Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 21 Team Mo Yuan

Since Mo Yuan was the well known Master of Kunlun Mountain, Bai Qian requested to keep their intimate relationship a private matter.  Bai Qian’s family members knew the truth, but due to her reclusive ways, many rumors of her having multiple lovers began to spread, throughout the other realms. Bai Qian was indifferent. Mo Yuan on the other hand, couldn’t stand to hear others slander Bai Qian. It made him angrier, that he couldn’t say anything in her defense.

Mo Yuan, who was usually silent and private about such matters, wanted to publicly announce his love for Bai Qian, marry her, and would handle the repercussions afterwards. Of course, Bai Qian didn’t agree with him. For the sake of Mo Yuan’s relationship with Ye Hua, she felt that was the worst course of action.

Bai Qian convinced Mo Yuan, for the time being to keep their love a secret from others. She said it was for the sake of the twins. Bai Qian wanted to protect them from the questions, that one day she would have to answer.

“Why don’t we raise the twins as if they are both mine? I love them both.” Mo Yuan asked.

“ I was engaged to Ye Hua at that time, so others will naturally assume Ye Hua to be the father. I don’t want them anywhere near Celestial Heaven.” Bai Qian could not be swayed.

When Mo Yuan asked, “Will you never tell Ye Hua, that Jing Hua is his son?” Bai Qian didn’t reply.

Bai Qian was fully aware, if Ye Hua knew Jing Hua was his son, he could rightfully declare to share Jing Hua as they did with A-Li. That was the last thing she wanted to do. Bai Qian knew, Ye Hua had come to Ten Miles Of Peach Blossom and Qing Qiu, on more than one occasion. As Heavenly Lord, Ye Hua had things to discus with Zhe Yan and worked to repair the damaged relationship, between the Celestial and Fox Clans.

During these times, Bai Qian not only fled with the twins into the mortal realm, but also used a spell to hide themselves. Bai Qian had successfully avoided Ye Hua, for ten years. When she heard Ye Hua had finally taken a side consort, Bai Qian was relieved. She was happy to hear that Ye Hua had fallen in love again.

Ye Hua sensed Mo Yuan and Bai Qian were together, but he never said a word to Mo Yuan, when they met for diplomatic purposes. Heavenly Lord Ye Hua, married and took Princess Miao Qing as his side consort, but it was a marriage only in formalities. They met when the princess saved A-Li’s life from a monster, and she had fallen in love with Ye Hua at first sight. Ye Hua however, was not swayed by the princess, and didn’t have any physical contact with her. He actually went out of his way to avoid her, but this marriage of convenience stopped all talks regarding, taking a Princess Consort.

Ye Hua had never gotten over Qian Qian and still felt the same feelings towards her. If anything the time away from her had intensified his feelings.

Perhaps it was the time of the year, the second day of the ninth month, but Ye Hua felt nostalgic and went to Qing Qiu for a walk.  He thought about when he was with Qian Qian and it caused him pain, in his heart… still. Ye Hua couldn’t believe how fresh the pain still felt, after all these years. For Ye Hua, it had started when she was SuSu and continued even to this day, his love for Qian Qian.  Ye Hua wondered how many thousands of years it would take for his pain to fade.

As Ye Hua walked towards the lotus pond, he heard the laughter and joyful screams of children playing in the pond. Ye Hua got closer and saw A-Li splashing a little immortal child while his twin hung onto A-Li’s back. He also saw Qian Qian standing in the water, at a close distance watching the children play. Ye Hua’s feet froze and refused to move one way or the other, as his heart pounded almost painfully, in his chest.

“Father!” A-Li screamed towards Ye Hua excited and waved his arms high back and front.

Ye Hua walked very slowly to gather his composure.  He saw Qian Qian’s expression go from shock to a little smile. A-Li ran towards Ye Hua, while Qian Qian gathered the little ones, in her arms.

A-Li went to Ye Hua as the little ones trailed behind him. A-Li stood proudly and said, “This is my father Heavenly Lord of Celestial Heaven Ye Hua.”

Bai Qian watched Ye Hua look at the twins intently with his sharp eyes, so she swiftly moved herself in front of them. Qian Qian’s stance was one of defense, so Ye Hua took a couple steps back. Ye Hua almost forgot about the twins when he saw Qian Qian standing there, with her wet dress stuck to Qian Qian’s body. Some parts of her light turquoise dress looked transparent because the wetness. Qian Qian’s silky black hair wet with wild pieces that stuck to her beautiful face. Ye Hua couldn’t breath for a moment, when he saw how she had changed. Qian Qian was still beautiful, but now something about her was wildly ravishingly. Ye Hua’s body was on fire. He felt as if she’d put an enchantment spell on him, Ye Hua couldn’t pull his eyes off Qian Qian’s body. Ye Hua felt his face flush as he cleared his throat.

“High Goddess Bai Qian greets Heavenly Lord Ye Hua” Qian Qian bowed as her arms pushed her full breasts together.

“Qian Qian” Ye Hua responded in his familiar gentle tone.

“I’m sorry to have disturbed your time Qian Qian.” Ye Hua’s voice is as smooth and soft as always. He tilted his head slightly to one side and looked at the twin, who was holding onto Bai Qian’s leg peeking out at him. Ye Hua’s eagle eyes scanned the child from head to toe slowly and smiled.

“This must be Jing Hua that A-Li talks about all the time. Ye Hua looked up and saw Qian Qian’s bottom lip quiver ever so slightly.

Bai Qian pushed the child back behind her and quickly said, “ Excuse me but we’re expected by my father.” cloud jumped herself and all the children away.

To be continued…