Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 2

Mo Yuan was now in Celestial Heaven with a single thought in mind. He wanted justice for his little Seventeen. If he was completely honest, he wanted to be the one, to make her whole again. After hearing how she had suffered by the hands of Heavenly Lord, despite Zhe Yan not divulging too much regarding Heavenly Lord involvement for Bai Qian’s sufferings as SuSu, Mo Yuan knew Su Jin wouldn’t dare steal Seventeen’s eyes, without Heavenly Lord behind her, and supporting her. Mo Yuan could barely contain his rage.

Standing at the gates of Celestial Heaven, he gritted his teeth as his jaw tightened and closed his eyes to pull himself together. It wasn’t like him to be so impulsive. This wasn’t the Mo Yuan God of War that everyone knew.  Yet after hearing of Bai Qian’s humiliation, abuse, and heartbreak during her time as a mortal, he was cloud jumping, before he knew what he was doing.  

The Nine Heavens gatekeepers seeing Mo Yuan’s godly aura, were coming to the gate and kneeled to greet him. When he walked through the gates, all immortals had already gathered. He saw Heavenly Lord in the front of the crowd, with Su Jin on his arm walking towards him. After bowing, Heavenly Lord who was clearly excited to see Mo Yuan, smiled.

“You should have sent one of your disciples to forewarn us of your visit. We have been anticipating seeing you, ever since we heard the Kunlun Mountain Bells chime. We would have prepared a feast…” said Heavenly Lord, before Mo Yuan briskly cut him off.

“I wish to speak to you regarding something of a sensitive nature Heavenly Lord. I think it would be better to discuss this privately”

Mo Yuan said looking at Su Jin with full hostility. Su Jin stepped up to Mo Yuan and bowed,

“Su Jin greets High God Mo Yuan and” Mo Yuan gave her a look that stopped her mid sentence.

Mo Yuan fisted his hands, when he saw Bai Qian’s beautiful eyes, still in Su Jin’s eye sockets.  Heavenly Lord face suddenly darkened as he asked, 

“Should we call Ye Hua to join us, High God Mo Yuan?”

Mo Yuan silently nodded without saying a word and walked towards the main hall.

Mo Yuan and Heavenly Lord sat as Ye Hua kneeled beside them. In Ye Hua’s eyes Mo Yuan observed concern, worry and suspicion. Perhaps it was their brotherly tie, that gave Ye Hua a sense of what was coming, and he was bracing himself for impact.

“I’m here to discuss something that occurred during my absence” Mo Yuan said calmly. “I’d like to speak of the grievances that Shi Yin…no… High Goddess Bai Qian suffered when she was SuSu”.

Heavenly Lord held his breath, when he heard that mortal name. That was one incident   he wanted everyone to forget.  Suddenly, Heavenly Lord’s mind went blank and his breathing came to a stop. 

“Wait! What did you say? Qing Qiu’s Queen Bai Qian is SuSu? This is impossible! And earlier did you say Bai Qian is also Shi Yin, your seventeen disciple?”

Heavenly Lord look at Mo Yuan expression, and he knew this was serious. Su Jin had already told him, how Bai Qian’s face resembled SuSu’s to the point they, could pass as twins. But he never believed it. Su Jin had the tendency for the dramatic, so it never occurred to him, that she was telling the truth.

Now all was certain, and to add insult to injury, Bai Qian was also High God Mo Yuan favorite disciple. He remembered all the malicious deeds he made SuSu endure, slightly trembling, he said

“We didn’t know SuSu was Bai Qian. How could I know? And why would I knowingly do such things to the future Empress of Celestial Heaven and Queen of Qing Qiu?”

Heavenly Lord spat out. Heavenly Lord look at Ye Hua confused and bewildered and said “Ye Hua, explain to High God Mo Yuan, we never knew Bai Qian was SuSu” Mo Yuan looked at Ye Hua and saw his defenses had gone up.

“I understand that Su Jin still has Bai Qian’s eyes in her head. How long are you going to leave things like this, Ye Hua?” Mo Yuan asked.

Heavenly Lord was shocked that Ye Hua hid Bai Qian’s identity as SuSu from him and began to stammer.

“I suspect Zhe Yan has already cured Bai Qian’s eyes. Has Zhe Yan not already cured Bai Qian’s eyes? Why must we bring up such terrible things from the past. Your return should be one of splendid grandeur.”

Mo Yuan watched his twin’s jaw clench and eyes darken.

“High God Mo Yuan, are you asking me this as my concerned brother for my future wife, or as the Master of Kunlun Mountain?”

Ye Hua was studying Mo Yuan face.

“Why have you decided to involve yourself in something you had nothing to do with? What is the reasoning behind your actions?”

Ye Hua continued,

“High Goddess Bai Qian and I have only recently confirmed our affections for each other. In due time, I will be able to be to forthcoming to her about our past.”

Mo Yuan tilted his head up slightly surprised by Ye Hua’s naivety.

“Do you believe it is honorable, for her to marry you without knowing something this monumental?”

Mo Yuan replied. Ye Hua mirroring back Mo Yuan’s expression and countered,

“What would you like to hear High God Mo Yuan?”

The brothers met eyes and Mo Yuan could see the hurt in Ye Hua’s eyes and perhaps maybe even some shame. Mo Yuan could see that he had hit, Ye Hua’s weakest spot. Heavenly Lord broke the silence.

“I believe this conversation needs to be done properly. Perhaps Donghua Di Jun should be present. Ye Hua is about to leave for the mortal realm, for killing the four creatures created by Heavenly Father. Couldn’t we hold this off until he returns?”

Heavenly Lord asked as calmly as he could muster. Ye Hua’s words came sharp and quickly,

“Heavenly Grandfather, forgive your grandson for being unfilial, but I don’t feel it’s appropriate to leave High Goddess Bai Qian, at this time. I would like to be with her during this time, to rejoice her Shifu, as well as my brother’s return. Ye Hua’s eyes full of conviction,

“She is MY WIFE and this joy is mutual.”

Ye Hua said then kowtowed to both Heavenly Lord and Mo Yuan.

Mo Yuan looked at his twin brother’s fixed expression. Mo Yuan only meant for it to sound like a light scolding, but his words came out more cooly than he desired.

“You have yet to marry in a ceremony, Ye Hua. Maybe it is a very good time for you to visit the mortal realm.” 

Mo Yuan replied calmly folding his hands together.  

“We can revisit this conversation when you return. Do you know where Seventeen is right now?”

Ye Hua’s eyes narrowed,

“High Goddess Bai Qian has been with me at Xiwu Palace. We were discussing the details of our upcoming wedding. If I may excuse myself High God Mo Yuan and Heavenly Lord”

Ye Hua said as he bowed and walked away. Mo Yuan turned all his attention on Heavenly Lord, who was fidgeting uncomfortably in his seat before asking.

“Excuse me for being bold, but what would you like to gain from reopening this case, High God Mo Yuan?”

To be continued…