Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 8

Ye Hua followed Mo Yuan through the corridors of Kunlun Mountain in silence. He was overwhelmed mentally and emotionally, but maintained a rigid expression on his face. As if things weren’t difficult enough with Qian Qian, Mo Yuan had added more worries on top of his existing ones, and Mo Yuan was a seriously frightening concern. Mo Yuan had said himself, that he would help Ye Hua in his efforts to win Bai Qian back, but he wondered exactly, what kind of help Mo Yuan was referring to.  Again, Ye Hua would have loved to throw some magic at his brother’s back.

Ye Hua knew he was being childish but he couldn’t help himself, even now he was annoyed that Qian Qian was sleeping under the same roof as his smoother, wiser, and God of War brother Mo Yuan. Ye Hua hated every moment Mo Yuan and Bai Qian spent together. He failed to understand why his Qian Qian was in Kunlun Mountain at all.

Ye Hua wondered to himself how often did Mo Yuan look in and admire his sleeping Qian Qian’s beautiful face? He was fuming with jealousy internally, but as soon as Ye Hua saw his Qian Qian’s sleeping face, the only emotion he felt was a consuming love. Ye Hua felt slightly light headed, from the love he felt for Qian Qian. Ye Hua loved her more, than he needed air.

Qian Qian was curled up in deep sleep, holding onto the blankets under her chin. Ye Hua had always loved watching her sleep. He sat gently on the very edge of her bed and stroked her cheek as lightly. Ye Hua felt annoyed, when he heard Mo Yuan clear his throat. He didn’t even have the courtesy to leave Ye Hua alone, to savor this treasured moment. After a few minutes, Mo Yuan made it clear his time was up. Ye Hua kissed her gently on the forehead, looked longingly at Qian Qian again before leaving her room.

It was while passing the lotus pond, Ye Hua finally spoke and broke their silence. 

“What are we going to do now?”

Ye Hua’s question made Mo Yuan’s right eyebrow lifted ever so slightly.

“Pardon?  I don’t think I quite understand the question” Mo Yuan replied.

“What are we going to do about Qian Qian?”

Ye Hua looked at Mo Yuan straight faced as he asked his question. Mo Yuan found it annoying the way Ye Hua called Bai Qian, ‘Qian Qian’. He didn’t want to imagine Bai Qian’s expression every time Ye Hua called her ‘Qian Qian’. Were her smiles as sweet to Ye Hua, as the smiles she always gave to him? or even sweeter?

Mo Yuan hated the intimate tone Ye Hua used as if they had been lovers, but then it was indeed a true fact. Bai Qian and Ye Hua had been lovers, and A-Li was living proof of that fact. Again, Mo Yuan felt the pang of guilt, when he thought of little A-Li.  

After some arguing and debating, Mo Yuan and Ye Hua both decided, and agreed that Bai Qian’s health was the foremost, of their concerns. They would give her time to recover, then Mo Yuan would allow Ye Hua to come and go as he pleased. That was as long, as it was alright with Bai Qian.

During this time, Mo Yuan would encourage Bai Qian to forgive Ye Hua and follow through, with the wedding, that was completely planned.  If Mo Yuan had the slightest doubt regarding his will power, he would retreat into meditation, being out of sight and out of mind. Mo Yuan had a feeling, that he’d have to stay in seclusion during most of her stay, because she was all he’d thought, about since he awoke from his sleep.

After three days of sleep, Bai Qian woke up with a massive throbbing headache. She looked around confused as to where she was. She was holding her head, when Senior Die Feng walked through the door, carrying a tray with porridge and hot tea.

“You had us worried, Seventeen. Do you know you’ve been sleeping for three full days and nights?”

Senior said as he put the tray in front of her.

“Shifu gave me specific instructions, that you are to eat all this porridge and stay in bed.”

“How did I get here” Bai Qian asked “I remember being in my fox den when I passed out drunk.”

Die Feng was pouring her tea.

“Shifu brought you here so you could relax and recover under our supervision. Do you know, I’ve been nursing you for days and barely slept myself!”

Die Feng scolded her gently like a child.  Bai Qian’s eyes began to fill with unshed tears. “I was only kidding!” Die Feng said hurriedly, not understanding the real reason behind her tears.

After Die Feng had left, Bai Qian sat on her bed hugging her knees when Mo Yuan walked into her room. The moment they met eyes she blushed and cast her glance to the ground,

“Shifu…I’m sorry for the way I behaved. I didn’t mean to thr… thr…throw…”, she was stuttering.

Watching his seventeen stuttering with embarrassment, Mo Yuan suddenly let out a laugh so loud, that he surprised himself when he heard it. His seventeen, who was always so confident even when she was much more mischievous, could now feel embarrassment just because she threw a bottle to her shifu robe. Bai Qian’s eyes turned big like saucers and looked at Mo Yuan in shock and disbelief.

“Shifu, I’ve never heard you laugh!” Bai Qian stated forgetting her previous embarrassment.

“I didn’t know that you sounded like that when you laughed?” she added.

Mo Yuan gave her a little smile and sat on her bed and said ” I didn’t know I could laugh like that either.”

Mo Yuan paused as if to gather the right words. He was never an outwardly verbal man, and giving advice to a fighting couple, was something completely foreign to him. Giving advice to Bai Qian the woman he loved about her future husband, was even more challenging.

“Seventeen, I know of a little of the things that happened between you and Ye Hua. Only you and he know everything. Perhaps, you should see Ye Hua and hear him out?”

Mo Yuan said with a tiny shrug of his shoulders then softly he added,

“Ye Hua has been here every day to see you. I had to force him to leave for the sake of his own health.”

Bai Qian’s eyes turned cold as her lips pinched in a flat line.

“I don’t want to see him, Shifu. Tell Ye Hua to go to Su Jin and leave me the hell alone!”

Her words came out firm and defined.

“When I think of all those nights Ye Hua left me alone when I was pregnant with A-Li”, she paused and tears welled up in her eyes. “Tell him I regret ever meeting him, and my love for him is gone!”

Bai Qian said bursting into tears and lowering herself into Mo Yuan’s lap.

To be continued…