英勇 Yīngyǒng Eroica: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 2


Ye Hua

Ye Hua couldn’t stop thinking about his intimate encounter with the fiery mysterious goddess. He’d never felt such scorching passion and fire before. In the past, Ye Hua’s experiences with women were purely for physical release. Simple carnal relief. If he was honest, he didn’t care about any of his past partners or remember their names. Often, he’d sent them away after his climax. Ye Hua didn’t care enough about the women to be a generous lover nor had he released his seed inside anyone before. Ye Hua wanted to have children with a loving wife, not a pretty woman he’d selected to serve him for the evening. So Ye Hua surprised himself when he wanted and asked if he could come inside her.

In Ye Hua’s 50,000 years of immortal life, he’d never experienced romantic love.

He was also engaged to the reclusive, mysterious High Goddess, Bai Qian, Queen of Qing Qiu who was 90,000 years older than him. Ye Hua hadn’t met his future wife yet, nor had he even seen her face. A marriage agreement was arranged by his grandfather Heavenly Lord. This union was not between two individuals but between two clans. Heavenly Grandfather wanted to strengthen his status by joining hands with the most powerful and wealthiest of all the immortal clans, the Fox Clan. The Fox Clan was also one of the last remaining tribes from the beginning. Their power and influence were well known by all realms and the immortals that resided in those realms. The Fox Clan held the position of supremacy in the immortal world.

Ye Hua’s future wife was not only the Queen of Qing Qiu, but she was the only and youngest daughter of the Fox King, Bai Zhi’s five children. Bai Qian was also the only High Goddess in the world, so immortals referred to her as ‘Gugu’ as a form of respect. Ye Hua wondered if she looked like his mother? They were close in age. Ye Hua sighed at the prospect of having to share bodily pleasure with someone who was old enough to be his mother or grandmother even. He would need to rely on aphrodisiacs when the time came to produce an heir to the throne; he thought to himself as his body involuntarily convulsed at that premise.

He would need to keep his eyes closed.

Again, the nameless goddess came to mind. Her indifference and confidence were alluring. Opposite of women he’d had in the past who clung to him relentlessly after being told by Ye Hua that he didn’t have any interest in them. The bewitching seductress refused to even exchange names. Recalling their encounter brought a rush of blood that heated his face and aroused his body instantly. He needed to return to Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms to find her again.

Ye Hua returned to Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms daily. He didn’t see even a glimpse of her. After a month of endless waiting, Ye Hua decided the scorching encounter was a single fortunate meeting, and she’d vanished; blown away by the warm summer air. As he was leaving, he was frozen in place when he saw a sight that was breathtaking.

It was her and as if under a spell, Ye Hua wasn’t able to take his eyes off her. Ye Hua realized he was completely bewitched.

Ye Hua saw her nude body walking out of the Jade Pool. Her long black hair soaking wet. The excess water from her wet hair poured downwards in the form of a cascading waterfall that flowed down her gracefully arched back. The cooling liquid followed the path of her perfect body as it rolled down the curved dip of her lower back and down around her heart-shaped round bottom and finally down her silky legs.

She was stunning.

She pulled all her soaking hair to her left side and held it tightly with both hands. She twisted her long silky hair to wring out the excess water. Ye Hua heard the loud splash from the fluid when it hit the ground by her feet. Ye Hua quietly walked up behind her and lightly caressed her delicate right shoulder slowly with his lips. She was startled and tensed up immediately. She swiftly glanced over her right side and saw Ye Hua from the corner of her eyes. Ye Hua saw her tension fade.

A soft moan came from her luscious lips which were slightly parted. Ye Hua tasted her clean skin which exuded the subtly sweet fragrance of peach blossoms in full bloom. She dropped her head to her left side, so Ye Hua’s lips and tongue brushed, licked, and tasted her silky skin up to her long graceful neck. Ye Hua’s hands caressed the front of her drenched body, which was drying quickly from the rising temperature of her dewy skin. Ye Hua saw tiny beads of the water dissipate off the surface of her skin from the heat of her aroused body.

Ye Hua from behind started to explore her smooth body. From her graceful neck, collar bones, and perfectly full, but perky breasts. Her nipples hardened instantly from his slow searching hands. She moaned loudly when Ye Hua gently rolled her nipples between his fingertips. Ye Hua’s hands felt a burning sensation from touching her flawless even skin. He continued to move his hands down lower. Ye Hua’s touch seemed to glide down effortlessly due to her smooth body’s surface.

Ye Hua felt the softness of her flat stomach and continued to move his hands as they descended to her creamy thighs. She parted her legs, and Ye Hua’s hand traced her lower treasure before slowly sliding his long slender fingers inside her wet lower treasure box. She gasped and groaned from her pleasure. Ye Hua pushed and rubbed his hardness against her backside. He moved one hand up to her breasts and fondled one after the other. She panted and moaned. Ye Hua felt her upper body heave from her uneven breathing. She slightly dropped her head back to one side, so Ye Hua bit and sucked the sweetness of her skin. His hand was covered by her nectar from her honeysuckle flower down below.

Her moaning flooded and echoed in Ye Hua’s ears as she climaxed between broken heavy pants. Ye Hua slowly pulled his fingers out from her inner warmth. She gently grabbed his hand that was down below and put his fingers in her hot, hungry mouth. She sucked and licked her dew off Ye Hua’s fingers. Her sultry ways elevated Ye Hua’s arousal intensely. Ye Hua was instantly triggered.

Within a fraction of a second, Ye Hua used a spell to remove his clothes, speedily bent her graceful back over, and deeply slammed his pounding erection inside her. He was driving his sword deep inside her hot core. He was too deep inside her. Ye Hua felt and saw her body tense up. She cried out in pain from the depth of his thrusts.

Ye Hua felt her pull away slightly, so he slowed down and asked, “Am I hurting you?”

She replied that he was and to give her a moment. She dropped to her hands and knees. She balanced her upper body with one arm. She reached back, opened herself, and exposed the path of her pink inner walls silently, signaling Ye Hua should enter her again. Ye Hua was adjusting his penetration so as not to hurt her. Ye Hua felt the light pressure of her fingertips feeling Ye Hua’s sword as he entered her. He saw her gentle fingers linger, explore and feel where their bodies met. Ye Hua was still giving her slow strokes while watching himself moving in and out of her. Seeing his thick rod penetrating her silken, deep rose-shaded flower was electrifying and highly stimulating. He was drenched in her wetness. She moved her fingers to her outer pearl and began stimulating herself.

Ye Hua’s mouth fell open halfway stunned. He was dumbfounded when he realized; she was intentionally heightening her level of arousal to accommodate his deep penetrations. She was touching herself to moisten her fingers. She was adjusting her body to take in all of his slamming thrusts. Ye Hua felt increasing wetness inside her silky, sweet, sugar walls. So hot and narrow. It wrapped around him tightly and embraced his pounding shaft. The exquisite sensation was maddening. Her moans became louder and came closer together as she whispered, “I’m ready now. Harder…”

Ye Hua roughly pounded into her with powerful hammering strokes. She was moaning louder. She was soaking wet, and her ambrosia was all over Ye Hua’s sword and the outside of her flower petals. The same level of moisture a flower would have after a light afternoon summer rain.

She threw her head back, and a long deep husky groan came from her lips before she whimpered, “Harder… Don’t stop… I’m close….no… I’m coming now.”

Ye Hua grabbed both sides of her hips firmly. Rapidly driving his throbbing manhood into her slippery inner walls with mighty, pounding, slamming penetration. The incredible sensation of her insides squeezing and pulsating rhythmically was similar to the pace of a rapidly beating heart. Loud slapping noises echoed every time their bodies slammed into one another.

The ecstasy was indescribable. Ye Hua’s arousal was at its peak and he couldn’t hold back any longer.

Suddenly, a fusion reaction occurred inside Ye Hua’s body. Ye Hua dropped his head back, felt his eyes roll to the back of his head and his mind went blank from the unsurpassable intensity of his mind-blowing orgasm. Ye Hua saw black; his brain cleared of all thoughts, he heard loud snarling and foreign sounds that sounded animalistic and primal. Ye Hua realized those sounds were coming from his lips. His climax seemed to last forever as he continued to fill her with his seed. Ye Hua couldn’t believe how much of his essence was released inside her.

Afterward, he sat back on his knees and placed his hand’s palm flat on his upper thighs, and dropped his head down towards the ground. Ye Hua had his eyes closed. He was struggling to control his heavy, jagged breathing. Ye Hua heard a splash in the pool nearby, but he was unable to form a single rational thought. Ye Hua was immobilized by the great force of his pleasure peak. It was the most intense orgasm he’d ever experienced in his life.

He finally looked up to see her dressed and looking down at him with a smile. She asked, “Are you alright?”

Ye Hua looked up at her face, chuckled lightly, and asked, “Still no names?”

She looked at him and said, “Names aren’t necessary.”

Ye Hua asked, “Do you have a husband? Is that why you won’t tell me your name or are you this friendly to every man you meet?”

She smirked and replied, “No, I’m not married. I’m not around too many men… and I’m not a very friendly person either. You just must have good timing or great luck.”

Ye Hua was still staring up at her beautiful face and said, “I think I’m falling in love with you.”

She let out a single amused laugh and said, “Don’t confuse yourself into mistaking lust for love.”

Ye Hua asked softly, “You don’t believe in love?”

Her reply came out swiftly, “Love is a game, and I only play games when I’m sure I’ll win. I’m a sore loser, you see.” She sighed and added, “Look, I’m being forced to do something today that I don’t want to do so thank you for relieving some of my stress and anxiety.”

Ye Hua was dumbfounded by her haughty attitude and said, “So that’s it? Nothing else?”

Ye Hua watched her look up at the sky, release another deep sigh, put her arms together and bow at him before jumping away on the first lucky cloud that passed by.

Ye Hua was still thinking about his second encounter with the unknown goddess when he approached the main entrance of Nine Heavens. Ye Hua saw a group of people he didn’t recognize and nearby, a group of all-male immortals. Ye Hua saw his third uncle standing with the gathering of men. He was smiling like a love-sick boy. Ye Hua looked at the crowd again and knew whoever they were; they were immortals of great importance. Heaven Grandfather was obviously going out of his way to treat his esteemed guests with the utmost courtesy and respect.

Ye Hua stood by his uncle and asked, “Who are they, Third Uncle?”

Lian Song was lost and didn’t hear him. Ye Hua nudged his uncle lightly and asked who the distinguished visitors were once more.

Uncle Lian Song replied with the same silly smile on his face, “That’s High God Zhe Yan, the Fox King, High God Bai Zhi, High God Bai Zhen, the Fox King’s fourth son, and that my lad is your future wife, High Goddess Bai Qian, Queen of Qing Qiu and future Heavenly Empress, your fiancée.”

Ye Hua looked at the crowd. The petite woman had her back turned to him. She had long black waist-length hair and a slim frame, and she was wearing a light pale green flowing dress. She wore a simple silver hair ornament as she stood beside the Fox King, holding on to his arm. He turned to his uncle again and asked, “So why is everyone standing here like this?”

His uncle’s smile was too big and broad as he gazed towards the crowd, all of which were captivated, solely focusing on Bai Qian, “Wait, Ye Hua… all your questions will be answered and you’ll understand the moment she turns around.”

Suddenly as if Bai Qian sensed the presence of someone staring at her, Ye Hua watched her quickly turn back and glance coolly at the crowd of ogling men before turning back around.

Ye Hua started to laugh. It was inconceivable, but Ye Hua now knew the name of his mysterious, anonymous, goddess lover… and it was none other than his future wife, Bai Qian of Qing Qiu.

To be Continued…