報復 Bàofù IV: Crossroads: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 7

It was a flawless fit. The curve designed for a feminine hold. The hand grip on the Dragon Blade made from his scales fitted perfectly in her small hand. Even the gripped spacing for her slender fingers was precisely accurate. Holding the exquisite weapon for defense created from Ye Hua’s scales, love and concern filled her with a purposeful direction, which was to eliminate their common threat even if she died in the process.

Bai Qian needed to kill her once Shifu, Mo Yuan. To end his cycle of madness before he brought more catastrophe, possibly even death to Ye Hua and their son, A-Li. There wasn’t any need to think things over because it was for them and their safety. In truth, there was a sense of relief knowing she could do something beneficial for them, and this was her thinking process, as she grasped tightly until her knuckle cracked achingly.

Only once, Bai Qian would have one opportunity to strike the God of War in the heart, and if she failed he would most likely destroy her. It was with calculated judgment, when she moved with delayed bodily motion knowing not to make any sudden movements, or ascend too swiftly since that would make him suspicious considering her recent health. She proceeded slowly and soon they were only a forearm stretch apart. When without any warning, abruptly Mo Yuan thrust his face in hers, and filled the needed distance between their bodies for her to attack him effectively.

It was as if he could read her mind, and warned in his commanding yet faint pitch of speech. Mo Yuan cautioned her, “Don’t do anything stupid and don’t underestimate me. I can see it in your eyes. Seventeen, I’ve known you for a very long time so I can read your mind, and you’re thinking about doing something foolish you will severely regret.”

“If you try to hurt yourself or me then neither Ye Hua nor A-Li will survive the night.” Mo Yuan sighed defeated and now his expression was one of melancholy. “It breaks my heart. However, somehow I predicted you wouldn’t be enthusiastic about accepting my marriage proposal. I’ve invited some guests to help you understand the gravity of the situation at hand, and perhaps change your mind.”

Her body went limp, slack and all her strength vanished leaving her drained. The dagger slipped from her shaky hand behind her back, as her mouth gaped in shock. Bai Qian was utterly speechless when they appeared as if on cue. She immediately recognized the two immortals entering her bedchamber, because it was Ye Hua’s bodyguard, Tian Shu, and her once loyal servant now A-Li’s nanny, Nai Nai.

“Godfather, Tian Shu is present.” He respectfully bowed toward Mo Yuan, and stood at a far distance from Bai Qian refusing to meet her hostile gaze. “Tian Shu, how are your parents? Has your father’s health improved?” Shifu asked with gentle ease and it was more than apparent they weren’t strangers. “Godfather, my father has greatly improved especially after High God Zhe Yan’s visits.”

Next, Mo Yuan spoke to Nai Nai without turning back to face her, “How is young A-Li these days? Is he eating, sleeping and getting along without either parent?” Nai Nai who had always been soft spoken, humble and demurely responded in a tone that Bai Qian had never heard her use before, when she answered Mo Yuan like a well-trained officer, “High God Mo Yuan, Nai Nai reports young prince A-Li is suffering and losing weight. He has nightmares and nighttime accidents from separation anxiety.”

Bai Qian yelled in a fury overcome by uncontrollable rage, “How dare you betray Ye Hua and A-Li! He trusts you! You’re both Ye Hua’s people!”

Mo Yuan tweaked her nose playfully, and corrected her like a parent lecturing their child with sweetness, “Wrong, Shì Qī. Tian Shu and Nai Nai are MY people, and only two of the countless that I have in Nine Heavens. You must understand that I’ve lived a very long life, and many are indebted to me hugely. I brought them here so you could see how deeply involved I am in everyone’s lives, and in the palm of my hand, I hold Ye Hua and A-Li’s future.”

“Mo Yuan, I despise you! I should have let you die!” Bai Qian hatefully sneered at him before turning to the two traitors and hissed, “Don’t you dare touch Ye Hua or A-Li! I’m going to kill you both in the most painful way imaginable.”

From the corner of her eye, Bai Qian noticed Mo Yuan moving towards her. She jerked away from him as if his touch caused her pain, when he tried to caress her shoulder length hair affectionately. He attempted to appease her rage. Although, it was clearly in mockery of her unfavorable situation, when he explained again in the same slow patronizing manner that caused her blood to boil.

Mo Yuan stated, “Nothing will happen to either Ye Hua or A-Li, and they will happily carry on to live long lives if you do right by me. And I’m sorry to say this but you won’t be killing anyone soon. Zhe Yan said the damage to your heart is extensive. It will be a few years before you can use magic and you may never be as before.”

“I’m never going to marry you or let you touch me! You’ll have to rape me before I yield my body to you willingly!” Seething Bai Qian hissed between clenched teeth, but Mo Yuan came back smoothly in a voice as soft as a whisper covered in silk and crooned.

Mo Yuan hummed, “Now that you’ve brought up rape. Shì Qī, many including your father will assume that your surprise pregnancy is a result of getting gang banged by demons during your ordeal.”

“Especially after what came out during the trial. It wouldn’t be too difficult convincing them to force you to abort the innocent little ones that are fighting to survive in your womb.”

“Don’t make this a complicated issue. Let’s announce your…our blessed pregnancy today, and have your father officiate our impromptu marriage.” Mo Yuan paused and breathed deeply, “Qingqiu will offer full clemency to Ye Hua in celebration of our union since bloodshed during our newlywed days would be inauspicious.”

“After we’ve wed, Ye Hua will ascend the throne taking sovereignty and earning a new crown, instead of losing his head and A-Li will have his father back.” Suggested Mo Yuan with a little smile of contentment, and comfortably interlocked his hands in his lap with graceful elegance. “You have five minutes to decide on the future of your son and his father, your once mortal husband, Ye Hua.”

To be continued…