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Ch 29

Ye Hua

Ye Hua treasured his time with Qian Qian. This time she wasn’t his lover but a trusted friend. Qian Qian was savvier than she appeared and highly helpful when Ye Hua questioned his strategic actions. She was cunning and always held the upper hand, so Ye Hua became a better ruler due to her teachings. Qian Qian often reminded Ye Hua, she had much more experience that he did, actually 90,000 years more experience than he.

Qian Qian spent most of her time with A-Li which warmed Ye Hua’s heart immensely. Ye Hua, however, didn’t gain a wife, but instead, became a father to another child. Qian Qian and A-Li caused trouble and havoc wherever they went. Nobody would dare complain about their unruly behavior, due to their status in the immortal world, but Ye Hua saw it in the facial expressions of the other immortals.

Similar in personalities and tempers, neither could sit by silently and watch injustice. They were compelled to protect those they considered to be weaker or victims. Qian Qian and A-Li became involved in arguments and fought bullies in every realm. Qian Qian and A-Li together gained the nickname “Triple T” because they were known to be “The Terrifying Twosome.”

Qian Qian and A-Li together were constant sources of headaches for Ye Hua.

Unlike Ye Hua who was silent. Qian Qian and A-Li were very vocal, highly opinionated, and had to have the last word…always. They were both stubborn to the point of madness. Qian Qian and A-Li’s unyielding and unbeatable temperaments were the same.

Ye Hua didn’t want to admit it, but Qian Qian was the instigator almost always.

One day, Ye Hua walked in to find A-Li playing rock-paper-scissors with Qian Qian instead of studying. Their form of punishment for each other was the winner painted on the loser’s face. Qian Qian drew a line that connected A-Li’s two eyebrows into one. She’d painted a handlebar mustache and a beard on A-Li’s face. A-Li in return drew circles around both Qian Qian’s eyes, a large mole on the tip of her nose and a skinny mustache under her nose.

Apparently, A-Li was winning.

They tag teamed Heavenly Lord, Ye Hua, who became powerless and a constant loser in their triangle relationship. When Ye Hua firmly scolded A-Li for bad behavior, Qian Qian stood behind Ye Hua and made faces at A-Li the entire time. She’d cross her eyes, stick out her tongue and mockingly imitated Ye Hua silently. By the time Ye Hua turned around, Qian Qian had an innocent expression on her face and asked why Ye Hua was looking at her.

Ye Hua grounded A-Li to his room for misbehaving. After some consideration, Ye Hua felt remorse and went to talk with A-Li. Ye Hua heard he was sleeping so Ye Hua lifted A-Li’s blanket to find his pillows where his body should have been. This act was a group effort, A-Li didn’t have enough pillows to form the shape of A-Li’s body, so Qian Qian’s pillows were under the blanket also.

Ye Hua found them in hiding in Qing Qiu and Qian Qian was teaching A-Li how to drink wine.

They sat under the twinkling stars with wine bottles between them. They were discussing the billowing clouds they saw earlier and talking about the shapes of things they found in within the clouds. Qian Qian took A-Li finger and pointed to a star, explaining that was her star. A-Li asked how she knew and Qian Qian said High God Zhe Yan told her so. Then A-Li wondered how High God Zhe Yan knew, Qian Qian snickered and replied, Zhe Yan, is a very, very, old Phoenix. She said Zhe Yan knew many things because he was ancient.

Qian Qian said Zhe Yan might be older than Donghua DiJin but after some thought, she changed her mind, corrected herself and said nobody was older than Donghua DiJin. Donghua DiJin was cold, hard, boring, and without charm like a rock. Qian Qian explained rocks had been around since the beginning of time and Donghua Dijin was one of those old rocks. When A-Li brought up his uncle, High God, Mo Yuan’s age, Qian Qian said Mo Yuan was completely different. She said Mo Yuan was like good wine and only got better with age. Also, Mo Yuan was incredibly handsome, so age didn’t matter when it came to Mo Yuan.

Ye Hua, who had been silently standing behind Qian Qian for most of their conversation smiled when A-Li finally saw Ye Hua. A-Li’s eyes became huge like saucers, but Ye Hua put his finger to his lips indicating A-Li not say anything. Qian Qian began her lecture while handing A-Li a bottle of wine,

“A-Li, I know your father has a low tolerance, but you must not be like him. Why? Because it was wimpy and weak. A real man must know how to hold their wine or the women will out drink you. Could you imagine how embarrassing it would be if you passed out drunk while trying to seduce a beautiful woman? It’s a real story A-Li. I won’t say any names because I’m a lady but let’s just say, I hope it’s not a genetic thing.”

Qian Qian hit herself in the chest with her fist to show how strong A-Li should be and urged him to take a sip with her hand motioning to lift the bottle. A-Li looked at silent Ye Hua who nodded ‘yes’ for A-Li to take a sip. Qian Qian continued,

“You would think Dragon Clan to be the supreme clan because dragons are big creatures, but this is not so.” Qian Qian was shaking her head ‘no’ and waving her index finger in the same motion as her head.

“Nine-Tailed Fox Clan is one of the last remaining clans since the beginning of time. The Dragon Clan also but they are not as powerful as we are. We have some of, no, we have the most skilled warriors just like your uncle, Bai Zhen. Not only are we more powerful but…we’re ridiculously and incredibly rich! We are the wealthiest of all the clans!”

Qian Qian giggled and urged A-Li to take another sip. She patted his leg to show she was pleased when he did and said,

“That’s why your great-grandfather wanted to marry into our clan. Lastly A-Li, we nine-tailed fox just like you, and I are utterly stunning. It’s rather unfair for us to have the power to use enchantment spells because we don’t need to use one. Nobody can turn us down. Can you guess why A-Li? We are beautiful creatures! We’re the most splendidly gorgeous immortals out of all the clans. Yes, A-Li, I predict you’ll be breaking many hearts one day.”

Qian Qian added as she snickered “You’ll be better looking than your father because of my fox genes.”

“I know all these things because I’m intelligent, but it’s easier to act dumb that way nobody expects much from me. I’m able to stay lazy, and sleep is one of your mother’s favorite things to do. I love to sleep, drink wine and……something else, but we’ll discuss when you’re older. I know much more than Cheng Yu.” Qian Qian poked her finger into A-Li’s chest playfully and winked with a mischievous smile.

Suddenly Bai Qian pictured Ye Hua passing out drunk while trying to seduce her and started giggling. Her giggling soon turned into laughter. Qian Qian dropped her head and hysterically laughed until she saw Ye Hua standing behind her. Qian Qian became wide-eyed, but she quickly recovered. Qian Qian cleared her throat a few times and challenged in her arrogant tone, “What? Did I say anything that was untrue?”

Qian Qian turned to A-Li and gave him a smirk and annoyed expression and whispered, “How long has he been standing there? A-Li you should have made a sign or something!”

Qian Qian sat back regally and asked in her haughty tone, “Are you going to stand there all night or join us, Ye Hua? I’ll teach you some things you may not know yet because I have 90,000 years more life experiences than you.”

Ye Hua shook his head in disbelief, sighed deeply, sat down, grabbed a bottle for himself, took a big long sip, and gazed up at the stars with Qian Qian and A-Li.


Bai Qian

While drinking and looking at the stars, Bai Qian looked at her family. What started as an awkward relationship with A-Li had blossomed into something Bai Qian treasured. Her time with A-Li brought Bai Qian the most happiness and being his mother filled her with pride. A-Li was the son she’d always dreamt of having but with Mo Yuan. The irony of A-Li’s father being a man Bai Qian didn’t love was something she thought about daily.

Ye Hua was gentle, he looked identical to Mo Yuan and even had similar characteristics as her Shifu. Bai Qian looked at Ye Hua’s profile in the darkness. Ye Hua was a handsome man. His eyes spoke when his lips didn’t. His nose was perfect and high. Ye Hua’s full lips were tempting. Had he made her fall in love with him with his body? Did making love with Ye Hua once move her heart to the point she’d follow him to death as SuSu had once said?

Bai Qian didn’t know she had such strong maternal instincts until she’d spent more time with A-Li. She wouldn’t have predicted; she’d enjoy being A-Li’s mother as much as she did. Bai Qian cherished being with her son. A-Li filled a part of her heart that she didn’t know existed. Would it be the same with Ye Hua? Would she fall in love with him through bodily pleasure? There was only one way to test this theory. She would allow Ye Hua to take her.

If he was correct and she fell in love with him as he’d said she did in the past, then Bai Qian would accept this to be her fate. She would marry Ye Hua and remain with him and A-li for eternity. If he were wrong, she’d let both Ye Hua and Mo Yuan go and live only as A-Li’s mother. Bai Qian would remain in Celestial Heaven and live a life of celibacy. When A-Li came of age, she would return to Qing Qiu and stay alone without a man in her life. Her penance for betraying Mo Yuan.

Bai Qian took a deep breath and advised casually, “Ye Hua, you shouldn’t drink too much wine tonight.”

Ye Hua smirked slightly and said with a hint of sarcasm, “I don’t want to be a wimpy, weak man so I’ll do as I must.” Ye Hua purposely drank it faster.

Bai Qian sighed and said nonchalantly looking up at the stars. “It would be unfortunate if you passed out again tonight before accomplishing your goal.”

Stunned, Ye Hua choked and spat out his wine. He struggled to say something between his coughing fit. A-Li quickly looked up at his mother and snickered.  Bai Qian lovingly caressed A-Li’s hair. Ye Hua looked at her surprised as Bai Qian fluttered her eyelashes innocently and replied,

“Tonight would be a good night to redeem yourself, Ye Hua.”

Ye Hua finally understood what Bai Qian was saying. He jumped up swiftly, pulled A-Li up just as fast, grabbed her hand and said, “Let’s hurry home!”


to be continued……………..

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      Thank u. I’m glad BQ is emotionally stronger now. Though I hope in the end she will choose MY. I missed the wine cellar love scene between MY/QY. Perhaps another hot love making in the seclusion cave if they reunite.


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    1st half of my comment is in the chapter 28 comment section (don’t ask hahaha). Further to that, WOW, my heart just fluttered for YH. I feel happy for them, whilst i ship MY. This made me realize, I’m above all a BQ shipper! If she’s happy I am. I’ll ship anyone she loves. Thank you for this eye opener. Somehow i make the connection to an old saying. Love yourself the most.


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      Amen sister!! That is my message in the last few chapters.


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    First, YeGenMo, I’m your avid fan and reader of all your fanfictions. Not to mention that I’m a huge MY Team fan. This is my first comment and am a bit nervous lol. This may sound cruel, but Ye Hua why don’t you die? As much as I love how this fanfiction goes, after chapter 26, I’m stopping, thinking how Fox King is going to be bad a** and wipe off the Celestials and how MY will kick YH to obliteration for what he did. Any way I expected a killing battle. If it was me…(I went through abuse personally) I’d kill off everyone who tormented me. So to see the Fox King go mellow again…sigh not too happy. Could you do the same like you did in the Adult fan fiction where MY had his end? Lots of love from Romania!


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      Ana. Your first comment and I like your passion. If you’re read my other FF, you should now it’s never over until the it’s over. BTW reading that you are an avid fan rocks. Fate is a MF’er and life often surprises all of us at one point or another. Please comment more. I like your fire!!


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        I’m very passionate and defensive for people I love, or in this case MY that I love, ha ha. And I love to argue even if I lose, lol. But really, after seeing how BQ slits her wrists…that touched a personal level with me. It was so gripping that I wished there was a chance to teleport in the story and kill off that manipulating OCD YH for good. He even used his kid for blackmail for god’s sake! But I leave it to my imagination after chapter 26 to see a huge army of foxes and Kunlun disciples teaching the arrogant Celestials + YH a lesson they’ll never forget. And if Li Jing joins…epic battle mode laugh I agree with you, YeGenMo, Fate is a MF-er and life surprises us always. I can’t wait to see how you end this!


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        My grrrrrr, how you put it so nicely, can really go to GRRR in the caps lol. I don’t like abusers, and YH was definitely playing that card. Hell, who in their right mind feeds blood from her heart for 70 000 years unless deeply in love? To sacrifice herself? My dear YH, in my book, you’ll never be able to surpass MY. No matter where and when, YH is a bully. I’d really love to see YH sealed in that bell like Qing Cang was, to think for thousands of years to what he did wrong. In the meantime, MY, BQ and A-Li are one happy family. The End laugh


      • Katherine Halim
        August 19, 2017 at 2:52 am

        Totally Agree! I don’t usually comment but I had to on chapter 26 too. Team MY here and BQ should pull herself out from toxic love, with a mental unstable guy and back into the arms of the strong, capable, strong of mind, older man.
        I don’t see love for MY in this story and he’s supposed to be out of his cultivation, which he finally realised was a dumb move.


      • Ana Korizma
        August 19, 2017 at 2:56 am

        When your love turns to OCD and that toxic that you have to use your kid to blackmail someone to stay…that’s where things should snap off and YH should bugger off. Katherine, I agree with you 100%, even on the MY being on cultivation, that’s the only objection I have: yes, he was “sleeping” for 70 000 years, just woke up, but when your loved woman is in danger, you don’t run to seclusion, you raise hell no matter how strong you are! MY is the High God of War, then lead a war for BQ! 🙂


      • Vanessa Ly Kaiser
        August 19, 2017 at 3:33 am

        I agree with you & Katherine. What I see so far is a classic stereotype battered wife & Stockholm syndrome. BQ keeps coming back to her abuser & captor after YH successfully convinced her to sympathize with him & that he had changed, only after slapping her around for a couple of rounds. What she doesn’t see is the happiness she’s getting right now is under a false pretense. Come on, let’s be real, memories aside. The poor girl tried to kill herself 3 times, successful twice. When will this vicious cycle ends? Wake up & smell the peach blossom not in the celestial heavens


      • Ana Korizma
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        Vanessa, I prepared something for us MY lovers. It’s going to be long and multi post. Can you guess what?


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        No I cannot, is it in this FF or are you writing your own? I like any story that MY ends up being on the top wink


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        My own first attempt in FF. Our MY will definitely be no.1!


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        Exactly! So much for High God of War, you don’t need to have completely full of power! Use strategy


      • Vanessa Ly Kaiser
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        I have commented on this in another chapter. I think that the drama downplayed BQs affection for MY do to the fault of TangQi after she changed ship in the middle of the book. The act of giving your blood to another for the duration of 70k yrs spells out deeply in love with that person no matter how you look at it from any angles.


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      Ditto…am really worried for MY. YH already got the girl in tv & novel. Can’t you ship BQ with MY here.


  8. Vanessa Ly Kaiser
    August 19, 2017 at 1:43 am

    I can already predict that MY will lose in the end. Because after BQ had sex with YH, she will or will not love him, she still going to leave MY from her betrayal. It’s so so so so so sad to know that once again MY will forever be a loser. 😭😭😭😭😭


  9. Musicluverxoxo
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    I just want bai qian to be happy and thank you updating 😀


  10. Ana Korizma
    August 19, 2017 at 12:03 pm

    YeGenMo, sorry. But my grr turned into GRRR overnight. I had to do this, just to vent, if nothing else. I will quote you a bit in here as well. Hope you don’t mind me writing this. This is really GRRR time, not to mention my first writing ever. With you, YeGenMo, I’m doing a lot of firsts, take responsibility. laughs

    Bai Qian stayed in her chamber and never stepped out. Qian Qian struggled to come to terms with the new revelation of her true identity and seemed too overwhelmed and unable to accept the truth. Instead of acceptance or denial, she’d chosen to shut down emotionally.

    Bai Qian felt nothing for Ye Hua. Not a single emotion. Similar to a baby bird’s bond to its mother when it first opens its eyes, Bai Qian had bonded to Mo Yuan from the moment she returned from her death. His face was the first she’d seen. Bai Qian had determined Mo Yuan would be her eternal mate when he kissed her right after her waking. She whispered again:

    “You’re the one I chose to be my partner for eternity. Shifu, you’re my other half.”

    Everything that Mo Yuan said in front of Ye Hua left an impression on her. She knew that her Shifu wouldn’t lie to her. What snapped her out even briefly; was her lover’s Mo Yuan’s words:

    “Release her Ye Hua; she’s not your pet. Respect Seventeen and treat her accordingly. She is High Goddess, Bai Qian, the Queen of Qing Qiu.”

    This was true; she was the High Goddess, Bai Qian, the Queen of Qing Qiu. She was also the future wife of the High God of War. Was she going to wallow in sadness for the rest of her life, or fight like the Goddess she is? Where are those thousands years? She’s not a kid anymore; she sealed Qing Cang, fought like hell to protect her Shifu for 70 000 with her own heart blood! Were these sacrifices going to waste? NO! Bai Qian thought about what she said to Ye Hua:

    “Ye Hua, you claim to want to give me all of you, but instead, you used the truth to twist, confuse and manipulate me. Was it enjoyable…Toying and taunting me? Your stupid attempts to force me to remember memories I can’t? You claim your love is the reason behind your inappropriate behavior towards me, so you must feel very pleased to know all the past events that I can’t recall?”

    Even if she did remember, the one she chose was Mo Yuan. After giving it much thought, Bai Qian realized that she chose Ye Hua really because of the reason he looked like Mo Yuan. Even Zhe Yan told her one time that he himself was thinking the same thing – that Ye Hua was Mo Yuan’s reincarnation.

    Again her mind came back to Mo Yuan’s words:

    “She is High Goddess, Bai Qian, the Queen of Qing Qiu”.

    Then let’s show everyone what this nine tail fox High Goddess and future Goddess of War can do. She knew that Mo Yuan and her father were bound to wage war against the Celestials. She was going to help them from the inside.

    Bai Qian sat at her desk, with 4 papers in front of her. That maid Nai Nai, was Ye Hua’s spy, retelling everything she did to him. Bai Qian didn’t trust any maid or servant in the palace she was staying. But she had another way of communication that Ye Hua couldn’t even get to grasp.

    She slit her wrist, letting her blood slowly flow in the ink bowl. Then she started writing:

    My dear father,
    By now you surely read the letter and are preparing for war. I will do my best to help you from the inside, but I don’t know if I can do much, because the servants here are all Ye Hua’s minions. I begged you to die first, now I beg you, don’t spare the Celestial clan. Don’t spare those who harmed me so much until I became an emotional unstable mess. I miss you father.
    Your daughter Bai Qian

    She knew her father will be enraged when he senses that her letter was written in her blood. She folded a paper crane and sent the letter to Qing Qiu.

    Next letter was to Zhe Yan.

    Dearest brother and friend,
    I know you don’t bother yourself with the ways of the world. This time, will you step in to save my life from oppression? Join forces and free me from this prison I’m in. I will be waiting for your wine.
    Bai Qian

    Another paper crane flew.

    She cut her other wrist to fill up the ink bowl again with her blood. Two more letters were left. Third letter was for a person that loved her for years but betrayed her as well. But even then, she believed that he was in love with Xuan Nu just because she looked like her. Li Jing will also take revenge for her.

    Li Jing, Ghost Lord,
    Again I write to ask your help. This time the situation is different. My father, Fox King, and Shifu Mo Yuan will go to war. The reason why is that I am being held captive in the Celestial Clan, by Ye Hua. You were my first love, you betrayed me with Xuan Nu, you denied me help to save my Shifu…But I hope you won’t deny the help this time, in my darkest hour.
    Si Yin

    She let the crane in direction of Grand Ziming Palace.

    The last and hardest letter to write would be to her Shifu and husband, Mo Yuan.

    My Shifu, my love, my husband,
    What I said to you was in rage. Now that I came to think about it, you had my best interest in hand. You saved me from Zhuxian Terrace, saved me from the Goddess’ dungeon, took my heavenly trial. My love, if you didn’t take that trial, I would still be whole, not doubting everyone and everything, wanting nothing but death. I don’t blame you for this; you had my best interest at heart, like you always have. Again let’s join forces, and obliterate the Celestial Clan. This is another scar for me that I can’t forgive, and I have no doubt you are able to as well. Shifu, when I’m saved, how about that wedding? Mo Yuan, I love you.
    Your wife, Bai Qian

    This was the hardest one to write and send. Now she had to sit and wait for the 3 armies to join forces and pull her out of this prison she was cheated and pushed in. She will also do her best to help the saving armies. Bai Qian thought: “I’ll show you all. I’m no one’s pet, and I won’t be so easily kept and restrained”.


    Katherine and Vanessa, enjoy. For the next “comment” I’ll be Sun Tzu and give the gods a bit of war strategy. Wait for it 🙂


    • Emily
      August 19, 2017 at 12:12 pm

      WOW!! You are passionate. I like that. Thanks for this post. I enjoyed it 🙂


      • Ana Korizma
        August 19, 2017 at 12:14 pm

        Emily, This is simple venting out steam, and happy you like my first time writing. blush face


      • Vanessa Ly Kaiser
        August 19, 2017 at 4:13 pm

        Ana, that was great. I love it. It soothes my anger. In my mind that’s how it should go down. Having sex with your captor to find out if you love him? & ending up leaving your real love if you don’t love your captor because it’s a betrayal. I’m sorry, but even in a fanfic, that’s still a load of crap & I’m very angry right now. good story telling, all of you


      • Ana Korizma
        August 19, 2017 at 7:25 pm

        Thank you Vanessa. I’d love to put up the rest of it, because there’s A LOT of fighting involved, but I don’t want to offend anyone here, because I never wrote FF and this was just blowing steam. If you want to read the whole thing, we’ll work something out to send it to you. Like Emily said, I could write FF myself, but my real life is such hell busy that I have no time for any social network, just my mails lol. I barely find time to read and watch drama. Life of a student, ehh…


      • Vanessa Ly Kaiser
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        If you have more I would love to read it. I like any story of MY especially fighting & strategic planning. And of course him being naked as always 😈


      • Ana Korizma
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        We’ll figure something out for you to read the rest, nothing without MY sexiness 😀


      • August 19, 2017 at 10:13 pm

        She’s my Romanian GRRRRRRR.


    • Emily
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      PS have you considered writing your own FF? Then you can write their ultimate happy ending like you wish. I would love to read that. Isn’t this how all the FFs started? Fans wishing for an alternative ending.


      • Emily
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        And more food for all TMOPB fans 🙂


      • Ana Korizma
        August 19, 2017 at 12:24 pm

        Maybe I’ll try and work into it, there are lots of Chinese novels I read where main characters annoy me like YH, without any FF. I’m not sure if I can do that right now, that might happen only after I finish my real life duties. Till then enjoy my venting comments. laughing Happy you like my first attempt ❤ 🙂


      • mahjong
        August 20, 2017 at 1:05 am

        Welcome to Celestial Dreams! What did I miss? An alternative ending? If I am correct, I have a couple of thoughts as a longtime reader of fan fiction and of this blog. Courtesy and copyright (no matter how loose a concept that may seem for fan fiction) should be observed and alternative endings should be avoided in reader comments. Also, Unni’s stories will throw you for a loop more often than not, so it does not pay to predict an ending!

        But it sounds like your writing was very creative and interesting! I would love to read it when you create your own fan fiction blog.


      • Ana Korizma
        August 20, 2017 at 8:27 pm

        Thank you mahjong, I love the game btw. I wrote something to vent out for MY on Unni YGM’s thing, but got it out. I love Unni’s writing, she’ll be my FF Shifu when I start. How creative my vent out battle for BQ was, it’s up to people who read it to decide, but if people here liked it, then it’s worth for me to hit off writing. ❤ I just hope I don’t get sued for plagiarism because I quoted Unni… worried


      • mahjong
        August 20, 2017 at 8:39 pm

        Ana, I wish you good luck in starting your own fan fiction adventure. It is best to use your own voice and write original works and you will have no problems.


      • Ana Korizma
        August 20, 2017 at 8:52 pm

        I plan to, just now rl takes it first, need to graduate lol. But I promise, when I do, you’ll have reading material lots. 😀 All I can do is wait for the lawsuit, I guess shakes head mea culpa


      • mahjong
        August 20, 2017 at 11:42 pm

        I don’t know what lawsuit you are referring to. Your comment was deleted and Unni understands your intentions and I really don’t think Unni would take legal action. Just count it as a lesson!


    • August 20, 2017 at 12:34 am

      The reason this comment didn’t show was because there were too many lines from Mount Song. Word Press does that because the program has a plagiarism checker program. I can’t even figure out where it is. It failed to show on disque for that reason. Also due to the copy write on my fan fiction, comments like this will now show and always get blocked. I didn’t do it. I don’t have any problems with opinions, suggestions, and ideas. Once again, I have zero control with this. Unni G


  11. Ana Korizma
    August 19, 2017 at 7:21 pm

    YeGenMo, I sincerely apologize if my venting came to be rude to you. I hope you understand it was just blowing off steam, nothing else. My apology if you are angry or offended. Be my Shifu and help me on the FF path when I decide to step on it?


    • August 19, 2017 at 10:15 pm

      Please girl….don’t apologize. I get a kick out of the reacts I get from my readers. That means my writing is doing what I want it to do. I love them all so vent away!! Blow all the steam you want my fiery friend.


      • Rin Rin
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        Unni is magnanimous as always…


      • August 20, 2017 at 1:16 am

        Yeah, I’m cool like that. LOL


      • Ana Korizma
        August 20, 2017 at 8:23 pm

        bows thank you,YGM I’m happy you liked it, thought it was going to offend you with all the quoting or something. Even if you delete them in the end, I’ll post the battle and the smexiness in the end when my real stuff passes. Unni be ready to read a whole bunch of things ❤


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