Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 18 NSFW Team Mo Yuan

By the time Bai Qian reached Kunlun Mountain, everyone had gone to bed, and the school was silent for the night. She walked around, recalling the wonderful years she’d spent as a disciple under Shifu’s teachings. As she walked aimlessly, she found herself by the lotus pond and thought of the many times Shifu played songs on his zither for her, while they sat together right where she now stood.  A feeling of melancholy washed over her, when she heard the wind blow softly, followed by the faint sound of Shifu playing his zither.

Shifu was sitting in the middle of his room, with his eyes closed while strumming softly on the strings. She knew it was inappropriate, but she entered his room without approval and sat next to his side. Shifu’s soft steady breathing sounded like a lullaby that lulled her into a sleepy state. Bai Qian put her head on Shifu’s shoulder then asked, “Shifu, have you ever doubted yourself or your feelings?”

Mo Yuan chuckled softly. “Everyday and every waking moment,” he replied with a sigh. “What could my carefree Seventeen have to worry about?”

Mo Yuan opened his eyes and looked down at her. Bai Qian hesitated for a moment before saying, “I’ve been planning my wedding for days. The whole time I felt a tightness in my chest, but figured it was pre-wedding jitters.” She put her hand where she felt discomfort in her chest. “I thought seeing Ye Hua would help to calm my unsettled heart, but I still felt the same while he was with me and after he had gone back to Celestial Heaven… Everyone seems happy for us but me.”

Bai Qian’s words trailed off. Mo Yuan stopped playing and moved his zither to his side, so Bai Qian leaned her whole body against Mo Yuan. “It was finally when I got here that I felt like I could breathe for the first time in days. Shifu, I think I’m marrying someone I don’t love anymore.  I don’t even know what I feel for Ye Hua… is it love? Or is it lingering feelings from when I was mortal?”

Mo Yuan remained calm externally while his heart pounded in his chest at the speed of a hummingbirds. “Seventeen, you’re quite young by my standards, maybe you’re not aware of what love truly feels like?

Mo Yuan voice was slightly quivering but not enough for Bai Qian to notice.

“I know what love is… I loved Li Jing… and I loved Ye Hua when I was the mortal SuSu. I have feelings for Ye Hua and care about his well being, but this doesn’t feel like love to me.”

Her words ended softly. Mo Yuan noticed she spoke in the past tense. After a long silence between them, Bai Qian said, “I think I’ve loved someone else for a long time, but never knew how to bring it up, nor if I was in a position to do so.”

The silence between them seemed much longer than it was. “Shifu… is there anything you’d like to tell me?”

Mo Yuan forced out his words carefully and deliberately, “Seventeen, maybe it would be best for you to leave now.” 

Bai Qian straightened up, stood, looked down at Mo Yuan, and called him by his name for the very first time.  

“Mo Yuan… is there anything you’d like to say to me before I go?”

Mo Yuan was focusing all his power to remain calm, so he didn’t say a word. Understanding Mo Yuan’s silence to be his answer, Bai Qian turned to leave and was almost at the door when from behind her, she felt a powerful swish, followed by a pull, and heard the slam of the door closing. Mo Yuan had her pressed up against the door, their bodies completely pressed against each other. Bai Qian felt the pressure from the raised nailhead embeddings that decorated Mo Yuan’s robe pressing into her breasts. As they stood face to face, Bai Qian knew: Mo Yuan had always been the one.

Mo Yuan didn’t say a word. He didn’t know exactly what he was doing. Mo Yuan’s body reacted before his mind knew what had just occurred. His hands that were pressed on the door, on both sides of her head, turned into tight fists. Mo Yuan’s internal battle was fully engaged in heavy combat. Mo Yuan stared at Bai Qian for a long time, as if he was searching for an answer to his silent, unasked question, as Mo Yuan’s breathing came out in steady but heavy pants. 

After Bai Qian’s initial shock, she felt her hunger and desire that she’d long suppressed erupt, and touched Mo Yuan’s face gently and whispered, “Mo Yuan… I love you… I’ve loved you for as long as I can remember. I’m sorry if my love is not appropriate, but I can’t help myself. I thought I could control my feelings by marrying Ye Hua, but he doesn’t deserve me… and I know that I’m not worthy of  you, but could you give me one night to remember-“

Before Bai Qian could finish her sentence, Mo Yuan kissed her deeply with full passion and gave in to his own selfish desires and needs.

Bai Qian felt Mo Yuan’s strong hands lift her body easily up to his waist and push up her skirt. His tight rein held Bai Qian under her thighs, before he moved one hand, untied the front of his many robes. She heard the robe with the metallic ornaments untie with a single practiced pull, Mo Yuan’s expert hands worked meticulously to undo the rest.  Bai Qian saw a scar shaped like a lighting bolt among the other scars on his bare masculine chest and felt the roughness of his bare skin pressed against hers. The feeling of Mo Yuan’s skin made Bai Qian moan softly. Once Mo Yuan’s clothes were undone exposing the front of his sculpted body, his hand returned up Bai Qian’s thigh, lightly caressed her treasure while pulling the thin silk undergarment aside just enough to openly expose her dewy bloom. Bai Qian moaned Mo Yuan’s name softly. 

Suddenly, Mo Yuan paused and asked Bai Qian, “You really want me?”

Bai Qian, who was in the height of arousal, looked at Mo Yuan and said, “Make me yours Shifu. I belong to you.”

Grunting, Mo Yuan pushed his engorged thick phallus deep inside her wet tight anticipating core. His expression was one of pure ecstasy.  Their eyes never broke contact even when Mo Yuan’s pounding thrust became exquisitely painful from the heights he was hitting inside her. Bai Qian heard herself moaning loudly when Mo Yuan quickened his pace as he brought them both to climax.

Afterwards, Bai Qian saw he was shaking as much as she. Gently, Mo Yuan lowered her legs, straightened her skirt and created a little space between them. Mo Yuan’s expression softened as he buried his head into Bai Qian’s hair and shoulder. Bai Qian smelled even more intoxicating after their intimacy. Mo Yuan could have stayed this way, inhaling her scent forever. Mo Yuan’s voice cracked and she heard him crying softly, as he showered small kisses onto her neck.

“Forgive me, Seventeen. I’ve tried but can’t stop myself from loving you,” Mo Yuan whispered in her ear.

Bai Qian embraced Mo Yuan fiercely. She knew what had just occurred was similar to an indestructible dam smashing open – Mo Yuan being a god who had obtained thousands of years of cultivation to master control and reserve, tonight exposed the weakness of also being a man. Mo Yuan, too, was fallible. Bai Qian pushed him back only slightly so she could see his face. He’d probably never felt this exposed and vulnerable before.

Bai Qian lifted his chin until their met eyes and said, “Shifu, I’ve been waiting for you. I love you.”

Mo Yuan kissed Bai Qian passionately.  Even when he carried her to his sleeping platform, they never broke their kiss. Mo Yuan placed her down gently and stood and removed the rest of his clothes. Mo Yuan’s robe was already untied and opened at the front, so when he dropped it the floor, the metal tips made a sound similar to a handful of small pebbles hitting the ground. Mo Yuan’s nude, muscular well defined body had many scars from past battles he’d engaged in and been victorious. Mo Yuan undid his hair so it fell down loosely around his shoulders. Bai Qian didn’t think she could want him again, right after their first time, but she was wrong… Bai Qian wanted him even more.

After he had undressed himself, he returned and laid by her side. He looked into her eyes and said, “Bai Qian, I love you… I want to see you, touch you, taste you… I want you in every way.”

It was her turn to undress for him.  Bai Qian stood before Mo Yuan, untied the silk strap at her waist, removed the light gauze layer and let it drop to the floor.  She then removed her dress and her top silk undergarment. When she slowly slid her lower undergarment to her thighs, Mo Yuan placed his hands over hers and pulled them down the rest of the way. Mo Yuan held his breath when he saw Bai Qian completely nude.

Mo Yuan looked up at Bai Qian in reverence, on his knees as one would do in worship. He inhaled the scent of her peach blossom skin while his soft beard caressed her thighs. She felt Mo Yuan’s strong hands stroking the back of her thighs, buttocks and lower back. He kissed up her stomach and lightly caressed her breasts, and nipples.

“Bai Qian, you are so exquisitely beautiful. So perfect.”

Mo Yuan held her tenderly and pulled her back down to lay beside him. He slowly traced Bai Qian’s eyes, nose, lips, and shape of her face with his lips. He stopped at the scar above her heart and tears came to his eyes. Mo Yuan placed his forehead against it and deeply sighed.

“You could have easily died. Why would you continue….for so long?”

Mo Yuan’s eyes were full of concern and remorse. Bai Qian waited until he looked up at her face. “Because I love you. You told me to wait, so I knew you’d come back to me.”

Mo Yuan held her and pressed his lips to the scar above her heart. Mo Yuan looked up into Bai Qian’s eyes. “Can I make love to you again?” he asked cautiously.

Bai Qian rolled over towards him, pushed him on his back, kissed Mo Yuan urgently and whispered, “I’ve never wanted anything more.”

Mo Yuan muscular arms lifted Bai Qian’s lithe body and sat her on top of him.  He wanted to drink every bit of her with his eyes. Mo Yuan felt intoxicated at the very sight of her. Stunningly, Bai Qian’s hair flowed wild and free. Wisps framed her face and wrapped around her feminine curves. Mo Yuan instinctively caressed the scar above her heart again. Bai Qian’s body was smooth and unblemished other than the scar she had self-inflicted for him. Her smooth, flushed, fair skin glowed against the firelight. Mo Yuan wanted to taste every inch of her body.  Mo Yuan felt the warmth of her body and smoothness of her skin as Bai Qian sat straddling him.  She placed her hands on his chest, lowering herself, so she could kiss Mo Yuan’s lips, as he gently cupped her face. Bai Qian bit his bottom lip, and proceeded to move down the length of Mo Yuan’s well defined body, brushing her lips on every scar in her path.

Bai Qain kissed and licked his tight abdomen while moving down his body. Mo Yuan gasped when she wrapped her hand around the thick shaft of his erected manhood and licked the head before taking him deeply in her mouth. Mo Yuan let out a deep throaty groan and caressed Bai Qian’s silky hair. She moved her hand up and down his thickness while alternating deep, smooth sucks with her tongue, making circles around the now engorged head. Bai Qian gasped when Mo Yuan pulled her up and expertly flipped her body around while she was still on top of him. Mo Yuan pulled Bai Qian down by the thigh, her flower only inches from his mouth.  

“I can’t wait…..I need to taste you now.”

Mo Yuan ran the full length of his tongue up from her sensitive button and into Bai Qian’s wet opening while grasping her thighs to pull her deeper into his mouth.  The sweetness of Bai Qian’s honey made him release a long, rough moan. He licked her pearl slowly with the flatness of his tongue, then more deeply into her with his tongue pushing, into the opening of Bai Qian’s core.  Mo Yuan couldn’t get enough of the taste of her. Bai Qian quivered and pressed herself more into his mouth, while Mo Yuan continued to stroke her pearl and increased his pace. Mo Yuan brought her thighs harder towards him, and guided her movement up and down while his tongue continued to consume Bai Qian.  The sensation of Mo Yuan’s tongue stroking, licking, and exploring her folds and lips made Bai Qian want to take him deeper into her mouth, as her body exploded when she reached her peak.

After she had Mo Yuan in her mouth, she greedily wanted him inside her. Bai Qian moved towards his manhood, straddled Mo Yuan, and lowered herself on top of him. Mo Yuan grunted deeply, sat up behind her to pull her body against his, and moaned hoarsely when he felt Bai Qian envelop every inch of him.  He kissed and sucked on her neck and back while he fondled her breasts, caressed her nipples, and pinched them lightly. Bai Qian was lost in ecstasy steadily moving up and down, consuming his thick girth. Mo Yuan whispered Bai Qian’s name in her ear, put his hand on top of hers, and guided it down to where their bodies joined. Together, they felt the wet sliding motion of Mo Yuan moving in and out of Bai Qian’s hot core with their fingertips.  Bai Qian’s moans turned into gasping pants when Mo Yuan moved their hands to her sensitive spot and together rubbed it in a rhythmic circular motion. Bai Qian threw her arms behind her and grasped Mo Yuan around his neck, while Mo Yuan continued to rub her sweet spot and pinched her nipple harder.

She cried out, “Mo Yuan….I love you!”

Mo Yuan grabbed Bai Qian by her waist, quickened his strokes, and pounded deeper inside her. Mo Yuan felt her inner core tighten and pulsate around him as he clenched and filled her with his seed.

After their passionate intimacy, Mo Yuan hugged Bai Qian tightly and showered the sides of her face, shoulders, and neck with loving kisses. Bai Qian turned around and hugged Mo Yuan, as they fell down towards Mo Yuan’s bed still in each other’s arms. Mo Yuan cupped her face and kissed Bai Qian deeply and passionately. 

“Did you mean everything you said?” Mo Yuan asked softly with a little smile on his face.

Bai Qian copied Mo Yuan and cupped his face as he did hers and replied,

“Everything.” Bai Qian kissed Mo Yuan deeply and then continued. “I waited for you because I love you. You are the sole owner of my heart and always will be.” Mo Yuan kissed Bai Qian again and stopped her from finishing her words. Bai Qian pulled away gently and looked Mo Yuan deep into his dark eyes with full passion and added,  “I want to make love to you again because now you belong to me.”

To be continued…