Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 9

Bai Qian continued to stay at Kunlun Mountain, much longer that Mo Yuan expected. Mo Yuan could see her attempt to remain busy with the other disciples, but often found her staring into space. Ye Hua came, as he said he would and Bai Qian refused to see him. This continued for over two months. Mo Yuan had to give Ye Hua credit for his determination.  He remembered Zhe Yan saying, Ye Hua had used Soul Gathering Lamp and waited for SuSu body to materialized for 300 years, before he finally met SuSu as Bai Qian. Ye Hua never showed how her constant rejection affected him.

He showed up daily as if the day before never happened, with the same hopeful look in his eyes. Mo Yuan tried his best to encourage Bai Qian to see Ye Hua, but his advice went in one ear and right out the other. She was his stubborn and headstrong seventeen. Her resolve seemed to get stronger by the day.

Mo Yuan was playing Bai Qian’s favorite song on his zither when she lightly knocked on his door.

“May I come in, Shifu?” she said softly.

Mo Yuan smiled and nodded his approval. She sat beside the open window and sighed.

“Shifu, I feel so confused…… As much as I thought I loved Ye Hua…I find it difficult to accept his choices. Shifu, SuSu and I look like twins, so I’m just a substitute” she paused “I have yet to recover my eyes, from Ye Hua’s side consort Su Jin.” Bai Qian said Su Jin’s name in a venomous tone.

Mo Yuan paused playing for a moment and then continued. The mention of Bai Qian’s eye brought back the anger Mo Yuan struggled to control.

“Seventeen, you can’t continue to ignore him forever. Your intertwined knotted lives must become untangled regardless of your decision. You must think of little A-Li.”

She flinched when she heard her son’s name

“Your son also come here everyday with Ye Hua, he waits for you to come out and see him. A-Li misses his mother and I’m sure you miss him too.”

Mo Yuan looked up at Bai Qian.  She was beautiful, so beautiful it took his breath away.  He drank in her sight, how the moonlight lit up her lovely face and caught the crystal tears that rolled down her face. He wanted to wipe her tears away but he did not dare.

“Shifu”,  she turned and faced him.

“Shifu, seventeen would like to ask, would you have been able to take my eyes?”

Mo Yuan stopped playing his zither mid chord and looked up at her.

“Would you have let anyone take my eyes?”  She questioned again thinking Mo Yuan did not hear her question properly. Mo Yuan took a deep breath, paused and replied slowly,

“I don’t know all the details Seventeen and I can’t…”

She cut him off briskly and repeated the same question.

“Would you have let anyone take my eyes?!”  

In the end, Mo Yuan answered without a moment of hesitation “No, Seventeen, nobody would have taken your eyes. At least not before they tasted Xuan Yuan, The Yellow Emperor’s Sword.”


While Qian Qian remained at Kunlun mountain for two months, everyday felt hell for Ye Hua. Qian Qian refused to see him every time he went to Kunlun Mountain. He reminded himself, that he had waited three hundred years for her before, and he could wait for Qian Qian’s anger to dissipate.

However, Mo Yuan wasn’t around during those three hundred years and Ye Hua wondered if the results would have been different if he had been. It was then he heard Su Jin’s annoying voice outside the entry Xiwu Palace.

“Has the Crown Prince returned from Kunlun Mountain?” she asked Tian Shu.

“Yes, Consort Su Jin, his highness has asked not to be disturbed.” Tian Shu replied.

“I’m worried about the Crown Prince’s condition. I was told the wedding was canceled and I wanted to make sure he was alright.”

Su Jin’s voice was as sweet as poisonous honey. Ye Hua could taste the metallic taste of blood in his mouth. He had bit the inside of his lip when he heard Su Jin’s voice. He regretted not killing her when he had the chance.

Ye Hua knew of Su Jin’s obsession with him from childhood.  But he never considered that she would go to such extremes to be with him. He tried to remember more than once if he had ever given even a sliver of hope to Su Jin, and his conclusion was always the same.  He’d never given her any hope.  

When he thought of how he let SuSu fall into every trap set by Su Jin, his blood boiled and he could taste the bitterness on his tongue. Yet he couldn’t put all the blame on Su Jin. Su Jin lacked the power to accomplish what had been accomplished, but Ye Hua knew exactly who did. He felt angry at himself for his lack of power. He should have been honest with Qian Qian when she was SuSu. It was only after losing her, that he saw everything he did wrong. So terribly wrong. He needed to stop this. It was time to see Bai Qian. He hoped today might be the day she would see him.

To be continued…