Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 13 NSFW

Bai Qian had the strangest night. She was drinking with Shifu in the wine cellar. Suddenly, she recalled the events of the previous evening, and all the foolish things she had said to Shifu in her drunken state. She even thought about cloud jumping back to Qing Qiu, instead of facing Shifu, but that would be cowardly. Bai Qian would have to remember that Shifu’s wine was lethal compared to Zhe Yan’s in order to avoid future embarrassment. She was thinking how she was going to face Shifu, when she heard a light knock on the door.

“Seventeenth, your future husband is here. Since he hasn’t been here for a few days, I led him to your room,” Sixteenth said with a wink.

Bai Qian had been a little curious, herself, so she didn’t think to scold Sixteenth for breaking into her personal area for someone else, even though that someone else was Ye Hua, her future husband and Crown Prince. Ye Hua who had been at Kunlun Mountain daily for two months had failed to come the past three days.

Ye Hua smiled but Bai Qian could see his fatigue.  He’d lost weight so his cheekbones looked more angled and defined. Sometimes, Bai Qian forgot how handsome Ye Hua was.

“Qian Qian,” Ye Hua said in the same gentle voice he always used.

“You’ve been busy?” Bai Qian said sarcastically.

“Did you miss me?” Ye Hua asked with a little smile.  

She felt annoyed that Ye Hua’s charm still had the ability to make her heart skip a beat. Ye Hua sat on her bed as he flattened the spot beside him.

“Qian Qian, come here,”

Ye Hua said as he patted the spot he had just straightened. She didn’t know why but she went and sat by his side. Bai Qian could smell the warmth of Ye Hua’s skin and felt his eyes on her face.

“I’ve handled your request. Your eyes will be taken out from Su Jin’s eye sockets, but you’ll need to wait awhile, until your eyes can be returned back to you. Also, her punishment is not over for there is another one. What would you like done for your grievance involving Zhuxian Terrace?”

Ye Hua’s voice was barely a whisper, as if he was in pain.  Bai Qian hadn’t thought Ye Hua would do what she asked so quickly. She looked over at Ye Hua and saw his expression change to sadness.

Ye Hua took a breath and spoke,

“The image of you jumping off the Zhuxian terrace has been a recurring nightmare I’ve had for over three hundred years.”

She saw Ye Hua take a hard swallow, as if to clear his throat.

“I know it’s difficult to understand and to forgive my past actions…”

His words trailed off for a moment before he continued,

“But you must believe me, I’d never loved anyone before I met you.” Ye Hua’s voice wavered, “And I couldn’t let you go… never wanted to let you go.”

Ye Hua’s voice gave out as tears rolled freely down his face. Bai Qian reached out and touched his cheek without thought. He grabbed her hand and held it to his heart and whispered,

“Qian Qian… please help me… I am drowning in this sea… I’m drowning in my love for you.”

Yu Hua’s deep, dark expressive eyes told her everything his words failed to do. They beckoned, called and she heard the words as they echoed in her heart. With his eyes’ intensity, Ye Hua pulled a string in her heart, which was beating so hard that it caused her pain. Bai Qian couldn’t control her body any longer. She held his face and kissed him deeply with full passion. Ye Hua reacted immediately to her kiss and pulled her body close to his. Bai Qian turned and wrapped her slender arms around his neck while tasting his salty tears. She pulled at his many layers of clothes until he was bare, while he rained frantic, hungry kisses on her face and neck. Ye Hua touched and ran his hands over her body, then lifted up her skirt and pulled her on his lap. Feeling her partially exposed fair skin made the blood rush to his face. He grabbed her round buttocks roughly with both hands then lightly caressed her flower over her silky undergarment. Unable to wait any longer, his hands urgently pulled off her clothes, but what he could not undo, he ripped and threw to the floor, the sharp sound of tearing silk echoing around the room.

Ye Hua’s hands reached and caressed her full teardrop breasts. He felt Qian Qian’s rosebud nipples harden from his touch.  Ye Hua let out a low husky moan as he sucked and bit Qian Qian’s full bottom lip before sliding his tongue into her mouth. Ye Hua picked Qian Qian up with her legs wrapped around his waist. Carrying her, he turned and lowered her down on her bed.  Ye Hua’s nude, tan, taut body moved swiftly on top of her and in between her open legs. His sensual wet kisses covered her delicate neck and décolleté. Qian Qian felt him cup and fondle her full breasts, before feeling the heat of his demanding mouth.  She heard the lapping sound of Ye Hua sucking her nipples.  He moved from one breast to the other, licking and sucking her nipples in a slow teasing pace.  She heard him moaning softy. Ye Hua’s hand caressed the side of her slender waist, before slowly moving down her leg. She heard the sound of his rough strong hand move against her skin. He felt her quiver, when he caressed her inner thigh.

Qian Qian’s arousal rose when Ye Hua whispered, “Qian Qian, you are so beautiful, your skin is so silky smooth, every touch… every kiss feels… I wish I could show my love to you forever.” When she felt Ye Hua’s hand move up her thigh, she held her breath in anticipation, and let out a gasp when Ye Hua slid his long slender fingers inside her. Ye Hua continued gently biting and licking her raspberry-colored, erect nipples, which had darkened with her increased arousal.  Her nectar flowed, covering his long fingers, and as he slowly slid in and out of her warm core, he groaned under his breath. She arched her feminine, graceful back and pressed her hot body closer to his. Qian Qian’s black, shiny, hair flowed freely as her head dropped back in ecstasy. Bai Qian also wanted to touch Ye Hua. She lifted herself to his face, and expertly teased him, licking from his full lips, down to the front of his tensed neck. Ye Hua released a deep, guttural sound when Qian Qian brushed her lips down his left shoulder, playfully biting, before grazing the scar he’d received during the Mermaid War softly with her lips. Hanging on his neck, she looked deep into his eyes and saw his hunger blazing like crimson fire.  His big, thick manhood stood fully erect. She felt it throb and pulsate on her leg, leaving just a bit of slippery wetness behind. Ye Hua heard her moans become raspier and her body moved, seeking, in need.

Ye Hua breathlessly whispered, “Qian Qian?” She kissed him hard and cut off his breath. He pulled away and looked her in the eyes. “Qian Qian, what do you want?” he whispered again, his voice full of urgency.  Wordlessly, she grabbed the head of his swollen sword and teasingly rubbed it on the outside of her flower.  Ye Hua released a rough grunt when he fully felt her wetness.  He entered her in one hard swift movement. Her body consumed every one of his rhythmic pounding strokes. Crying out his name, Qian Qian wrapped her legs behind Ye Hua and pulled him deeper inside her. Ye Hua’s moan turned into a deep husky groan. She whimpered and cried from the mix of pleasure and pain from his hard and deep penetration. She heard Ye Hua grunting with the sound of his body slapping against her thighs. Her nails dug into his sweaty back. He heard her moan and call out his name. His movements became faster as his throaty grunts became rougher. Qian Qian gasped for breath and whispered in his ear.

“Ye… Hua,” her words came quick and raspy. “Ye Hua,” she panted, “harder.” She cried as she came. Ye Hua felt the increased wetness and followed her as she climaxed. Her wet folds tightened around his length as he released his essence deep inside her, an animalistic growl coming from his lips. Ye Hua felt every fiber of his being fusing into Qian Qian. It was as if they shared one single heartbeat. Ye Hua felt and saw an implosion within his body and mind that was so brilliant, that it was blinding, but in the darkness, he saw a single golden lotus in a lotus pond.

Being intimate with Ye Hua was the last thing Bai Qian intended on doing. She was still furious, but her body hungered for his.  She’d grown to need the feeling of him inside her and their passion which always escalated quickly.  She ran her fingers through his long, black, silky hair while he rested his head on her breasts. After a short rest, Ye Hua made love to her several more times, throughout the night. Every time she started to get dressed, Ye Hua kissed her down the middle of her back or nibbled and bit on the sensitive part of her neck.  When she thought that Ye Hua had finally fallen asleep, Bai Qian got one leg off the bed, but she suddenly felt an electric current throughout her body from Ye Hua licking and sucking on her nipples, while he pulled her back into bed. Bai Qian lost count of how many times they made love after the fifth or sixth time. Her body was sore and exhausted. She felt a sense of relief when Ye Hua finally drifted off to sleep, nuzzled in her breasts.

To be continued…