崑崙山 Kunlun Mountain: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 26 NSFW


In the haziness of sleep, Mo Yuan due to habit reached out and grabbed SuSu’s massive breasts. Eyes closed, Mo Yuan happily fondled and stroked SuSu’s giant full breasts. Mo Yuan smiled contentedly when he felt SuSu’s nipples harden from his touch. Without hesitation or a second thought, he pressed his lips against, opened his mouth, and leisurely licked and sucked on her enormous breasts and nipples. Mo Yuan affectionately grabbed, and groped SuSu’s round soft bottom, while eagerly rubbing his stiff morning erection up against her smooth body. He moaned softly as wet his tongue twirled and rolled around the circumference of SuSu’s hard nipples, repeatedly. He moved his large searching hand inside her lightweight, soft cotton nightgown and stroked her silken smooth cream-like inner thighs.

Suddenly, Mo Yuan was fully awake and realized what he was doing.

Instantly, and abruptly, Mo Yuan became a stone statue and frozen in his awkward situation and position. Uncertain and hesitant what he should do next. He felt SuSu’s unfriendly glaring eyes staring at his head, and he was afraid to look up at SuSu’s face. Mo Yuan’s mouth still securely fastened onto her giant erect nipple, SuSu’s bottom in his hand’s grasp and his pounding manhood firmly pressed up against her leg.

SuSu loudly cleared her throat and asked in a voice steeped with annoyance, “Ummm…Excuse me? Mo Yuan, what do you think you’re doing right now?”

Mo Yuan slowly separated his mouth from SuSu’s nipple and pulled his hand out from her nightgown. He withdrew his stiffness and off from her leg. He cleared his throat lightly coughed a couple of times, laid flat on his back and interlocked his hands across his strong muscular chest. Mo Yuan’s long fingers tapped against each other tensely.

He avoided direct eye contact with SuSu.

Mo Yuan stared at the ceiling and softly replied, “I’m sorry. It’s just a habit. I wasn’t fully awake yet. I’m sorry SuSu.”

SuSu turned and gazed at him, while he continued to focus his sight on the ceiling. She asked, “Mo Yuan, you said it was a habit so, did we used to share intimacy in the mornings?”

“Yes, every morning. Always. Also, afternoons and a couple of times before bed. Often, quite often, in the middle of the night too. I used to wake you by performing oral pleasure on you. That was my favorite way to start the day.” Said Mo Yuan softly.

SuSu loudly gasped in shock, and her breathing quickened. She blinked rapidly and asked in a whisper, “When did you have time to teach, eat, sleep or do anything else? How did you balance your time while performing so much bodily pleasure?  Mo Yuan, you must be a genuine expert at multitasking and time management. How do you keep to such a tight schedule? Did I enjoy it also? Did I ever complain about the frequency and duration of our consummation?”

Mo Yuan said softly “No, you never complained. We’ve always been like that from the very start. It was that way before we married also. Yes. You enjoyed it very much. Well, you used to anyway.”

SuSu was stunned as she asked, “We had intercourse before our marriage? Did you deflower me? Do you take a special tonic or medication to perform so often? How old are you?”

Mo Yuan started to chuckle softly. He knew SuSu was deadly serious, but there was an undeniable amusement to the situation. Mo Yuan was lying in bed with his once youngest immortal disciple, who was now his wife, but also a pregnant mortal without any recollection of him. He’d woken up sucking on her nipples and now answering questions about their past intimacy. SuSu was humorous without any effort. Her endearing nature only made her more lovable.

It triggered Mo Yuan’s desire for her more.

Mo Yuan replied, “I’m over 300,000 thousand years old, and yes, I took your virginity before marriage. You thought I was a woman, but I deflowered you. I don’t need any tonics or medicine to perform. I was celibate for a long time, before you and I became lovers. I’m just making up for lost time and you are extremely appealing. Sometimes too much so.”

SuSu replied, “Mo Yuan, please don’t take this the wrong way. It’s not my intention to offend you, but you would have looked terrible as a female. You must have been one ugly woman. Was I a complete drunkard? Is that why I allowed an ugly woman with a mustache take me? Did I have poor eyesight because my vision is perfect now? Also, you were once my Shifu, but we were intimate? Isn’t that naughty and borderline scandalous? Did we do it in secret places in the school? Didn’t you get into any trouble tempting a student?”

Mo Yuan surprised himself when he laughed out loud. SuSu’s comment about him being an ugly woman with a mustache tickled him. It was downright hilarious. SuSu’s curiosities and viewpoints were funny.

Mo Yuan couldn’t help himself when he teased SuSu and said, “Actually, you seduced me. You used to chase after me and take off your clothes at any given moment. I tried and fought you off for years, but in the end, you got what you wanted. I was weak and defenseless against your pursuit. SuSu, you’re an aggressive, assertive and highly sexually demanding woman. You initiated intimacy most of the time. I was merely complying as a good husband should. My reason and purpose were to please you.”

SuSu squinted her eyes and thought about Mo Yuan’s comment before replying, “Yes, I could see that happening. I do think about sex frequently. Perhaps too often. I chased you? Yes, that sounds like something I would do. Everything you’ve said matches my personality.”

Suddenly, SuSu patted Mo Yuan’s chest lightly and added, “Mo Yuan, it must have been challenging, keeping up with my excessive sexual demands at your advanced age. If I heard you right, you’re ancient. Almost a relic. Are there any statues or monuments that have been built for you yet? Or is that something they do after you’re dead? I’m sorry I was such an intimacy greedy woman. You should get up now. Your lessons begin soon.”

Mo Yuan got out of bed, but his erection hadn’t gone down, so it tented out of his robe. Full open view in all its glorious morning splendor. SuSu’s eyes grew wide as she gawked open-mouthed at Mo Yuan’s magnificent wake-up wood.

She declared, “Oh, my! Mo Yuan, if we were as active as you said, I’m surprised I was able to walk without being bowlegged. I must have taken many naps or stayed in bed most of the time.”

Mo Yuan chuckled and kissed SuSu’s forehead before getting ready for the day.

Even though Mo Yuan and Seventeen, who was now SuSu, were a married couple, there were many awkward and uncertain moments. SuSu attempted to behave as a wife should, but since she didn’t have any memories of her husband, simple things such as changing clothes became problematic.

One evening Mo Yuan walked in to find SuSu fully unclothed and openly gawked at her hungrily. Mo Yuan’s calm expression remained unfazed, unchanged, but his eyes were aflame with lust and desire. SuSu’s breasts were massive, and her nipples were large, round, eye-catching enticing treats that would fit perfectly into his mouth. Her stomach was big, round, and her mouth-watering bottom was a bit more bubbly and fuller. Mo Yuan stared at her like a raging bull during a bullfight seeing a scarlet red muleta waved in his face.

It took all his control not to ravish SuSu on the spot.

SuSu, on the other hand, didn’t know if she should conceal her body since Mo Yuan was her husband. Their intimacy was evident and unquestionable due to her pregnancy, but she felt indecent not attempting to cover her nudity. SuSu acted as if everything was normal and continued changing her clothes while sensing Mo Yuan’s laser-like gaze scanning over her entire body.

Mo Yuan openly undressed in front of SuSu as he had with Seventeen. He knew Seventeen had a weakness for his body and SuSu seemed to as well. Mo Yuan caught her gazing at him, like a child staring at a tantalizing lollipop, in a confectionery store window. She pretended not to notice and turned her head but watched him intently with her peripheral vision. Mo Yuan heard SuSu smack her lips a couple of times when she saw his muscular, defined naked body.

SuSu was as endearing as Seventeen but just a little differently.

One evening in bed SuSu asked, “Mo Yuan, Zhe Yan said that my body was different now as a mortal. He told me that I was a virgin again. Is that right? Is that possible?”

Mo Yuan carefully thought about SuSu’s question. He’d never considered that to be the case, but it was truthful. Since Seventeen’s transformation into a mortal body was similar to rebirth, if SuSu hadn’t been intimate with a man, she was still intact. She was a pregnant virgin.

Mo Yuan replied, “If you haven’t shared bodily pleasure after walking up on Mount Junji, then yes, you are still a virgin.”

Suddenly, SuSu swiftly sat up in bed and said in a low voice full of wonder and awe, “Immaculate conception? A miracle child! Maybe, I’m going to birth the second coming of Heavenly Father! You know, the Heavenly Father that created the world?”

Mo Yuan smiled and said, “SuSu, not Heavenly Father’s second coming but his grandchild. The baby inside your stomach is Heavenly Father’s grandchild since I’m Heavenly Father’s eldest son. Ye Hua is Heavenly Father’s youngest.”

SuSu looked at Mo Yuan with a gaze of new found respect and admiration. She looked down at her stomach with huge eyes and rubbed it in amazement.

SuSu quickly glanced at Mo Yuan and said, “Well that’s much more prestigious than a nut or candy vendor. I didn’t know this baby was such an exceptional child.” SuSu paused and asked, “So, I’m going to give birth as a virgin?”

SuSu looked at Mo Yuan and shook her head ‘no’, she said, “No! Exceptional or not, this baby is not going to tear me open from the inside out. No! You Mo Yuan, you must deflower me again! Labor will be painful enough but to think this child will tear through my attached hymen? No way! That’s not going to happen. Mo Yuan, you must help me out and devirginize me again. I’m sorry to ask this of you, but this issue must be settled…soon. I can’t give birth as a virgin!”

Mo Yuan could barely control himself from jumping for joy. SuSu’s reasonable request was music to his ears.

SuSu laid back down on her back and said, “I’m a little nervous, so perhaps we could start slowly with some kissing and heavy petting before doing the important task at hand. Fortunately, you’re quite handsome, so I think I could get into the mood. But, I question my appeal and charm. I’m not at my most desirable right now. I’m so fat that I can’t stand to look at myself!”

Mo Yuan rolled on his stomach next to SuSu and held his chin up with the palm of his left hand. His rich, dark, coffee-colored eyes gazed at her warmly, tenderly, and adoringly. In SuSu’s face, Mo Yuan only saw Seventeen. Always. Mo Yuan’s right hand caressed SuSu’s face.

SuSu’s expression grew serious. She asked, “Mo Yuan, don’t you miss Seventeen?”

Mo Yuan replied still touching her face, “You’re right here. I will admit there are times when I’m with you and miss you. That’s my issue though. I can’t get enough of you.”

“But, I’m Susu, not Seventeen. I’m a mortal, and I don’t have any memories of you?” SuSu asked.

“SuSu or Seventeen, for me, you are you. In life, one has many titles. I have six myself. Shifu, High God Mo Yuan, Master of Kunlun Mountain, son of Heavenly Father, God of War and my favorite, the husband to the Queen of Qingqiu. I’m still just me. You just have another title now.” Replied Mo Yuan.

SuSu said, “I’m a mortal. I’m different than before.”

“No, you’re still as you’ve always been. You’re beautiful, lovable, intelligent and kind. Utterly desirable. Immortals have the power to turn mortals immortal, but we need to wait until after you give birth because in a sense your mortal self will cease to exist.” Whispered Mo Yuan.

Mo Yuan added, “Also, a starving man doesn’t complain at a banquet. He’s happy with whatever he gets.”

SuSu asked cautiously, “Are you saying beggars can’t be picky?”

Mo Yuan smiled and replied, “No, quite the opposite. To live one must eat to survive. You’re my food, substance, and nutrients. You’re the one I hunger for, and you’re the only one who satiates me. As long as I have you by my side, I can live. Very blissfully at that. As for your loss of memories, we can make new ones. SuSu, I have the pleasure of learning new things about you. What husband gets to deflower his wife twice? SuSu is just another facet of your total being. The one I’m madly in love with.”

SuSu blushed, smiled shyly and asked, “Tell me how we met?”

Mo Yuan released a deep sigh and moved closer to SuSu. He laid on his side facing her and supported his head with his left hand. Mo Yuan’s right hand slowly touched SuSu’s neck and upper chest.

“Let me see. You came to Kunlun Mountain to become my pupil. You were dressed as a boy and fell in love with me at first sight. I was exceedingly and exceptionally handsome, and you couldn’t resist my looks.” Said Mo Yuan in his soft voice.

SuSu asked, “Did you look different than you do now?”

Mo Yuan chuckled and said, “No, I looked the same. Identical and unchanged. See? Am I not exceedingly handsome, SuSu?”

SuSu covered her lips and giggled at Mo Yuan. She lightly ran her fingers through his soft, loose hair and said, “I can see why I fell in love with you because I think I could fall in love with you, again.”

Mo Yuan kissed SuSu gently and tenderly. She sat up and pulled her nightgown up, over her head, and off before laying back down. Mo Yuan looked at his beautiful wife’s changed body. SuSu’s breasts were full, heavy and massive. Her nipples double the size of what they used to be and now a deeper shade of plum. The coloring of SuSu’s nipples was closer to the tone of sugary sweet sun-ripened blackberries. The veins under her skin were now more visible against her light pale complexion.

They were tantalizing and exquisite. Remarkable.

The feel of SuSu’s mouth and the kiss was identical to Seventeen’s. Her full luscious lips were soft, sweet and billowy like pillows. SuSu pressed her lips against and into Mo Yuan’s lips deeper. The slow, tender kiss deepened and sizzled. Mo Yuan couldn’t get enough of her mouth. He gradually moved his hands, touched and cupped her breasts, amazed by the increased weight of each breast. SuSu’s enlarged nipples hardened from his touch. She moaned lightly when Mo Yuan rolled her erect nipple between his fingertips.

SuSu’s tongue moved slowly in Mo Yuan’s mouth. Their tongues caressed, connected, moved and rolled against each others. Mo Yuan broke their kiss and looked into SuSu’s eyes. Her gaze was soft, trusting and warm. Mo Yuan kissed SuSu’s neck and licked the full length of her graceful throat. His hands still fondling, touching and stroking her huge breasts. SuSu’s breasts made Mo Yuan want to climax immediately. He kissed and gently sucked on her delicate shoulders. Mo Yuan’s powerful hands groped SuSu’s breasts with a little more pressure. She moaned from his touch.

Mo Yuan moved his lips to her collarbones and lingered. He licked the full distance across both sides. Unable to resist any longer, Mo Yuan took one of her delicious breasts into his hungry craving mouth. His manhood twitched from his arousal. Mo Yuan moved from one breast to the other slowly licking and sucking her nipples. His hand touched and caressed SuSu’s round stomach. The tension and tightness of her full belly were incredible. SuSu had a dark pronounced vertical line that ran down the center of her stomach. The line started from between her breasts and ran all the way down to her mound. Mo Yuan couldn’t overcome his fascination with her pregnant body. His eyes filled with tears as he caressed her round protruding stomach tenderly with his lips. The sight of his unborn child growing and protected its mother’s womb made him emotional.

SuSu made light mewing sounds and noises.

Mo Yuan moved-in between SuSu’s open legs. Her lower treasure petals were also darker like her nipples. Mo Yuan’s hands caressed the insides of her thighs, his face moved into her treasure, and he licked her. SuSu immediately let out a long deep groan. Mo Yuan’s sword twitched impatiently. He continued to lick and wash over her luscious folds with his tongue in long repetitive strokes and sweeps. Mo Yuan couldn’t see SuSu’s face due to her belly, but her body heaved, and she released loud throaty moans and groans. The sweetness and taste of her honey were the same as Seventeen’s. Mo Yuan ran his tongue over her pink exposed pearl in a repeated rhythmic, steady motion, and SuSu started softly but then moaned a long, hoarse wailing sound as she began to climax. Mo Yuan sucked on her outer button with more pressure and slid two fingers slightly inside her pink opening. She loudly cried out Mo Yuan’s name while she continued to orgasm. SuSu was much more sensitive due to her pregnancy, and his fingers drenched, juicy from her moisture.

SuSu’s climax was too arousing for Mo Yuan to hold back. He quickly raised himself, bent over her body, supported himself with his defined and brawny outstretched arms. Mo Yuan’s strong hands planted firmly on each side of her body. His strong muscular upper body evaluated over her body so not to lay or put pressure on her stomach. Mo Yuan quickly latched onto one of her tasty nipples, and rubbed his eager demanding sex up against SuSu’s soaking bloom repeatedly and climaxed, sucking on her hard erect nipple. Mo Yuan’s essence spurted out all over SuSu’s darkened outer petals.

Seventeen and Mo Yuan enjoyed a highly active sex life, before her disappearance. He hadn’t touched SuSu during the past two months. He’d slept beside her, and saw her nude almost every day, so Mo Yuan was urgently in need of sweet release. He was also concerned with his pressing urge to ejaculate would cause him to rush, and hurt his wife in the process. Mo Yuan was a little afraid to deflower SuSu again especially since she was so far along in her pregnancy.

SuSu tenderly stroked Mo Yuan’s hair as he continued to kiss and suck on her breasts. His taut sculpted abdomen lightly pressed against her belly when he felt a strong kick followed by another jab. Mo Yuan swiftly moved off SuSu’s stomach and placed his big hands where he’d felt the movement. His eyes widened as he watched in wonder, what appeared to be a part of the child’s body pressing against her from inside. The baby’s swift in position changed the shape of SuSu’s roundness. One area slightly pronounced and stuck out further than the rest of her belly.

SuSu smiled and said, “Mo Yuan, that’s the baby’s foot. Can you see where it’s pushing out? It’s such a strange feeling. So weird.”

Mo Yuan pressed his forehead against where the baby’s foot appeared to be, adoringly placed his large hands on the sides of SuSu’s bulging full abdomen, closed his eyes and said, “I love you and thank you for such a beautiful child.”

To be continued…..

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