Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 7

Bai Qian continued to sleep for three days and three nights. This was even after Die Feng force fed her, several bowls of recovery soup. One night, Mo Yuan heard her cry out in her sleep and went to hold her hand, when his hand unconsciously raised to stroke her hair, he stopped his movement. No, he couldn’t behave like this, he reminded himself, and instead covered her up with the blanket.

After hearing Bai Qian was at Kunlun Mountain, Ye Hua had come daily in hopes of seeing her. Mo Yuan turned him away explaining that she was still asleep. Worried, Ye Hua wanted to bring the Medicine King to Kunlun Mountain, but knew with Zhe Yan present.  This would be seen as an extremely rude gesture, and besides Medicine King’s healing skill were not at same level with Zhe Yan, who was Medicine God.  Bai Qian was in good hands, Mo Yuan assured Ye Hua.

On the last night of Bai Qian’s drunken slumber, after being turned away again, Ye Hua looked tired as he stood at the cliff looking out into the distance.  Mo Yuan came and stood by his side. He could feel Ye Hua’s grief and the weight of his guilt he carried. Ye Hua spoke slowly in deliberation,

“High God Mo Yuan, is it possible for me to just look at her while she sleeps. Just for a moment.”

Ye Hua pleaded. Mo Yuan continued to look out into the distance and paused before saying.

“Ye Hua, I must confess something to you. I know you already have suspicions of my actual feeling for Bai Qian, that I’m in love with Bai Qian. I’m afraid this isn’t something I can ignore and dismiss.”

Ye Hua looked as if he had been hit by one of Lord Pu Hua’s lightning rod. He stared at Mo Yuan blinking in disbelief, then suddenly started laughing.

“You’ve always been in love with her from the very start. Yes, you are right, I knew it in my heart all along.”

Ye Hua stated in a cold matter of fact manner. Even though Ye Hua spoke without emotion, Mo Yuan could see the fire in his eyes.

Mo Yuan spoke softly,

“Regardless of this unfortunate situation, we are and will always remain brothers. I don’t wish to win her heart in a dishonorable way. I will wait until she recovers and then it will be Bai Qian’s choice to make. She may refuse us both though, because seventeen has always been unpredictable.”

Mo Yuan chuckled at the thought. This Ye Hua knew the best, since he had witnessed Bai Qian’s actions himself. Ye Hua gave a slight smile to Mo Yuan and seemed to have gathered his wits from the initial blow.

“High God Mo Yuan, Ye Hua would like to make a request,”

Mo Yuan noticed he had never called him brother and always called him High God.

“Ye Hua requests that you allow me some time to settle Bai Qian’s misunderstands. For the sake of our child A-Li, allow me to have a chance to save my family.”

Ye Hua bowed after finishing his request. Ye Hua was playing hardball. He knew exactly what to say to make Mo Yuan feel guilty. Bringing up the child was a smart move of defense.

Mo Yuan turned to Ye Hua, “not only will I give you a chance, but I will also give you a big advantage. I will help you win Bai Qian back. However,  if she doesn’t return to you, then I will make her mine, with all my powers and you must walk away, from her completely.”

Ye Hua’s stance became more serious. “If you’d like to see her while she sleeps, follow me and I’ll take you to her room”  Mo Yuan had said everything he wanted to say.

To be continued…