Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 24 Team Mo Yuan

When Bai Qian woke up,  she didn’t know where she was. Bai Qian felt light headed and dizzy as she sat up in the bed looked around puzzled until she recognized she was in the Hall of Beautiful Youth. Nai Nai ran in quickly and said,

“High Goddess, we’ve been so worried about you.” The Medicine King has been with you since most of yesterday.

Bai Qian looked around and asked, “Nai Nai, how long have I been here?”

Nai Nai tilted her head and made a concerned expression, “You’ve been sleeping for two days. You fainted in Xiwu Palace the day before last and the Medicine King took care of you there. Yes, and then the Heavenly Lord brought you here right afterwards. I’m not quite sure but I believe that’s what happened.” Nai Nai replied with a smile.

Bai Qian ‘s head was pounding and her body felt sore all over. She thought she must have fallen on the ground considering how sore she was. When she shifted her body she felt a familiar soreness. This was an unique soreness that she used to feel a long time ago. She looked down at her clothes and saw everything appeared normal but there was only one person who made her body feel this way and that person was Ye Hua.

Suddenly Bai Qian remembered every detail from the night before last.

Ye Hua walked in casually with his usual little smile.

“Are you feeling better Qian Qian. You’ve had us worried.” Ye Hua said with sincere concern in his eyes.

Bai Qian started to reach for a cup of tea when Ye Hua stopped her.

“Let me get that for you.” Ye Hua gently and carefully filled her teacup and blew on it to cool it off before handing it to her.

When he went to hand it to her, Ye Hua sat on the bed beside her and all the sudden Bai Qian thought of all the times, Ye Hua had done this for her when she was SuSu. She was unable to see by then, so she never knew the loving gestures he made with something as simple as handing her a cup of tea. Without even realizing, her eyes began to fill with unshed tears. Ye Hua’s expressive eyes looked at Bai Qian deeply concerned.  Ye Hua put the tea down and cupped her face tenderly.

“What’s wrong Qian Qian?” Ye Hua’s eyes full of worry.

Then he got even closer to Bai Qian, just inches from her face and looked her deeply in the eyes and Ye Hua’s eyes started to fill with tears.

“I knew you were in there, SuSu. There’s no way you could have disappeared completely. SuSu or Qian Qian, you are one and the same. I knew it all along.” Ye Hua whispered softly before kissing his Qian Qian deeply.

Bai Qian’s head was spinning but when she realized, she jerked away from Ye Hua and backed into the corner of the bed. Ye Hua pulled away but still caressed her face lovingly.

“Ye Hua, I love someone else. I don’t love you anymore. You seem to be confused but I came here for my children.  I need to look for them so if you’ll…”

Ye Hua cut Bai Qian off gently still stroking her cheek. “Our children were never here. Your fourth brother, High God Bai Zhen took them back to Qing Qiu before they even entered the front gates. He found out about A-Li’s plans and got here before them. You must have missed each other.” Ye Hua said still caressing her face.

Bai Qian pulled away and turned her face in the other direction and said briskly. “I need to leave.”

Ye Hua pulled away and looked at her, “Is Mo Yuan waiting for you? Did you think I wouldn’t know? Your scent was all over him.” Ye Hua looked hurt but continued, “You may love Mo Yuan but I refuse to believe there isn’t a part of you that still loves me too.” Bai Qian looked at Ye Hua with anger, but fear was what she was truly feeling.

Ye Hua got even closer. His body and face inches from hers. Bai Qian could smell the warmth of Ye Hua’s skin and feel light sweet air on her face from his words. He looked at her intently and said, “Tell me you feel nothing for me…and I’ll let you go forever.”

Bai Qian was still pressed up against the corner of the bed trying to create distance between herself and Ye Hua.

“I don’t love you.” Bai Qian said clearly and firmly.

Ye Hua got even closer. His gaze as intense as before. “That’s not what I’m asking?”

“I’m in love with Mo Yuan!” Bai Qian said as her lips quivered.

Ye Hua didn’t move. His expression didn’t change.

Ye Hua looked at Qian Qian deeply, searching, and then backed away from her. Ye Hua stood up walked to the other side of the room, in a slow deliberating manner. The wooden floors under his feet slightly thumped from the pressure of his steps, and said,

“You should at least have some porridge Nai Nai made for you before you go.” But when Ye Hua turned around, Qian Qian was already gone.

After Qian Qian fled from Celestial Heaven. Ye Hua went back to into his sleeping chamber and laid on his bed. He could smell his Qian Qian everywhere. She was on the his bed, in his room, on him. Ye Hua inhaled her unique sweet scent deeply. Ye Hua could still taste her lingering on his lips. Qian Qian tasted like a freshly picked ripe juicy peach. His mouth watered just at the thought of Qian Qian’s sweetness. He hungered for her again.

Ye Hua also knew Qian Qian was in love with Mo Yuan, but he refused to believe there wasn’t a part of her that still loved him. It was impossible. How could Qian Qian give her body so freely to him, unless she felt a level of trust that comes only with love. Ye Hua closed his eyes and relived the last two days in his mind repeatedly. She was just as he remembered…. no she far exceeded his memories in every way.

The night before last when Ye Hua slept in Qian Qian’s embrace, it was best sleep he’d had in years. Waking up beside her felt like a dream and Ye Hua never wanted the dream to end. He’d made love to Qian Qian slowly, in the morning before he took her to the Hall of Beautiful Youth. Ye Hua also watched her sleep most of the day before, in the place where she should have been all along originally beside him. Ye Hua used to think he loved her as he needed air, but now Ye Hua realized Qian Qian was the air.

Ye Hua also saw SuSu. There was that brief moment when he positively saw SuSu right before his eyes. SuSu’s same expression and her tears. Qian Qian was lying to herself. SuSu was still inside her. How could she say SuSu was completely gone? Ye Hua knew, there were many different facets of character that made Qian Qian the perfect jewel, that she was. Ye Hua believed they were as yin and yang. Interconnected, interdependent and perfectly complimentary to one another in every way. Ye Hua believed this in his soul. For Ye Hua, Qian Qian was and would always be his first and only love for all eternity. The intensity of his desire for Qian Qian’s love burned stronger than it had ever before.

Ye Hua was lost in thought when he hear his side consort’s voice talking to one of the maids. Ye Hua who was normally either silent or soft spoken, frightened everyone in the courtyard witless, when he yelled angerly,

“I don’t want to be disturbed!”

Ye Hua heard breaking dishes when his side consort Miao Qing became frightened by his tone and dropped the soup she had come to deliver.

To be continued…