英勇 Yīngyǒng Eroica: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 1


Bai Qian

Bai Qian looked at Zhe Yan, stunned, and asked, “What did you just say? I’m engaged to who?” Bai Qian couldn’t believe her ears.

Zhe Yan casually replied, “Xiao Wu, he is the Crown Prince of Celestial Heaven. Your father and I thought it was a good match.”

Zhe Yan looked to his side for reinforcement, but the Fox King, standing beside Zhe Yan a moment ago, was now hiding behind Zhe Yan. The Fox King, being a wise man, knew to hide from his daughter when he heard Bai Qian’s tone of voice.

Bai Qian glared at Zhe Yan and declared, “I’m not marrying anyone. I’m still too young for that level of commitment.”

Everyone looked at Bai Qian wide-eyed, and Bai Zhen began to snicker. Considering her age was 140,000 years, the comment was humorous.

Bai Qian stared at everyone, annoyed, and asked, “Why is everyone laughing? Did I say something amusing? If anyone should get married next, it should be Bai Zhen. I’m still too young. Who gets married through arranged marriages these days? I’m not marrying some old and ancient god.”

“Don’t throw the flame towards me, Xiao Wu. I had nothing to do with your engagement.” Bai Zhen countered.

Zhe Yan smiled cheerfully and replied, “Well, that’s something you don’t have to worry about, Xiao Wu. Ye Hua is 50,000 years old.”

“WHAT!? He’s how old?” Bai Qian screamed as she attempted to move closer to her father, but every time Bai Qian took a step toward the Fox King, he proceeded to shift sideways away in the opposite direction. Bai Qian was fuming.

“I’m not marrying anyone, especially a toddler who still wears diapers!” Bai Qian snapped before stomping out of the fox den and cloud jumping to Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms.


Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms

Bai Qian quickly drank a bottle of Zhe Yan’s newest creations while lounging on the thick branch of her favorite peach tree. Bai Qian closed her eyes and wished a robust and swift wind would come and carry her away. Bai Qian sighed deeply. She was a High Goddess, the Queen of Qing Qiu, yet powerless and unable to choose the husband she desired and loved. The injustice of her future being designed without her prior approval or opinion was infuriating.

Marrying a complete stranger was ludicrous. Bai Qian hadn’t even experienced first love. She’d had a couple of lovers in her past, but nobody ever moved her heart. Bai Qian wanted to feel the euphoria of breathtaking and heart-pounding passion. She desired a hot, burning, sweltering love…..Not a spoiled brat child Crown Prince. Arranged marriages were outdated. Something of the past was more fitting for her parent’s era, not hers.

Bai Qian refused to resign herself to marrying an infant, whom she would have to babysit for free.

Bai Qian finished the bottle and forcefully stomped her foot down on the branch she was resting on out of pure frustration. The thick branch sharply dipped downwards from the force of her movement and caused her to lose balance. Bai Qian unexpectedly fell from the tree. She braced herself for impact but didn’t feel the ground. Bai Qian was in the arms of an immortal young man.

He looked as surprised as she did as he held Bai Qian in his arms before gently lowering her feet to the ground.

His long black shiny hair framed his striking face. His eyes were inky black. His deep gaze pools of darkness surrounded by dense, long lashes that fluttered lightly like butterfly wings when he blinked. His nose was straight and high. Sensuous, full, inviting lips. Dressed in the color of a moonless night, onyx head to toe.

He was exquisite.

Bai Qian wrapped her arms around his neck and wordlessly pressed her lips to his tempting mouth. He hesitated momentarily before returning her kiss passionately. Bai Qian felt his tongue meet, touch, and dance with hers. The warm scent of his skin made her wet as his hands moved around her waist and firmly pulled her body closer to his.

Bai Qian abruptly broke their kiss, looked at his face, pulled herself out of his arms, and turned to walk away. He tightly grabbed her wrist, pulled her back, and pushed her against the peach tree. Bai Qian felt the heat from his quickened breath on her face only inches away. Bai Qian experienced a flow of a vibrating current course throughout her body from his penetrating electric gaze. He closed the space between their bodies; she could feel his chest palpitating against her racing heart.

Bai Qian met and held his intense gaze, which felt as if he was already making love to her with his bottomless churning dark eyes.

Bai Qian reached up and firmly grabbed the thick branch above her head with both hands. He reached out and slowly untied the front of her wrap dress without breaking eye contact. Bai Qian watched his hungry lusty gaze shift and devour the exposed front view of her body after he’d opened her dress. His slender hands caressed her body deliberately on top of her thin sheer white silk undergarment. He eagerly cupped her full breasts and rubbed her erect rosy nipples with his thumbs sensuously. His inflaming touch instantly heightened Bai Qian’s arousal, and she wanted him inside her. Bai Qian lifted herself, upholding the branch above her head, and wrapped her legs around his waist.

He rapidly undid his robe, exposing the front of his taut, slim body and ready erect sword. Urgently he pulled Bai Qian’s lower undergarment to one side and instantly penetrated her anticipating dewy bloom with his thick eager manhood. Bai Qian felt him grab her under her bottom tight with solid hands and lifted her towards his pounding thrusts. She heard him moan and loudly groan as he entered her inner warmth. Bai Qian’s lower treasure-filled entirely by his large, solid, hard shaft. She felt every inch of his massive rod as he moved in and out of her at a slow, delicious pace.

His skin’s silky, slippery, moist gliding friction against her inner walls made a wet whishing sound with every piercing stab of his mighty sword. He steadily, rhythmically, penetrated Bai Qian’s silky sweet inner walls with hard and buried strokes. Bai Qian felt him roughly pull her upper undergarment down on one side to expose her perfect breast one-handed. His rapacious mouth greedily sucked on her hardened nipple. Bai Qian felt his wet tongue lick and taste her skin while grunting and panting with every stroke. Bai Qian felt his sword expand inside her.

Bai Qian had goosebumps when he gradually licked and sucked from her delicate neck to her sensitive ear before whispering in broken gasping words, “Can I come inside you?”

Bai Qian was in complete sexual rapture moaned her reply, “Yes……give it to me…all of it.” Bai Qian lost in the intense wave of pleasure that peaked, and her lower treasure tightened spastically around his throbbing shaft.

The young Immortal grunted and groaned. Instantly, Bai Qian’s body responded when he increased the speed of his piercing strokes. Bai Qian sensed his girth thicken even more before he snarled, clenched, and released his essence inside her core within Bai Qian, with a long continuous groan. He was still pounding her with abyssal strokes as he continued ejaculating inside her pulsating drenched tight inner walls. Bai Qian’s body jerked and suddenly frenzied from her second orgasm. After his release was complete, Bai Qian watched him rest his sweaty forehead against her chest and experienced the wet sensation of his hot mouth slowly sucking her erect nipple again.

Bai Qian released her grasp on the tree branch as he slowly lowered her legs. Still panting, he placed his palms down on the tree behind Bai Qian on both sides of her face. His robe was still open, with his frontal view exposed. He looked her in the eyes and asked in a soft silky voice,

“What is your name?”

Bai Qian smiled while straightening her undergarments. Her lower undergarment was soaking wet from his overflowing amount of nectar. She replied calmly,

“Let’s keep this simple. I won’t ask your name, and you don’t need to know mine.”

She tied her dress closed, ducked her head, and moved out of his outstretched arms. She was walking away when she heard him ask, “How can I find you again?”

Bai Qian stopped walking but didn’t turn back and answered, “If we’re fated to meet again, then we will.”

To Be Continued…