金龍 Jīnlóng: Golden Dragon: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 3

Were feminine guests a rarity at Kunlun Mountain? Definitely. Being an all male school for young immortals, female visitors were somewhat uncommon and unusual. So, a stunning young unwed goddess’s sudden appearance caused quite a chaotic stir, and the ordinarily calm students were rather excited.

Bai Qian apparently took Mo Yuan’s joke of her not being pretty to heart, and put forth extra attention into looking more beautiful. His little jest was purely a prank that backfired. He figured since she heard others rant about her beauty nonstop, he found private humor in teasing her. She was unquestionably stunning and came to Kunlun Mountain looking too beautiful.

The shade of her lilac-purple gown was the same as a Sterling rose. Her long silky hair was perfect. Slightly pulled off her face with an understated, simple silver hairpin and a blooming rose on its tip. Her makeup was natural almost nonexistent, but her full lips rouged in the bright hue of rosy pink that made them seem utterly kissable. Her cheeks were blushing just enough to bring attention to her even soft fair complexion. Bai Qian was just too gorgeous. Plain and simple.

They couldn’t help themselves really, but the dazed disciples were stunned and gathering in small clusters staring at her most brazenly. Most were utterly speechless, amazed and dumbfounded. Many students were just ogling her with their jaws dropped and mouths slacked in disbelief. And if her immensely and unbelievably attractive appearance wasn’t shocking enough, some disciples looked as if they were going to faint when she ran directly towards Mo Yuan excitedly.

No. A formal bow or greeting never happened. After all, Mo Yuan was the God of War and Master of Kunlun Mountain. Instead, like a teenage boy, she roughly bumped arms with their respected Shifu and waved her hand in his face enthusiastically.

Bai Qian was brightly smiling when she loudly declared, “Hey friend! I’m here! Let’s make some wine!”

His astonished response was a surprised gag-like choke, followed by a series of light coughs to clear his closing throat. It wasn’t Mo Yuan’s intention to be rude. If anything, he was merely uncomfortable with all the blatant attention. All the staring and gawking disciples made him nervous as if he were breaking the law being with her.

It was due to the unexpected and awkward reactions from his stunned pupils. After the quickest and shortest introduction ever performed in history, Mo Yuan swiftly led Bai Qian to the lower level on Kunlun Mountain. The moment they were out of sight, the silent disciples went crazy with all the oohs and aahs they’d held back when she was present. The scene was thoroughly comical and perhaps the most exciting thing to happen at the school in decades.

Kunlun Mountain institution was the renowned immortal school, perched on the highest level of the majestic peak of Kunlun Mountain. A sacred mount built on dragon bones and a place of divine energy. Right underneath was a tranquil, picturesque sanctuary with countless fresh flowing waterfalls from newly melted white snow caps, and some had hidden caves behind the rapidly running water. There were also crystal clear, clean cooling ponds and naturally bubbling hot springs. It was a typical sight to see the disciples openly bathing during the warmer seasons.

Immediately below was where Mo Yuan grew his prized grapes. For hundreds of thousands of years, he’d cultivated various juicy fruits, crossbred some to create unique flavors known and used just by himself. His relished hobby of leisure was in the creation of exceptional wines as an expert vintner, but he rarely indulged and he hardly if ever showed his cherished vines openly to strangers.

However oddly, he’d invited Bai Qian to the secretive place, where Zhe Yan begged to see ever since Mo Yuan became the Master of Kunlun Mountain. He watched her and she was beautiful. Her small female hands, delicately touched the sugary sun-ripened delicious bubbled clusters most gingerly. Occasionally she’d bend down, inhale the aromatic scent, turn towards him and smile joyfully. Once again her youthful exuberance was entirely infectious.

In full appreciation of natures delicious offerings, she strolled up and down the neat rows of fruit leisurely, the radiant smile never left her full luscious lips not even once.

“Friend, may I taste?” She politely asked before picking a plump Cinsaut grape off its twisted vine, lightly blew on it and swiftly popped it in her mouth.

“Ummm!” Bai Qian extended her satisfied reaction then met Mo Yuan’s gaze, and nodded her head delighted with the bursting, succulent flavor of the perfectly matured fruit. The beaming grin she gave him afterward made him feel like a young man again.

He followed slowly behind her. Many paces back, and soaked in the sheer pleasure of seeing someone else enjoying the results of his labor. More than anything else, Mo Yuan absorbed in her outward beauty which was wholly enhanced by her inner loveliness.

Bai Qian suddenly lifted one side of her lilac dress to expose her small feet, actively stomped the demonstration and questioned, “Mo Yuan, are we going to step on the grapes? Pigeage?”

“Would you like to? I suppose you could.” Mo Yuan chuckled at her silliness before he could stop himself.

If nothing else, Bai Qian was quick-witted, caught his humored expression and inquired somewhat bashfully, “Oh, is that just in books and stories?”

“Would you like to step on grapes?” Mo Yuan proposed amused.

Pigeage? He’d never considered doing such a thing, but the mere idea of watching Bai Qian walking around in a messy vat of pulp, and fruit was unquestionably highly entertaining. Without a moment’s hesitation, he summoned a giant container for her to stomp around to her heart’s content.

The oak barrel was substantial and abundant in size. 6′ x 15″ and held approximately 250 gallons of plump fat Vitis vinifera grapes. His reward was her overjoyed smile making it well worth it, because she lit up like a mortal child seeing a magical unicorn.

Swiftly she dropped to the ground, wordlessly took off her shoes in eager anticipation, but first glanced up at Mo Yuan with giant round eyes and stated, “I should wash my feet! Yes. First, let me go above. I’ll be right back!”

Mo Yuan called a basin of clean water and a towel before she could stand. He knelt beside her closely while extended his hand to her foot, but she looked at him terrified and adamantly shook her head ‘no’.

“I can do it myself.” Bai Qian declared nervously and pushed his hand away somewhat forcibly but politely.

“Do you have athlete’s foot or toe rot?” Mo Yuan asked with an appearance of interest that bordered closer to prying.

Bai Qian’s cheeks instantly crimsoned and she shouted, “NO!”

“Then do you have terrible foot odor or a sixth toe like a witch?” He asked in the same soft tone.

“NO!” Bai Qian speedily cried out, defended herself but her face was blushing more and growing hotter with each passing second. She intentionally hid her feet under her long skirt.

Mo Yuan nodded understandingly and said in a faint voice, “You must have fat toes like a goblin? I understand.”

“Mo Yuan, just for your information, I have lovely toes but you’re the eldest son of Heavenly Father. You can’t wash my feet!” Bai Qian shouted as if he were across the field even though he was kneeling right in front of her.

His playful action was deliberate when he plugged his ears dramatically. As if he’d lost his hearing due to Bai Qian’s loud voice and meant to make her laugh. However, the earnest expression on Mo Yuan’s face was so blank, she grew worried, more nervous and began to apologize profusely for yelling in his ear.

Mo Yuan squinted one eye slightly, silently put his hand out for her foot again and this time she pushed her feet out of her dress, but at the pace of a sleeping sloth. So, he reached into her skirt and grabbed both her feet causing her to gasp loudly. He barely held back the urge to laugh out loud, when her feet were shaking with extreme embarrassment and it shouldn’t have surprised him, but even her toes were incredibly pretty.


Bai Qian

“Well, your face might be you know…not pretty but you do have feet worth looking at and bearable. Maybe your best feature.” Mo Yuan’s soft, smooth voice made all the hairs on her skin tingle and stood on ends. Everything felt ultra sensitive on her body.

It was difficult not to stare at a man who was so beautiful. If that word could apply to such a masculine man, it fitted Mo Yuan perfectly. His dark brows were full and thick. There was a little adorable beauty mark under his left eye. His nose was strong and high with a tiny bump on the bridge. His lips were so shapely that he appeared to be pouting when concentrating. Bai Qian smiled with big starry eyes without realizing she was doing so.

His powerful hands were so big and her foot looked so tiny as he gently held it in the warm water. Bai Qian privately pondered, what kind of mysterious man was High God Mo Yuan to humble himself without hesitation, or a second’s delay. He was one of the oldest most respected gods in the eternal world but here he was, washing her feet as if it were nothing at all.

There was also a certain level of amazement as to how his massive hands, that wielded the Sword of the Yellow Emperor could deliver such a light touch. His strokes were tender, soft and gentle as if he were bathing a baby. When Mo Yuan raised his kind, warm, expressive gaze to meet hers, Bai Qian involuntarily sucked the air in sharply, held her breath while her heart raced and throbbed at a frenzied pace most uncontrollably in her chest.

Was it hypnosis? His perfect lips were moving but why didn’t she hear any sound? Bai Qian was dazed and staring at Mo Yuan utterly captivated. It was when he suddenly picked her up effortlessly as if she were as light as a plume, and carried her toward the barrel of grapes she finally snapped out of her trance-like stupor. She gingerly wrapped her arms around his neck so she wouldn’t appear too clingy, but the scent of his tanned skin was masculine, clean, incredibly tantalizing and made her want to hold him tighter.

She was staring intently at his face again when Bai Qian heard him softly say, “Seeing you this close up confirms my opinion about your looks. Not pretty at all and perhaps just plain ugly.”

A soft unconvinced giggle escaped her lips, even though Bai Qian was intentionally pressing her mouth into a flat line to keep herself from laughing. He was a terrible liar because regardless of what his insincere mouth said, Mo Yuan’s eyes spoke entirely different words and silently confessed, that he thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world.

To be continued…..