金龍 Jīnlóng: Golden Dragon: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 37

It was unusually and unnaturally quiet when Bai Zhen walked into the recently boisterous Fox Den. It had become the bustling epicenter of activity with Xiao Wu’s wedding, which was only a week away.

The wedding ceremony which began as a small and intimate celebration, had now become a lavish gigantic affair with more than 4,000 confirmed guests to attend. The immortals who were invited, considered it an extreme honor to be a part of such a monumental occasion.

Xiao Wu being the only daughter, her mother insisted on handling all the details including making her gown personally. She’d bought out all the ridiculously expensive pure gold threading in the immortal world, to use on the elaborate red silk gown with the exquisitely ornate Phoenix embroidery. The fastidious task required such fine detail that all the sisters-in-law and their sisters, had come the week before to help her mother with the delicate needlework.

So after a week of nonstop endless clamorous female chattering and gossips, it was completely silent and empty in their den except for Jīnlóng. The now six-month-old infant with thick black hair that stuck straight up was able to sit up on his own, and had his entire fist in his slobbering mouth.

Jīnlóng saw his uncle, squealed with delight and raised his arms toward him to be held. The baby was terribly spoiled and used to being carried around, and Bai Zhen was the guiltiest who’d created these circumstances. But the baby was so cute, always happy, smiling, drooling and irresistibly adorable. His soft baby arms and legs were fat and chubby, made Bai Zhen want to take a bite out of him.

But it was odd. They would never leave Jīnlóng alone and he was correct, because Migu quickly came out with a fresh bottle and handed it to Bai Zhen. “Where is everyone? Shouldn’t they be working on Xiao Wu’s dress and wedding preparations? Mother has barely slept. Is she finally taking a break?” He asked.

“Your Highness, everyone left after the goddess from Nine Heavens delivered a note for Gugu.” Migu replied and carefully placed the soft cloth under the baby’s chin, to catch the milk dripping down the sides of his mouth.

A message from Nine Heavens? Could there be an emergency for everyone to leave in such a hurry without notice? No, Xiao Wu wouldn’t have left the baby. This matter was quite mysterious, slightly worrisome and Bai Zhen asked Migu about the contents of the letter.

Migu quickly fetched the letter then handed it to Bai Zhen before answering, “Your Highness, I don’t know the contents but this is the note.”

It wasn’t addressed to him and under normal circumstances, Bai Zhen would have never read such a thing. However, the concern was real when he carefully opened the folded letter and read the following:

Dear Sǎozi, (Sister-in-law)

I feel honesty is the best foundation for all relationships especially one as close as ours. In keeping with this sincere mentality, I feel the need to inform you that Mo Yuan was not playing chess with Zhe Yan in the peach orchard, but surrounded by 186 courtesans last night in endless wine.

However, my older brother is such a noble and loyal man, that only a few snuck him a kiss mostly on his cheeks. But do not worry since most of the women were dressed, and only half had their bosoms exposed. As his responsible younger brother, I was concerned since I’m sure you’re already aware that Mo Yuan is a breast man…still, he conducted himself to his best ability.

Since Mo Yuan had a bachelor’s party…what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Or what’s good for the Dragon is good for the Fox. Either way, I’ve sent my good friend, Cheng Yu, the most entertaining goddess in Nine Heavens. She will escort you for an evening of relaxation, and fun in the Mortal Realm personally.

Sincerely with utmost respect and admiration.
Your loving brother-in-law, Ye Hua.

Abruptly, Bai Zhen burst out laughing which caused Jīnlóng to stop sucking on his bottle, and instead join his uncle by giggling along.

“Was Xiao Wu angry after she read this?” Bai Zhen questioned in between chuckling and wiped the tears from his eyes, because he already knew the answer. It was a terrible prank pulled by Ye Hua but it was hilarious.

Migu nodded his head adamantly and answered in a low, confused voice, “Gugu was outraged and the Empress was quite upset too. The women all changed into their best outfits, did their makeup and left looking beautiful with the carrier from Nine Heavens. They didn’t say where they were going but instructed that I babysit until you arrived.”

“The only thing I recall Gugu saying was ‘You’re going to get it!’ But I don’t know who she was referring to.” Migu added and looked at Bai Zhen with a crooked confused grin when he began laughing again.


Bai Qian and the Empress were furious, because both Mo Yuan and the Emperor said they played chess the night before in Zhe Yan’s orchard. The men failed to mention the presence of naked courtesans, because they knew their jealous women would have a fit. But their secrecy backfired severely.

Now the Fox women on a quest to be vengeful and their celestial hostess started with tea, but then swiftly switched to extremely potent wine. Together, they were a drop dead beautiful group of women that turned heads everywhere they went. Men couldn’t help themselves as they openly stared, gaped and gawked the women regardless if they were alone, or with their female partners as if under an unbreakable spell.

And after many, many, many bottles of wine were consumed, Cheng Yu led the now tipsy ladies to a copper figurine store, and asked the owner if he’d received any new pieces of ‘porcelain.’ Quite a strange thing to request from a copper solicitor, but the owner led the women to a private viewing room hidden in the basement of the property.

The exclusive room was vast as Bai Qian looked around the spacious salon, and saw items of such she’d never seen before. There was highly provocative lingerie, whips, belts, ties and figurines made of glass that resembled parts of the male body. She was speechless and she wasn’t the only one…the other women had heard of such places in the mortal realm, but never seen one personally. Nervously they stood huddled in a silent daze, until they listened to the sharp sound of a whip snapping in the air.

It was Cheng Yu and in her hand a whip. She had what appeared like something one would use on a horse, but it was much smaller. She smiled and said, “This would hurt…but it would feel so good too.”

That broke the tension and the intoxicated group burst out into hysterical laughter, then slowly began to stroll around exploring the variety of items inquisitively. They picked up pieces unsure of its purpose, and one of Bai Qian’s sister-in-law held up what appeared to be a double pacifier.

“That’s for those who enjoy double stimulation. One goes in the front and the other in the back.” Cheng Yu casually explained causing the woman to throw it down, as if it were a piece of burning coal.

Bai Qian snickered at her sister, touched the sheer red lingerie gingerly before turning to Cheng Yu and asked, “Do men enjoy seeing their partners in such clothing? It’s sheer so what’s the difference between this and just being nude?”

Cheng Yu’s eyes gleamed as she explained expertly, “It builds intrigue and heightened arousal. All men love such things.” She picked up what appeared to shaped like a pink butterfly and added, “This little toy tickles your…clit during intimacy. I happen to love mine.”

“Wouldn’t that get in the way of his tongue?” Bai Qian inquired blank faced with genuine curiosity and asked further. “I mean, is that before or after Mo Gēge’s tongue tickles my…you know, until I climax?”

“High God Mo Yuan does that?” One of her sisters asked in disbelief.

Little did Bai Qian know, she now had everyone’s full undivided attention as she replied straight faced, “Yes. He’s obsessed and very good at it,” and she continued to shock them further. “Mo Gēge would do it three times a day if I let him. He’s very needy.”

Bai Qian stopped talking when she saw the phallus shaped item. She picked it up without a hint of embarrassment and studied it, while curiously asking with an honest inquisitive tone of voice, “Is this small sized for virgins or very petite girls? Why is it so small?”

The group of Fox women all gathered around the phallic item and inspected the size, before turning their stunned glances at Bai Qian. What she was calling small sized for virgins was average, and more significant than some of their husbands.

There were many questions they wanted to ask, but nobody was bold enough until Bai Qian’s mother’s weak voice spoke, “Dear, stop teasing your sisters. That’s plenty big and quite…no, it’s above average.”

Shaking her head in disagreement, she countered, “Mother, it’s rather small. Where’s the girth…the length? It’s much smaller than the one I’ve seen. It’s similar to a garden snake compared to an anaconda.”

The women gasped as Bai Qian divulged nonchalantly, “When I think back… Did I tell you that it took many nights for Mo Gēge to deflowered my mortal body? The pain and pressure were incredible. I could barely walk for days. I had to soak in the cold lake especially those days he wanted to do it several times. Just thinking about it makes me sore.”

She suddenly became quite serious and wondered aloud, “It won’t be like that again, right? My immortal body could probably handle it all on our first night. Wouldn’t you agree?”

The Fox Empress’s face now ashen and stumbling, as her knees gave out from Bai Qian’s frank admission. “Mother is falling!” She cried out to her sisters who were as shocked as their mother-in-law. Everyone glanced nervously back and forth to each other, to know such details of the God of War except Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu smiled, winked and said, “You are so lucky!” Bai Qian was quite oblivious to the situation and simply asked, “Why?”

Their next stop was a mortal brothel. The brave ones ventured inside used their invisibility spells and peeped in on the mortals. They were rather impressed by the physical flexibility, and saw new never seen before sexual positions. Bai Qian was a bit of a voyeur and enjoyed herself immensely. She would have stayed longer, but her mother deemed it indecent to sneak and watch other lovers.

The end of their evening was a luxurious lounge with exquisite mortal wines. The interior decor was elegant and sensuous with vibrant shades of plums, purples and red draperies that separated the areas so the women could drink and laugh openly.

And the Fox women could drink, but it didn’t help matters when Cheng Yu presented Ye Hua’s last gift. His present was a 10,000 year old plum wine with a moderate dose of an aphrodisiac. She filled everyone’s glasses and made sure to fill Bai Qian’s twice.

It didn’t take long for a group of handsome young men to join in on their festivities. Women mortal and immortal, all love to be flattered and worshiped by handsome men. This was the case as the women giggled and snickered, when the men made bold comments of their beauty and kissed their hands. Out of all the men, the one sitting next to Bai Qian was the most gorgeous specimen and she flirted wantonly.

The effects of the aphrodisiac were physically visible in Bai Qian’s glassy eyes, as she stared at the handsome mortal sitting beside her. She teased while batting her eyelashes flirtatiously, “If I wasn’t getting married next week…” She giggled and playfully slapped his arm, until she felt the hardness of his firm muscular bicep.

Then her eyes opened excitedly and she exclaimed as she groped his chest, “Oh my…you have a very nice body. Everyone…come and feel this mortal’s body! He’s so young and firm! I’ve never touched a man younger than me!” Drunken Bai Qian tried to grab one of her sister-in-law’s arm, but her sister yanked back with a nervous look on her face.

It was then Bai Qian felt large hands on her shoulders from behind, and a soft voice she recognized, “Qian’er…” What a surprise, it sounded like Mo Yuan. She turned back to see her future husband looking slightly annoyed.

“Mo Gēge! What are you doing here? Come and meet my new friends.” Bai Qian slurred, spun around to see the men were gone and so was her female companions for the night. Everyone left when they saw Mo Yuan instantly. She pouted and whined, “You made everyone leave my party!”

Mo Yuan cleared his throat and smiled most insincerely. He pinched both sides of her cheeks a bit harder than usual and explained, “I worried that you’d have too much to drink so I came to escort you home…darling.”

“I’m having fun! I want more wine and I’m not ready to go home…” Bai Qian sulked but her resistance and objection were overruled, when Mo Yuan took her back to Qingqiu before she could finish her sentence.

Back at Qingqiu due to her intoxication, Mo Yuan was in the process of half dragging her home, before Bai Qian just plopped on the ground and refused to budge. She looked up at him and said seductively, “Mo Gēge, let’s do it tonight. Let’s not wait until the wedding. Take me up to Kunlun and do whatever you want to me. I’ll let you do anything. I want you. Please.”

Her enticing suggestion was highly provoking. He’d been waiting six long months for the wedding which was only a week away. As tempting as her offer, Mo Yuan was the voice of reason when he countered, “Qian’er, you’re drunk and you’ll regret this in the morning. Be a good girl and get up.”

“Mo Gēge, if we do it tonight then it won’t hurt on our wedding night and it will be just hot lusty sex. I learned some new positions tonight and my body is on fire. I want to be touched everywhere. Let’s just do it right here under the stars.” She patted the ground beside her.

Bai Qian laid flat on her back then suddenly jumped up and shouted bitterly, “So, you’re a breast man! I have perfect breast too.” Swiftly she undid the front of her dress, and flashed her bare bosom at him before doing a little shimmy to make them bounce.

Mo Yuan rushed to cover her up and scolded lightly, “Qian’er, behave and stop taking off your clothing. What if your parents or family members hear or see you?”

In her drunken state, Bai Qian got on her knees and began groping Mo Yuan trying to touch his manhood, “Mo Gēge, let me feel it and then I’ll be good. I went to a store and saw a small glass one. Let me feel your big one and I’ll behave.”

It was like fighting an enthusiastic octopus, and there was a part of him that was starting to become extremely aroused. But here and now wasn’t the place for this behavior, so he gently pushed her hands away. Bai Qian sat back on her knees defeated and pushed out her lips like a pouting child.

Finally, Mo Yuan thought she’d given up when she turned her big brown eyes up at him and said, “Alright, carry me home and give me one kiss. I’ll be good.”

“That’s my girl.” Mo Yuan replied, bent down and lifted her but at the same time her lips heatedly pressed to his. Her tongue moved in his mouth and twisted around his most tantalizingly. The kiss was explosive and his willpower was weakening with every passing second.

There was only one way to solve this problem… Magic. Mo Yuan used his magic and put her to sleep. Bai Qian instantly passed out in his arms and began to snore ever so slightly.

It was impossible not to chuckle at the silly situation, now that she’d been sedated and fast asleep. Mo Yuan smiled to himself as he carried her home because she was so adorable. He kissed her lips tenderly and whispered, “I love you, my precious darling girl, and I’ll see you on our wedding day…”

To be continued…..