金龍 Jīnlóng: Golden Dragon: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 35 NSFW

Joyfully dancing musical scales and harmonically swinging song notes, from Mo Yuan skillfully playing his zither lingered in the air. The sweetest tune drifted, floated and turned languidly in the quiet and serene evening atmosphere. They flowed from his Chinese harp. They streamed from his psaltery and out came the most moving of love serenades.

The mesmerizing and enchanting melody reached out, brushed over then poured down into her ears. At that very moment, she slowly emerged from calm, and still tepid water’s surface like a mermaid gracefully.

Bai Qian appeared gradually from the dark depths of the warm chest-high pool and her rich, luxurious hair slicked back wet. Minuscule and little droplets of the crystal clear liquid stuck on the very peaks of her thick, long eyelashes like morning dew gathering on the end of pistils before eventually dripping, rolling and gliding steadily down her lovely face same as raindrops.

Then the delightful sensation of being entirely immersed and soaked away. It was the perfect combination of the comforting, soothing springs with Mo Yuan’s melodious song and felicitous nocturne, that abruptly brought on the utmost sense of relaxation, calm and serenity.

Bai Qian stood surrounded by billowing clouds of steam, that rose from the tranquil surface of the warmed pool created by nature. From above even the many stars seemed to twinkle and shine, in perfect time whimsically to Mo Yuan’s tune.

Their romantic time became more amorous when Mo Yuan recited a love verse,

“Hundreds and thousands of times, for her I searched in chaos,
Suddenly, I turned by chance, to where the lights were waning and there she stood.”

In his smooth and velvety voice, Mo Yuan uttered the love poetry then said, “Qian’er, I find it fascinating you were right under my nose the entire time and I never noticed. I wonder what would have happened if you became my seventeenth disciple? I think that would have changed everything.”

“Knowing you, Mo Yuan Oppa. You would have most likely regarded me as one of your children, and perhaps tried to marry me off to Ye Hua or someone like Prince Die Feng. I could have ended up your sister-in-law and we wouldn’t have had our son, Jīnlóng.”

Even without seeing his face, Bai Qian detected the annoyance in Mo Yuan’s miffed voice, “Must you bring up those two? Today, you were flirting with Die Feng and you’ve been spending time with Ye Hua. Don’t you know, men and women can’t be friends because of the ‘what ifs’ scenarios that could happen?”

Bai Qian teased while floating on her back leisurely, “What is the ‘what if’ scenario? I find it a bit anticlimax since you stripped me down, and I believed you were going to chase me into the water.”

The sound of Mo Yuan’s voice was one of profound enlightenment, when he shared his scholarly wisdom, “Qian’er, the ‘what if’ is…let’s just say we argue and then you run into Ye Hua. He wipes your tears, pats your back then takes off your clothes. That’s the ‘what if’ and why you must stay away from them. It would be best if you stayed away from all men.”

“Also, a flower doesn’t chase the bee. The bee comes to the flower for sweet nectar. That means… I have wine beside me and if you want it then you’ll have to come to me. Buzz buzz buzz.”

Mo Yuan declared in his sedated Shifu tone. But when he mimicked buzzing sounds made by a bee, Bai Qian giddily giggled utterly amused by his goofy, charming ways, backstroked toward his voice for wine and heard him say in the same earnest tone of speech.

He stated, “Qian’er, come here to me and don’t be afraid, or intimidated by the massive hard object on my lap and in my hand. Don’t act coy since I think you know what to do with it, because you’ve played with once before.”

Bai Qian was mid backstroke when she paused in the water, snickered and played along even though she knew his reply, “That’s quite forward to ask an unmarried woman, High God Mo Yuan.”

“I was referring to my zither. I worry your time with me in the mortal world, has turned you into an unquenchable nymphomaniac, and I’m fully aware of how much you desire me but try to control yourself.” Mo Yuan returned and placed his harp aside then silently glided into the hot water to join her.

She heard the subtle splash in the near distance, but due to the continually rising water vapors and steam, it affected her visibility. Bai Qian didn’t know where he was until Mo Yuan dove under the water, and ascended directly in front of her. Stealthily he rose from the pool then took her in his strong arms, and urgently pressed his lips to hers with heat.

Mo Yuan kissed her passionately and with one powerful arm securely held her above her waist. The other carefully scooped, cradled and carried Bai Qian by the soft backsides under her thighs. She tightly encircled her arms around his neck, and her legs around his taut abdomen in need of his closeness, while returning his impassioned kiss.

Their drenched, wet bodies pressed firmly against each other in a lover’s embrace, as their urgent hot kisses were deep and heated from the start. Their craving tongues intertwined, caressed and coiled to each other with intimate familiarity. Immediately their bodies recognized each other even though, there was a subtle sense of contrast and difference in Bai Qian’s immortal body.

For Mo Yuan, it was slightly like embracing and caressing a stranger’s shape because of Bai Qian’s fuller, ampler and more voluminous feminine physique. But there was also an unexplained pleasure, and excitement of rediscovering and relearning her, that roused a new feeling of eager enthusiasm in him.

Bai Qian’s physical form felt undoubtedly different but her arousing kiss was ever the same. She was still an incredibly passionate kisser. Mo Yuan noted the taste of her mouth and smooth skin were as sweet, edible, luscious as he remembered. The floral, candy-like sugary scent of her was also identical.

Rediscovering her familiarity brought on a newfound boldness and daring to Mo Yuan in his quest to explore the differences. His wandering, searching hands grew more brazen as he demandingly stroked the sides of her curvaceous bare body and kissed her open mouthed.

Bai Qian faintly groaned when her larger and rounder succulent cherry sized nipples rubbed, hardened against his muscular chest from his gentle but arousing and probing touch. Mo Yuan carried her without breaking their fiery kiss, and took measured steps toward the shallower waters in the hot springs, before taking a seat.

She sat straddled on his lap while Mo Yuan’s large roaming hands strayed and skimmed, until he found her breasts and nipples. He then tenderly cupped, fondled both her full breasts deliberately one after the other. His thumbs stroked and rubbed her large plum colored nipples, until she shuddered with arousal.

“Qian’er, your beautiful breasts are so much fuller, softer and your nipples are absolutely edible.” Mo Yuan’s voice whispered in her ear husky with need.

Mo Yuan’s discoveries and findings of her advanced, when his skillful fingers deliberately massaged, rotated and lightly grasped her firm, erect nipples. She squirmed and wiggled from her want in his lap from the exquisite, and incredibly arousing sensation of his hand, fingertips and manual manipulation of her body.

Bai Qian’s yearning body responded to his expert touch instantly, and Mo Yuan had barely begun. His searching, inquisitive caresses were full of want and delicious as nectar. But the ambrosia-like taste of his mouth was even more pleasing, because his kiss felt like home and shelter. Yet his intensely warm kiss also felt like taunting and merely stoked, ignited and fueled her deep lust for him further.

The profound hunger in her was undeniable. Bai Qian wanted to feel Mo Yuan’s body against her, and experience his tempestuous physical handling of her. Her body’s desire and demand for the euphoric sensation of becoming one with her lover, was extremely urgent.

Still, when Mo Yuan’s inquisitive hand moved to delicately caress, brush and stroke Bai Qian’s feminine lower flower petals. Most apprehensively she flinched from his exploring caresses.

“Don’t be frightened. I’m only touching and getting to know you again. You feel much different everywhere and I won’t hurt you.”

Faintly Mo Yuan hummed before his mouth eagerly found her breasts, nipples and his tongue languidly savored her bumpy, dark aureolas with circular sweeping strokes.

He revered in the rapture of her perfect body while worshiping her beautiful breasts. Mo Yuan’s fingertips rubbed the complete length of Bai Qian’s silky external feminine folds, with slight teasing strokes always, before intentionally seeking and finding her sensitive external button. Then with deliberate, slow and constant winding motions he massaged, grazed her repeatedly and made her moan out in ecstasy.

Bai Qian cried out from her pleasure, “Oh, you’re making my body feel so incredible.”

The water worked perfectly as liquid lubricating for his consistent rubs, and helped create the most arousing gentle friction. He knew Bai Qian’s body better than she knew herself and the feeling of her full, succulent breasts melting in his mouth pushed his desires further.

Mo Yuan’s mouth continued to hungrily devour her breasts, while his right hand rubbed her sensitive pink pearl and his left caressed her backside, then groped her voluminous, full bottom somewhat roughly.

Their past familiarity and intimacy were clear, when Bai Qian without hesitation confidently reached down and grabbed his readiness. Possessively she grabbed him with Mo Yuan in her grasp correctly. Most provocatively slipped her clenched hand up and down, the full girth of his erect manhood. He shuddered from her arousing technique.

Hoarsely he moaned and hearing his throaty sound made Bai Qian’s arousal surge, as she urged in a sultry purr, “Mo Yuan Oppa, could we make love tonight? I want…need to feel you inside me again.”

“Qian’er, not tonight.” He spoke while massaging her with more speed and intensity, then regretfully added because he desired her too, “I want and need more time so I don’t hurt you. I’m greedy and once won’t be enough for me. The baby will cry all night without you.”

Anxiously Bai Qian’s entire body turned, squirmed from the arousing technique of his skillful fingers, and she tensed as she whimpered breathlessly, “Then kiss me. I’m ready.”

Their lips collided in a scorching encounter and combustion occurred within her body. Bai Qian cried out from climax while pressing herself against his rubbing fingers. The rapacious sounds of her pleasure peak were loud as she rode the wave of her climax. She without catching her breath shifted back slightly from his lap, and used both her hands aggressively for Mo Yuan’s pleasure. While her tongue tasted and savored every part of his mouth, before sensuously moving to his neck.

Provocatively she licked his neck up to his ear and groaned, “I’ve missed touching you and feeling you touch me.”

Her exciting manual stimulation of him caused Mo Yuan to abruptly grab Bai Qian’s face, with both hands and kissed her with crazed urgency. The sugary flavor of her mouth pushed him to climax, and the fiery excitement of kissing her was most arousing for him.

During their extended separation, it was her lips that he missed most. It wasn’t only her kisses but also her smiles, her words, her peals of laughter were what he longed for and the yearning for her tantalizing body too. Mo Yuan missed everything about her even her quick temper and extreme jealousies.

Her heart was what he yearned for endlessly and when Mo Yuan hugged her tightly, tenderly placed his head against hers and said, “I love you more than ever before, Qian’er. Will you marry me and give me the honor of being your husband again? Could we make another honeymoon baby?”

Mo Yuan meant every single enduring word from the lowest bottom to the highest top, of his massive heart that overflowed with infinite love for Bai Qian and his son, Jīnlóng.

She stuck out her pinky for him to grab and said, “Promise me that we’ll make another honeymoon baby?”

Quickly, Mo Yuan linked his finger with hers and kissed her little pinky intertwined with his.

To be continued…..