Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 12

Su Jin barged in on a small meeting in the main hall, between Heavenly Lord and her uncles. She wanted Heavenly Lord to pass the decree to finalize the broken engagement, between Ye Hua and Bai Qian.  After this was settled, Su Jin demanded Heavenly Lord to elevate her status to Ye Hua’s main consort. She felt entitled to make this demand, for the sacrifices her clan made during the Ghost War. Had she not also offered the Soul Gathering Lamp, which saved Ye Hua life, after he jumped from Zhuxian Terrace? Foolishly, she failed to see Lian Song and Dong Hua, who were having a private discussion quietly. after another boring meeting.

“Ye Hua failed to take my side! He never does!”

Su Jin cried, demanding to know, when Heavenly Lord and her uncles would discuss, this matter with Ye Hua. Lian Song and Dong Hua both couldn’t believe the slanderous words coming out of Su Jin’s mouth. They noticed how she looked towards Heavenly Lord expectantly. Lian Song stepped out forward,

“Presumptuous! How dare you slander the crown prince who answers to all realms! This is clearly a case of slander.  Heavenly Lord, we can not allow this to occur with especially with so many present.”

Lian Song said as he waved his arms towards Su Jin’s uncles and Dong Hua Di Jin. Su Jin was stunned, to hear prince Lian Song’s voice coming from behind, so Su Jin tried to retort back. but she became terrified, when she saw Dong Hua Di Jin beside him. Heavenly Lord knew this was something he couldn’t save Su Jin from.

Ye Hua just returned from Kunlun Mountain when Si Ming ran towards him.

“Crown prince, I’m afraid there is a problem in the main hall. Prince Lian Song has just accused Consort Su Jin of slander, and you are needed to help settle matter.”

Si Ming said nervously.  Ye Hua saw this as his opportunity resolve everything once and for all. He asked Si Ming to gather a group of people and join him in the main hall.

In the main hall gathered together, Ye Hua, Dong Hua Di Jun, Celestial Lord, Second Uncle Sang Ji, Third Uncle Lian Song, Second Uncle’s eldest son Yuan Zhen, and Su Jin who was already down on all four. Ye Hua convinced his Second Uncle Sang Ji, to readdress his son’s unjust punishment, due to Su Jin evil scheme.

Su Jin now sentenced for her crimes, of slandering her husband Ye Hua and falsely accusing Celestial Lord’s grandson Yuan Zhen of molesting her, pleaded with everyone to see her side. With Dong Hua as the judge, everyone could clearly see, through all her schemes. The last allegation had caused Yuan Zhen to suffer unnecessary, in the mortal realm for sixty mortal years.

“As we’ve all seen this woman’s character is one without morals and remorse. She should be punished according to the laws of Celestial Heaven.”

Dong Hua said without any emotion on his face.  

“Di Jun, you accuse me wrongly. I didn’t do anything wrong!” Su Jin screamed until her face turned crimson. “It’s that witch Bai Qian who has put a spell on Ye Hua and is making false accusations about me!”

Su Jin spat out. Dong Hua unblinking turned to Ye Hua and said,

“Do you have anything to say regarding Su Jin’s accusations? She’s claims you’ve made many false allegations about her, yet you haven’t spoken a word, so is there anything you’d like to say, Ye Hua?”

Ye Hua stepped forward regally,

“As the future Heavenly Lord, I feel it is necessary to resolve everything at hand, otherwise I will not be looked upon as sage leader. I’m ashamed to call her my side consort, when she continues to make such outrageous allegations.  Now that I’m aware of her past deeds, I feel the need to address Su Jin’s other crimes.”

Ye Hua paused before continuing,

“There is the matter of grievances suffered by my future consort High Goddess Bai Qian, while she was on her heavenly trial. I believe most people in the room, knows Ba Qian was the mortal SuSu?”

Ye Hua noticed Heavenly Lord’s face turned red and as he glared at Su Jin with murderous eyes. Ye Hua continued, “High Goddess Bai Qian was wronged on many occasions, but I will only address two incidents today.  Firstly, SuSu was robbed of her eyes unjustly, after an altercation Su Jin started and falsified.  Secondly, Su Jin falsely told SuSu, jumping from Zhuxian Terrace, would return her back to her home.” Su Jin cut Ye Hua off  “I didn’t do any of that, Ye Hua! Why don’t you ever take my side? Why do you not understand my love for you!? I’ve lived my whole life to love you!” Su Jin pleaded, tears running down her face. Ye Hua’s stone face unchanged, continued speaking. “I have spoken to High Goddess Bai Qian, and she would like to have her eyes returned.”

The room temperature dropped and went silent, until Su Jin screamed

“These are mine! You can’t have them!” She laughed insanely holding, onto both sides of her face.

“I feel this is a fair and just request considering, the savagery behind SuSu’s ordeal.” When Ye Hua said his last words he felt, as if a boulder the size of Kunlun Mountain, had been taken of his chest. He had waited three hundred years to say the truth. Dong Hua nodded.

” Yes it is a just and fair request. Su Jin must pay her karmic debt to Bai Qian. I will have the Medicine King…” Ye Hua cut him off “I’d like to request to do it myself personally.”

Everyone in the room looked stunned. Su Jin looked up to Ye Hua like a wounded beast, that’s been cornered, before looking to Heavenly Lord with pleading eyes. But Heavenly Lord was not in the position to say anything, Dong Hua had made it clear, that this trial would be judged by him since Su Jin had once been Heavenly Lord’s consort.  So he remained silent not wanting any responsibility to come his way. Dong Hua then asked

“Now, how would High Goddess Bai Qian like us to handle the second grievance?”

Ye Hua took a moment to think of what to say next. He wasn’t going to speak for Bai Qian. This was something she needed to decide.

“I’d like some time to address this with High Goddess Bai Qian.” Ye Hua answered. Dong Hua looked to Heavenly Lord, and then everyone in the room said. “Yes, we’re not in the position to demand anything in the name of High Goddess Bai Qian. We will wait until she comes up with the terms of retribution.”

Heavenly Lord made a hand expression to the guards who came and dragged Su Jin away. “Su Jin was once my consort and is a child of merit. We will keep her in the Cold Palace until we hear from High Goddess Bai Qian” he said, as Heavenly Lord walked out of the room. In that instant, Heavenly Lord felt he had aged ten thousand years, and he lived in forever fear. What karmic retribution he’d receive, since he was also greatly indebted to High Goddess Bai Qian.

After everyone had dispersed, Lian Song came to Ye Hua pat his back, and said. “You did the right thing, Ye Hua.” Ye Hua remorsefully looked at his uncle and replied, “It’s unfortunate that I did it three hundred years too late. 

To be continued…