One Million Views

Oh-my-goodness. It has happened.  Vanessa, and friends, we’ve hit one million views. Dear, friends, thank you for following me since the beginning and supporting my site even when I take a long, extended years break in the middle of ongoing work. With words alone, I can’t express how your kind comments, emails, contacts, and mutual … More One Million Views

Happy International Women’s Day

Oh Ladies, to my Jeijeis and meimeis worldwide, it’s INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY. Party time! Being a woman isn’t just having sexy curves, tantalizing breasts, and luscious tushes. There’s much more than the outer aesthetics (which is damn fine if I say so), but we are also intelligent, family-focused, multi-tasks juggling masterminds.  Whenever I hear someone … More Happy International Women’s Day

The Hearts Sutra

Hello, my dear friends and loyal readers. I know it’s been a while. I hope everyone is still holding up after these past, often challenging, and harrowing years. I’m aware many have had their share of losses due to illness, sorrows, struggles, and emotional hurdles, and now it appears that there are more to come … More The Hearts Sutra