As if overwhelmed by sheer terror and panic, Lifen sprang up fast and threw her slender arms around him desperately. The very instant, the very moment her eyes opened from Mo Yuan’s sleep spell, sheRead More

The dusty charcoal residue all over his palm caused him to smile nostalgically amused at himself. It reminded Mo Yuan of his lively youth when he and Zhe Yan wanted to run away, flee andRead More

What stirred him awake was that odd unexplained feeling that someone was intently staring at him. Mo Yuan gradually opened his eyes to find Lifen’s lovely, sunny face just inches from his. Her excited, inquisitiveRead More

It was the astonishingly passionate and romantic moment that swept him away like a strong current. It was the perfect way the many flickering candlelight caught, and glowed on Lifen’s delicate flawless skin so beautifully.Read More

She squealed somewhat loudly with utter delight. She giggled uncontrollably. The impromptu flower bouquet, hairpin and Mo Yuan’s words of affection had Lifen giddy. She was over the moon with joy. Her unbridled happiness madeRead More

While in love, the simple things became the most meaningful and Mo Yuan felt thankful for being able to breathe air. Waking in the morning felt like a miracle and time. Time felt more precious,Read More

It was from birth and his genetic makeup or inherent personality. The logical method in which Mo Yuan approached everything in his life. Every new experience. Any new practice he came upon became a learningRead More

Deliberate, slow touching, gradual exploring, newly discovering each other’s bodies and soaking in the sheer pleasure of learning one another. That’s where Mo Yuan and Lifen were in their lovemaking. Together blissfully euphoric in theirRead More

The reason was just that, Bai Qian was his friend. Or it was because she was Bai Zhi’s only daughter. For his recent out of character behaviors, these were the causes or at least that’sRead More

There were dozens of questions Lifen should have asked at that critical moment. After all, indisputable evidence of the apparent physical abuse she’d endured at her father’s hands, was now out in the open. TheRead More

It was precisely five years to the day after their first encounter at the lake. Towards the end of their second year of meeting in secrecy, Lifen was now twenty-one years old and more beautifulRead More

“Abracadabra. Hocus Pocus. Follow my hand, surrender, and fall deeply into my womanly charms.” Repeatedly, Lifen crooned out her mystical mantra over and over. She sat in a squatting posture straight across from Mo Yuan,Read More

Lifen openly giggled unable to hold back her delight before looking at Mo Yuan knowingly. She shook her head in the affirmation and replied cheerfully, “Don’t worry about it. I understand you’re shy so forgotRead More

An unintentional shivering tremble ran through his body at the mere mention of her baked goods. The frightening and disturbing thought of more, of Lifen’s moon-cakes in his life was somewhat horrific. Mo Yuan roseRead More

Lifen’s ill-fated would-be husband was the young man who was originally meant to save her, and lived in the neighboring village. Between the two communities, there was a single bridge over a rapidly flowing riverRead More