Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 11

Mo Yuan wasn’t surprised to find Seventeen in the wine cellar. He’d unintentionally overheard some of Seventeen’s conversation to Ye Hua and, judging by Ye Hua’s expression, the talk didn’t appear to have ended well.  

Seventeen looked up flushed faced when Mo Yuan walked in,

“Shifu, how do you always know where to find me?” she asked.

Mo Yuan could tell she was already quite intoxicated.

“Perhaps because you are always drinking.” He chuckled. “Seventeen how about sharing your wine with Shifu tonight?” said Mo Yuan.

“Shifu, I thought you didn’t like to drink.” said Bai Qian looking slightly amused.

As she got up to get a glass, Mo Yuan reached out, took the bottle and took a couple sips.

“Shifu, we just indirectly kissed!” Seventeen said giggling.

Mo Yuan choked on his wine and had a coughing fit. When he was able to stop coughing he looked at her and chuckled.

“Seventeen, maybe you’ve had enough. The wines I brewed are different from the ones that Zhe Yan brews. Much stronger than the wine you normally drink.”

Mo Yuan said still clearing his throat from his coughing fit. Mo Yuan sat beside Bai Qian at the small drinking table platform. Not in his normal rigid position, but one of leisure and relaxation. Mo Yuan felt thousands of years younger and felt like a young immortal again. In his youth, he and Zhe Yan often drank wine out of the same bottle, behind the school, away from Heavenly Father’s all seeing eyes. Seventeen removed the table and laid down on her stomach, with her chin perched on both hands, glassy eyed as she looked up at Mo Yuan and studied his handsome face.

In this position, Mo Yuan admired Bai Qian’s feminine shape.  Her graceful shoulders, the dip down at her slender waist and her curvaceous woman’s form.  Seventeen kicked up her legs at her knees and tapped her feet together in the air like a child. She was unaware of how alluring she appeared and showed, just enough bare skin, to make Mo Yuan breathing unstable. Mo Yuan reached out to pat her head, but his hand stroked her silky hair instead. Mo Yuan promised Ye Hua that he would help in their reconciliation, however, he never said anything about holding back his feelings.

“I was thinking about when I first met Ye Hua at Mt Junji. How I felt comfortable with him from the start, that time my memory was erased, and I was a mortal, but sometimes I’d have dreams about Shifu and your sacrifice…. so now I’m wondering if, that feeling was because I felt unconsciously, that he looked like you?”

Seventeen sounded half asleep.

“Shifu, I still dream about you.” she added.

Mo Yuan took the bottle and drank wine until it was empty. He needed to be a little intoxicated for this conversation.

“I didn’t love Ye Hua, when I married him. I wanted his company, because I was so lonely.”

 Bai Qian sighed before continuing,

“Shifu, if you hadn’t sacrificed your soul with the Eastern Bell, I wouldn’t have met Ye Hua and maybe, just maybe…you could have grown to like me a little? Shifu?” Bai Qian mumbled.

“Seventeen, you’re very drunk this evening and the bottle is empty.”  Mo Yuan said as he held the bottle upside down to show her. ” I think it would be best if you went to sleep,” said Mo Yuan.

Bai Qian suddenly flipped around and put her head on Mo Yuan’s leg, her hair fanned out into his lap. She looked at Mo Yuan half closed-eyed,

“Shifu, have you ever been in love?”

Bai Qian asked right as she fell asleep. Mo Yuan stared at her face for a long time before answering.

“Yes, I have been in love… and I still am.” Mo Yuan whispered.

Mo Yuan sat beside Bai Qian for a long time and stroked her hair. He chuckled thinking how embarrassed she would be in the morning. Seventeen would remember this conversation, she was never drunk to the point where she’d forget, what she did or said in her drunken state. He shook his head in disbelief at Seventeen’s blatant boldness. How she freely without restraint spoke whatever was on her mind. How could she speak of love so openly, with a man thousands of years older than herself? It was rumored, that white nine-tailed foxes were seductive and enchanting creatures.  It had taken Zhe Yan thousands of years to overcome his heartbreak, from Bai Qian’s mother, but tonight, Mo Yuan experienced it firsthand.  Bai Qian was alluring and bewitching and Mo Yuan was completely under her spell.

Bai Qian suddenly put her hand on top of Mo Yuan’s hand, which had been stroking her hair, and pulled it to her face. Mo Yuan froze in place. She held his hand in hers and rubbed it to her cheek and placed it between her breasts, “Shifu.” she said as she smiled in her sleep. If Mo Yuan had been any other man, he wouldn’t have been able to control himself. He’d never desired a woman, more than at this moment. It took every ounce of cultivation and self-control, within himself to pull his hand away, but not before caressing her soft cheek and full lips with his fingertip. Mo Yuan gently covered her with the blanket and inhaled the fragrance of her hair. His cheeks felt hot and his head was slightly spinning, as he stumbled to stand up straight. He took one last look at sleeping Bai Qian and considered going into meditation. In the end, he went to bed and hoped Bai Qian would visit him in his dreams.

To be continued…