Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 26 and Epilogue

Bai Qian knew when she saw Ye Hua in Celestial Heaven, that it wouldn’t be the last time they would meet. So when she received an Imperial Order requesting a meeting between the Heavenly Lord Ye Hua and Bai Qian Queen of Qing Qiu, she wasn’t surprised. She’d expected this would happen one day. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the future of Heavenly Lord Ye Hua’s second son Prince Jing Hua.

Ye Hua was in his chambers when Bai Qian walked in after being announced. Ye Hua politely offered a sitting platform for her and a maid poured her tea. Ye Hua told the maid to leave after her task was complete.

“Qian Qian.” Ye Hua voice smooth as always. “I’d like you to please consider allowing me the opportunity, to be the father I’d like to be to Jing Hua.” Ye Hua took a sip of his tea when he was finished.

One thing Bai Qian could never question, was Ye Hua’s ability to be a protective and loving father. She saw how Ye Hua was with A-Li and at times he was much more nurturing than she could be.

Bai Qian wanted this meeting to end quickly and replied, “That’s fine. We will share Jing Hua as we do with A-Li.”

Bai Qian stood to leave when she heard Ye Hua say,

“Qian Qian, stay with me tonight and then I promise, I’ll let you go forever.”

She took a couple more steps towards the door.

“I’m sorry.” Ye Hua whispered. That stopped her in her place.

“I’m sorry for not being honest with you from the very start. You were the first woman I fell in love with and I didn’t know what to do. I thought if I hid you and kept you safe that I could return to you unbound, no longer Ye Hua The Crown Prince of Celestial Heaven, but just your husband Ye Hua.”

Bai Qian turned around and looked at Ye Hua who had his hand extended towards her. Bai Qian stood looking at Ye Hua for long time then she reached out and grasped Ye Hua’s hand as he pulled her to his chest.

Ye Hua didn’t try to make love to her. He just held her lovingly all night. When she fell asleep he looked at her as if to stamp her image forever into his memory. He kissed her forehead and called her his Qian Qian quietly one last time.

Bai Qian looked startled when she woke up in Ye Hua’s arms. He was just looking at her with a little smile on his face. Tears started to form in his eyes,

“I’m sorry for all the nights I left you alone. I’m sorry I wasn’t there for the birth of our son A-Li.” Ye Hua was now crying.

“I’m sorry you cried so much, while you were with me in Celestial Heaven. I’m sorry that I couldn’t protect you and had to take your eyes.” Ye Hua’s words came out between sobs, broken up and jagged due to his crying. He reached and caressed Bai Qian’s eyes and then held her face with both hands and looked her softly in the eyes.

“Promise me that when we meet again in our next lives you’ll choose me.” He said before kissing Bai Qian lightly one last time on her soft lips.

Bai Qian held Ye Hua and allowed him to cry as long as he needed to. After a while he sat up and released his embrace. Bai Qian looked at her sweet loving once husband Ye Hua and kissed him on the forehead before getting up to leave. She turned around once more for the last time and Bai Qian saw Ye Hua smile at her genuinely before he said,

“Congratulations High Goddess Bai Qian. You’re going to be a mother again. You’re carrying High God Mo Yuan’s child.”


When Bai Qian returned home from Celestial Heaven, she found a peach blossom with a handwritten note in Mo Yuan’s beautiful calligraphy that read,

“Come to me seventeen.”

Mo Yuan was standing looking at the lotus pond when Bai Qian found him in Kunlun Mountain. Mo Yuan was wearing his robe of rich saffron yellow that made him stand out and shine like the sun in the moonlight.  When Mo Yuan heard her footsteps approaching, he turned around, looked at Bai Qian and smiled. Mo Yuan put his hand towards Bai Qian and beckoned her to him. Bai Qian ran into Mo Yuan’s open arms crying. He heard her apologizing repeatedly as she cried in his embrace. Mo Yuan kissed the top of Bai Qian’s head and shushed her gently to stop her tears. Bai Qian looked up at Mo Yuan tearfully.

“I’m sorry….. I’m so sorry Shifu.” Bai Qian sobbed.

Mo Yuan waited a moment and replied, “If you’re really sorry seventeen, then promise to devote yourself to me completely.”

Bai Qian answered him quickly, “Yes. I promise to devote myself to you.”

Mo Yuan continued, “Since you’ve agreed to devote yourself to me. Shouldn’t we kneel in front of the Lakes of the Far East? Bow to heaven and earth and make a pledge to become husband and wife and never abandon each other? Mo Yuan paused then continued, “Even though my parents are no longer here, if we leave out this step, it would be improper.”

Bai Qian looked up at Mo Yuan while tears ran down her face and asked softly. “Shifu, you still want to marry me?”

Mo Yuan smiled and replied, “Yes Seventeen. I still want to marry you.”

Mo Yuan and Bai Qian married in the ways of Qing Qiu. Their wedding was simple and intimate with only family, close friends and the disciples of Kunlun in attendance.

On their wedding night, Mo Yuan made love to his beautiful new pregnant wife slowly and fell asleep with his hand on her stomach, which had just recently started to show a subtle bump.  Seventeen said she’d only keep Mo Yuan locked in her fox den for two weeks, but true to her mischievous unpredictable nature she kept her Shifu for over a month.

Many thousands of years later,  Bai Qian now the Mistress of Kunlun Mountain, wife of High God Mo Yuan Master of Kunlun Mountain, sat quietly reading one of her mortal stories, in the late afternoon of a clear beautiful spring day. Mo Yuan scolded Bai Qian often not to cloud her mind with nonsense and that there were far more educational books for her to read. As much as he complained, Mo Yuan always made sure that Bai Qian had all of the current mortal stories at hand. Being in the last stage of her pregnancy, Bai Qian tired easily and napped throughout the day.

The day Bai Qian went into labor, the excitement and joy at Kunlun Mountain could be felt by everyone like static electricity, it buzzed in the air. All the disciples were overjoyed especially the eighteenth, nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first disciples who bore a striking resemblance to their father ‘The God Of War, High God Mo Yuan.’


Even after thousands of years of being married and the father of five sons, Mo Yuan still doted heavily on his beautiful wife Bai Qian, just as he did when Mo Yuan first confessed his love to her. High Goddess Bai Qian, being known for her exquisite beauty, drew male immortals from near and far to Kunlun Mountain just to get a glimpse of her face. Mo Yuan was quite indifferent of her “admirers” until he felt their desires were too obvious or indecent then he’d request his senior disciple Die Feng to send everyone away. When the other disciples asked,

“Shifu, why do you allow other male immortals to admire Seventeen?” The disciples could never adjust to calling High Goddess Bai Qian by name since that’s how they’d referred to her from the start.

“One must be magnanimous and benevolent of others, as long as their intent is not malicious in nature.” Mo Yuan answered in his usual tone.

Mo Yuan would never admit to the fact that he was a very jealous husband. Later that night, Bai Qian was already in bed when she heard Mo Yuan enter their sleeping chamber. She looked up him and smiled lovingly as he reached down and kissed her full lips lightly.

“I almost fell asleep waiting for you Shifu.” Bai Qian mumbled in her sleepy voice, lifted her arms, stretched, and yawned.

“Did you use an enchantment spell on the day we first made love?” Mo Yuan asked out of the blue nonchalantly, as he removed his clothes and slipped into bed beside Bai Qian’s unclothed body.

Bai Qian rolled on her side, placed one hand under her cheek, lifted herself slightly and looked curiously amused. Mo Yuan mirrored her pose until they only inches apart facing one another. 

Bai Qian gave him a mischievous little smile and replied, “ No…… but if I did….. you would know have known.”  Bai Qian knew her husband well enough to know when he was feeling amorous. She called an enchantment spell and threw it directly at Mo Yuan’s face.

Mo Yuan closed his eyes, tilted back, and shook his head slightly.  After a few moments, he opened his eyes and said straight-faced, “I don’t feel any difference.”

Bai Qian sat up stunned. “Impossible! Not even Zhe Yan can’t break out of a nine-tailed fox’s enchantment spell.”

Bai Qian put up her hand to call another spell when Mo Yuan grabbed her hand and stopped her. Mo Yuan reached out and caressed the faded scar above his little Seventeen’s heart and said,

“It won’t work because I’m already enchanted by you completely.”

Mo Yuan used his magic to blow out the candle as his little Seventeen giggled in the darkness with delight and softly moaned, “Oh Shifu…….’

The End.

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