Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 4

“Qian Qian, I would like you to consider getting married before I leave for my mortal trial”

Ye Hua said casually while sipping at his tea.  Qian Qian looked up surprised and giggled. 

“Ye Hua, it’s impossible to plan things in such a short period of time. Especially with your mother, who is making a big deal out of every little detail.  Aren’t you celestial always making a fuss, for auspicious dates, for doing everything, especially for marriage? And the closest auspicious date is the 2nd day of the 9th month. You’ll still be in the mortal realm, to do your trial during that time.”

She got up and playfully sat on Ye Hua’s lap.

“If it were up to me I’d just lock you up in my fox den” Qian Qian giggled and nuzzled up to Ye Hua’s neck.

“Why is this mortal trial bothering you so much? Is it that you don’t trust yourself to stay faithful to me?”

She asked. Ye Hua caressed Qian Qian’s cheek and smiled,

“I’ll miss you very much and I’d much rather be marrying you instead.”

Ye Hua said kissing her forehead gently and playfully tapping the tip of Qian Qian’s nose.

“Ye Hua, are you jealous or worried that I might fall in love with another man, while you’re gone? Two months…. is a long time without being touched, especially after your constant attention.” Qian Qian leaned in and nibbled on Ye Hua’s neck while caressing herself in a sensual manner and added, “I guess my willpower will be tested as well.”

Ye Hua laid back on his bed exasperated.

“Qian Qian! That didn’t even cross my mind until you just mentioned it. Why don’t you go stay with your fourth brother, High God Bai Zhen until I return? Stay away from all men if possible! Especially that Bi Fang and Ghost Lord Li Jing.” Ye Hua stated seriously while adding more names to his growing list.

Bai Qian loved to see Ye Hua get jealous. She loved the way his jaw tightened up, when he became angry or tense.

“Ye Hua, The onIy man I’ll be with is Shifu.”

Qian Qian said without knowing, that was the one man in particular that Ye Hua didn’t want her near.

“I think this timing is perfect, because I haven’t been very fillial to Shifu. You’ve been taking all my time and Shifu needs..”

Before Qian Qian could finish her sentence, Ye Hua had her in a passionate kiss and was removing her clothes again.



Mo Yuan stepped out of his seclusion cave and felt the sun on his face. He was soaking up the warmth when he heard Bai Qian come up quietly and ask,

“Shifu, would you like me to make you some tea?”

Bai Qian’s lovely smiling face brought a smile to his lips.

“Seventeenth..I mean Bai Qian, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be with Ye Hua?”

Mo Yuan asked casually.

“Ye Hua is leaving for his mortal trial this morning and he won’t be back for two months, so I’m here to keep Shifu company”

Bai Qian smiled after saying this. Mo Yuan’s heart skipped a beat when she smiled.

Suddenly from behind Bai Qian, an object flew past her.  A small dagger, one of the gifts from his worshipper, but this gift was poorly made and always roamed free in the sky. Mo Yuan needed to repair this dagger immediately before it injured everyone near him. 

As it passed Bai Qian, it caught the sunlight and threw a blinding glare.  It was then Mo Yuan saw the silk cloth, over Bai Qian’s eyes suddenly appear.  He reached out and touched the thin material.

Mo Yuan’s heart ached and his anger seemed to reignite. He had failed her. He blamed himself for not being there to protect her. How could anyone have taken his Seventeenth’s beautiful eyes? Why hadn’t Ye Hua tried to hide her away? Surely there could have been another way, to resolve the situation to appease everyone. Mo Yuan was stunned and appalled by Heavenly Lord’s barbaric solution.

Later that night, unable to sleep Mo Yuan decided to take a stroll around the school. He was enjoying the silence and feeling the soft breeze against his skin. After wandering around, he found himself out of all places in the wine cellar. He remembered when Seventeenth had her heartbroken, by Li Jing and drank almost all his wine. He recalled watching her sleep and smelling the aroma of peach blossoms coming, from her hair.

From the moment Mo Yuan met Bai Qian, he knew she would be a special disciple. She was powerful and talented, the only daughter of the Fox King. He had always had a soft spot for his little Seventeenth, but now after being asleep for 70,000 years, Mo Yuan felt and saw things differently. Seventeenth had changed and so had he. 

Mo Yuan was thinking about the past when he heard Bai Qian behind him,

“Shifu, what are you doing still awake?  Is there something I can get you?”

She asked while smiling so sweetly. It was her smile that made something inside him melt.

“I was having trouble sleeping, so I thought some fresh air might do the trick. What are you still doing up, Bai Qian? I thought you went back home?”

Bai Qian waved the peach blossoms in front of him and said, 

“Ah! Disciple begs an apology, I was used to tending the blossoms, while Shifu slept for 70,000 years. Now I can’t do that again. Disciple will change the blossoms before Shifu retired to sleep.”

Mo Yuan stepped closer and lowered his head to inhale the sweet fragrance coming from the blossoms,

“They smell like you or you smell like them. Were you aware of that?”

He teased. Bai Qian’s cheeks turned pink and her skin looked suddenly flushed.

“Ye Hua tells me that all the time.”

She replied shyly. Mo Yuan reached out and caressed her rosy cheek.  

“Shifu, do you remember how I cried over Li Jing? What a silly waste of tears and wine.”

Bai Qian said looking off recalling the memory in her mind.

“Back then it seemed like such a big deal, but it wasn’t anything compared to my second heartbreak.”

It was petty of him, to want to hear her speak badly of Ye Hua, but Mo Yuan couldn’t resist.

“Did Ye Hua break your heart badly?”

Mo Yuan asked. Bai Qian opened the Jade Purity Fan and playfully tapped it to her nose. Mo Yuan could only see her eyes when she said,

“No, Shifu, my second heartbreak was you.” Bai Qian looked Mo Yuan in the eyes and said “I wanted to die with you when you left me, but you told me to wait, so that’s what I did.”

It took all of Mo Yuan’s control not to kiss her at that very moment.

To be continued…