Ugly Beauty… Bai Qian~ While following this complicated and winding pathway that is my immortal life, I’ve come to realize a thing or two. I’ve observed regardless of age, gender, station, or cultivation, all asRead More

Triggered… Ye Hua~ It’s nothing short of a miracle. Just when my hope begins to wane, and I assume she is too far out of my reach. It’s serendipitous when most unexpectantly emerges a crossroad.Read More

The First Show… Bai Qian~ “What can I do for you to ease your pain? Qian Qian, is there anything I can do…”  Ye Hua’s faint voice, his gentle gaze came off warmly, as heRead More

Ye Hua~ The speed of her transformation as Qian Qian went from being a glowing ember before turning to chilling stone left him reeling as much as her kiss. Just milliseconds before, Qian Qian hadRead More

Perpetual Eclipse… Die Feng~ From the beginning, due to his brother’s personal preferences in bedfellows of which he didn’t pass judgment, second born son, Die Feng, recognized his older brother, the Crown Prince, would perhapsRead More

Praise and Pleasure… The quiet stillness within the bath chamber made the approaching footsteps seem louder than they were, and she curiously spun in the direction of the sound. From her movements, the rose petalsRead More

Mo Yuan~ “Bai Zhi didn’t think everything through. His response was impulsive! He failed to seriously consider the ramifications of his actions, or what could happen!” I hear Zhe Yan speaking but I’m silently wondering,Read More

By Her… The critical talking stemmed from his customary silent impassivity. What many characterized as his callous, cold indifference treatment toward them that the women in his harem described Ye Hua as being only partlyRead More

Little Fourth… Yingpei~ The world he knew had dramatically changed overnight. Without warning, certain people he had known as long as he could remember had vanished into thin air. Every morning, every single morning beforeRead More

Mo Yuan~ Zhe Yan declared. “Mo Yuan, I was there and saw everything with my own eyes!” He hadn’t stopped pacing since stepping foot on Kunlun Mountain, and he spoke as quickly as he paced,

Ye Hua~ Sublime perfection… This incredible moment between us is a true definition of that term. Correction. It’s not the moment but it’s her– her very presence. Beautiful SuSu entirely presented to me on allRead More

Bai Qian~ “SuSu, take off your dress.” I have another name. Mo Yuan called me his ‘Little Dove’ but Ye Hua calls me by the name of ‘SuSu’ 夙夙. Instead of using the more commonlyRead More

Mo Yuan~ With Little Dove’s body balanced and draped across my upper quadriceps, I glide my fingers underneath the delicate waistband of her silky, white panties. It’s astonishingly remarkable how soft the silken fabric ofRead More

Bai Qian~ “Little Dove, you need to be disciplined.” Maybe it’s his Shifu voice, but his harsh tone makes me nervous. Because this is the first time Mo Yuan has shown any signs of angerRead More

Mo Yuan~ Was it chance? Or was it destiny? Our unexpected meeting with the woman we would soon both grow to love, marry and accept as our equally shared mate, happened after Ye Hua spokeRead More