英勇 Yīngyǒng Eroica: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 4



Ye Hua

The smile never left Bai Qian’s face, but Ye Hua sensed her fear. Ye Hua saw the flicker of licking flames in her gaze. Bai Qian’s pupils were shaking. Ye Hua reached out and tenderly caressed her cheek as Bai Qian began to laugh. It was her well-practiced expression of indifference that veiled her fright.

Bai Qian hid by shrouding herself and instantly raised an impenetrable wall of defense around her heart. Judging by the speed of her reaction, Ye Hua determined, Bai Qian was a master of masquerade.

Bai Qian looked up at the sky, sighed then met Ye Hua’s gaze. She said, “I’m getting married in two months. I don’t have the luxury nor am I in a position where I can to fall in love with anyone right now.”

She paused took a deep breath and continued, “My wedding is unstoppable. You see, I’m not marrying the neighborhood cobbler, it’s someone that I can’t refuse. So, it has been enjoyable, but it’s time to go our separate ways.”

“Two months. Just two months, let’s be secret lovers,” said Ye Hua.

Bai Qian looked at Ye Hua, as her eyes narrowed in on his face slightly. She was shaking her head ‘no’ and chuckling at Ye Hua’s request.

Bai Qian replied, “You say that now, but once the two months are over you’ll be wanting to run away with me or something foolish like that. Why are you willing to do something that will only end in heartbreak for you? Why start something that will cause you to lose everything and gain nothing in return? What’s your real motive behind your absurd request?”

Ye Hua smiled and just replied, “Because you’re worth it. I’d rather be your lover for two months and end up with a broken heart than let you walk out of my life now.”

Ye Hua could see Bai Qian slightly wavering, considering his request, but then shook her head ‘no’ again and replied, “I avoid complicated relationships. I’m doing you a favor by refusing you. You’ll thank me for it one day. You think it would be easy but it won’t. I’m never going to tell you who I am and I won’t ever ask who you are.”

Ye Hua reached out held both her hands and said softly, “I won’t ask you your name, and I won’t tell you mine. I’ll give you time to think about it. I’ll come back in one week’s time. If you come, I’ll take it as a yes, and if you don’t then, I’ll leave and won’t come back.”

Ye Hua stepped closer to Bai Qian; their bodies only inches apart, he whispered, “I promise. I’ll stop being your secret lover after two months, and I won’t hold you back or try to convince you otherwise.”

Ye Hua watched Bai Qian’s gaze searching his eyes cautiously. She pulled her hands away from Ye Hua’s and shook her head in disbelief before she turned her back to Ye Hua and walked away. Ye Hua noticed, that she didn’t say yes, but Bai Qian hadn’t said no either.


Bai Qian

Bai Qian could barely breathe after parting from the unknown immortal. Bai Qian’s heart was pounding almost painfully. Bai Qian put her hand on her chest and pressed down to slow her racing heart. Had Bai Qian finally begun to fall in love two months before she was to marry The Crown Prince of Celestial Heaven? The timing was ironic and cruel. Bai Qian waited 140,000 years to feel what she was now experiencing, with a complete stranger in the midst of her wedding planning.

His offer was tempting, no it was irresistible, but Bai Qian knew after two months she’d be the one that would want to run away with him. She wouldn’t be able to let him go. The bitterness of her pre-planned life being arranged by others struck a chord in her that trembled and pulled firmly like a tightly wound string on a zither before snapping in two. The pressure to marry someone when Bai Qian questioned if she was in falling in love with another, was suffocating.

Even now she wanted to return to Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms and run into his arms. Bai Qian was doomed. Finally, someone had moved, no, forcefully shaken her heart with a hot, burning, fiery passion. The kind of love she’d dreamt of for years. A love she’d begun to doubt existed. Something Bai Qian thought to be only in books and fictional, something imaginary. Something unreal but Bai Qian had stood face to face with what she’d considered intangible.

Could she be falling in love with this nameless stranger? Was it love or was it a chemical reaction from their intimacy? The act of sharing bodily pleasure could sometimes be confused with love when it was only pure lust.

Bai Qian couldn’t do it. She wouldn’t allow herself to succumb to inevitable heartbreak. Bai Qian decided not to return to Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms before her wedding. It was dangerous and unsafe.

Bai Qian would never meet that immortal again.

Ye Hua

Bai Qian was constantly on Ye Hua’s mind. He wondered if Bai Qian would come but somehow doubted the possibility. Ye Hua’s offer was unreasonable for someone as rational as she, but Ye Hua saw a momentary flash of weakness in her troubled gaze. Bai Qian was tempted, but was that temptation stronger than her fear?

Bai Qian, the hesitant, but a curious moth, and Ye Hua, the hot flickering flame. Bai Qian wanted the warmth but feared getting burned.

From Ye Hua’s brief, but intimate interactions with Bai Qian, he’d discovered underneath her exterior of strength; that there was frailty that Bai Qian hid from others and possibly herself. The week went by quickly, and Ye Hua found himself waiting in Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms.

Ye Hua was there from sunrise to sunset. The busy, bright day turned to a restful glowing night from the glimmering light of the full moon in the sky. In his last meeting with Bai Qian, he’d sensed her definite hesitation. Ye Hua determined Bai Qian wasn’t coming and it was almost midnight. Ye Hua was sitting on the front steps of High God Zhe Yan’s hut. He stood, raised his arms, interlocked his hands, and stretched overhead. Ye Hua slightly chuckled at his foolishness to think Bai Qian would come to him. The chance of Bai Qian accepting his offer was slim if not improbable. Ye Hua lowered his arms and slowly dropped his neck, rolled it from side to side, and heard the crack from the stiffness of sitting too long. That’s when Ye Hua saw a figure slowly walking toward him.

It was Bai Qian, and she swiftly ran into Ye Hua’s ready, and open arms.

Bai Qian

Bai Qian attempted to keep herself busy the day she and the unknown man were to meet. The day dragged slowly like thick molasses dripping down the tree. Bai Qian drank wine, but that didn’t help. She spoke to her mother about the wedding planning, only to find herself, hearing nothing that was said to her. During dinnertime, she fidgeted nervously to the point her father asked her what was wrong. Everything was wrong, but Bai Qian said nothing and ate quietly.

It was soon approaching midnight. Bai Qian thought he would have gone by now, but she was unable to control herself from going to Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms.

To Bai Qian’s surprise, she saw him waiting. A dark figure in black, he sat on the top step by Zhe Yan’s hut. Bai Qian couldn’t believe he was still there. She watched him stand and stretch as Bai Qian hesitated and considered turning back. Bai Qian was unable to stop herself as she quickly ran to him and into his tender embrace.

He held Bai Qian around the waist, lifted her feet off the ground and Bai Qian felt his full lips pressing passionately onto hers. He temporarily broke their kiss and carried Bai Qian inside the hut. Bai Qian felt his skilled hands rushing to undress her as she quickly undressed him. From the moment their bare skin touched and made contact, it was perfect harmony. Two bodies that gently collided intimately connecting before entwining into one.

His intense kisses and heated embrace felt like home. Bai Qian was where she belonged.

Bai Qian’s senses were overcome by his entire being. The silkiness of his long hair tickled when she felt it brush and sweep against her bare skin. His tanned warm even-toned skin, the fullness of his urgently kissing lips, the gentle caress of his hands as he explored her body intimately. The fire and warmth of his touch made Bai Qian shiver and left a lingering sensation of tingling on the surface of her skin.

His taut, lean, defined and sculpted body melted into hers.

Bai Qian felt the sizzling sensation of his hot mouth and tongue tasting her skin. Bai Qian’s rose-shaded nipples hardened as he kissed, licked, and sucked her breasts. His eager hands were touching, discovering, and exploring the most intimate places of her body. Bai Qian gasped and moaned when she felt his tongue where his hands had been. His ravenous mouth devoured her lower flower. Bai Qian felt him gently suck on each of her lower flower petals before feeling his tongue lick from the opening of her core up to her outer jewel. He slowly, sensuously licked, and lightly sucked on her outer pearl while sliding his fingers inside her wet bloom. Bai Qian felt her body’s pleasure grow, expand and increase before she was swept away by the intoxication of her blissful peak.

He wasn’t done and continued tasting her. After bringing Bai Qian to climax, he licked her increased nectar from her dewy flower and moaned from the sweetness. He pulled Bai Qian down by her thighs, opened her wider, and licked her hot pink opening to her sugar walls. Bai Qian heard him groan and whisper, that she was as sweet as honey. He moaned and told Bai Qian her blossom was beautiful before penetrating her with his pointed tongue. Bai Qian felt his fingers lightly rub her outer pearl as he continued his light jabbing motions with his tongue. Bai Qian’s body tensed up tightly before the flood gates of her pleasure broke through, and she orgasmed again with his tongue inside her.

He kissed back up her body with wet urgent kisses everywhere his lips could reach. Bai Qian heard him moan, “I need to be inside you,” before feeling his wide sword slide effortlessly into her expectant and waiting inner warmth. Bai Qian heard him groaning the whole time. His rich dark expressive eyes met Bai Qian’s gaze and held it as he continued his heavenly thrusts. Bai Qian felt him reach back with one arm and pull her leg up to his lower back. He whispered to Bai Qian and told her to wrap her legs around him tightly because he wanted to go deeper.

Every one of his deliciously piercing powerful thrusts pounded into her deepest center. Bai Qian felt his thickness grow wider inside her drenched inner folds. He picked up the speed of his penetration. Bai Qian saw his head drop towards her neck and into her hair. while panting and breathing with broken breaths. She felt the heat of his mouth when he told her to wrap her legs around his waist tightly became he was going to fill her.

Bai Qian wrapped her legs around his waist tightly and felt every exquisite inch of his massive girth as he hammered into her soaking ready flower. She felt his pace quicken. His strokes came faster and harder with swift, deep penetration of his still expanding rod. Bai Qian’s pleasure continued to rise with every one of his demanding thrusts.

She heard him panting and whisper in her ear, “I can feel you tightening up around me.” He groaned and added “Come with me so I can feel your wetness when I fill you….his voice husky and hoarse, “I can’t hold back anymore……You’re so hot…So tight…..I’m coming……I’m coming so hard.”

Bai Qian felt his thick manhood fill every crevasse of her inner core when he released his essence inside her; he was still driving his squirting manhood into her with a deep jabbing thrust. Bai Qian’s body ultrasensitively peaked then crested as she climaxed with him.

Bai Qian’s eyes closed overcome by the intensity of her long orgasm. She was catching her gasping breath. She felt his perspiration on his forehead when he lightly rested it against hers. Bai Qian opened her eyes to see him staring back at her as he whispered, “Thank you for coming to me today, my secret lover.”

To Be Continued…