清醒梦 Qīngxǐng Mèng: Lucid Dream: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 22

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There was always an undeniable torrid sexual chemistry between himself and Xiao Wu but quite suddenly, Ye Hua’s lust and desire for her increased immensely. All he could think about was tearing off her clothes and doing wickedly sinful things to her alluring body.

So much so that Ye Hua secretly wondered if he was under a spell and bewitched! Yes, he was indeed under the influence of a Nine-tailed Fox love spell thanks to Bai Qian.

While his perpetual lust for her continued to soar and rise daily, frustratingly he’d yet to get any closer to mortal Bai Qian. Ye Hua tried to take some ‘pressure’ off manually but it was like giving a crumb to a starving man. Useless, therefore, cold showers became his brand new best friend.

Subsequently, after a while, he grew accustomed to having a constant raging erection and needless to say, he felt somewhat flustered eternally.

As his disappointment grew, weeks continued to pass without a single conversation or any progress whatsoever. Until the day Ye Hua arrived at her home, and saw clouds of black billowing smoke coming from inside her hut. In a rush, he ran indoors to discover something on the stove was scorched and on fire, while she napped peacefully in the other room.

It was like an instinctual knee jerk reaction, Ye Hua in a state of panic tried to pick her up and carry her out from the impending danger. But Bai Qian instead, swiftly pushed the tip of her sword into his neck without bothering to open her eyes.

Indifferently she inquired, “What are you doing in my home?”

“There’s a fire! Can’t you smell the smoke?! I’m trying to save your life!” Ye Hua coughed uncontrollably from the smoke fumes, while attempting to explain his reason for entering her home without permission.

Rolling over, she sleepily answered, “That happens all the time. It’s nothing new. Goodbye.”

How perplexing was her apathetic demeanor? There was a blazing fire in mortal Bai Qian’s kitchen but she didn’t budge. Ye Hua went to the stove, grabbed the towel beside the range and removed the top of the burning container most carefully.

What he saw caused him to snort in disbelief because she was burning rice. One of simplest things to cook that even children could make was scorched black and inedible. Ye Hua swiftly used the big lid of the pot to clear the home of the dark smoke.

From the kitchen, Ye Hua halfshouted bewildered, “You’re burning rice! That’s challenging to do even if you’re trying! What woman can’t cook something so fundamentally basic?”

She was leaning up against the wall with her arms crossed and casually stated, “I don’t cook. I never needed to because I was served all my entire life. Pansy Prince, you shouldn’t judge others considering you probably can’t cook either. I’ve grown accustomed to eating burnt food. It’s not a big deal.”

Humored, he smiled at her complete lack of knowledge and proudly rolled up his sleeves. Cracking his knuckles, Ye Hua sensed a feeling of sweet gratification because finally, he found a way into her life. It wasn’t precisely the part of her body he’d hoped but it’s better than nothing. It was through her stomach. Mortal Bai Qian couldn’t cook.

It became a strange little routine between them. Daily, Ye Hua waited until she went to the temple and cooked her meals and left them behind for her. From a distance, gleefully he watched her eat quite happily with a fulfilled level of satisfaction. Since he knew Bai Qian’s eating preferences from their time together during his mortal trial, he knew actually what she loved to eat.

One day, he watched her leave and snuck in as usual when Ye Hua suddenly heard her ask from behind, “Hey, Pansy Prince! Why do you keep creeping into my home and cook?”

“What if I told you it’s because I’ve fallen in love with you? What would you say?” Ye Hua answered randomly without looking back and continued cooking one of her favorite stew.

He heard her sarcastic smirk from behind because it was loud. She ignored his question, instead walked outside, and unceremoniously sat under the giant tree in the front yard. Ye Hua lowered the heat on the stove after adding barley to the boiling liquid. It needed time to thicken so he joined her, sat with his long legs bent up and arms crossed on his raised knees. She was staring at the carving on the tree ‘Princess Xiao Wu’.

Running her fingertips lightly on the marking, she said, “I came here from far away and my name was already etched on this tree as if I was meant to live here.”

He glanced over inquisitively, feigned ignorance and questioned, “What’s your name? Princess Xiao Wu or Go To Hell? Both are cut into the tree?”

She studied his face for a while and stated quite matter of factually, “Pansy Prince, if you’re looking for love, you’re barking up the wrong tree. Judging by your appearance, it must surprise you that I’m not swooning. I’m here training before I accept my orders. My life’s goal is to become a nun.”

His eyes flew open in surprise and he gently pressed his hands together as if in prayer then boldly asserted, “I was merely teasing you before but what a strange coincidence! I’m also here to discover wisdom. I’m Ye Hua, soon to be brother Ye Hua. I plan to devote my life to obtaining enlightenment and becoming a monk.”

“Xiao Wu, I’ve taken vows of celibacy and came to devote myself to prayer and knowledge. I’ll finish your stew and head back into the woods. I’ve set up a temporary shelter and constantly pray bears don’t eat me at night. You see, I sleep out in the open.” Ye Hua solemnly said straight faced while speaking a bold face lie.

Bai Qian pressed her lips together and barely held back her desire to laugh out loud. If anything, Ye Hua was quite crafty and ingenious to devise such a shrewd move on his part. She found him endearing and cute. Considering the powerful enchantment spell she used on him, his level of self-control was quite impressive.

It tickled her to no end and she privately giggled because regardless of his calm exterior, she knew he was internally percolating with lust. And it was the perfect time to move into phase two of tormenting Ye Hua. Torture by teasing and provocation.

Holding her prayer beads, she informally suggested he stay for dinner considering he’d prepared it. Ye Hua thanked her profusely and said eating outdoors was challenging and difficult, since it drew bears and wolves to his exposed unprotected dwelling. His anxious, worried facial expression was most earnest and almost convincing.

Ye Hua’s behavior was so adorable that Bai Qian secretly wondered, if she’d be able to withstand eight months without intimacy. She had to leave the room a couple of times just to laugh at him.

If anything, Bai Qian was curious as to how he could keep such a straight serious face with the silly things that were coming out of his mouth? And how was he able to sit so calmly and still, when she knew he had a full-blown erection because she’d hit him with another love spell earlier in the day.

While eating, Xiao Wu softly suggested, “Ye Hua, since we’re on the same path to enlightenment and I don’t have much to offer, but you’re welcome to share my humble home with me.”

“And since you’ve taken a vow of celibacy, I know I’m safe even though you’re a man. Of course, you’ll sleep in the front of the hut and I’ll use the back because it’s only proper.” Xiao Wu continued eating while glancing down demurely to show her modest virtue.

Ye Hua’s soft voice responded, “Xiao Wu, your kindness is so generous that I can’t bring myself to refuse such a gracious offering. If it’s not too much of an inconvenience, I’ll take you up on your kind offer.”

Wide-eyed to express his extreme fear, Ye Hua exclaimed, “I’m terrified of bears and wild animals so it’s fortunate that I met you.”

“And as you said since I’ve refrained from carnal desires most of my life there’s no need to worry about me.” Ye Hua declared expressionless while blinking innocently.

It was a struggle to keep from laughing when she offhandily said, “You remind me of my younger cousin. She’s also afraid of bears and wild things. I believe in your past life that you were most likely a female since you’re so girly in this life. May I still call you Pansy Prince?”

Tilting his head ‘yes’, Ye Hua softly replied, “Pansy Prince has a charming ring to it. Yes, I’m Pansy Prince from now on.”

He was trying so hard! Ye Hua smiled ever so slightly but it was forced, false and phony. Bai Qian saw his eyes narrow and twitch from annoyance and fought to hold back her laugh. She was firmly biting the inside of her mouth to hide her giggles.

Pansy Prince became Ye Hua’s new name and he slyly moved into Xiao Wu’s home.

Mornings started with prayer. Xiao Wu performed her bows and prayers while he covertly hungrily stared at her breasts.

She wore modest dresses that were cut exceptionally low in the bust-line, and not the style one would expect a nun apprentice to wear. Therefore, when she bowed forward most of her beautiful breasts popped out of the top of her dress, and drove Ye Hua crazy. All he could think about was getting them in his mouth, and occasionally had to control himself from audibly smacking his lips!

And Ye Hua knew it wasn’t on purpose and Xiao Wu was fated to die a virgin, but she did the most provocative things. She openly walked around in her thin silk slip after taking a shower, so the white material stuck to her succulent damp skin. It made his body break out in a cold sweat because he wanted to lick her and eat her up.

Once again, he knew it was intentional but Xiao Wu wore very little clothing to bed. How tantalizing and irresistible she appeared dressed only in a sheer, sleeveless, silk nightgown. A shallow plunging neckline dress and the thin light pink material revealed her edible dark nipples, and sweet womanly mound making it impossible for him to sleep. Often the straps fell off her silky shoulders, and exposed the most substantial part of her luscious breasts most deliciously.

Ye Hua one night coolly commented how comfortable she was with him when Xiao Wu sweetly replied, “Pansy Prince, sometimes I just forget you’re a man.”

Outwardly he innocently smiled but on the inside, Ye Hua so very much wanted to show Xiao Wu just how manly he was. Mere seconds. That’s how close he was from jumping her always.

And if things weren’t already problematic for him, some nights, Xiao Wu wanted to play chess before bed and wore just her sexy nightgown. Ye Hua knew it wasn’t her aim to appear so provocative, but at times it felt as if she were trying to seduce him. Or was that what he wanted to believe?

Slowly a painful, uncomfortable frustration pent-up for four months went by in this torturous manner, and Ye Hua felt as if he were going to explode. When finally, an opportunity to seduce her presented itself quite unexpectedly.

It was right after morning prayer, while they leisurely sat on the steps of the hut and watched the beautiful summer rain-shower. The weather was heated so it created a warm balmy atmosphere. Xiao Wu nonchalantly reached out and caught raindrops falling from the awning of the cottage.

Sighing deeply, Xiao Wu looked up at the rain and wistfully said, “This weather reminds me of home and days like today, I miss it.”

“Xiao Wu, why did you leave? Purely for enlightenment?” Ye Hua softly asked even though he knew the answer.

She smiled and remarked, “My father wanted me to marry and I grew exhausted of the constant combat.”

“Battle? There aren’t any wars.” Ye Hua asked confused since there weren’t any active conflicts occurring in the mortal world.

She clarified and explained, “The men who wanted to marry me had to beat me in combat and none passed.”

Smirking confidently, Ye Hua haughtily exclaimed, “That’s it! All they had to do was beat you in a fight to marry you? How simple! You must come from a place where the men are weak and frail. Unable to beat a twenty-year-old woman! How ridiculous and absurd!”

“What? Do you think you could win against me?” She proudly challenged.

Ye Hua softly snickered at the sheer comedy of her silly dare. It was humorous how Xiao Wu was so arrogant in both mortality and immortality. The absolute concept of a mortal woman beating an immortal god in a contest was highly entertaining, and unlikely if not impossible.

He chuckled at her openly because Ye Hua couldn’t help it. He wondered if it could be this easy to win her over? The idea was oh so tempting. He was going to let it rest but she continued to taunt him.

Xiao Wu’s full lips pursed and her dark eyes dangerously sparkled as she demanded, “Do you believe beating me is so easy? As you can see, I’m still unmarried because I’ve never lost.”

Blatantly rolling his eyes, Ye Hua shook his head at her vanity and asked, “What’s the prize? Marriage?”

Feeling wholly confident and cocky of his abilities, Ye Hua brazenly suggested, “How about if I win…you let me do whatever I want to you for the rest of the day? Sexually.”

Xiao Wu’s eyes narrowed suspiciously and her brow rose when she questioned in a tone full of mistrust. “What about your vows of celibacy?”

“Hm, if I’m going to be a monk, I might as well have at least one incredible experience. Wouldn’t you agree?” Ye Hua countered rather haughtily. He planned to beat the shirt off of her somewhat literally.

Commandingly Xiao Wu declared, “If I win, you have to leave and never come back. Now that I know you harbor sexual feelings toward me well, that changes everything. Do we have a deal?”

Ye Hua licked his lips and made a click with his tongue as he playfully winked at her. He stared Xiao Wu intently in the eyes and firmly shook her hand in agreement.

Immediately Ye Hua jumped up first, wordlessly disrobed until he was shirtless and wearing just his pants. Haphazardly tossing his clothes on the wooden railing of the stairs, he undid his topknot so his soft long hair hung in his face. He stepped out in the yard and stood under the pouring rain.

It didn’t go unrecognized by Bai Qian, how exquisitely erotic Ye Hua appeared standing in the down pouring shower. The giant warm water drops splashed, and fluidly slid down his golden masculine shoulder and smooth hairless chest. His small nipples were hard and erect from the rain. His light hued pants became translucent and were sticking and painted to his muscular, tanned upper thighs.

His long locks soaked and separating in wet pieces over his face and body, Ye Hua tilted his head to one side ever so slightly. Teasingly he bit down on his full bottom lip and motioned to Xiao Wu with his hand, ‘come on. Bring it!’ And the sly playful little smile never left his face.

To be continued…..