清醒梦 Qīngxǐng Mèng: Lucid Dream: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 18

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On the day she met High God Mo Yuan, Bai Qian purposely wore thick coke-bottle lens glasses. She dressed in black that intentionally emphasized her large round pregnant stomach. She’d prepared herself up with extra makeup so she appeared quite clownish. Heavily pink rouged cheeks and lips that matched. Baby blue shimmery eyeshadow and a big red flower behind her ear.

If one didn’t know her, they would have believed she was insane. She arrived at Kunlun Mountain two hours late and gave High God Mo Yuan a casual, informal bow, noisily plotted down and sat in a most unfeminine way. She crossed her legs like a man but it was a semi-cross due to her stomach. If anything her legs were open under her dress.

Due to her glasses, she couldn’t see clearly and everything was blurry. So, she didn’t see Mo Yuan’s face properly if she had, Bai Qian would have immediately recognized the similarity with Ming’s face.

Mo Yuan, on the other hand, saw her and gasped in shock because due to the magnification of her glasses, Bai Qian’s eyes looked buggy and huge. Plus the way she’d made up her face, was something one wouldn’t expect from one of the most beautiful women in the world. Her dress was beyond snug and not appropriate for a woman, who was due to give birth at any given time.

Loudly she slurped her tea when she took a sip and exclaimed, “AH!” After taking a sip and smacked her lips noisily.

She spoke first, “How would you prefer to be addressed? God of War, son of Heavenly Father, Master of Kunlun Mountain or High God Mo Yuan? You have too many titles.”

“Bai Qian, you may call me whatever feels most comfortable to you.” Mo Yuan replied in his gentle voice.

She audibly gulped her tea and informally questioned, “So, Tuzi, what do you do for fun around here? Is it always this quiet or has everyone gone drinking for the day?”

Mo Yuan choked on his tea because she’d called him by his scandalous nickname from his carefree days. Blushing, it took him a few moments to gather his voice. He lightly cleared his throat and coughed.

Softly he just responded, “Kunlun Mountain is a school. An all-male school so my disciples are most likely studying or practicing their method in meditation.”

“School!? I hated school and studying! Is it always this silent? Yikes, has anyone ever died up here due to boredom?” Bai Qian half shouted.

She continued and casually stated, “As you can see… I’m no longer a virgin and not a proper woman worthy of the Master of Kunlun Mountain. I know my father has been trying to convince you to take a wife so my child won’t be a bastard.”

She finished her tea and slurped noisily to get every drop out of the cup. Bai Qian turned her head and blatantly spat out a piece of tea leaf on her tongue.

When a disciple tried to refill her cup, Bai Qian said, “No, too much tea makes me use the girl’s room too often. No, thank you.”

Mo Yuan was remarkably silent watching her make a spectacle of herself. Amused, he fought back the urge to laugh out loud.

He softly commented, “The last time I saw you, Bai Qian, you were just a tiny little kit. Seeing you today makes me realize how quickly time flys.”

“Yes, I did number one on your shoes.” Bai Qian snickered and then burst into an unflattering laugh that sounded like a combination of a snorting pig and braying donkey all part of her ridiculous performance to appear as undesirable as possible.

Bai Qian suddenly stared at Mo Yuan’s face intently. She moved her head back and forth and attempted to focus her sight, but the lens on the glasses was too thick. All he saw were her giant bulging eyes get bigger with her movements.

Finally, she declared, “Your voice sounds very much like someone I know. Someone I hate! Sorry, no offense.”

She then patted herself on her chest and let out a tiny burp. Struggling to stand, Bai Qian noisily grunted, panted and rose with great difficulties.

“Would you like some help?” Mo Yuan inquired politely.

On her feet arrogantly, Bai Qian declared, “Nope, I’m up. Thank you for giving me your time today but there isn’t any need to continue with this charade. I don’t need a husband and you don’t need a pregnant wife who is carrying another man’s child.”

“You have a very nice school here.” Bai Qian pronounced as she looked around.

Bai Qian bowed and as she attempted to leave, bumped into one of the many pillars at Kunlun Mountain. Due to her glasses, she couldn’t see properly.

She apologized to the stone post, “My apologies. I didn’t mean to bump into you. Have a nice day Kunlun Disciple.”

The moment she vanished, Mo Yuan burst out in soft chuckles. The Fox Emperor Bai Zhi and High God Zhe Yan, who’d been sneakily watching the whole meeting popped out from their hiding spots, and Bai Zhi’s face was flushed crimson and his nostrils flared angrily.

“Mo Yuan, that’s not how Qian Qian is in real life! I don’t know what got into her today? I’m so embarrassed that I could die! Where did she get those glasses?! There’s nothing wrong with her vision!” Bai Zhi bellowed.

Zhe Yan was hysterically laughing and stated, “Well, that’s Xiao Wu for you. Did she burp earlier?! I almost lost it when she called you Tuzi!”

The Fox Emperor coughed nervously and loudly clarified, “Qian Qian did that on purpose today! Mo Yuan, I swear! She’s not really like that. Today was a false representation and performance! All show! Wait until I get home. I’m going to give her a tongue lashing for her outlandish behavior! She’s brought shame to herself and the family!”

Smiling Mo Yuan answered softly, “I know but she was funny. Bai Zhi, strangely I like her, and I found her to be quite interesting. Bai Qian’s honesty is rare and somehow appeals to me. It would be unfortunate for her to raise the child alone. Why don’t we arrange a second meeting?”

Wide-eyed, the Fox Emperor almost fell over when he heard Mo Yuan. He rapidly blinked in surprise.

Zhe Yan loudly exclaimed, “I knew Tuzi was a wacko pervert! They’re perfect for each other! A match made in heaven!”

“Don’t scold her for today. I found Bai Qian to be charming and very cute. She brought laughter to my day.” Mo Yuan stated as he calmly sipped his tea. He shook his head amused and laughed again thinking about her.


Heavenly Lord looked furious when he called Ye Hua to the main hall. High God Zhe Yan was sitting casually. Informally he nodded his head at Ye Hua when he saw him. He bowed and greeted both elders.

“Ye Hua, I’ve just been told, Bai Qian of Qingqiu met with Mo Yuan. It appears the Fox Emperor has suggested marriage to them. There will be the second meeting between them shortly.” Heavenly Lord was fuming mad.

Inwardly Ye Hua was relieved. The last thing he wanted to do was marry a pregnant woman. Blank faced he said nothing. Both Bai Qian and Mo Yuan were High Gods and closer in age. Well, he was considerably older than she but they would make a good match in his mind.

Heavenly Lord angrily stepped down the stairs from his elevated throne. Seething he slowly walked around Ye Hua while glaring down at him with rage.

Heavenly Lord spat, “Ye Hua, do you have any idea what kind of loss it will be for you if she weds Mo Yuan? Granted, he is a Celestial but still… I’m profoundly disappointed in you. All my efforts and dedication in you have been in vain!”

High God Zhe Yan appeared uncomfortable watching Ye Hua get scolded. The secondhand humiliation seemed too much for him. Zhe Yan stood and lightly cleared his throat. Smiling he nervously straightened out the small creases in his silk robe.

Smiling politely he said, “I’m no longer needed here since I merely came to deliver the message in the Fox Emperor’s stead. Xiao Wu is due anytime so he prefers to stay close to Qingqiu. I also need to check on her but I’m sure we’ll meet again after Mo Yuan and Bai Qian’s second meeting.”

Ye Hua swiftly whipped his head towards Zhe Yan, much so that his long hair swayed from his rapid movement. Disbelievingly Ye Hua requested, “High God Zhe Yan, what did you just say?”

Zhe Yan looked at Ye Hua oddly and replied confused, “I’m here to give a message… I need to get back.”

“No, no. Did you just say, Xiao Wu?” Ye Hua’s tone was suddenly severe and intense.

Casually crossing his arms over his chest, Zhe Yan coolly returned, “Xiao Wu is what we as in family members call Bai Qian. She’s the fifth child.”

“Does Xiao Wu have four older brothers?” Ye Hua tensely asked as the saliva dried in his mouth.

Zhe Yan didn’t understand why Ye Hua’s demeanor changed so swiftly. Hesitantly he slowly responded, “Yes. She’s the only girl among the five Fox siblings. She’s the youngest.”

Incredulously Ye Hua questioned in a low perplexed tone, “Is the Xiao Wu you’re speaking of well trained in martial arts?”

“Of course! She may be the most skilled female immortal warrior. Bai Zhen taught her everything she knows. He’s the best warrior in Qingqiu, maybe one of the best in the world after Mo Yuan of course.” Zhe Yan grew uncomfortable with the intensity of Ye Hua’s questioning and probing, which seemed to have abruptly come out of nowhere.

Ye Hua nervously requested in his soft voice, “Does the Xiao Wu you know always carries pearls?”

Zhe Yan pulled a pearl out of his pocket. Held it up for Ye Hua to see, grinned lopsided, snorted and replied, “Like this? It’s a luminous pearl from Qingqiu. She uses them as currency. Bai Qian’s pockets are always full of pearls.”

“Is Bai Qian’s child’s father a mortal?” Ye Hua’s word flew out racing but airy as he was hyperventilating.

Zhe Yan’s eyes suddenly narrowed at him suspiciously as his brows furrowed. He grinned but it was fake and guarded, “And why would Crown Prince Ye Hua want to know such a private matter?”

Ye Hua’s eyes widen in shock as he dumbfoundedly mumbled, “It’s true! Her child was fathered by a mortal. It’s my child! Bai Qian is Xiao Wu! My Princess Xiao Wu!”

“Xiao Wu isn’t a princess; she’s a queen! She’s High Goddess Bai Qian, Queen of Qingqiu!” Zhe Yan quickly corrected the matter factually.

Zhe Yan carefully stared at Ye Hua dis-trustingly and queried, “What do you mean you’re the child’s father?”

Ye Hua was utterly speechless. At the moment, everything came back to him in an imagery flash. Could it be feasible? Was Bai Qian somehow miraculously his Xiao Wu? He suddenly remembered the day she was drunk and the glowing light around her like a halo. It was her immortal High Goddess aura!

Instantly he recalled how she even called him an arrogant mortal. How Xiao Wu drunkenly declared she was a queen who was over 50,000 years old, and that she would have blasted him with her magic. How could he have forgotten?

The mysterious five pounds of truffles that appeared out of nowhere! Xiao Wu’s incredible speed and skill during their duel. Yes, the night he felt her eternal energy flush through his mortal body, and how he saw Celestrial Heaven for a few fleeting seconds. And her nighttime stories. All the times she spoke of Qingqiu and the Fox Clan. Why hadn’t Ye Hua remember all the things she told him until now?

At the time Ye Hua laughed at her silliness but she’d even told him she couldn’t die. Xiao Wu couldn’t die because she was immortal! It was the greatest of all miracle! Star Lord Si Ming couldn’t find her or the baby’s fates because she wasn’t a mortal and the baby hadn’t been born yet.

His grandfather stared at Ye Hua as if he were a madman when he laughed out loud in utter disbelief, while Zhe Yan stared at him confused and perplexed. Ye Hua hadn’t answered Zhe Yan’s question about being the baby’s father yet.

Ye Hua was positive Bai Qian was his Princess Xiao Wu. Without a proper greeting or explanation, he wordlessly cloud jumped and vanished from the main hall of Nine Heavens. Urgently rushing to Qingqiu to find his Princess Xiao Wu.


She sighed. Bai Qian held her protruding stomach which felt more substantial than usual with both hands. She was slowly waddling into the fox den when she heard a familiar soft voice from behind call to her.


Bai Qian’s blood instantly ran cold like ice. She shivered and all the hairs on her body stood on ends. She froze and focused on steadying her quickened breath. She told herself she was merely hearing things and took another step when she heard his voice say,

“Xiao Wu? My Princess Xiao Wu?”

To be continued…..