Bai Qian didn’t know what upset her most. The fact that Ming had paid for sex yet didn’t see her as a woman or the point he liked her better as a man. Either way,Read More

Ming carefully hung the soaking, wet, silky fabricated dress in the warmest part of the hut. In the kitchen by the furnace but at a safe distance. The material was so sleek and smooth thatRead More

“After being stalked for a month, I guess I’d unknowingly grown accustomed to you being a nuisance,” Ming stated as he casually crossed his long legs. Still slowly drinking his tea, he continued to scrutinizeRead More

“Gugu, no, I mean Xiao Wu. Yes, I’m Xiao Wu.” Bai Qian replied as they both intently studied each other’s uncertain expressions. How odd? She’d given the mortal permission to address her by the informalRead More

In Bai Qian’s long immortal life, she’d yet to fall in love or meet anyone who interested her even the slightest. However, Ming the mysterious mortal man became a constant resident of her mind. HeRead More

Several months passed in the mortal world during Bai Qian’s brief absence. It was just the beginning of spring when she left and now it was summer, and considerably warmer than it was just aRead More

The little hut was quite sparse in decor. It had everything one would need to survive but it was modest and simple. Inquisitively Bai Qian wandered around without prior approval or invitation. She quickly noticedRead More

This fanfiction doesn’t have SuSu. It does not follow the original timeline. Bai Qian was never a Kunlun disciple and has never met Mo Yuan or Ye Hua. Ye Hua/Bai Qian lovers, come out, comeRead More

After waiting for Ye Hua to come to her, Su Jin was losing patience. Over their long time together, she’s made her affections obvious but he’d not only refused her but displayed just hostility andRead More

In total and complete concentration, Mo Yuan focused all his mental powers to ignore Zhe Yan but it was impossible. He stared at him intently like a hungry puppy expecting a delicious treat like bacon.Read More

First, a horrified, “Ahh!” Then a crash. The loud sound of dropping dishes shattering, and followed by Ye Hua’s terrified voice screaming, “Qian Qian! Please gouge out my eyes! Nine Heavens! Where is Zhuzian Terrace?!”Read More

The consistent whooshing noise of leisurely rotating fan overhead, and the slow swirling motion of the Koa wood blades, Bai Qian sat in silence and absentmindedly listening and watching them for hours. Behind her theRead More

During the hectic three weeks time in which Bai Qian’s continually changing life, did more rotations than Yuna Kim and Nancy Kerrigan (ice skaters) put together. Everything in Zhe Yan’s peach orchard was the sameRead More