崑崙山 Kunlun Mountain: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 20



Seventeen stood outside Mo Yuan’s seclusion cave and sighed. There had once been a time when Seventeen wanted to stew herself for her Shifu, Mo Yuan. That felt like a lifetime ago. A different life…. Another version of herself.

Seventeen wasted her precious time and invested in a un-achievable futile cause, in her foolish youth. If only Seventeen knew then what she knew now, how different would her life have been?

Two more days and she would be leaving Kunlun Mountain forever.

Abandoning her Shifu, Mo Yuan. The man she wouldn’t forget but also the man Seventeen couldn’t forgive.

Seventeen found herself regretting ever meeting her Shifu, Mo Yuan, who broke her heart repeatedly. Seventeen’s throbbing heart ached when she thought about her Shifu, Mo Yuan. The tiny beauty mark under his left eye…was still so beautiful, to the point of despair. How many times had Seventeen imagined having a child, a son, with the same beauty mark…countlessly and endlessly?

Emotionally depleted, Seventeen retired to her room, raised a privacy shield. Seventeen refused to see anyone for the remainder of the day and night.



For seven days, Mo Yuan went unseen on Kunlun Mountain. In silence and solitude, Mo Yuan slowly strolled around the sleeping school. Twilight, the moon at its fullest, shined down brightly and reflected on the tranquil lotus pond’s still surface. Kunlun Mountain was still and noiseless for the night. Mo Yuan nostalgically recalled his first meeting with Seventeen and smiled. Mo Yuan’s heart skipped a beat that day 70,000 years ago, but he remembered it as if it were just yesterday. As suddenly as Seventeen once entered Mo Yuan’s life, Seventeen was leaving in the same abrupt way.

Mo Yuan’s feelings for Seventeen were bittersweet. Both pleasant and painful but mostly regretful.

Mo Yuan rejoiced Seventeen’s sudden waking from death but realized he’d failed to capture Seventeen’s heart this time. Mo Yuan’s past errors were too grand. Seventeen’s resentment was fueled and had grown mightier from her memories of past sorrow from unrequited love. Once again, Zhe Yan’s precaution echoed in Mo Yuan’s head. 50,000 years ago, Zhe Yan warned Mo Yuan. He was closing the door to true happiness and love.

Heavyhearted, Mo Yuan went to watch his little Seventeen sleep one last night, before her final morning farewell.

Mo Yuan’s room densely infused with the unique scent of candied peach blossoms, fruity, juicy wine, and physical intimacy made him lightheaded. Dizzy.

A single lit candle glowed, flickered, wavered and perform a fluttering solitary dance. Seventeen was asleep on her stomach in Mo Yuan’s bed as if a child. Her wild long raven black hair fanned out and partially covered her face. Mo Yuan sat next to Seventeen and lightly moved her hair off her lovely face.

Seventeen whispered, “Shifu, did you run away for seven days straight? Didn’t you miss me? You’ve wasted all your allotted time.”

Mo Yuan replied softly, “I did.”

Mo Yuan was lightly caressing Seventeen’s bare shoulders. Mo Yuan’s hand tenderly followed down the perfect path of her aligned spine. Mo Yuan’s continuous fluid movement pushed the covers off Seventeen’s body and revealed her tantalizing nudity. Mo Yuan’s open palm continued to sweep down into the dip of her lower back before drastically sloping up to her curvaceous round bottom. Mo Yuan bent, closed his eyes and placed his lips on her shoulder. Mo Yuan affectionately, lovingly kissed Seventeen’s skin. Seventeen’s fair complexion’s surface was milky, flawless, silkily smooth. He rubbed Seventeen’s round twin pillows and continued down into the valley of her inner thighs. Mo Yuan sensed heat exuding from her inner warmth.

Mo Yuan delicately caressed her inner thighs and whispered, “I’m sorry.”

“What are you sorry about, Shifu?” Seventeen asked in her sleepy voice.

Mo Yuan sighed and said, “Everything.”

Seventeen rolled over. The exquisite beauty of Seventeen naked in Mo Yuan’s bed took his breath away, every time. Seventeen asked softly, “Shifu, would you like to hold me one last time?”

Mo Yuan gave Seventeen a little smile and began to remove his clothes. He laid down and felt Seventeen’s small body shift and rest on top of his. Seventeen relaxed her head against Mo Yuan’s defined chest and breathed softly. Seventeen’s candied fragrance was arousing and intoxicating.

Mo Yuan asked, “Looks like you had company?”

“Jīnlóng.” Seventeen turned her head to where the servant had fallen asleep beside her. Seventeen said sadly, “She’s gone. My Golden Dragon Lover, Jīnlóng.”

Mo Yuan asked softly, “Did you enjoy yourself, Seventeen?”

Seventeen replied, “Jīnlóng gave me such pleasure. You missed a beautiful picture, Shifu. I might start bedding only women from now on. I think I could fall in love with her if I tried.”

“Are you leaving tomorrow, Seventeen?” Mo Yuan asked.

“Yes, Ye Hua is coming in the morning,” Seventeen said as she wrapped her arms around Mo Yuan. He held Seventeen in his powerful embrace. Seventeen’s warm body was enticing, tantalizing and tempting.

Mo Yuan whispered, “I’m sorry I was too late to realize my feelings for you. I know you don’t believe in me because all I’ve done is failed you.”

Seventeen still had her eyes closed when she said, “I’m sorry that I couldn’t forgive you. It wasn’t a fair game from the start. Just as your ways and vows were fixed and set in stone, the flow of life’s river can’t suddenly change and flow upstream.”

“Is there anything that would make you stay here on Kunlun Mountain, with me?” Asked Mo Yuan.

Seventeen cuddled closer into Mo Yuan’s neck and said, “Shifu, it would take a miracle to change my mind.”

Mo Yuan kissed the top of Seventeen’s head and caressed her skin gently while Seventeen slumbered peacefully in his arms.

Sometime before daybreak, Mo Yuan finally fell asleep.


Mo Yuan woke up without Seventeen, but he wasn’t alone. Ye Hua knelt before Mo Yuan’s bed. Ye Hua heard Mo Yuan clear his throat and smiled. Ye Hua’s sneaky little smile bothered Mo Yuan.

Ye Hua said, “Forgive me High God Mo Yuan, for entering your chamber without permission, but it’s important that I speak with you.”

“Ye Hua, if you’re here to gloat or brag, allow me to get dressed first.” Mo Yuan’s tone tense with annoyance.

Ye Hua smiled again and said, “About Qian Qian…”

Mo Yuan cut Ye Hua off and said, “Ye Hua, I understand where you’re going with this. Seventeen is waiting for you. Leave and take her home.”

“Brother! Listen to me. Qian Qian is still in love with you. She’s resentful, bitter and angry, but Qian Qian loves you.” Ye Hua half shouted.

Ye Hua cleared his throat, and his voice returned to normal. “Qian Qian has done everything to provoke you. Why? She wants you to suffer as she did. Qian Qian is sneaky, cunning and always testing others. She’s purposely tormenting you. Why? Because you broke her heart.”

Ye Hua shook his head and asked again, “Have you proved your love with actions not just words? Have you shown her that you’re capable of change? Have you revealed your hidden self to her?”

Ye Hua said, “Qian Qian wouldn’t have come to Kunlun Mountain if she planned to marry me. Qian Qian wants to know which is stronger, her pride or your love for her.”

Mo Yuan asked, “How will I know if Seventeen wants me. I don’t know what more to do or say?”

Ye Hua smiled and said, “Qian Qian won’t accept you easily because the moment Qian Qian resigns herself to you, she’d consider herself to be defeated, again. It’s a battle of will. Qian Qian needs to believe she’s the prize in a battle you wage on yourself. You need to show her that she’s more valuable and meaningful than your stoic reputation. You must be willing to throw aside your reserved, controlled, balanced, external presence and behave recklessly for once in your dull life. Qian Qian swallowed her pride for 20,000 years and chased you. Imagine how you would have felt if you were in her shoes? Qian Qian’s unwavering pursuit of you took more courage than you realize.”

Mo Yuan thought back to their past. Mo Yuan never considered how difficult it must have been to be knocked down and rejected repeatedly. Seventeen never displayed her disappointment or hurt, but continued to show her love. Seventeen never faltered and tried again, knowing the outcome would be hurtful. Mo Yuan always believed Seventeen’s innocent, childish, girl crush would fade. How could he have not seen the bravery in Seventeen’s attempts to express her affections?

Frustrated, Ye Hua said, “High God Mo Yuan, Qian Qian loves you. Unquestionably. Profoundly. Qian Qian thinks she took another lover in your bed after taking an aphrodisiac. The symbolism behind her action is crystal clear. Qian Qian wanted you. She hoped you would stop her and claim her for yourself. Which you did, but Qian Qian doesn’t know it was you. Qian Qian is a strong, unyielding, prideful woman. She’s not the girl you refused any more. Qian Qian is now the woman you must earn. Are you man enough for her, High God Mo Yuan?

“Qian Qian is waiting by the Kunlun Mountain’s entrance. What are you going to do? Regret your entire life or take a chance even if you look like a fool? Love makes fools out of all of us. Brother, what are you waiting for? Remain idle while the love of your life walks away? Even if Qian Qian denies you, at least you won’t have any regrets because you tried everything within your power.” Ye Hua was inching closer to Mo Yuan’s bed motioning for Mo Yuan to do something.

Mo Yuan asked confused, “Ye Hua, why are you telling me this? You came to me after Seventeen’s request for a female partner. Why did you help me trick her as Jīnlóng? Don’t you love Seventeen? I thought you wanted to marry her too. I even walked in on you two during a private moment.”

Ye Hua gave Mo Yuan a tiny smile and said, “Yes, I love Qian Qian, but I love you more High God Mo Yuan. I cherish my older brother and want to see you happy. I’m young. I have an eternity to find someone, but I have only one brother, and a woman in the mortal realm has caught my eye recently, but that’s another story.”

Mo Yuan’s head was spinning. He said, “Ye Hua, if this was your intention from the start, why were you intimate with Seventeen? I don’t understand your reasoning.”

Ye Hua’s reply came swiftly, “Yes, intimacy with Qian Qian is out of this world, and her body…. Nine Heavens. Qian Qian is exquisite. It felt amazing so why wouldn’t I? Why did you steal Zhe Yan’s women? Now, get out of bed and stop your woman before she walks out of your life! If you do nothing, I swear I will make Qian Qian mine and rub it in your face until you go to the realm of nothingness. I’ll keep Qian Qian pregnant for several millennia, and I’ll bring the children to Kunlun Mountain so that they can become your disciples. You’ll have to look at them daily, and you’ll know you could have been their father, but instead you did nothing.”

“Seventeen said only a miracle would change her mind.” Replied Mo Yuan.

Ye Hua sighed and said, “Show her a miracle. You trick her. Make it a competition. Challenge Qian Qian in a game, she’d never expected you to win. Put a wager on it. Qian Qian loves to gamble because she adores winning. High God Mo Yuan, serious times call for serious measures. Do something insane, weaken her defenses and allow Qian Qian to determine what’s at stake. She always puts up a high-wage, and if what’s your attempting is un-achievable in her mind, she’ll wager herself. Qian Qian wants to watch you lose and grovel as she did for you. Remember, Qian Qian, cast an enchantment spell on you. Play dirty and cheap which is something you consider beneath you and focus on your goal!”

Ye Hua’s words strangely made sense and there was some truth to what he was saying. Mo Yuan decided to blindly leap for love fearlessly. Mo Yuan would show Seventeen his love was boundless and able to achieve miraculous feats.

Mo Yuan used magic to dress, and cloud jumped to the entrance of Kunlun Mountain. Seventeen was standing with the disciples saying goodbye. Seventeen saw Mo Yuan coming towards her and politely gathered her arms to bow. Mo Yuan wordlessly picked Seventeen’s body up and threw her over his shoulder.

Mo Yuan informed his disciples without turning back. “We’re going into seclusion.”

Ye Hua came out to see all the disciples looking at each other in a state of shock. Ye Hua proudly but softly exclaimed, “That’s my big brother, Mo Yuan. He’s going to be busy for a while. I foresee some big changes on Kunlun Mountain in the future. I’ll see myself off.” Ye Hua rounded his arms bowed and left Kunlun Mountain.

Mo Yuan placed Seventeen down on her feet in the wine cellar. Her face was scarlet, flushed and she glared at Mo Yuan with fury. Seventeen demanded, “What are you doing High God Mo Yuan? Have you lost your mind?”

Mo Yuan held his hands behind his back and said calmly, “One drinking game before you go. Just me and you.”

Seventeen burst out laughing hysterically. Seventeen’s head shook amused and said, “Shifu, lower your shield so I can leave with Ye Hua.”

Mo Yuan casually looked at the wine bottles and said, “For each bottle I drink, you remove a piece of clothing.”

Seventeen covered her mouth to hide her laughter. Seventeen blatantly rolled her eyes and said in-between her mocking laughter, “Your wine tolerance is something my father and Zhe Yan laughed about behind your back. Your inability and intolerance for alcohol is a well-known joke in the Fox Clan. I know for a fact, Ye Hua can’t drink more than two or three glasses before he passes out drunk.”

Seventeen looked up at the shelves and counted the bottles. Seventeen summed up a total of twelve full bottles in storage. She looked at Mo Yuan and said, “I can’t drink twelve bottles, and I’m a drunk. You’ll pass out before I even take my shoes off.”

Mo Yuan asked, “Well Seventeen since you know the outcome, you could indulge your Shifu’s last attempt to get you naked?”

“If you were able to drink every bottle here without passing out drunk, that would be a miracle,” Seventeen stated.

Mo Yuan asked, “A miracle?”

Seventeen smirked and arrogantly said, “Shifu, I’ll marry you if you finish every bottle in here and can still stand! I know for a fact that you’ll be unconscious and comatose before you finish one bottle. Everyone knows about your weakness when it comes to liquor. Infants can out-drink you.”

Seventeen added, “No spells or magic once you begin. Let me seal your magic. I don’t trust you.”

Mo Yuan nodded he understood and said, “Do I have your word as the Queen of Qingqiu on that wager? You can’t back out. I’ll give you my word as the God of War. I’ll let you go if I lose.” Mo Yuan said.

Seventeen replied in her haughty tone, “Shifu, you’re only humiliating yourself, but that wouldn’t be terrible to watch, so I accept the terms. Watching you pass out drunk is worth whatever wager I make. Begin.” Seventeen sealed Mo Yuan’s magic.

Mo Yuan gathered all the bottles on one shelf. He looked at the bottles and nervously took a deep breath, inhaled and exhaled. Mo Yuan silently prayed to his parents for help. Mo Yuan grabbed the first container, slowly opened the lid and sighed deeply. He closed his eyes and brought the jar to his lips. Mo Yuan finished the first bottle and gagged. He shook his head and rapidly blinked.

Seventeen watched him in surprise and removed her hairpin. She snidely commented about beginner’s luck and advised Mo Yuan to drink the next one sitting. Seventeen said she expected Mo Yuan to pass out at any given time.

Mo Yuan’s face was flushed and crimson. He took another deep breath and drank the entire content in one long continuous gulp. Seventeen took off one shoe and watched him suspiciously. Mo Yuan extended his arms, popped his knuckles and took a couple of deep breaths. He grabbed two and removed the lids. Seventeen’s eyes widened when she saw him grab two. Mo Yuan held a bottle in each hand and slammed the contents of both. His body shivered and twitched afterward. Mo Yuan’s face crinkled as he shook his head. Seventeen removed her other shoe, her lower undergarments and carefully watched for signs of Mo Yuan dropping to the ground.

Mo Yuan rolled his neck until he heard cracks as his tense neck loosen up. He grabbed several more this time and opened the lids. Profusely, sweat ran down his face. Seventeen’s eyes narrowed. She stopped him and grabbed one of the jars. She took a sip to ensure it was wine. Seventeen handed it back to Mo Yuan and lifted the empty ones to her nose. Seventeen inhaled and inspected the bottle.

Finally, Mo Yuan was down to the last two bottles. He hung onto the ledge for balance and support. Glassy-eyed and wobbling, he struggled to stand upright. Seventeen was nude and ashen from shock. Seventeen got on her tiptoes and carefully inspected all the bottles and sniffed every container. She was holding one to her nose when Mo Yuan suddenly slammed the last empty jar upside down by her face. Seventeen jumped back startled. Seventeen shook her head in confusion and disbelief. Seventeen’s eyes were unblinking and huge.

Seventeen exclaimed, “Impossible! Shifu, you couldn’t have finished all the wine! I don’t…I don’t believe it. It’s absurd! I’m dreaming. This situation can’t be real!” Seventeen forcibly pinched her cheeks to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. Stunned, Seventeen shook and turned every bottle upside down to ensure they were empty.

Mo Yuan silently held his head for a few moments to clear his mind and then began to undress. Mo Yuan mumbled to himself while carelessly throwing his clothes to the ground. Mo Yuan undid his hair and dropped his metal ornament to the ground. Mo Yuan looked down at the hair tool, pointed his finger and garbled, “Stay right there. Goooooood hairpin. Stay!”

Mo Yuan tittered and snickered from intoxication. Red-faced, glassy-eyed, with a mischievous little smirk on his face, Mo Yuan removed all his clothes and proudly declared, “A miracle! I won. The wine is alllll gone, and I’m still standing. Come here Seventeen. Shifu has a big surprise for Seventeen. We’re practicing for our wedding night, now!”

Mo Yuan walked leaning to his left and asked, “Has this floor always been slanted and uneven? Why didn’t I notice this before? You can’t trust anyone to do good work these days.”

Seventeen tensely waved towards the shelves where the wine was stored and exclaimed, “Shifu, you drank all the wine in this cellar. Twelve bottles by yourself. You might die! You won’t be able to perform now. How about another time?” Seventeen nervously suggested while walking backward away from Mo Yuan. Seventeen’s eyes turned into round saucers when Mo Yuan drunkenly bit his bottom lip and playfully winked at her.

Mo Yuan winked when he was highly intoxicated. He also giggled and snickered softly. Mo Yuan was friendly and horny when he was drunk.

“High Goddess Bai Qian, Queen of Qingqiu, Seventeenth Disciple of Kunlun Mountain and now the future wife of High God Mo Yuan. The God of War is ready to collect his winnings and the grand prize. Shifu is here for his new bride. If Seventeen disobeys her husband, Master of Kunlun Mountain, a disciplinary spanking will be necessary. Instead of kissing the bride, it will become wife spanking time.” Mo Yuan slurred.

Seventeen was in shock and whispered, “Shifu, you’re drunk, and talking about yourself in the third person. I gave my word, but we’ll consummate our pending marriage another time. Not now! You might pass out in the process. Just imagine your embarrassment? I’ll bring it up every day and never let you forget. I’ll tell everyone we know about your inebriated behavior. Wouldn’t that be humiliating?”

“Trust your Shifu! Your husband, God of War won’t pass out. He’s already promised me he would be ready.” Mo Yuan turned to the empty spot beside him and asked slurring, “You’ll be able to perform and a couple of times, won’t you?”

Mo Yuan then turned to the other empty side of his body, answered himself and said, “Yes, we’ll be just fine. We’re waiting!”

Mo Yuan faced Seventeen, threw his arms up in the air and proudly announced, “We’re ready! All three of us.”

Seventeen asked stupefied, “Shifu, who are you talking to?”

“Seventeen, I won fair and square. You sealed my magic, and we made a deal. You gave your word as ‘The Queen of Qingqiu.’ This room is too small to turn into a dragon but don’t force me to take extreme measures. Seventeen, should we do this the hard way or the hard way?” Mo Yuan asked as he pressed Seventeen against the wall.

Suddenly Mo Yuan became serious.

Mo Yuan asked, “Why did you agree to stay with me? Is it pity? Do you feel sorry for me?”

Seventeen silently nodded ‘yes.’

“Is it because I’m old? Are you worried, I’ll kill myself?” Mo Yuan asked.

Seventeen wordlessly nodded ‘yes.’

He asked somberly, “Are you leaving me now? The girl who loved me is gone. You don’t trust me. Seventeen, you think I’ll change my mind and take other women, don’t you?”

Seventeen replied, “Yes, I don’t trust you or your love. True, the girl who loved you is forever gone, but the woman who loves you is right before your eyes. Do that winking thing again.”

Mo Yuan slightly tilted his head to one side, bit his bottom lip and winked at Seventeen.

Mo Yuan stuck out his bottom lip, pouted and asked in a whiny tone, “Are you still angry with me, wife? Do you still resent me? How long will you be mad at me?”

Seventeen nodded her head ‘yes’ and said, “Furious. You don’t know this yet, but marriage is another form of punishment for eternity. Yes! You’re in for it, Tuzi!”

Seventeen then replied, “I gave you my word, so I’ll marry you but tell me how you did it? How did you drink all the wine without dropping to the ground?”

Mo Yuan kissed Seventeen and proudly said, “Dragon’s tears. A rare and magical fluid. It’s precious, and the benefits are unworldly. I had some before I came and got you.”

Seventeen looked at Mo Yuan in shock and asked, “How did you know what it would do to you? How did you know it would benefit you?”

“Heavenly Father told me about it when I was young. Dragon’s tears are also the most powerful aphrodisiac ever to exist. How do you think my father got my mother to marry him?” Mo Yuan answered.

Seventeen’s eyes widened with concern when she asked, “How much did you consume?”

Mo Yuan softly chuckled and mumbled, “Enough to keep you busy for a couple of months, easy. Now stay still and stop moving so I can catch you. Seventeen, tell your triplet sisters to leave and go home. I only need one of you, not four.”

“Wife, I want to force feed Ye Hua water from the River of Oblivion since he’s seen you without clothes and shared intimacy with you. Can I do that? I want to be the only man who’s seen you naked. I know him! Ye Hua will think about you when he’s alone taking care of himself because that’s what I would have done.” Mo Yuan leaned his head down on Seventeen’s shoulder, pouted and whined.

Mo Yuan threw his arms up in the air dramatically and exclaimed loudly. “I walked in on Ye Hua looking at your flower! He knows what you taste like! Did you give Ye Hua oral pleasure for four hours straight? I want five hours then…no, six hours. I want him to forget everything! I’ll slip just a little in his tea. He’ll never know.”

Seventeen’s lips flattened when she said, “God of War, chose your battles wisely. I’ve only been with two other people unlike you who have been with enough women to fill the base of Kunlun Mountain. Do you want to pursue this matter further?”

“But none of them were your twin sister?” Mo Yuan still pouted due to his intoxication.

Mo Yuan whimpered in his inebriated tone, “What do I have to prove to show you that I’ll never take another woman and that my love for you is sincere? How do I earn your trust?”

“20,000 years of groveling. That would be a good start. I’m not that sweet girl who used to follow you around like a lovesick puppy. I’m a vindictive, ruthless, powerful High Goddess with a terrible temper. Let me make it crystal clear if you take another woman or considering having a harem. I’ll use enchantment spells, seduce every disciple on Kunlun Mountain in your bed. Maybe several at the same time. Then, I won’t hesitate to scratch your eyes out with my claws and kill the woman or women you bed. I’ll also make it possible to use your manhood as a doorstop even when you’re not in the room! Do you still want to marry me, Shifu?”

Mo Yuan nodded ‘yes’ happily and said, “I love it when you’re jealous. That means you love me.” Mo Yuan pinched Seventeen’s cheeks affectionately and slurred, “Wife-you-are-so-adorable-when-you’re-angry.”

Seventeen grabbed Mo Yuan’s face and stared into his eyes. She said, “I’m not sure if I’m doing the right thing, giving you another chance. I’m still worried. If you change your mind, take back your love and take me for granted again…I will marry Ye Hua and ruin your life! I’ll hit you with the most powerful enchantment spell and make you fall in love with a man. A real ugly hairy goblin of a man. Do you still want to marry me?”

Mo Yuan smiled and looked at Seventeen like a lovesick puppy. He said, “That will never happen, so I’m not even worried. Now Seventeen, give your future husband a big kiss.”

Mo Yuan closed his eyes, puckered his lips, leaned into Seventeen and passed out drunk.


Mo Yuan opened his eyes to see Zhe Yan staring at him. Mo Yuan swiftly sat up, but the pain in his head made him lay back down. Mo Yuan groaned from his throbbing headache. Zhe Yan shook his head in disgust.

Mo Yuan asked, “Where’s Seventeen?”

Zhe Yan handed Mo Yuan a cup with medicine. Zhe Yan said, “Xiao Wu returned to Qingqiu with Ye Hua. She left five days ago Mo Yuan. What are you trying to do? Kill yourself? You’ve been unconscious for five days from alcohol poisoning.”

Zhe Yan sat beside Mo Yuan and said, “Dragon’s tears? Seriously Mo Yuan! Are you insane? Nobody knows what it’s capable of doing. Are you going through an immortal mid-life crisis? Why did you drink it?”

Mo Yuan’s body was also throbbing and sore. He mumbled, “Heavenly Father told me that it would boost my resilience and that it was a powerful aphrodisiac. I needed to do something drastic to keep Seventeen from leaving, but it doesn’t seem to have worked if she ran off with Ye Hua.”

“Tuzi, you had a constant erection while you were unconscious. Five days straight. Do you know how embarrassing it was for your disciples and me to avoid looking down there? You could have died, you stupid Dragon!” Zhe Yan scolded.

“What is Seventeen doing in Qingqiu?” Asked Mo Yuan afraid to hear Zhe Yan’s answer.

“The day Xiao Wu and Ye Hua returned to Qingqiu, Bai Zhi and the Fox Clan began planning for Xiao Wu’s wedding. They chose an auspicious date, and Xiao Wu’s wedding will take place in five months in Qingqiu, Mo Yuan.” Zhe Yan answered somberly.

Mo Yuan covered his face and sighed deeply, sadly.

Zhe Yan placed his hand on Mo Yuan’s shoulder and said in a soft tone, “It appears for the tea ceremony, you’ll be serving Bai Zhi after all as the groom. You sly Dragon! Xiao Wu is planning her wedding to marry you. You sneaky, Tuzi. You did it. Xiao Wu has determined to marry you, finally.”

Zhe Yan chuckled when he saw Mo Yuan suddenly sit up and stare at Zhe Yan big-eyed. Mo Yuan’s expression of shock was laughable.

Mo Yuan asked in disbelief, “Am I dreaming? Did I just hear you correctly? Seventeen is marrying me? Not Ye Hua?”

“Your near death experience has paid off. Xiao Wu is your future wife, Mo Yuan. Congratulations!” Zhe Yan said and smiled.

Mo Yuan tried to get out of bed but couldn’t, due to the throbbing pain in both heads. Mo Yuan whimpered, “When can I use my ummmm you know again? A day or two?”

Zhe Yan burst out laughing and replied, “I see Tuzi has returned with a vengeance. I’d wait a couple of weeks if I were you.”

“A couple of weeks? Zhe Yan, my brother, Medicine God, help me shorten my recovery time.” Asked Mo Yuan.

Zhe Yan rolled his eyes and asked, “Alright fine. When would you like to resume your hmmm activities, Mo Yuan?”

“Tomorrow?” Replied Mo Yuan.

Zhe Yan’s eyes opened wide in surprise, and he replied, “Tuzi! You’ve always been such a greedy bastard!”

To be continued…..