金龍 Jīnlóng: Golden Dragon: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 4

The immediate increase in his salivary glands was an involuntary reaction, to the sweet fragrance of her delicious skin. Bai Qian smelled mouthwatering edible. Even surrounded by a sea of the plentiful bounty of fragrant fruits around them, her unique candied scent indeed overcame and overwhelmed his senses.

It was almost painful to carry her in his arms and it wasn’t because she was heavy or cumbersome, but quite the contrary. The way she draped in his arms was an ideal fit like two pieces of a puzzle that click. The perfect match was almost audible, but it was surprising Mo Yuan could hear anything at all over the sound of his rapidly pounding heart.

He couldn’t help himself and Mo Yuan tried in vain, but it was Bai Qian’s nearness that made it so challenging if not impossible. He endeavored not to stare. However, he inwardly wondered how was it possible for her to look even more stunning so closeup and personal. Their faces were mere inches apart, and she’d been intently watching him since he washed her adorable little feet. He felt as if her piercing gaze was going to bore a hole in his head.

Instead, Mo Yuan focused on getting her to the wooden container that was only a couple of feet away, but it felt like an eternity to get her there. By the time he placed Bai Qian into the massive vat of mostly Abouriou, Cabernet Sauvignon and Carménère grapes, his face felt flushed as if he were sunburned and privately slightly regretful to release her from his hold. Nevertheless, whatever he was feeling vanished the instant he saw her funny expressions when the fruits moved, mashed and pulverized between her bare toes.

Her teeth clenched as her cute nose dramatically wrinkled, while Bai Qian’s big doe eyes were abruptly full of uncertainty and round like saucers. She deliberately held up the hem of her dress bunched up with both hands at her side and above her knees. Her steps were unsure and apprehensive as she gradually moved around the soft fruit, as if she couldn’t decide if she liked the sensation or not.

Bai Qian’s comical facial expressions and her surprised reactions to the odd squishing, wet noises caused by her feet stepping on mashed grapes were priceless. Almost a shame to witness by himself. Thoroughly entertained was Mo Yuan overseeing her deliberate steps change slowly, as she started to get the hang of it and the happy smile returned to her clenched mouth.

It was somewhat unladylike but she gathered her dress and just haphazardly tied it up in the front, so it appeared like a messy giant blooming lilac flower above the middle of her exposed legs. Little sounds like ‘ahhh’ and ‘hmm’ came from her lips, while she marched around like an enthusiastic soldier going into battle at first light. Her hesitate stomps became more forceful and determined. Mo Yuan barely held back the urge to laugh as she nodded excited, and stomped around with all her might swinging her arms at her side.

He saw it coming directly because her body signs were a precursor, when Bai Qian took too big of a step and her legs rapidly split down in the opposite direction. Terrified, she glanced up at Mo Yuan with giant eyes when he swiftly grabbed one of her arms, and held her from sliding down into the container.

The desire to chuckle was incredible but he forced it back and softly said, “Friend, let me help you.”

Mo Yuan swiftly took off his heavy boots, removed his bulky outer robe, carelessly rolled up his pants, quickly washed his feet and joined her in the bucket of fruity slop. He made the very same expressions of disgust as she did because the slimy juicy feeling was highly unusual. At first, it wasn’t pleasant. Not in the slightest bit but after some time it wasn’t terrible. It was wet, squishy, slippery and messy. Yes, it was incredibly messy.

She moved clockwise and he in the opposite direction. Occasionally, Bai Qian made snarky comments that Mo Yuan wasn’t using all his might. She also made hand signals for him to pick up his pace like a bossy supervisor at a construction site.

“Friend, how lucky am I to experience the same sensation of stepping in a dirty diaper but I kind of like it. Does that make me weird?” Bai Qian asked in between labored stomps.

Mo Yuan kept his straight face because he was focusing on not slipping and just replied mono-toned, “I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself and yes you are very weird. Good luck finding a husband who likes odd and ugly.”

Bai Qian stopped smashing, planted her hands securely on her hips and inquired in earnest, “Am I honestly that unattractive… FRIEND?”

He didn’t even bother to look up but merely replied, “Yes. I’m starting to understand why Zhe Yan likes your brother.”

Mo Yuan’s unexpected response made her snort like a pig loudly. Spontaneously, she folded over and burst out into hysterical laughter. It was when she swiftly came back up, Bai Qian slipped but he caught her and forcefully yanked her towards him. She landed with her face solidly planted to his abdomen and her flat palms set on both sides of his pelvis. She was first startled when she slipped, but then gasped in horror to see her hands embarrassing landing location. He froze like a statue not understand what he should do.

Terrified she was touching too personal a place on his body, she forcibly pushed off of him but Mo Yuan again grabbed her. However, gravity was against them. She immediately slid into the thick muck with him following and collapsing on top of her. Bai Qian landed smack dab on her bottom with him dropping to his knees between her open thighs.

They both looked at each other with the same mortified expression, and their faces were just inches apart. He swallowed nervously, swiftly struggled to rise and promptly fell back between her parted legs. However, this time, on all fours. It was a Battle of the Grapes, in the end, overtook the God of War. It was about then when they both lost it, and Bai Qian was laughing so hard that she was in tears.

Holding her stomach and crying out in between her uncontrollable laughter, Bai Qian choked out “Oh! I can’t breathe! My stomach! Friend, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea!”

“See, I told you from the start that you were intelligent, Bai Qian. Can I use some magic and get us out of this messy predicament?” Mo Yuan answered in between chuckles and he couldn’t remember the last time he’d laughed so hard.

Bai Qian was attempting to compose herself, but it took quite a while before her uncontrollable laughter turned into a soft chuckle. Uncomfortably, she shifted and rocked on one side of her bottom to the other covered entirely in the grape mush, nodded her head ‘yes’.

With a sad expression, she said somewhat somberly, “Please, friend, because my underwear is full of grapes, I’m sorry to say this but I don’t think anyone would want to drink this particular batch of wine. It breaks my heart to misuse such lovely grapes. I guess since it’s my underwear, I’ll drink it so it doesn’t go to waste.”

For some reason, the absurd idea of her drinking the wine made of the grapes they’d both fallen in tickled him immensely. Mo Yuan tried to control himself from laughing out loud but it was out of his control. By nature, he wasn’t one to laugh loudly or a boisterous or noisy person but she brought out a different side of him. Bai Qian’s free life loving vitality was contagious.

“Friend, you truly are an alcoholic.” Mo Yuan declared without trying to candy coat his slightly offensive statement.

She didn’t fight it. Not in the slightest. Nodding her head in full agreement, she shamelessly just accepted his comment about her drinking habits and didn’t make any qualms about it. Mo Yuan stepped out of the fruit first, smiled and extended his hand towards his ridiculous friend, Bai Qian who was still sitting in a bucket of smashed grapes.

As she was rising, Bai Qian declared most offhandedly without a hint of shame or embarrassment, “It somewhat unfortunate that I don’t have a lover. This snippet of information might be a bit too personal for a conventional person such as yourself but, my friend, I bet I would taste delicious right about now. Very grapey and sweet, I would think.”

Just when he thought she couldn’t shock him anymore, Bai Qian upped the ante drastically. Stunned, Mo Yuan’s unblinking eyes widen as his face darkened to shade beyond red and perhaps closer to the grapes. Her candid remark about oral pleasure made it impossible for him to meet her gaze. He swiftly used a spell to clean up the mess and tried his very best not to think about how she would taste.

To be continued…..