崑崙山 Kunlun Mountain: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 24


Mo Yuan

After three days in seclusion, Mo Yuan came out and rushed to Seventeen. The three days in retreat felt more like three years being away from her. Mo Yuan was anxious for his reunion with his wife, Seventeen. To his surprise, their bedroom was dark and quiet. Mo Yuan didn’t hear the soft breathing of Seventeen sleeping. He lit a candle beside their bed and found their chamber empty. Seeking Seventeen, Mo Yuan went to the wine cellar and all the usual places she frequented, but she wasn’t anywhere to be found on Kunlun Mountain. He assumed Seventeen was probably in Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms or Qingqiu and decided to continue his hunt for her in the morning.

Qingqiu was the first place Mo Yuan went in search for his missing wife, but Seventeen wasn’t there. Her family explained she hadn’t been in Qingqiu for weeks. Mo Yuan then went to Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. Zhe Yan was there, but Seventeen wasn’t. Zhe Yan told Mo Yuan, she hasn’t come to Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms and he’d been there for days. Zhe Yan would have seen Seventeen if she’d stayed there. At this point, Mo Yuan began to worry. His feelings of concern were clear and written all over his face.

Zhe Yan said, “Mo Yuan, Xiao Wu is probably drunk somewhere and sleeping. You act more like her father than her husband. You tend to worry too much.”

Playfully Zhe Yan added, “Maybe Xiao Wu is with Ye Hua. They get along very well. She probably got lonely without you.”

Mo Yuan replied, “Overnight? No, Seventeen wouldn’t have stayed with Ye Hua all night, would she?”

The more Mo Yuan thought about Seventeen being with Ye Hua, the more annoyed he became. Instantly, his jealousy flared. Zhe Yan struggled to hide his snickering as he watched Mo Yuan’s change in expression. Zhe Yan couldn’t resist and decided to tease Mo Yuan a bit more.

Zhe Yan said, “Oh, Mo Yuan. Maybe Xiao Wu and Ye Hua drank wine together last night, and she decided to stay in Xiwu Palace, since you were in seclusion. Mo Yuan, Xiwu Palace has many sleeping chambers. I’m sure it’s all innocent and nothing suspicious occurred. Ye Hua wouldn’t try anything with Xiao Wu.”

Mo Yuan took a couple of deep breaths to calm and composed himself. He turned his back on Zhe Yan without saying another word.

Zhe Yan yelled, “Mo Yuan! Where are you going?”

Mo Yuan mumbled without turning back, “Xiwu Palace.”

Zhe Yan jumped up excitedly thrilled by the prospect of seeing something amusing. Zhe Yan quickly caught up to Mo Yuan, followed and said, “I’m going with you. I’d like to see this with my own eyes!”


Star Lord Si Ming greeted Mo Yuan by the entrance of Nine Heavens.

“High God Mo Yuan,” Star Lord Si Ming welcomed Mo Yuan.

Mo Yuan cleared his throat and asked calmly, “Where is Ye Hua now?”

“Crown Prince Ye Hua is still in the mortal realm dealing with the Golden Scarlet Lion Beast. Qing Cang’s mount has taken the wife of an Emperor.” Si Ming answered.

Mo Yuan asked, “Then Ye Hua was gone all night? Have you by chance seen my wife, Seventeen? Maybe with Ye Hua?”

Si Ming replied, “High God Mo Yuan, the Crown Prince Ye Hua was gone all day yesterday and hasn’t returned from the mortal realm. High Goddess Bai Qian has not been in Celestial Heaven. Donghua Dijun went to Kunlun Mountain last night to speak with you. It was my understanding you met with him.”

“Donghua Dijun came to Kunlun Mountain last night? I was in seclusion until twilight. Where is Donghua Dijun now?” Asked Mo Yuan.

Si Ming answered, “Donghua Dijun is at his residence.”

“I must meet with him now.” Said Mo Yuan before hastily walking in the direction of Donghua Dijun’s residence.


Ye Hua

Ye Hua woke up in an unknown dark place. He was in his dragon form, recovering from an injury he’d acquired, during his battle with the Golden Scarlet Lion Beast. Disoriented by the lack of light, Ye Hua raised his head and peeped out from the darkness. He was stunned to see a foreign woman staring back at him. A mortal woman.

The mortal smiled and said, “I thought you were dead since you haven’t moved once. I don’t know much about snakes, but I like your smooth horns. You are a lovely snake.”

Dumbfounded, Ye Hua couldn’t believe this mortal thought he was a snake. The woman rubbed his horns then abruptly stopped stroking his head and ran outside. Ye Hua heard her gagging loudly and what sounded like vomiting. She returned a few moments later looking paleface and weak.

She whispered, “Thank goodness you’re a snake so you can’t catch my disease.” She looked around and softly added, “I think I’ve been left here all alone because of my illness. I must be dying.”

Ye Hua felt pity for the poor mortal. It was evident she was unhealthy and alone in her isolated home. She had a lovely face and oddly she reminded Ye Hua of Qian Qian.

“Tomorrow, when I feel better, I’ll hunt for you. Tonight, I’m too ill and tired. I hope you will forgive me my little snake friend. In the morning, I’ll catch you a big animal, so you can eat and get better faster.” The mortal whimpered as she lightly caressed Ye Hua’s head.

Ye Hua watched the small mortal woman lay in a small bamboo framed bed and quickly fall asleep. She curled her body up into a tight ball. She whimpered and cried out like a child in her slumber. Ye Hua took a few moments to study his unfamiliar surroundings. The sparsely decorated hut was drafty and poorly built. A harsh place for a frail, sick woman to live alone especially with winter coming. Ye Hua’s heart suddenly ached for the poor mortal woman.


Mo Yuan

Donghua Dijun was reading when Mo Yuan and Zhe Yan entered the courtyard of his palace. Donghua Dijun didn’t get up and instead just slightly nodded his head towards Mo Yuan and Zhe Yan. A servant brought out two more cups of tea before silently leaving as quietly as she’d entered.

Mo Yuan sat beside Donghua Dijun and asked, “Si Ming told me that you came to Kunlun Mountain last night? Did you see Seventeen, my wife?”

“Ah, yes Mo Yuan. I spoke to your wife, Bai Qian. So you must have taken care of the situation at the Roushui Riverbank? I noticed the unusual activity has stopped.” Said Donghua Dijun.

Mo Yuan shook his head ‘no’ and asked, “What situation? What recent activity? Has something occurred at the Roushui Riverbank?”

Donghua Dijun replied, “I told your wife everything last night. Bai Qian said she’ll explain everything to you when you returned from seclusion. The Bell of the East Emperor. There have been severe disturbances from Qing Cang, ever since the deaths of his sons. I told all this to your wife last night. Everything seems calm now. I believed you to have sealed the Bell again. Mo Yuan, didn’t you perform the spell last night?”

Mo Yuan quickly glanced at Zhe Yan nervously and demanded, “What did you tell Seventeen? Tell me actually what you said to her, Donghua.”

Donghua Dijun looked bored as he repeated his conversation with Seventeen. Donghua Dijun didn’t understand Mo Yuan’s apprehensive and nervous expression. Mo Yuan suddenly leaned forward and gasped for breath.

Zhe Yan held Mo Yuan up and asked tensely, “Mo Yuan, what’s wrong? What’s happening?”

“She went to do it herself. Seventeen went to seal the Bell of the East Emperor last night. She performed the spell.” Whispered Mo Yuan.

Zhe Yan shook his head in denial and firmly stated, “Impossible! Mo Yuan, Xiao Wu doesn’t know the spell. Don’t be ridiculous! She’s probably drunk and sleeping somewhere.”

Emotionlessly Donghua Dijun asked, “If Bai Qian handled the issue correctly, then why are you so worried, Mo Yuan?

Mo Yuan pressed his hand against his chest and terror filled his eyes. His voice panic struck when he whispered. “I taught Seventeen the spell. She knows the spell, and she sealed Qing Cang, herself last night. Donghua, Seventeen has gone missing! She’s vanished.”

Mo Yuan swiftly jumped up and said tensely, “I have to go to the Roushui Riverbank. I have to find her. Seventeen could be hurt or even worse!” Before instantly cloud jumping and disappearing.


Ye Hua

Unable to transform into his human form due to his wound, Ye Hua remained in the small wicker basket with the mortal for three days. During this time, he did nothing but watch her. She was petite with a beautiful face. It was clear she was unwell. The woman vomited often and never ate. She brought Ye Hua raw meat to eat which made him gag, but it also made the woman sick, again. When he refused to eat the raw meat, the woman made him porridge and patiently fed him. Judging by the empty appearance of her sparsely filled cottage, and the fact Ye Hua had yet to see her eat anything, he wondered if she had food for herself. The woman was sick without food, yet fed a wounded snake she’d found in a cave. Ye Hua had never seen such a display of compassion and selflessness before.

During Ye Hua’s keen observation, he noticed the woman slept most of the day, and when she was awake, she was always suffering. He wished he could help her or at least cook her a decent meal. Ye Hua had never felt such sympathy for another until he’d met this woman. He decided after the third day, he’d reveal his human form to her.

The day Ye Hua showed his human appearance, the woman was outside bent over vomiting, again. The mortal felt his unexpected touch and swiftly moved away from him when he gently tapped her back.

She jumped back, stood away at a far distance, covered her mouth and whispered, “I’m sorry, but I’m sick. I’m dying. You shouldn’t come too close. I might be contagious, and I don’t want to infect you.”

Ye Hua replied, “I have a healthy immune system. I’ll be okay. You seem very sick. How long have you been like this? Do you live here alone?”

“I’ve been unwell for almost a year. I believe that I’ve been left here alone to die. I think perhaps my family was too poor to care for my disease and left me here instead.” The mortal replied.

“What’s your name?” Ye Hua asked.

Suspiciously, the mortal studied Ye Hua and cautiously replied, “I don’t know. I don’t have a name. I don’t have any memories, or my disease has progressed and erased my memories. Either way, you should keep your distance. I’ve been sick since I woke up here alone a year ago.”

She added, “I don’t have any valuables or anything of worth for you to take.”

Ye Hua smiled and asked, “Do you think I’m here to rob you? Do I seem like a thief in your eyes?”

Fearfully, the woman suddenly grabbed the broomstick nearby, and held it in front of her body, to defend herself. She warned, “I’m sick, and you’ll become infected if you try to touch my body.”

Ye Hua replied softly, “My name is Ye Hua. I’m not here to hurt you. I just want to…”

Suddenly, Ye Hua saw the woman’s eyes rolled back into her head, and her small body began to fall. Swiftly, he caught the fainting woman in his arms before she hit the ground. Ye Hua carefully carried the woman into her home and laid her down on her bed. Her cheeks were flushed and glowed rosy while her complexion was ashen and pale. Her forehead was damp with cold perspiration. After Ye Hua was sure she was unconscious, he quickly used his magic to determine her illness. Instead of finding an ailment, he heard a second racing heartbeat within the woman’s body, and sensed immortal energy coming from her womb. The mortal wasn’t dying. She was with child, and the child she was carrying was fathered by an immortal.

Ye Hua was stunned. What kind of immortal beast would take a woman and then leave a pregnant woman in such a deserted place? Had an evil immortal defiled the mortal and erased her memory to hide his identity? Ye Hua had witnessed cruelty and brutality in all the realms, but the idea of a cultivated immortal male abandoning a sick, pregnant woman alone in such an isolated place was inhuman.


While the woman slept, Ye Hua went into the kitchen and inspected all the areas for the storage of food. She had nothing. There was less than a handful of rice, a few edible roots, and vegetables. A couple of pieces of rotting fruit, and not enough food for a human being to survive. Notably and particularly lacking nutrients for a woman, with a baby growing inside her body. Ye Hua used his magic and filled her kitchen with an abundance of food. Edible items such as: nuts, dried and preserved meats, vegetables and fruits. Foods that Ye Hua thought would last longest without spoilage. Silently, he then rolled up his sleeves and began to cook for the sleeping woman.


Mo Yuan

At the Roushui Riverbank, Mo Yuan’s fears were confirmed. The Earth Deity, responsible for watching the Bell, told Mo Yuan a beautiful woman had been there the night before. The Earth Deity said he’d popped up due to the intense disturbance from the Bell of the East Emperor only to be forced back down magically. The Bell’s Guardian described the woman who’d appeared, and to Mo Yuan’s worst nightmare and fright, the description matched and sounded like Seventeen.

Before the end of the day, Mo Yuan alerted all of Seventeen’s disappearance. Mo Yuan, Zhe Yan, the disciples, and the Fox Clan family members all began their search for her. Mo Yuan sent his disciples into all the realms and four seas. Seventeen’s family members searched within Qingqiu, and anywhere else they thought she might have gone.

Zhe Yan attempted to calm Mo Yuan and said “Mo Yuan, Xiao Wu’s star is still visible. We’ll find her.”

Mo Yuan whispered, “Zhe Yan, what if she’s injured? I don’t know what to do? What if she’s hurt and alone? Seventeen has been missing since last night. If something happens to her, I won’t be able to endure it. I can’t be without Seventeen, again. This time, I won’t be able to live without her.”


Ye Hua

Ye Hua was cooking when he heard the mortal’s soft, weak voice. She asked, “What are you doing in my kitchen?” The woman stared at Ye Hua with unsure and uncertain eyes.

Ye Hua replied without looking up, “Isn’t it obvious? I’m cooking.”

The mortal asked, “Why are you cooking?”

Ye Hua never raised his gaze and replied, “I’m hungry, and you should eat something too. Oh, and you’re not sick or dying. You’re pregnant.”

The woman gasped, placed her hand on her stomach and asked, “How do you know? Are you a physician? How can you tell?”

Ye Hua lied, “I have eight older sisters. I’ve been around many pregnant women. I know the symptoms. You’re suffering from severe morning sickness, that’s why you’ve vomited.”

The woman asked, “You said your name was Ye Hua? Why are you preparing food for me? Why are you still here?”

Ye Hua finally looked up and replied, “You remind me of someone I know, my first love. Didn’t you tell me that you didn’t have a name? First, I think we should come up with something to call you.”

Ye Hua looked the woman up and down noticed her plain attire and said, “SuSu, I’m going to start calling you SuSu, because the way you’re dressed. It’s better than saying ‘hey you’. SuSu seems to fit you.”

The mortal smiled and repeated her new name to herself several times before saying, “SuSu? SuSu, yes, well now I have a name. Ye Hua, whatever you’re cooking smells delicious. I hope I can keep it down. It would be such a waste to throw up such a lovely meal.”

While they ate quietly, Ye Hua glanced up at SuSu’s beautiful face a couple of times. She ate slowly as if in deep thought.

SuSu suddenly placed down her chopsticks and said, “Ye Hua, do you think I was abandoned here by my family because of my pregnancy? If I’m unmarried and pregnant, I would have brought shame to myself and my family. Perhaps, I’m a slave, and maybe I ran away from my owner. Do you think my master defiled my body, so I ran away? What if a man seduced me with empty promises of marriage then impregnated me and left? I wish I could remember something.”

Ye Hua met SuSu’s gaze and decided not to mention anything about her child being fathered by an immortal. He decided, he would find the beast and punish him in the ways of the Celestial law.

Ye Hua replied softly, “If that’s the case when I find your master or the man who left you here, I’ll teach them a lesson they’ll never forget. Maybe you hurt your head and walked away from your home. You don’t have any memories so that would also make sense.”

Ye Hua added nonchalantly, “Oh, I’ve filled your pantry with food and cut enough wood to last you for a long while. I’ll try to come back to check on you in a few months.”

SuSu chuckled softly and said, “It’s odd, but you don’t feel like a stranger to me. Ye Hua, you’re a compassionate man to do this for someone you don’t know. You must be well loved and known for your kindness.”

Ye Hua smiled and replied, “I’m feared, and not too many people love me. I’m usually not very nice, and I rarely if ever help anyone, so I’m not known for my kindness either. I’ve told you SuSu, you remind me of someone I know. Someone I treasure.”

SuSu nodded she understood and raised her chopsticks to her lips. She asked, “Yes, your first love. Where is this lucky woman of yours now, Ye Hua?”

“Qian Qian married my older brother. She’s now my sister-in-law.” Replied Ye Hua.

Susu’s eyes widened as she gasped in surprise. She said, “That woman must be either stupid or blind! How could she leave such a handsome, gentleman and marry another?”

Ye Hua lightly chuckled and asked, “Do you think I’m handsome? Yes, Qian Qian should have married me, but that’s what happened. Also, my older brother is my twin. My identical twin brother, Mo Yuan. He’s nicer than me too but he’s boring. Mo Yuan is a Taoist Master.”

Ye Hua paused and said, “SuSu, I’m leaving my sword behind with you. If any other man comes here, stab them with it and protect yourself at all cost. As much as I’d like to stay longer to watch over you, I can’t. But I’ll come back. Stay safe until I return to check on you, alright?”

SuSu nodded she understood and said, “Thank you, Ye Hua. Thank you for giving me a name and everything else.” SuSu rubbed her stomach tenderly and added softly with a smile, “At least, I know I’m not dying.”

Ye Hua said, “One more thing. SuSu, don’t take any more snakes to bed with you. It’s dangerous. Avoid snakes altogether.”


Mo Yuan

On the second day of Seventeen’s disappearance, Mo Yuan was inconsolable. He went and returned to all the places, he thought she might have gone. Mo Yuan was terrified of losing his little Seventeen again. He was furious with himself for teaching her, the magical spell to seal the Bell of the East Emperor. Mo Yuan blamed himself for greedily wanting a child and going into seclusion consequently leaving Seventeen alone. Her cultivation still had yet to return after waking from death fully.

Zhe Yan tried his best to reassure Mo Yuan, but Mo Yuan had little faith in the stars Zhe Yan referred to and used as guidance. All Mo Yuan could picture was Seventeen being alone and frightened somewhere unknown and dying in pain. Mo Yuan’s worst inner fear was the possibility that she was already dead.


Ye Hua

When Ye Hua returned to Mount Junji, SuSu was sitting on the front step of her thatched cottage resting in the sun. A light breeze blew, and she closed her eyes, smiled to herself while tenderly rubbing her full stomach. SuSu opened her eyes, saw Ye Hua, and smiled brightly. He approached as she struggled to stand. SuSu held onto the pole structure of her hut and brought herself to standing. Her stomach was big, round and protruded from her small body.

Only one day had passed in the immortal world, but for SuSu it had been a full year. Ye Hua estimated SuSu to be in her second year of pregnancy.

“Ye Hua, I thought you were never coming back! I thought you might be one of those Deities that help poor mortals and then vanish like in the stories.” SuSu exclaimed. She stroked her round stomach and said, “Ye Hua, you were right. I’m not dying. I’m pregnant.”

Ye Hua smiled and replied, “Your belly has gotten much bigger since I saw you last. When I was here last time, you didn’t even have a bump yet.”

SuSu nodded that she agreed and said, “A year has passed since you were here last. I should be giving birth anytime soon, but I haven’t felt any indications of labor.”

Ye Hua didn’t correct SuSu’s lack of knowledge. She was unaware the gestation time for an immortal child was three years. It was possible she wasn’t even aware the father of her baby was immortal. Ye Hua walked into SuSu’s hut as if it belonged to him. Once again, the shelves were empty, but there was still some rice in storage. Ye Hua wondered how SuSu had survived this long by herself. Her pregnancy was unfortunate. Ye Hua found SuSu desirable. He would have liked to take her as his lover. He could have fallen in love with SuSu. Strangely, her pregnancy didn’t hinder Ye Hua’s desire for her. He found SuSu’s pregnant body arousing. Her huge breasts looked tantalizing.

Once again, Ye Hua cooked for SuSu while she asked about his life. He lied and told her, he was a penniless warrior without wealth or fortune. SuSu listened intently to Ye Hua and repeatedly yawned right after she’d finished eating.

In her soft sleepy voice, SuSu said, “Ye Hua, I wish I had a way to repay you for your kindness. You’re the only person I’ve seen since I woke up here. You gave me a name and all the food you left for me. I don’t have anything of value, and I would offer my body, but as you can see, I’m not at my most desirable these days.” SuSu touched her round stomach and sighed deeply.

Ye Hua replied, “SuSu, you’re still beautiful and desirable. I didn’t do anything significant. There isn’t any need to thank me. I enjoy your company.”

“Your Qian Qian married the wrong brother. Ye Hua, you’re going to be a wonderful husband to someone fortunate someday. Perhaps after I give birth, I could work as your maid or something to repay you for your generosity.” SuSu said and added, “Maybe if you’d like my body then, I’ll do whatever you’d like me to do to please you. I’ll never be able to compensate your kindness and consideration entirely.”

Ye Hua smiled. He had nothing to say. In honesty, Ye Hua found SuSu appealing, and desirable. Her pregnancy wasn’t a deterrent for him. SuSu’s offer of her body was tempting and too alluring. Ye Hua would be lying to himself if he said he hadn’t thought about taking her. He wanted SuSu from the first time he set his eyes on her.

SuSu thanked Ye Hua and told him she’d been sleeping more than before due to the progression of her pregnancy. She stood up, paused and looked down at him unsure, and nervous. Suddenly, SuSu leaning down and lightly kissed Ye Hua’s lips. His eyes widen, from the first shock of her unexpected kiss. Instantly, Ye Hua stood, took SuSu in his arms and kissed her with more passion. He softly moaned when he felt her huge breasts press against his body. Ye Hua deepened his kiss and slid his tongue into her mouth as their kiss intensified. His hands started to move towards SuSu’s tantalizing breasts when she shyly pulled away, blushed a dark shade of pink and dropped her gaze. She modestly smiled and wouldn’t meet Ye Hua’s gaze. SuSu took him by hand and lead him to her bed.

SuSu untied the top of her dress and exposed her giant massive breasts. Her nipples enlarged and dark, the color of ripening blackberries. With difficulty, SuSu started to get on her knees to give Ye Hua oral pleasure, but he stopped her.

Ye Hua gently helped SuSu stand and said, “You don’t have to do that. You don’t need to thank me for anything, SuSu.”

SuSu looked up at Ye Hua confused and then embarrassed. She whispered, “Yes, oral pleasure from a pregnant woman who’s carrying another man’s child isn’t arousing. I’m sorry Ye Hua. I only wanted to show my appreciation.”

Ye Hua kissed SuSu and said, “No, that’s not it. I find you very seductive, but I don’t want you to be uncomfortable. Why don’t we lay down together instead?”

SuSu nodded shyly, got into bed and rolled on her side to face Ye Hua. He laid down beside her with his head against her chest. SuSu’s luscious breasts were still exposed. She tenderly stroked Ye Hua’s hair while he slowly licked and sucked her full breasts. They were exquisite. One of her breasts were almost the size of Ye Hua’s head. He leisurely moved from one breast to the other. He gently pressed them together and ran his tongue across both in horizontal sweeps.

SuSu’s breathing came out in short broken pants. Ye Hua continued to suck on her huge erect nipples and reached into his robe and pulled out his manhood. He wrapped his hand firmly around his sex and stroked himself. Ye Hua continued to suck, lick and nibble on SuSu’s breasts and nipples. He slid his other hand into her dress. He touched, stroked and caressed SuSu’s lower treasure while steadily pumping his thick sword. She moaned softly and pressed her breasts into Ye Hua’s greedy mouth. He quickly brought himself to climax while sucking on SuSu’s nipples. He released his nectar on her leg. Ye Hua caught his breath and looked up to see SuSu coyly smiling at him.

Ye Hua smiled and said, “I told you that you are alluring.”

Ye Hua moved up, held SuSu in his arms and covered her with the crimson wedding quilt. She fell asleep quickly in his warm embrace. He kissed SuSu’s forehead as she cooed in her sleep. Ye Hua watched her sleep and lightly caressed her cheek while she slept. He strongly considered taking SuSu as his wife and helping her raise her child.

Since SuSu was resting, Ye Hua decided to perform a searching spell to find the immortal aura of the child. If he could sense or recognize the life-force, he might be able to determine the father of her child. Similar to a fingerprint, every immortal had their unique aura and life-force that varied from others. Ye Hua performed the spell and almost fell out of bed. The energy was almost identical to his, but unbelievably and undeniably it was his brother’s aura. High God Mo Yuan was the father of SuSu’s unborn child.

To be continued…..