Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 16

Bai Qian was adjusting to her eyes, that had just been returned and placed by Zhe Yan’s expert hands.  The colors all around her created prisms of brightness and clarity. She had forgotten what it felt like to see through her own eyes. The sharpness of the shapes and the brightness overwhelmed her senses. She closed her eyes to calm herself.  Strangely, Bai Qian thought of something Su Jin had told her when she was a weak and vulnerable mortal, and knew she couldn’t leave things as they were. She had decided in that moment how Su Jin would repay her for tricking her into jumping off Zhuxian Terrace.

Heavenly Lord looked shocked to see High Goddess Bai Qian walk into the main hall, unescorted.  Since her expression wasn’t one of hostility as he’d prepared, he greeted her most graciously.  High Goddess Bai Qian’s request for Su Jin’s punishment was much more lenient than he expected. She merely wanted to speak to Su Jin and the rest would be left to be handled in accordance to the laws of Celestial Heaven. Heavenly Lord was surprised by High Goddess Bai Qian’s forgiving nature, considering the level of brutality she had endured from his and Su Jin’s schemes. He was more than happy to send a guard to escort High Goddess Bai Qian to the Cold Palace, where Su Jin was still residing, but not before he released an imperial order to execute Su Jin’s punishment. He declared in front of Bai Qian, that Su Jin would be sent to the mortal realm once their conversation was through and Su Jin would never step into immortality realm ever again.

Bai Qian walked into the dim unlit palace. While her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she saw something that barely resembled Su Jin from last time they had spoken. Su Jin had dried blood streaks on her face from the removal of her eyes, and her clothes were dirty and torn. She reached out to the ground in front of her when she heard Bai Qian’s footsteps closing in.

“Ye Hua, is that you?”

Su Jin said with a smile, arms reaching forward. Bai Qian had come because she remembered the day when Su jin told her that she was using her eyes. Bai Qian stepped closer. Intuitively, Su Jin moved back, realizing it wasn’t Ye Hua.

Bai Qian knelt down inches from Su Jin’s face. “Su Jin… do you remember that day when you kindly informed me you were using my eyes?”

Bai Qian’s tone remained soft and calm. Su Jin jerked away and recoiled as far as she could into the wall, hugging her knees to her chest.

“I wanted to thank you for keeping my eyes in such wonderful condition.”

 Bai Qian straightened up and stood looking down at Su Jin.

“That time after you took my eyes, you so kindly shared your joy with me, so I shall share mine with you,”  Bai Qian paused, “Su Jin, do you know how lovely Ye Hua is when he takes care of me? How fiercely he loves me? He treats me and touches me as if I am his most treasured jewel.” Bai Qian paused in reflection. “Have you ever experienced how spectacular Ye Hua’s love making is? Do you know the feeling of having Ye Hua inside you, or tasted his sweet essence on your tongue? Not to mention his stamina, as if he can’t ever get enough of me… But no, of course you haven’t, because he told me you were nothing but a stand for his writing brushes.  

“Su Jin, as of this moment, I no longer have any ill feelings towards you. Our past grievances are resolved.”

Before Bai Qian could finish, Su Jin was already screaming and violently banging her head into the wall behind her.

Lian Song rushed to Xiwu Palace after hearing that High Goddess Bai Qian had met with Heavenly Lord. He didn’t even wait to be announced before running into Ye Hua’s sleeping chamber with panic written all over his face. Lian Song bent over to catch his breath. He looked up, still panting, while waving his fan towards Ye Hua frantically. Ye Hua stood up and waited for Lian Song to speak. 

“Ye Hua… High Goddess Bai Qian… is here! She’s just left Heavenly Lord and is heading… towards the Cold Palace!” Lian Song managed to stammer out. Ye Hua, realizing the gravity of the situation, ran out before Lian Song caught his breath.

Ye Hua never had a chance to step inside Cold Palace courtyard. He studied Qian Qian’s expression as she walked towards him. She was coming from the direction of Su Jin’s temporary housing. She didn’t appear to be angry, but didn’t look happy either. He carefully approached her, while being even more cautious with his words.

“Qian Qian,” he said with his unchanging gentle voice.

He felt a great sense of relief when she returned his greeting with a smile. Ye Hua was surprised when Qian Qian walked with him in the direction of Xiwu Palace. Did this mean she had forgiven him? He dared not bring the subject up, but he was indeed curious of her decision.

“Ye Hua, I haven’t spoken to my parents in a while, so I’m not aware of the progress of our wedding planning.”

Ye Hua couldn’t believe his ears. His Qian Qian was still going to marry him. Without checking if anyone was around, Ye Hua pulled her up and hugged her tight. He felt so overwhelmed with love. Never had he felt so relieved. He looked at her, then kissed her lovingly without caring if anyone else saw them.

Ye Hua felt Qian Qian’s kiss deepen and pulled his lips away and whispered, “Qian Qian, let’s take this into my sleeping chamber.”

She kissed him teasingly, pulled away and said, “It’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding day.”

Ye Hua considered what she said, moved closer to her ear and whispered, “but we’re already married.”

Bai Qian’s reply came out with a single laugh, “Not according to your mother!”


After three days of playing the role of the bride-to-be for a wedding involving the Celestial Tribe, Bai Qian wished she was still a disciple at Kunlun Mountain.  There wasn’t a need for her to be present, but Bai Qian’s mother made it quite clear that she expected her to participate in the final planning.  Never had she been so bored dealing with minor details that ceased to matter. After a while, she struggled to follow the conversations between her mother and Ye Hua’s mother. She almost successfully snuck out but got caught by Ye Hua’s annoying younger cousin. How could they sit there for so long, talking about colors, materials, and decoration? She failed to see the great importance of the guest seating arrangement. For once, she truly valued being from the fox tribe, because they married only once in their lifetime. If she had to go through all this again, she preferred to be buried in the Sea of Innocence.

Ye Hua came to see her once, but she sent him away without even a single kiss. He tried to look disappointed but she could see the delight in his eyes.  He wasn’t very good at hiding his enthusiasm. After many days of this slow, painful torture, Ye Hua’s mother gave her the golden opportunity she had been waiting for.

“Will High God Mo Yuan be leading the groom’s procession, or will he still be in seclusion?” she asked Bai Qian, who struggled to hide her excitement.

“Shifu, has yet to fully recover, so I’m not sure if he’s planning on attending… but I’ll go inquire this with Shifu, myself. That way, you’ll be able to plan accurately.”

Bai Qian’s back was already turned towards the door before she even finished her last words.

To be continued…