英勇 Yīngyǒng Eroica: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Fanfiction Ch 5


Ye Hua

With their meeting, Ye Hua and Bai Qian became secret lovers. The place for their private romantic rendezvous, Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms. There Ye Hua and Bai Qian did what new lovers do; they made love.

Ye Hua took Bai Qian out in the open, uninhibited under the moon and stars, as a warm summer breeze gently caressed their intertwined bodies. Ye Hua explored and familiarized himself with every part of Bai Qian’s body. There wasn’t a single crevasse that went unrecognized; Ye Hua could see even with his eyes closed what his hands were touching.

Ye Hua became an expert when it came to Bai Qian’s body. He began to know it better than his own.

Sometimes when they met, they discussed unimportant things, and occasionally Bai Qian made Ye Hua read one of her favored mortal stories out loud. Ye Hua being soft-spoken found this to be embarrassing, but couldn’t refuse Bai Qian anything.

Ye Hua leisurely sat under a peach tree while Bai Qian used his leg as a pillow and giggled as he read. Her long, loose, silky hair fanned out behind her, as Ye Hua ran his fingers through her luxurious hair with one hand while holding the book in the other. Bai Qian reached out and turned the pages for him. She’d read the books, so many times, that she knew exactly when the page needed turning.

Ye Hua enjoyed reading the romantic books best because Bai Qian often became highly aroused and he benefitted most from these passionate tales.

Sometimes she fell asleep on Ye Hua’s leg, while he read. Ye Hua quietly stared at her beautifully peaceful, slumbering face for hours. Bai Qian’s beauty was unsurpassable, and Ye Hua was utterly in love with his future wife, Bai Qian.

One day while Ye Hua was waiting, he looked into the Jade Pool only to see Bai Qian slyly sneaking behind him to push him in. Ye Hua saw her, quickly grabbed Bai Qian, and lost his balance causing both of them to fall into the water. Ye Hua peeled off Bai Qian’s soaking wet clothes and made love to her in the pool.

The heat from their aroused bodies warmed the surrounding water. In a tight naked lover’s embrace, as Bai Qian’s sweet lips kissed Ye Hua’s passionately, he entered Bai Qian’s moist flower which felt more drenched than the liquid they were standing in. Ye Hua felt the swirling fluid around his manhood as he penetrated Bai Qian slowly and deliberately. Her expression during climax so sultry, caused Ye Hua to ejaculate immediately.

Afterward, Ye Hua watched Bai Qian take him in her luscious mouth while he sat on the steps leading into the pool. Bai Qian’s wet black hair slicked back and completely off her stunning face gave Ye Hua an exotic show. Bai Qian’s hot tongue licked Ye Hua’s sword from the base to the top, before she took the head of his engorged manhood, in her hungry mouth. Bai Qian held his shaft firmly with her hand and used the water from the pool to smoothly move her hand up and down Ye Hua’s stiff hard rod. Bai Qian greedily licked, sucked and swallowed Ye Hua deep in her throat. She briefly pulled him out of her sensuous mouth, licked him slowly, and purred as her tongue swept over Ye Hua as if he was candy,

“I want to taste the sweetness of your nectar.”

Before taking Ye Hua back deeply into her mouth and increasing the motion of her hand. Bai Qian’s hand grabbed Ye Hua more firmly and swiftly moved up and down his pounding shaft, when Ye Hua came in her mouth, the look on Bai Qian’s face was euphoric. Bai Qian continued her rapid hand motion and sucked the sensitive throbbing head of his ejaculating manhood until he’d given her every drop of his creamy juice.

The smile Bai Qian gave him afterward so arousing, Ye Hua quickly but gently pulled Bai Qian from the pool, laid her down, and proceeded to consume her lower treasure. The sweetness of her honey with excess water from the pond ran into his mouth like liquid ambrosia. The blushing deep pink shade of her arousal flushed petals, the sizzling heat exuding her inner core, Ye Hua was erect again.

Bai Qian saw his readiness, giggled, pulled away, stood, and teasing ran away from Ye Hua and hid.

Ye Hua cheated, used his magic, and quickly located her behind a tree; cloud jumped behind her and silently entered her from behind. Bai Qian gasped with surprise before releasing a deep, long, throaty, moan. She leaned her lithe body over and pressed the palm of her hands against the peach tree for balance.

The perfectly smooth line down her delicate spine aligned with her fluid motion. The subtle curve of her womanly hips that led to Bai Qian’s round bottom was exquisite. Between Bai Qian’s silky, smooth, creamy thighs which were the color of a freshly peeled ripe peach, the dark rose hue of her bloom was stark in shade and contrasted sharply against the smoothness of her even pastel colored skin. Beyond her delicate rose petals, the entrance to her inner warmth was intense magnetic pink-toned, and inviting. Ye Hua loved to watch his penetration as Bai Qian’s dewy, moist, wetness covered and caused his stroking sword to appear as if it was glossy.

The sensually erotic picture was incredible.

Many times after intimacy, they rested inside High God Zhe Yan’s hut, and Bai Qian fell asleep in Ye Hua’s arms. Bai Qian never stayed with Ye Hua until morning and always quietly snuck out while he slept.

Bai Qian

Bai Qian found herself smiling so often; her family asked if she had good news. Little did they know, she was having a secret torrid affair with an immortal younger man. Bai Qian didn’t know actually how old her mysterious lover was, but he was younger than her. Bai Qian concluded judging by his stamina, and lack of recovery time needed between his sexual release that he was quite young.

She felt rather mischievous and naughty, but it was delightful. Bai Qian found his youthful, playful nature to be contagious. Bai Qian felt thousands of years younger when she was with him.

Bai Qian enjoyed listening to his soft whispered voice, as he read to her, while she rested her head in his lap. His tone was so smooth and silky when he read the fiery stories, she was instantly aroused. When this happened, Bai Qian lifted up her skirt to her waist, straddled him, and pulled her undergarment to the side. Bai Qian hastily grabbed his manhood and rubbed it against her ready lower treasure until he was erect, which didn’t take long. Her lower blossom’s moisture assisted when she slid down his massive stiff sword in one single delicious stroke.

The feel of his thick sizable manhood inside Bai Qian was incredible.

As a lover, he was generous and attentive, but Bai Qian discovered he was talented and gifted in other ways, not just intimacy. He revealed he drew and painted beautifully. One day he said he wanted to draw a picture of her, so Bai Qian stripped off her clothes and posed.

He didn’t do much drawing that day.

When he was finally ready to draw something, he told Bai Qian that he wanted to draw a picture of her lower flower. He said it was the most exquisite thing he’d ever seen. He asked if Bai Qian knew what she looked like down below. Surprised, Bai Qian replied she’d never seen it, and he said it was unfortunate. Luckily for her, Bai Qian would now be able to due to his artistry. He said he was doing her an excellent service, Bai Qian would appreciate always it.

Before starting, he earnestly explained in his soft-toned voice, without a hint of a smile, “I need to see it very carefully, and clearly. It would be best if you sat right in front of me with your legs wide open.”

Bai Qian played along, complied with his request, and posed as he’d advised. As she’d expected, he began to slowly inch his way closer and closer towards and between her thighs. Bai Qian barely hid her laughter and asked in a serious tone, “Why are you getting so close?”

He looked up at her with a sober expression, straight-faced and replied, “My eyes are on the weak side. The picture will turn out better if I get a good close view of what I’m drawing. All artists have a weakness, and unfortunately for me, it’s my sight.”

He was just inches from her delicate blossom and blinked a couple of times as if in deep reflection. He looked up at her and added with the same serious tone, “As an artist, I find it beneficial if I use all my senses such as sight, touch, especially taste.” He paused and said, “I think I need to sample you, to fully understand the subject of my craft. I promise I’m only doing this for the sake of fine art.”

He was an extremely dedicated artist and took plenty of time to understand the subject of his drawing correctly.

As playful as her lover was there was also a deeper side of him that Bai Qian began to notice. He was genuine and sincere. He wasn’t always vocal, but he spoke volumes with his eyes and expressions. His gaze possessed the ability to pierce through her chest and stab Bai Qian’s wavering heart. Bai Qian wasn’t falling in love with her secret lover; Bai Qian was already in love.

With every tryst, parting from him became more challenging. Bai Qian found herself anxiously waiting for their next meeting with bated breath. He became a permanent resident inside her brain, and Bai Qian thought of him always. Quickly, their time together was halfway through. In the midst of their scorching intimacy and joyous laughter, a month swiftly passed.

Nights when she slept in his arms, Bai Qian woke up and studied his sleeping face. He was beautiful. If leaving him was this difficult now, how would she be able to let him go and forget him after another month? She felt a pain in her heart and tears came to her eyes, and Bai Qian always left before dawn not wanting to see the sunrise and know another wonderful night had ended. Daybreak brought her closer to the day she would have to part from her secret love.

To Be Continued…