Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 25 Team Mo Yuan

Bai Qian felt such great relief when she saw the children back in Qing Qiu. She avoided eye contact with everyone especially Zhe Yan. She bathed herself over and over crying in the water so nobody could see her tears. The self -loathing Bai Qian felt for herself was overwhelming. How could she go to Mo Yuan? She had dirtied herself and was undeserving of Mo Yuan’s love and trust. She lowered herself into the water and screamed. Nobody could hear anything but the bubbles popping from her screams that rose and broke as they hit the waters smooth surface.

Why? Why did Ye Hua have that power over her body? Bai Qian hated him but ached in her heart knowing those were not words of truth. She didn’t hate or love him. It wasn’t love but it was something warm and enduring. She hated to admit it but it felt like ‘home’. No! She loved Mo Yuan! Bai Qian knew this clearly as she knew the sun would rise from the east in the morning.

Bai Qian had always credited herself for being a woman of strength and strong will but why did she let Ye Hua have her? Why did she kiss him first?! Her mind and heart felt bound and steadfast but her body’s desires flew wildly like a bird feather in the wind without direction, purpose, or reason. If she didn’t have the children, she would have fled as far as she could. Bai Qian would have continued to change, move and never stop like the changing of the seasons.

She needed to feel drunk. Bai Qian drank over seven bottles of Zhe Yan’s wine and never felt even the slightest bit intoxicated. There wasn’t enough wine in all eight realms to calm Bai Qian’s internal chaos. Bai Qian felt nauseous from eating too many of Zhe Yan’s special contraceptive peaches.  Zhe Yan had been kind enough to keep them in storage for her lately. Bai Qian vomited most of the peaches she had eaten from worry and fear of Ye Hua impregnating her again. She laid on the bed in Zhe Yan’s hut, curled up into a ball and fell into a deep sleep.

Mo Yuan had not seen Bai Qian for a several days. This was their longest time apart since their reunion on Bai Qian’s birthday, Mo Yuan was worried and longed to see her face so he went to Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms.

Bai Qian looked like a child sleeping on the bed in Zhe Yan’s hut. She hugged her knees and slept peacefully. Mo Yuan reached out and touched her soft skin. He caressed her slowly from her head down to her cheek in one single loving sweep. When Mo Yuan leaned down and caressed Bai Qian’s cheek with his lips, she softly moaned his name and smiled in her sleep.

Mo Yuan undressed himself quietly and curled up behind her. Bai Qian turned over and curled herself into Mo Yuan’s open arms and continued to smile in her sleep. Mo Yuan held Bai Qian, kissed her forehead and felt infinite overwhelming love for her. Mo Yuan closed his eyes and inhaled her scent deeply but suddenly opened his eyes when he detected a different scent on her skin. In an instant, Mo Yuan made a mental connection similar to two random puzzle pieces that click into place. He let out a deep sigh and held his little Seventeen a little closer.

Mo Yuan was far from surprised to see Ye Hua at Kunlun Mountain. He had been expecting Ye Hua for days. Ye Hua stood at the same place he stood years ago, when Mo Yuan first confessed his love her Bai Qian. As karma dictates, they should end where they once began. Mo Yuan stood beside Ye Hua, who was looking out in the distance. From the west horizon, shades of sunburst red, orange and yellow rays filled the hazy sky that surrounded the setting sun like its lover. They stood in silence for a long time before Ye Hua spoke first.

“I want Qian Qian back. I can’t let her go.”

Mo Yuan said nothing as he continued to look off into the distance.

“I made love to her during her two days in Celestial Heaven. Qian Qian gave herself to me freely.” Ye Hua said without a single trace of emotion.

Mo Yuan continued to watch the sunset.

“High God Mo Yuan, isn’t there anything you’d like to say?” Ye Hua was slightly puzzled by Mo Yuan’s lack of reaction. Ye Hua couldn’t help but feel confused.

Mo Yuan purposely took his time.

“Ye Hua when you were officially still engaged to Bai Qian, I loved her for three days and three nights. She gave her love to me. Not just her body but her love. Her heart.” Mo Yuan now faced Ye Hua. “It was dishonorable of me not to wait until she had canceled the wedding with you. You’ve made your intentions clear so I’ll make mine just as clear for you. You’ve had Bai Qian for two days. I won’t do anything about the past which is something that can’t be changed, however you have one more day and then we will settle any outstanding debts on Mount Cangwu.”

Mo Yuan took a deep breath after he finished speaking.

Ye Hua felt surprised by Mo Yuan’s declaration and slightly chuckled and shook his head.

“Qian Qian was carrying my child at the time when you took her, High God Mo Yuan.” Ye Hua said matter of factly.

Since Hao Ren and Jing Yua were twins, this was something nobody could truly ever settle.

Mo Yuan looked at Ye Hua silently for a long moment. His expression for the first time intensified.

“Bai Qian is currently carrying my child so if you hurt her Ye Hua, how will you deal with your karmic debt? ” Mo Yuan said as he turned his back towards Ye Hua and started to walk away.

Ye Hua was stunned and asked. “High God Mo Yuan, you feel nothing about Qian Qian giving herself to me?”

Mo Yuan didn’t turn around but replied firmly, “It’s her body to do with as she wishes and that’s something I can’t control. Bai Qian’s body is indeed beautiful, so you must feel quite pleased, but Ye Hua did you know Seventeen’s heart is solely mine and her heart is pure, sacred, and divine.” Mo Yuan walked away and left Ye Hua standing where Mo Yuan found him.

To be continued…