Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 22 Team Mo Yuan

Later that night, Bai Qian snuck into Kunlun Mountain, after all the disciples had gone to sleep. Mo Yuan was in his room waiting for her, while he played his zither softly. Bai Qian walked in quietly, hugged him from the behind and caressed her lips to Mo Yuan’s cheek. Mo Yuan turned his cheek towards Bai Qian to give her more of himself to kiss.

“Did I surprise you?” Bai Qian whispered in his ear.

“ No. I smelled your scent the moment you got here,” Mo Yuan whispered back.

He put his zither aside, pulled Bai Qian in his arms, onto his lap and kissed her lightly on her lips.

“It’s good you’re here. I sleep better beside you.” Mo Yuan said before kissing her again.

Bai Qian was removing Mo Yuan’s many layers of clothing and heavy robe, as he stood in front of her, looking at her adoringly. Bai Qian looked up at him with her sparking bright eyes when Mo Yuan held her face in both hands. Mo Yuan looked at her with a little smile, while soaking in her exquisite beauty. Bai Qian blushed shyly and continued undoing his clothes. Next she stood behind him, removed Mo Yuan’s hair piece and undid his topknot hair.

“I saw Ye Hua today.” she said quietly, while she combed Mo Yuan’s loose hair, she continued “Ye Hua saw Jing Hua.”

Mo Yuan put his hand over hers to stop her combing, stood and held her tightly. Pulled his face away and looked at Bai Qian’s concerned face, with worried eyes.

“Did something happen? Did Ye Hua say or do something to upset you?” Mo Yuan was starting to become upset himself.

“No. it just scared me.” Bai Qian said with a little smile feeling a bit foolish.

Mo Yuan kissed her relieved and smiled, “Don’t worry Bai Qian. Everything will be fine.”

He continued to look at Bai Qian tenderly until she nodded in agreement.

“Nightgown or nude?” Mo Yuan asked when he had her undressed.

Bai Qian looked at Mo Yuan white nightwear and said “Nightgown.”

Mo Yuan pulled his nightgown off and started to put it on her.

Bai Qian looked hungrily at Mo Yuan’s defined nude body, looked up at Mo Yuan and said, “Nude.” with a twinkle in her eyes.

Bai Qian was a mystery to Mo Yuan, but he was just happy to have her near. She was still as mischievous as ever and would often tease him, by cloud jumping into places like his meditation cave, nude and sit in his lap. Mo Yuan had to put up a privacy spell because he couldn’t resist her, ever. Instead of meditation Mo Yuan spent the whole day making love to Bai Qian. 

When Mo Yuan brought up the subject of having another child, Bai Qian panicked and avoided him for what felt like long period of time, when it was actually only a day or two. When Zhe Yan told Mo Yuan, that Bai Qian had been eating several contraceptive peaches daily, Mo Yuan couldn’t help but smile. However, when Zhe Yan secretly admitted to giving her regular peach, Mo Yuan let out one of his very rare chuckles.


Bai Qian wasn’t the only one shaken by their encounter. Ye Hua stood by the lotus pond long after Qian Qian had fled with her children. Not only did he see the black dragon on the child’s ankle, Ye Hua had also felt and saw his own spiritual aura coming from the child, Jing Hua. Jing Hua was almost a twin of what A-Li looked like, when he was that age. Ye Hua was sure Jing Hua was his child. He wasn’t able to see the other twin to confirm his suspicions, but Ye Hua believed, there was now a strong possibility, he was the father of Qian Qian’s twins. Yet why was she so protective? Ye Hua saw the Jade Purity fan discreetly hidden in her hand, when Qian Qian came between him and the children.

And the change in Qian Qian herself, was surprising. She was fiercely protective of her children. Qian Qian had stood ready to open the Jade Purity fan against Ye Hua, in an instant. Remembering her stance, brought back the excitement to his body. Ye Hua had almost forgotten the peach blossom scent of Qian Qian, until the light afternoon breeze brought it back to him today. How could he have forgotten the sweetness of her scent? If the children weren’t present, Ye Hua didn’t know if he would have been able to control himself from devouring Qian Qian right out in the open. The sight of Qian Qian excited Ye Hua more, than it ever had before. How was this even possible? Similar to injuring the same place twice, his heart ached twice as much, if not more. The way Ye Hua’s body hungered for hers, caused him physical pain.

For weeks, Ye Hua like a man obsessed, thought of Qian Qian night and day. Ever since their unexpected meeting, he couldn’t get her out of his mind. It was similar to when he first met her as SuSu when his love for her was raw-consuming and new. Yet Ye Hua had a suspicion, that Qian Qian was now with Mo Yuan, and for the first time ever, he understood how Mo Yuan must have felt back then.  All though it wasn’t a luxury Ye Hua allow himself to have, Ye Hua thought about how things could have been. It had been a long time but today it brought tears to his eyes.

Due to a disagreement between the Kings of the Four Seas, there was a threat a war could start between them. Ye Hua went to Kunlun Mountain to discuss the situation with Mo Yuan, God of War, regarding how this matter should be resolved. Ye Hua wasn’t avoiding Mo Yuan but never saw him unless it was truly necessary. Mo Yuan was still the same Mo Yuan. Stoic, reserved, and calm. Mo Yuan never gave any indication that he was with Qian Qian, but today Ye Hua could smell the scent of not only peach blossoms but also the scent of Qian Qian’s body after intimacy. It surrounded the area around Mo Yuan like dark grey storm clouds before a heavy downpour, thick heavy, and dense. It was distinct and unique as Qian Qian herself.  Ye Hua’s suspicions were no longer just suspicion but actual fact.

To be continued…