Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 19 NSFW Team Mo Yuan

Above the clear blue skies of Kunlun mountain, a golden dragon soared through the air. In its mouth, one could see a ripe peach being held carefully.

When Mo Yuan woke from his dream, he was aware of being nude and laying on his own bed. He wondered if everything had been a dream, until he looked down and saw Bai Qian sleeping closely beside him, her soft breathing the only sound in the room. She was asleep on her stomach, smiling.

Mo Yuan couldn’t resist, so he reached out and touched her face. He didn’t want to leave any part of her body unexplored. His hand caressed her delicate shoulder, the curve of her back and the dip, before the incline towards her round, beautiful bottom. Mo Yuan slid his hand down into Bai Qian’s inner thigh, when she shifted and slightly parted her legs. Mo Yuan lightly traced her treasure down below as Bai Qian stirred in her sleep and said something unintelligible. He continued to trace her beautiful flower and stroked her pleasure spot with more pressure. Mo Yuan’s continuous touching, rubbing, and stroking brought her to orgasm. Mo Yuan loved to watch Bai Qian’s face, when her body was overtaken by pleasure.

Bai Qian opened her eyes, smiled at Mo Yuan, and stretched out like a cat, with her arms stretched above her head, and said, “Shifu, you’ve started something you’re going to need to finish.”

With that, Mo Yuan, who was already fully erect, slowly entered Bai Qian deeply from behind.

Mo Yuan was an expert lover. His every touch, movement, stroke, and kiss made Bai Qian’s body ignite instantaneously. He brought her to climax so many times, she couldn’t even make a rational guess.

After Mo Yuan brought her pleasure again, she rolled over on her back and said, “Shifu, I want to watch you when you come inside me,” and put her legs up on Mo Yuan’s chest.

Mo Yuan caressed the backside of both legs and then parted them, pulled Bai Qian up slightly and started to penetrate her again. Bai Qian looked at his scarred, well defined chest and muscular arms and felt herself become wetter, just from the sight of him. Bai Qian closed her eyes to fully enjoying the sensation of Mo Yuan’s thick girth inside her and noticed Mo Yuan’s penetration felt different than before.  It was as if he was stroking an inner pleasure spot she didn’t know she had. Every time Mo Yuan stroked it, she felt her arousal escalate. Each stroke felt as if she was going to climax, but instead Bai Qian felt on the verge of having one. Mo Yuan licked his thumb and started to stroke her external button at the same time, without breaking his pace. Bai Qian’s back arched and her hands grasped the sides of the bed. Bai Qian started to feel something she could not describe. She was clearly climaxing, but there wasn’t an end. Mo Yuan pulled her hips a little higher and with deep, hard strokes, quickened his pace. Bai Qian, who was still climaxing, yelled breathlessly, “Mo Yuan… I’m still coming… I can’t stop!”

When Mo Yuan exploded inside her, Bai Qian’s inner muscles were still forcefully clenching, tightening and pulsating around his thick shaft almost to the point of pain. It felt as if Bai Qian’s body was sucking every drop of essence out of him.

Afterwards, Bai Qian sat up in shock and amazement. “Shifu, what was that? How many times did you have to do it to master it? And with whom?” Mo Yuan made the most dumbfounded expression he could conjure up and said,” I don’t know. It was my first time.” Bai Qian’s jealous eyes narrowed in on him. He pushed her down and laid on top of her. “I am the God of War after all,” he said with a little smile.

During their time together, in order not to attract attention, they used their magic for tea, food, and water to cleanse each other. When they weren’t making love, they reminisced about her time as a disciple. When on the subject of Bai Qian tricking Mo Yuan into thinking she was a boy,  Mo Yuan turned away to hide his chuckle. Soon their talk became more serious. Mo Yuan wonderingly looked at Bai Qian and asked, “Why me Seventeen?”

Bai Qian held his face and whispered, “I wouldn’t have given blood from my heart to just anyone. That’s when I knew, it was you. Now let me ask you: when did you know it was me?”

Mo Yuan kissed Bai Qian, pushed her down to make love to her again and said, “It was the day the Jade Purity Fan chose you.”

After days of being together, Mo Yuan held Bai Qian in his arms and said, “I’m not going to ask you to choose. Whether it be Ye Hua or myself, I will respect and follow your decision. I know my untimely slumber created a complicated situation. The only thing I’d like you to know and never forget is that I’ll love and wait for you forever. You’ll be the only woman in my heart.” Mo Yuan kissed her forehead and made love to her slowly all through the night.

Sometime before dawn, Bai Qian sat next to Mo Yuan as he slept. She looked at Mo Yuan’s striking face for the longest time and whispered, “Mo Yuan, even though we can’t be together, you are the owner of my heart. I love you more than my life.” With that she kissed him with tears in her eyes and left Kunlun Mountain silently, never to return again.

Mo Yuan knew she had gone. He was awake, but pretended to be asleep, for Bai Qian’s sake. Mo Yuan knew Bai Qian’s choice was not an easy one for her to make. He should have felt more sorrow, but knowing she loved him more than her own life was enough for him.

Today being the night to unravels all ties, Bai Qian snuck into Ye Hua’s sleeping chamber, right after she left Kunlun mountain. He was sleeping but woke up when he heard her footsteps approaching. He sat up, pleasantly surprised, before his eyes narrowed in on her face. Ye Hua patted the space next to his bed, signaling for her to sit down. Qian Qian sat next to Ye Hua, put her hand over his, looked him in the eyes, and suddenly Ye Hua sensed what was about to occur.

“Ye Hua…”

He stopped her harshly, “No! I don’t want to hear this!” Ye Hua stood up, paced across the floor, then bent down on his knees in front of her. “Please don’t do this Qian Qian,” he pleaded as he put his head down on her knees.

Bai Qian silently stroked his Ye Hua’s hair.  She didn’t want to break his heart but their time together had finally come to an end.  She wasn’t SuSu as much as she tried to be. That side of her ceased to exist when she jumped from Zhuxian Terrace.  

“You’ve never loved me or you wouldn’t be doing this to me right now,” Ye Hua cried.

Bai Qian held his face and looked into his eyes. “SuSu loved you with all her heart and soul, but I am not SuSu. She is not here anymore. We are not the people we were back then and this is the truth we must face,” Bai Qian whispered.

Ye Hua suddenly looked up, angry. “You’re going to Mo Yuan. You love him more than you love me!” he spat as he stood and glared down at her.

Bai Qian stood up and looked Ye Hua straight in the eyes before saying, “It’s not a matter of who I love more… but more about the fact that the person I love most is myself.”

After that night, neither Mo Yuan nor Ye Hua heard or saw Bai Qian again. There were rumors that she had gone back to her reclusive ways. They both interrogated Zhe Yan without any success and searched every inch of Qing Qiu without seeing even a glimpse of her.

As for the upcoming wedding, the cancellation was solely due to the Fox King’s decision. Once he heard of Bai Qian’s torture as SuSu, he couldn’t be calmed by anyone. The Fox King openly accused Heavenly Lord of coming up with such a heinous plan. When Heavenly Lord brought up that Bai Qian was then just a mere mortal, that upset the Fox King even more. The Fox King didn’t care if it had been an insect, animal, mortal, or immortal – that kind of brutality and savagery was not acceptable behavior towards any living creature. He would never entrust his only daughter to marry into such a clan.  He stated that he wouldn’t be able to have a single comfortable night’s sleep, giving his only precious daughter to a tribe with such questionable ethics and morals. Nobody could change the Fox King’s mind.

The Fox King also demanded that A-Li be sent to Qing Qiu and the Fox Tribe to spend time with his birth mother for half of every year. Both Heavenly Lord and Ye Hua could not refuse any requests from the Fox King, considering how indebted they were to him and Qing Qiu.

Three years later, A-Li returned from Qing Qiu with the most surprising news: Bai Qian had given birth to identical twin boys. The boys were so identical, that it was difficult to tell them apart. They both had the same birthmark on their right ankles that resembled a dragon, with the exception that one was black in color and the other one was gold.

The Fox King felt proud to name his new grandsons and chose their names with great reflection. The twin with the gold dragon was named 昊忍:  Hao Rěn; meaning vast and limitless retrain oneself and the twin with the black dragon; 輝光; Jing Huī which meant bright splendor.

To be continued…