Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 15 NSFW

Ye Hua went straight to the Medicine King with Qian Qian’s eyes in his hands. This was long overdue, since Ye Hua had waited over three hundred years to correct his mistake. He’d underestimated Su Jin’s hate and Heaven Grandfather’s will to separate him from SuSu, and the results of his miscalculation had been devastating. Ye Hua should have felt relieved, but having Qian Qian’s eyes in his hands instead brought a new wave of guilt that crashed into the existing sea. When Medicine King informed him of the evil aura residing in the eyes, Ye Hua knew exactly who to take them to, and that person was High God Zhe Yan.

Zhe Yan was playing chess with Qian Qian’s fourth brother, Bai Zhen, when Ye Hua arrived at Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. He saw Ye Hua and waved him over.

“Ye Hua, I think Zhen Zhen is cheating. How could he possibly win three games in a row?”

Bai Zhen looked annoyed but replied, “Maybe you’re going senile, old phoenix.” Bai Zhen started to clear the chess table.

Zhe Yan had seen enough of Ye Hua to know something was on his mind. “So, Ye Hua, what brings you to my orchard so unexpectedly?”

Ye Hua bowed to both high gods and wished Bai Zhen wasn’t present for this conversation. Since Qian Qian was raised by Bai Zhen, they had an extremely special relationship.  Bai Zhen was highly protective of his baby sister and had threatened Ye Hua in the past in regards to the treatment of his sister. He felt ashamed bringing up Qian Qian’s eyes in front of him. Maybe the awkwardness was the indicator, because Bai Zhen suddenly stood up, excused himself and headed in the direction of Qing Qiu.

Ye Hua handed Zhe Yan the container with Qian Qian’s eyes. Zhe Yan opened the box and quickly inspected their condition, before he said to Ye Hua, “It’s good you brought them to me after their extraction. They are time-sensitive and the foul aura must be cleansed off of them before I can return them to Xiao Wu.”

 Zhe Yan put the container inside his sleeve pocket. He then looked at Ye Hua, who clearly had something else on his mind.

“Ye Hua, is there anything else?”

Zhe Yan waved his arm over the wine set up on the little table as a silent invitation to drink with him. Ye Hua knelt on the platform and took a little sip of wine.

“High God Zhe Yan, you’ve known High Goddess Bai Qian all her life, you must understand her completely by now?” Ye Hua asked politely.

Zhe Yan chuckled, thinking how amusing Ye Hua was. Despite his young age, he was already the future Heavenly Lord with countless merits in diplomacy and combat, yet he was clueless when it came to women.

“Understanding a woman is like predicting the future.  It would be easier to reseal Qing Cang in the Eastern Imperial Bell a hundred times in succession.” Zhe Yan laughed. “I happen to have some experience when it comes to being in love with a nine-tailed fox.”

Zhe Yan said as he patted Ye Hua’s hand as if to reassure him, “Don’t worry. Everything will turn out as it should. But…” Zhe Yan paused. “I suggest you wait a few days to see Xiao Wu. She might be a little sensitive when I return her eyes,” Zhe Yan said lifting his brow and nodding, because this much he knew would be true.

Zhe Yan wondered if he did the right thing after Ye Hua’s departure. He wasn’t necessarily picking sides, but felt somewhat biased towards his brother, Mo Yuan. Mo Yuan missed out on many opportunities during his unfortunate slumber. Zhe Yan wasn’t one to notice subtle nuances, but he knew how Mo Yuan felt towards his favorite disciple. He’d noticed Mo Yuan’s eyes follow Xiao Wu’s movements and he’d caught him staring at her more than once. Zhe Yan saw something in his brother’s eyes that he’d never seen before, but Mo Yuan, being Mo Yuan, would remain cautious and reserved. He needed to speed it up with bold Ye Hua right on his tail.

There was also the act of Bai Qian feeding Mo Yuan blood from her heart for 70,000 years. That task couldn’t be taken lightly and he was sure there was a deeper meaning behind it, that Bai Qian herself didn’t recognize.

In the end, Zhe Yan decided that he was indeed on Mo Yuan’s side.

Mo Yuan heard about the purpose of Zhe Yan’s visit: Seventeen’s eyes would finally be returned to their rightful owner. He looked forward to seeing them again. Mo Yuan felt frustrated from his lack of focus as his mind wandered.  He was clearly in his seclusion cave to rebalance, but he was doing everything but meditating.  He adjusted his pose, took in a deep, slow breath, and closed his eyes. He was focusing on his rhythmic breathing to clear his thoughts when the image of the other night clouded his mind.

The other day when Ye Hua came to Kunlun, after three days of absence.

He was aware Ye Hua had come to visit Bai Qian, but Mo Yuan failed to see her the rest of the day.  Out of concern, he went to check on her, to make sure she wasn’t distressed. Just as he expected, he heard Bai Qian crying in her room, with her door slightly open. He was about to walk in when he saw Bai Qian on all fours, with Ye Hua behind her. Ye Hua was firmly grasping Bai Qian’s creamy thighs pulling her to him, as he entered her from behind. Mo Yuan experienced a brief moment of insanity that froze him in his place. Bai Qian’s naked body was more beautiful than he ever imagined. Her skin was the color of a freshly peeled peach. Her black hair flowed wildly around her face and stuck to the perspiration on her back. With every pounding motion, Bai Qian arched her head back and released a deep, throaty groan. Her expression was one of pure ecstasy. Her groans turned into whimpering cries as Ye Hua’s motions became faster and more demanding, before she pulled away, turned around, and took him in her mouth. She touched herself until her pleasure peaked, while Ye Hua released his essence in her mouth. The look on Bai Qian’s face when she climaxed was indescribable. Mo Yuan didn’t know the words to describe what he saw, but it was the final catalyst that triggered Mo Yuan’s molten, savage desire for Bai Qian.

To be continued…