“How long? How long have they been executing such outrageous misconducts in a sacred place of worship?” My disturbance was ever growing when I asked, and what he replied made my stomach churn, roll with disgust. “For over twelve years.” Ye Hua answered then said, “A new offering has been made every full moon. Brother, that’s 240 innocent lives taken inside your temple. We should go into the mortal realm, and annihilate these foes like the animals they are.”

Yes, indeed. Their foul behavior did certainly make them animals. He knows me well, my identical sibling, and goes on to successfully lure me into his savior’s campaign by saying, “I think they’re the darkest of demons but then not many have seen them, and lived to give an accurate description of the fiends. Only one witness survived but is no longer mentally fit, and can’t speak since she doesn’t have a tongue. The demons ate it.” Ye Hua explained as his youthful features hardened with a quiet fierceness. 

Many aren’t aware of a hidden truth. Behind his act of callousness toward women, Ye Hua is the unofficial patron saint when it comes to the sufferings of opposite gender from any forms of abuse, and his inherent enthusiasm filled valor comes through in his passive-aggressive petition for me to join his crusade, “These savages not only gang raped the poor females with barbaric violence, but they also kill them during these attacks. After their death, performed sinful acts of desecration on their corpses such as necrophilia and cannibalism.”

“Brother, it’s a full moon tonight and my great sword craves to taste the blood of a demon.” The look of threat on Ye Hua’s face said everything, and spoke volumes even before he declared, “Let’s get those bastards, show them what a real Dragon God can do, and save the innocent in the process of being a hero again…”

“Maybe she’ll be a gorgeous princess and fall in love with me, then beg me to take her right in the temple as gratitude for saving her life.” He said before asking. “You will provide me with some sweet alone time with the doll, after we’ve defeated the fiends, won’t you, Brother?”

I couldn’t help but grin in spite of myself at his amorous inclination, “Yes, Ye Hua, just what you need in life. Another female to fall in love with you.” My sarcasm doesn’t phase him but then in reaction to my next decision, he smiles with obvious delight when I say, “But you’re correct about the demons. We can’t allow such immoral misbehavior to continue. Therefore, let’s go rid the world of a few incubi and save a beautiful woman’s life.”

His younger vitality drives his desire for heroism differently than it inspires mine, and Ye Hua, like the wind, is the first to vanish into the mortal domain.

Ye Hua~

Inside the temple is silent, not a single demon in sight. Instead, I notice the backside of a petite woman, and by the looks of her frantically gorging on the offering at the altar, she’s been starved. “The poor, wretched human.” Mo Yuan speaks in barely a murmur, “The village must underfeed the women before bringing them here. Ye Hua, give her a little scare so she’ll run home before the demons appear…but first, let the hungry human fill herself a little more. Who knows when she last had any nourishment.”

My brother’s compassion overflowth as usual, but I find it odd the mortals would send a female of such noble breeding. Judging by her delicate spiderweb gown which is more elegant than immortal silks, and the platinum ornament in her silken hair with a brilliant blue sapphire gem over thirty carats mounted on its tip, this woman shouldn’t be starving.

I’m intrigued, highly intrigued. However, haven’t the time nor luxury of knowing her better because for her safety, she needs to go. The humans have left us a sweet, little dove of a mortal offering,” I spout the first thing that comes to mind and barely fight the urge to laugh, when Mo Yuan side eyes me with a firm head shaking of disapproval for saying something so cheeky. But I can’t help myself because I’m having too much fun, and utter something else that will surely earn me another shaking of Mo Yuan’s head, “She is the most delicious morsel I’ve ever seen. Brother, perhaps I should devour her in one bite.”

That did it. Mission accomplished and we have her attention finally. The woman pauses from her dining festivity and I inwardly count down, waiting for the scared little bird to fly away. ‘Three, two, one… Fly far, Little Dove…’ 

But instead of rushing away, she spins around with regal poise like a queen and replies full of arrogance, “How dare you! I’m not a dove! Nor am I a mor…”

How unexpected. This human is full of fire and unafraid. Also, assessing by her full, curvaceous contours, far from starving and as I assumed, she’s from noble birth. She looks like a princess, an Empress even. Her immense beauty is parallel if not far exceeds any women, immortal or mortal, I’ve ever seen. Her flawless, porcelain, white complexion, haughty body language and posturing, the defiant way she’s staring us down, as if we’re her underlings isn’t the stance of a dainty mortal woman.

Something about her fiery gaze attracts and seduces mine. I’m caught and drowning in her eyes when from my peripheral vision, I observe Mo Yuan’s signal as he sniffs at the air. The most putrid odor permeates my senses. I perceive the foul stench too, the demons are near, and this ‘little dove‘ could become harmed during the forthcoming fight. She needs to leave and I turn up the intensity to frighten her away, “This mortal woman is extraordinary. I might take this ‘little dove‘ home with me and keep her naked always as my pet.”

Mo Yuan understands my purpose, and adds on to encourage her departure before the battle begins, “Not if I beat you and take her first, Ye Hua.” But this one has the fighting spirit to argue back to the God of War, and chirps back in reply, “I’m not for the taking.” And to my surprise, Mo Yuan then asks, “Is that a challenge I hear in your voice, Little Dove?”

Twin telepathy is extraordinary, and without a spoken word there is communication between us. Mo Yuan and I, together at the same time, notice a strange, almost edible, delicious fragrance coming from the woman. Outside in the woods, we overhear the savages talking to each other, “Follow that sweet scent of cunt. Tonight, we fuck and eat well!”

The humans have marked this unfortunate female sacrifice with a particular scent to draw the beasts to her. Mo Yuan and I simultaneously move by cutting her gown from her body, then camouflage her enticing scent by entirely draping, covering her in our clothing to conceal her perfume. My blood and adrenaline are pumping as we circle her with a magical spell of shelter, before assuming our Dragon forms, because it’s time to rid the world of some life stealing demons.

Bai Qian~

It’s sickening how excited I am. I should be ashamed of myself for being this aroused but I’m delighted, and over the moon to see these gorgeous men both in their naked glory. However, as I raise my gaze, everything becomes blurry, because surrounded am I with a magical buffer of defense. I can’t see anything but I hear the sounds of bodies being thrown, crashing, growling, swords colliding. I hear a full blown out conflict!

Oh, no, how could this be?! The twin sons of Heavenly Father are fighting over me! Once again, my appeal is my curse.

Fiercely banging my fists against the energy barrier, I scream to stop their dispute, “Please stop fighting! You can both have me! There isn’t any need to argue! It might take some time for me to be able to take you both, but let’s have a ménage à trois!”

To be continued…..