Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfic Ch 3


Mo Yuan

Mo Yuan went straight into seclusion when he returned to Kunlun Mountain. The rush of emotions that overcame him took a lot out of him. He felt tired and weak, from his confrontation with heavenly Lord, but mostly Ye Hua. He recalled the conversation again in his head, nothing was resolved. If he hadn’t been so angry, Mo Yuan would have felt slightly proud of his twin’s ability to show such passion, in a dignified manner.

Mo Yuan knew his words affected Ye Hua strongly. To the point, that he didn’t want to leave Bai Qian’s side especially when Mo Yuan was around.

Mo Yuan, himself didn’t understand his own intentions when it came to his little seventeenth. He knew he felt a great raging anger hearing of her mistreatment. Recalling Su Jin using Bai Qian’s eyes made him regret, not digging them out personally. It took every ounce of his self-control to not attack Su Jin in front of all immortals. He sighed, what was this… power that made him lose control? Mo Yuan spent thousands of years gathering cultivation to control his emotions and impulsive urges. He was the father figure to all his disciples, but why was he now breaking his own rules.  


Ye Hua

Mo Yuan’s visit affected Ye Hua much more than he liked to show. It had taken every ounce of his self-control not to throw magic, at his brother earlier. As much as it angered Ye Hua, Mo Yuan’s words stirred a deep fear in him. It was Ye Hua’s greatest inner fear. He was terrified how Qian Qian would react, once she learned the terrible truth. He knew her well enough to know he, would lose her and this time it would be for good. How would he live if he lost Qian Qian again?

Instinctively, Ye Hua knew his brother’s motives weren’t completely innocent. They were twins after all. Ye Hua knew and sensed, Mo Yuan’s confusion on his feelings for Bai Qian. Ye Hua saw it with his own eyes.

As much as it hurt Ye Hua to hear; Bai Qian fed Mo Yuan precious blood from her heart for 70,000 years. He saw something in Mo Yuan’s eyes change when he spoke of Bai Qian. Ye Hua told himself not to be paranoid but today’s confrontation only confirmed his suspicions. Ye Hua now knew Mo Yuan, no longer saw Bai Qian as his disciple, but as a beautiful desirable woman.

Ye Hua was unaware, he was already in the courtyard to Xiwu Palace. He heard Qian Qian, giggling while drinking wine and reading one of her mortal stories. She glanced up when she heard his footsteps and smiled beautifully. Ye Hua felt intense love for Qian Qian intermingled, with his want to take her, but Ye Hua also felt a stab in his heart. Mo Yuan managed to break the cage, that kept Ye Hua’s deepest fear at bay.

Ye Hua cursed Mo Yuan under his breath as he took off his outer robe. He couldn’t get Qian Qian’s clothes off fast enough with one working hand. Ye Hua took her as if being inside Qian Qian made her belong to him. Ye Hua almost cried when Ye Hua climaxed inside her. Ye Hua fell on top of her and tightly held Qian Qian to him.

When he rolled over and pulled her on top of him, Qian Qian looked into Ye Hua’s eyes with concern and asked, “Ye Hua, did something happen?” She kissed him gently on the lips and asked “I heard that you were meeting Shifu. Is Shifu not feeling well?”

The hearing concern in Qian Qian’s voice, at the possibility that her Shifu might be ill, brought back the emotions from earlier.  Ye Hua hugged Bai Qian closer.

Qian Qian knew something was on his mind. Ye Hua wasn’t usually so rushed and took much more time when they made love. Afterwards, there was always sweet pillow talk, but today he was silent.

“Ye Hua, are you worried you’re going to fall for another mortal, and bring home another woman with your child inside her?”

Qian Qian was only half kidding, but considering his history, she knew this was a strong possibility. There were immortals, that preferred mortals women. Qian Qian read about it in one of her mortal stories. Ye Hua looked at her and chuckled, but she saw the furrow between Ye Hua’s full brows. She reached out smoothed out his wrinkles, with her fingertips.

“So… does it feel different being intimate with a mortal?” Qian Qian asked trying to sound only halfway interested.

Ye Hua pulled her into his arms and replied, “I don’t know. I’ve only been with you.”

Bai Qian jumped out of his bed angrily and started to dress. Ye Hua got up and pulled her on top of him. “I’ve forgotten everything, before loving you, so I don’t remember anything but you.” Qian Qian studied at his face for a long time, without saying a word and finally replied “Good answer.”

Qian Qian studied at his face for a long time, without saying a word and finally replied “Good answer.”

After reading her book, Qian Qian fell asleep in his arms, Ye Hua watched Qian Qian sleep for a long time. He wasn’t concerned about her commitment to him, but Mo Yuan clearly declared his chivalrous intentions, under a thin veil of courtesy. Ye Hua would be lying if he said he wasn’t worried. Mo Yuan had a long history with Qian Qian, and she didn’t hesitate, when it came to her Shifu. One word from Mo Yuan and she would be out the door. He was jealous of their relationship. As long as it remained teacher and student, there wasn’t any reason for concern, but Qian Qian was seductive, without attempting and Ye Hua was fully aware of that fact. 

With the mortal trial on his mind, Ye Hua felt resentment towards his father for bringing up the four creatures he’d destroyed. He could have married Qian Qian on the 2nd day of the 9th month if he didn’t have to go on his mortal trial. Without realizing what he was doing, Ye Hua took Qian Qian in her sleep. She woke up, moaned his name and surrendered herself to Ye Hua’s needs.

To be continued……

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