Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 6

Mo Yuan heard Ye Hua returned, from his mortal trial earlier than expected. For unknown reasons, he’d woken up on Kunlun Mountain, instead of his home, Xiwu Palace. Mo Yuan greeted Ye Hua, then they sat beside one another. Despite his anger with Ye Hua for Seventeen’s mistreatment, his love for his younger brother was undeniable. Ye Hua was his only blood relative, he was like Mo Yuan’s other personality, with a different and younger mind. He couldn’t stay angry with Ye Hua for a long time when what Ye Hua did was done solely to protect Seventeen. The people who need to be blamed were Heavenly Lord and Su Jin. Mo Yuan would get their payment for this debt when he got his strength back.

After a long meditation, Mo Yuan had finally calmed down and was able to talk civilly with Ye Hua. 

“Now that you’re back, you should head to Qing Qiu. Seventeen will be happy to see you.”

Mo Yuan said as he patted Ye Hua gently on his back.  

“I was in meditation when I heard that you were here. Now that I’ve seen you, I’ll continue my retreat.”

Mo Yuan said as he gave Ye Hua a little smile and headed back into seclusion.  Being one with very few words himself, Ye Hua bowed and left for Celestial Heaven.


Mo Yuan was coming out of seclusion when he found Zhe Yan nervously pacing at the entrance of the cave. As soon as he spotted Mo Yuan he threw his hands up in the air.

“I’ve been waiting for days Mo Yuan, something big has happened!”

Zhe Yan blurted out. It wasn’t like Zhe Yan to get worked up so easily.

“What has happened, Zhe Yan?” Mo Yuan asked cautiously.  Zhe Yan let out a long sigh.

“Xiao Wu has recovered her mortal memories!”

Zhe Yan half-shouted. Zhe Yan continued to tell Mo Yuan how Seventeen had gone through all the wine. She was drinking nonstop and had been drunk for days. Her mental health was becoming a concern for her family. Being the way she was, Xiao Wu refused to listen to anyone’s advice and continued to drink, while Ye Hua waited at the entrance of her fox den for seven days straight.

Mo Yuan saw Ye Hua standing at the entrance. He looked tired and had even lost some weight. Mo Yuan could see the redness of his eyes and knew that Ye Hua had been crying. When Ye Hua heard him approach, he looked up hopefully thinking it was Bai Qian. Mo Yuan saw the disappointment in his eyes. Suddenly, Ye Hua turned toward Mo Yuan and looked at him pleadingly,

“High God Mo Yuan, she won’t see me”

Ye Hua half whisperer “I just need… to talk to her and clear this misunderstanding. She’s always listened to you and…I am sorry, I don’t deserve to ask for your help and meddle in our affairs. I just…”

Ye Hua shook his head and his words trailed off. Mo Yuan felt sympathy for his twin brother. This was a side of Ye Hua, that Mo Yuan never expected to see, he knew Ye Hua to be a young man with a stern and high principle attitude. He wouldn’t ask for help from others. Mo Yuan knew Seventeen too well, this would quite difficult to handle, he already expected this, but when finally happen, Mo Yuan wasn’t ready after all. 

Mo Yuan sighed and said, 

“I will talk to Seventeen and after she is sober perhaps, there’s a higher chance, that she’ll see you then. Why don’t you return to Celestial Heaven? I’ll send word and let you know when she is ready.”

Mo Yuan said patting his brother’s shoulder.

“It’s not good for your health to remain standing here all day. You’ve just returned from your trial, your cultivation and strength has not returned, and I don’t believe this will be resolved instantly. I will send someone to you when the time is right.”

Mo Yuan said as he signaled toward Tian Shu.

“Take Ye Hua back and make sure he gets some rest.”

Tian Shu bowed and followed Mo Yuan’s orders escorting Ye Hua back to Xiwu Palace.

Bai Qian being drunk was an understatement. She could hardly sit up on her own. She was sitting on her bed leaning sideways but when she saw Mo Yuan, she stood stumbling.  She’d mistaken Mo Yuan for Ye Hua and started to yell,

“Get out of here! How dare you come into my fox den! I don’t want to ever see you again! Go to your beloved SuSu and love her to your heart’s content! I’m a high goddess! Queen of Qing Qiu not a substitute for your dead mortal wife…or better yet go to Su Jin! I’m sure she’d welcome you with open arms!”

She threw an empty bottle at Mo Yuan, the bottle hit the mental embedded ornaments that decorated Mo Yuan’s robe and shattered into pieces, and Bai Qian fell to the ground.

“Seventeen, that is enough. You’re going to end up sick if you keep clouding your mind with wine”

Mo Yuan said as he went to where she had fallen. Bai Qian’s eyes were swollen from crying but her tired eyes finally recognize her shifu. She reached toward Mo Yuan, “Shifu, am I dreaming again?”, she whimpered before passing out.

Zhe Yan and Bai Zhen were talking quietly on the other side, of the den outside of her room, but Mo Yuan could hear their whispers.

“Perhaps it would be best if Mo Yuan takes her back to Kunlun Mountain? He’s the only one she’ll listen to at times like this.”

He heard them agree in unison. Zhe Yan then asked Bai Zhen,

“What are we going to tell Ye Hua if he asks?” Bai Zhen looked at him and snapped back, “Nothing! He doesn’t deserve an explanation from us. He’s lucky I haven’t beaten him half to death by now.”

Mo Yuan picked Bai Qian up in his arms and cradled her like a child. She whimpered in his arms “Shifu.” Mo Yuan looked at Zhe Yan and nodded. Without a word he magically disappeared cloud jumping, with Bai Qian in his arms back to Kunlun Mountain.

To be continued…