Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 23 NSFW Team Mo Yuan

Bai Qian spent the whole day looking for A-Li and the twins. She went to all the usual places but they were nowhere to be found. It was Migu who finally told her, that A-Li had taken the twins to see his other home in Celestial Heaven. Migu was unaware of Bai Qian’s panic and fears regarding the twins. Without a plan in mind, Bai Qian rushed towards Celestial Heaven. She cloud jumped over a wall instead of bothering to enter through the front gates of Nine Heavens. Finding the children was the foremost concern on her mind. It had been years since her last visit and she didn’t have a clue where she was or where the boys might be. Needless to say she was lost. It was then she heard Ye Hua’s voice coming from behind her.

“Qian Qian?”

Ye Hua looked as surprised as Qian Qian to see her standing in the courtyard of Xiwu Palace when she turned around to face him. Her complexion was pale and white as a spring lily and there was dark fear flickering in her eyes, yet she smiled at Ye Hua pleasantly.

“Forgive me Heavenly Lord. I seem to have lost my way. I merely wanted to see the lotus ponds one more time.” Bai Qian lied with a bow.

“Qian Qian, there’s no need to be so formal. You’ve always had such a poor sense of direction.” Ye Hua shook his head and smiled.

“I can escort you there myself.” Ye Hua was excited and surprised to see Qian Qian, but his voice didn’t reflect his emotions.

Ye Hua spoke in his usual gentle voice.

Ye Hua was very aware, that Qian Qian had gone through great lengths to avoid seeing him during the past ten years.

“No need Heavenly Lord. I wouldn’t want to cause you any inconvenience. Perhaps one of your maids could guide me there instead.” Qian Qian said politely.

Ye Hua knew Qian Qian well enough to know, that she was upset. He had known her intimately, so he knew just by her tone something wasn’t right. It was her breathing that always gave her away. She took quick short breathes when she was emotional. As much as Ye Hua wanted to spend more time with her, Ye Hua considered Qian Qian’s discomfort. He was just about to call Nai Nai when Ye Hua arms caught Qian Qian, who had fainted and was falling to the ground.

Ye Hua had his cold hand on her forehead when Qian Qian started to come back around. She was on his bed and Ye Hua sitting beside her. Qian Qian sat up quickly looked around confused and then at Ye Hua, who had stepped back a couple paces to create more space between them. Ye Hua took a deep breath and shook his head.

“You fainted. Considering all you eat are loquats, I always told you you needed more nutrition.” Ye Hua said as he looked down at her concerned.

“The Medicine King just left. He said you must stay seated for a few minutes longer.” Ye Hua said shaking his head in disapproval.

For many weeks now, his new side consort Princess Miao Qing had been making him soup daily and leaving it on his desk. He never touched it, but today Ye Hua felt glad it was there because Qian Qian needed to eat. Ye Hua handed it to her gently and said,

“Here have something to eat. Get your energy back so you can do what you came here to do. It must have been something very important to make you run around all day without eating.”

Qian Qian’s hands were shaking when she took the soup from Ye Hua’s hands. It was true she hadn’t eaten all day. She’d spent the whole day running around looking for the boys. She was still seeing dark spots before her eyes and her head felt dizzy. She wordlessly sat up straight and consumed all the soup.

Ye Hua watched Qian Qian quietly as her sweet peach blossom scent infused in his sleeping chamber. She didn’t make eye contact with him but Ye Hua was consuming her with his longing eyes. Qian Qian put the soup bowl down and started to get up, but her legs gave out so Ye Hua caught her quickly. He could feel the heat radiating from her body. Qian Qian’s cheeks and lips suddenly became flushed and turned a dark shade of pink as she fell into Ye Hua arms. Her eyes were closed but when Qian Qian opened them, Ye Hua saw her pupils dilate right before his eyes and her breathing came out in heavy pants. When he sat Qian Qian back down on the bed, Qian Qian pulled at the front of her dress breathing heavily as if she was one fire. Terrified, Ye Hua was about to call the Medicine King back, when he picked up a slight medicinal scent coming from the soup bowl.

Bai Qian felt as if she couldn’t control her body. She felt herself falling into Ye Hua’s strong arms. Her body wouldn’t respond to her desires but her mind was fully on high alert. Maybe almost too alert because Bai Qian’s senses intensified. She could smell Ye Hua’s warm skin. Feel the familiar heat radiating from his perfect body. Being in Ye Hua’s arms strangely felt like a ‘welcome home’ and she felt her desire for him grow.

It was clear without a shred of doubt that she loved Mo Yuan with all her heart and soul, but Ye Hua had been her first lover who made her into a woman and Bai Qian felt her body reacting to the one who had claimed it first.

It was fear Bai Qian felt. Fear that she couldn’t control herself and her body’s chemical reaction to Ye Hua. Ye Hua, her first sweet passionate lover. He had been the one who showed her what pleasure of the body was and he knew her body so well. Bai Qian suddenly thought of the feel of Ye Hua’s thick shaft inside her and moaned softly remembering the pleasure of it. She didn’t love Ye Hua but she couldn’t deny she still wanted him. Bai Qian battled internally to determine what to do next.

Ye Hua picked up and inhaled the empty ceramic bowl deeply. Damn Miao Qing! She had put something in the soup and by the looks of Qian Qian behavior, it was most likely an aphrodisiac. Ye Hua picked Qian Qian up in his arms to carry her out of his room. Ye Hua was just about cloud jump when Qian Qian pulled the tie that held her dress closed. Qian Qian’s dress fell open and down the sides. Ye Hua looked down at his Qian Qian, who was softly moaning his name, while in his arms wearing only her sheer pale peach silk undergarments.

Bai Qian realized her defeat. She stopped fighting. She clearly knew what she wanted and surrendered. Bai Qian wrapped her arms around Ye Hua neck and kissed him deeply before she said,

“Ye Hua take me now. I want you.”

Instead of running her out of his sleeping chamber, he used his magic to lock the doors and cast a privacy spell around his sleeping chamber.

Ye Hua froze as he looked at her beautiful big full breasts when she ripped her undergarment off. When he saw her dark erect nipples, Ye Hua used another spell to remove all his clothes. Qian Qian laid on his bed with her eyes closed and back arched. She was moaning his name softly and moving around on the bed parting her silky legs open. Ye Hua licked his lips as he slowing pulled her lower undergarment off and saw her glistening pink flower beckoning him. Ye Hua grabbed her legs and pulled her wet bloom swiftly into his mouth. Ye Hua almost came the moment he tasted her sweetness. He licked her hungrily like a thirsty man having his first sip of water. He licked her completely, wildly and stroked her pearl repeatedly. Qian Qian grabbed Ye Hua’s head and whimpered,

“Ye Hua put your tongue in me deeper.” Qian Qian cried as she hit her peak.

Ye Hua’s urgency was too strong for him to wait any longer. He pulled himself to his knees and pulled Qian Qian’s body roughly to his thigh and penetrated her deeply while she caressed and touched her breasts and nipples. Qian Qian seductive appearance made Ye Hua dizzy. Ye Hua groaned when he felt his thick hard sword moving in and out of her wet hot core. Ye Hua couldn’t believe how good it felt inside her. He was in pure ecstasy as he panted and groaned deeply with every stroke. Qian Qian started to climax again touching herself, while Ye Hua moved himself in and out her at a slower pace to control himself. He lowered himself unable to resist her full tantalizing breasts. Ye Hua pushed them together and licked and sucked anywhere and everywhere his mouth could reach. Ye Hua moved towards Qian Qian’s face and kissed her roughly and urgently, then buried his face into her hair and repeated her name over and over while kissing and sucking her neck. Qian Qian was moaning and crying when Ye Hua heard her say,

“Ye Hua no I shouldn’t…..no……no… don’t stop…I love you inside me…. make me feel good…you know what to do…”

Ye Hua pulled himself up, grabbed the bed rail behind Qian Qian’s head, spread her wider and drove his thick ready manhood into her using the railing to pound himself into her as hard as he could. Qian Qian’s wetness all over his thighs as she pushed herself towards Ye Hua to meet his every thrust crying and moaning loudly. She put her arms behind her and pushed herself up closing the gap between their bodies and whimpered,

“Ye Hua…. kiss me when you fill me. You’re in me so deep…make me feel good again.

Ye Hua moved his hands under her buttocks and pulled her toward his thrusts. Ye Hua lowered his face to Qian Qian’s and kissed her madly as their tongues made love, Qian Qian climaxed with Ye Hua who was having the most intense orgasm he’d ever experienced in his whole life. He felt engulfed in an inferno of pleasure.  Ye Hua could feel every one of his body hair standing on edge.  He couldn’t believe he was still climaxing so hard and long. His essence continued to shoot inside Qian Qian filling her completely. He was still ejaculating when he pulled himself out of her. He rubbed his seed all over her folds and flower petals; spreading himself all over her. Ye Hua claimed Qian Qian’s body with his essence as he rubbed himself all over her lower treasure and silky inner thighs.

Ye Hua laid on top of her and kissed Qian Qian passionately. Ye Hua touched and caressed Qian Qian’s face as if she was the most precious treasure in the world. Ye Hua kissed her deeply and slid his tongue in her mouth. She returned his kiss with her tongue. Ye Hua moaned softly and whispered,

“Qian Qian, I love you even more. I must be mad… but I swear I love you more than I did before.”

Qian Qian closed her eyes and whispered, “Ye Hua again.”

Qian Qian pushed Ye Hua off her and rolled on her stomach. She raised herself to her knees, inclined her back and whispered panting,

“Ye Hua I need you inside me again.”

Ye Hua was behind her before she even finished her request. He rubbed his stiff manhood on the outside of her flower. Teasing her with just a little bit. Qian Qian was so beautiful…so beautiful. Everything about Qian Qian overwhelmed his senses.  The sensual sight of her in his bed. Qian Qian’s sultry scent after their intimacy.  The taste of her sweetness still on his lips and the silkiness of Qian Qian smooth skin. Ye Hua’s arousal escalated to it’s peak at a rapid pace. 

“Qian Qian, I love you so much.” Ye Hua whispered caressing her silky smooth body.

He caressed her round bottom with both his hands and while rubbing his hard manhood all around the opening and inner without penetrating into her warm core. Qian Qian moaned and pushed her flower up towards Ye Hua. He continued to tease her and asked,

“Qian Qian, what do you want?”

Qian Qian just moaned.

Ye Hua leaned over Qian Qian and whispered beside her face in his smooth silky voice, “Qian Qian, what do you want?”

She purred like a cat and replied, “I want you inside me… Ye Hua… I want to feel your thickness fill me up.”

Ye Hua deeply pushed himself into her. Qian Qian made a sound like a wild animal. Ye Hua watched himself penetrating her deeply. He loved to see her wet deep pink lips wrapped tightly around his shaft. And the noise of their bodies coming together, the steady rhythmic slap of bare skin and a light wet swish with every stroke. Qian Qian’s full beautiful breasts moved with their motion. Ye Hua slowed down his pace and only gave her half of his manhood.

“No….no Ye Hua please don’t tease me.” Qian Qian begged.

Ye Hua grabbed her beautiful silky long hair and pulled it so her head went back and quickened his pace. Qian Qian was in complete rapture drowning in her pleasure. Ye Hua felt her inner walls tightening up. He still knew her body so well. He could feel her tightening up around him and knew she was about to climax. He pulled her hair harder as she cried. He felt her insides twitch and tighten more.

Ye Hua panted, Qian Qian I love you. I want to feel your wetness all over me because I’m going to fill you again.”

Ye Hua grunting and groaning loudly clenched and climaxed as Qian Qian peaked calling out Ye Hua’s name.

Qian Qian collapsed on the bed, rolled over and opened her arms for him to come to her. Ye Hua buried his face into her breasts and started to cry. Ye Hua was overwhelmed by his emotions. He was there again still. Back to that place ten years ago, madly in love with her. Desperately wanting to selfishly possess his Qian Qian completely. In that moment the past ten years never happened as Ye Hua started to lovingly and slowly make love to his Qian Qian for the rest of the night.

To be continued…