Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 5

Bai Qian’s confession left Mo Yuan’s head spinning. Had he heard her correctly? Had she just told him that he was her second heartbreak? Mo Yuan was at a loss for words. Bai Qian was still hiding behind her fan. Mo Yuan contemplated, what he should say next, for what felt like the longest minute of his life.

“Was losing your Shifu so heartbreaking, Seventeen? Did you feel as if you lost your father figure?”

Mo Yuan asked in a slightly teasing manner. Bai Qian looked down at the ground and paused before she replied.

“Shifu, I thought you knew. I’ve never been one good at keeping secrets. It’s just that when I was younger, I wanted to marry you.”

Even behind her fan Mo Yuan could see, her face had turned a deep shade of pink. Mo Yuan himself felt the heat in his cheek.

“But that was before I met Ye Hua and I was being unrealistic. Why would The Mighty God of War marry a silly trouble making fox like me?”

She said as she closed her fan and tapped it to her palm. Mo Yuan returned the same question back to Bai Qian,

“Why do YOU think The God of War wouldn’t marry you?”

Mo Yuan laid in bed for the remainder of the night recollecting his conversation with Bai Qian. He never knew she had feelings for him, or at least not in a romantic way. He knew Bai Qian looked up to him as all the other disciples, but this was something Mo Yuan never anticipated. There was a time, Mo Yuan questioned his feelings for Bai Qian, but he suppressed them, since it was inappropriate between teacher and student. Yet now, Bai Qian wasn’t his student and Mo Yuan wasn’t her teacher.

Mo Yuan turned his thought inward, and asked himself “How do I really feel about Bai Qian?” The question resonating and reverberated in his head until dawn. Mo Yuan knew the answer yet he questioned himself, as if to prolong the acceptance of the inevitable truth. He had always known without a hint of a doubt. Mo Yuan had been in love with Bai Qian, for much longer, than he cared to admit.  After Mo Yuan realized his feelings, everything seemed to change. The following days went as usual, but everything about Bai Qian looked different and beautiful, in his eyes. When Bai Qian served his tea Mo Yuan noticed her graceful wrist. When she walked in his room, Mo Yuan could smell her peach fragrance lingering in the air long, after Bai Qian had gone. He felt bewitched when he watched her, from a distance. Bai Qian had Mo Yuan shaking, and it shook him to the core.

As much Mo Yuan was coming to the terms, that he was in love with Bai Qian, he also had his brother to consider. Ye Hua was his beloved younger brother. Mo Yuan had watched over him for thousands of years, waiting for the day, when he would be born. Mo Yuan felt a turbulent battle within himself. He had always been the one to sacrifice for others, this was the weight he carried, as the son of Heavenly Father.

Mo Yuan had lost out on the opportunity to confess, to Bai Qian. As much as he wanted to protect and love Ye Hua, he also wanted for once, to fulfill his own selfish desire. Why did he and Ye Hua have to love the same woman? Mo Yuan was deep in thought, when Bai Qian came in with fresh tea.

“Shifu, you shouldn’t drink cold tea considering, that you are still recovering. I want you to get better, so you can attend Ye Hua’s and my wedding”

Bai Qian said with the expression of concern on her face. Bai Qian was pouring his tea when Mo Yuan suddenly stopped her.

“You will be crown princess soon. There is no need to worry about my tea” he said taking the tea pot from her hands.

“Bai Qian, were you not curious about Ye Hua’s mortal trial? Why don’t you go see how he’s doing.”

At the sound of Ye Hua’s name, Bai Qian’s face lit up like a child. She bowed as she left for the mortal realm. After Bai Qian had gone, Mo Yuan retreated back into meditation.


When Bai Qian visited Ye Hua in the mortal world, she noticed a mortal woman that appeared very much like herself. She sat next to Ye Hua poured his wine and picked a random peach blossom petal off his shoulder. Bai Qian heard a voice behind her, it was Ye Hua’s side Consort Su Jin.

“High Goddess, I saw a strong aura and came down to see who it was.”

Su Jin’s voice made Bai Qian nauseous.

“Why are you here Su Jin?”

Bai Qian asked emotionless.

“I was worried Ye Hua would be lonely, so I made a figurine of the person he longs for the most, SuSu. Now do you understand why he was instantly drawn to you? Can you not see the love in his eyes, when he looks at her?”

Su Jin smiled as if she had done something extremely thoughtful and generous. Bai Qian looked at Su Jin and scoffed,

“I’m sure Ye Hua will love your thoughtfulness when he returns.”

Bai Qian said as she left Su Jin standing there.

Bai Qian refused to show her discontent, in front of Su Jin. She didn’t want to give Su Jin the pleasure, of knowing, how angry she was. It was true, she noticed Ye Hua’s closeness with the SuSu figurine. She never believed it before, but she and SuSu were almost identical in appearance. Ye Hua using her, to replace his dead mortal wife made her livid.

The nerve of these Celestials was limitless. She was a high goddess, the only high goddess in the world.  She was also the Queen of Qing Qiu, yet to Ye Hua she was merely a substitute.  She fumed at Ye Hua’s lying and cunning ways. She drank wine until she passed out from intoxication, but her very last thought, before passing out wasn’t Ye Hua, but of her shifu Mo Yuan.

Mo Yuan held her while she slept. Bai Qian smelled the warm metallic scent coming from his robe. He kissed her lips, while his hand caressed her softly. Where ever he touched her, she felt lingering heat. Bai Qian wanted him to tear off her clothes, and take her roughly. She wanted to feel Mo Yuan inside her… Bai Qian was about to beg him, when she heard someone calling her name and pulling her, from her dream. It was a very concerned Migu telling Bai Qian to wake up and eat, because she had been sleeping, for two days straight.

To be continued…